Mind Hacks: Discover The Power of the Subconscious Mind





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Mind Hacks: Discover The Power of the Subconscious Mind

What Power Does the Subconscious Mind Hold?
The human mind is an extraordinary machine, capable of operating on many levels simultaneously. This is what allows humans to multi-task. The transmission of neurons in the brain transfers information to the pertinent component, which will then stimulate the proper response. What about what the brain does not deem pertinent? The eyes absorb a tremendous number of impressions of a daily basis, as do the ears. It would take the brain years to filter through all of the information it takes in throughout the course of the day, and it would never be able to focus on what was important. For this reason the mind contains two parts, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is what deals with the immediate reality; it absorbs the impressions that pertain to what it is doing at the time. The conscious mind acts as a filter, allowing anything that it does not deem to be important into the subconscious. The subconscious then stores these memories until such a time as they are needed. The ability of the subconscious to store forgotten memories is what makes hypnosis such a valuable tool in witness interrogation; the witness will often not know how much of an incident they remember until their subconscious takes over, spilling out all of its “extraneous information”. It is believed that the subconscious has a strong effect on the conscious mind, and if it can be reached it can help to guide the conscious mind down certain behavioral pathways. This is done through several methods; hypnosis is only one. Subliminal programming, spaced repetitions, affirmations and power visualizations have all been employed in an effort to impress a lesson into the subconscious that will later translate onto the conscious when the time is right. These techniques are used in many behavior correction programs, such as dieting or a campaign to stop smoking. It is also used as a motivational tool; it is believed that since attitude, ambition and determination are the primary components to any type of success impressing them into the subconscious mind will usher the conscious mind to victory. Are these methods successful? At present they are all highly experimental, with as many unsuccessful experiments as successful ones; however, in time subconscious interaction may be a cure to many of the problems to which current medications and psychological therapies have brought little success.


Mind Hacks: Discover The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Using Spaced Repetition to Infiltrate the Subconscious
The human mind operates in many of the same ways as a computer; it contains inside it hundreds of thousands of cells which transmit electrical signals to each other which relay information. This information is entered by an external source and there is no limit to the amount of information it can take in in a day (although anyone who has ever sat through four or five hours of back to back classes can testify that there is certainly a limit to its ability to retail this information). Like a computer, the mind is able to operate on many levels. The brain has what is known as its “lower functions”; these are the necessary functions of the body that the brain controls in its lower regions, such as breathing and pulse. It also has its higher functions; these are the parts of the brain that are associated with speech, comprehension and fine motor skills and are controlled at the top of the brain. The brain’s higher functions are divided into two segments as well, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is the part of the mind that pertains to the events currently happening in the brain’s present environment; however, since the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hands are often taking in hundreds of sensations and stimuli at once it is necessary for the brain to filter out what it deems to be important and to filter out the rest. The information that is filtered out is sent to the subconscious mind; this is the part of the mind that stores repressed memories until such a time as they are needed. It is believed that by impressing a lesson or image on the subconscious mind it is able to affect the workings of the conscious mind as well. This is done through a variety of methods; spaced repetition is only one of them, keeping company with subliminal programming and hypnosis. Spaced repetition is a method of teaching that allows for increasing periods of time elapsing in between reviews of the material. Optimum spacing will allow the information to be retained without placing such a great amount of pressure on the brain that it is not able to function properly. The primary use of optimum spacing in society today is through language learning classes. Language is something that must become such an accepted part of the user’s daily functions that it is able to be accessed without conscious thought; hence, it must be stored in the subconscious. This allows for fluid speech and recognition without the awkward pauses for thought that are required for beginners. Language is not the only use

Mind Hacks: Discover The Power of the Subconscious Mind

for this incredible teaching tool. It is being used around the world by science departments and mathematicians to teach their students vast quantities of material in a minimal amount of time with maximum retention.

The Use of Affirmations in Subconscious Programming
Picture for a moment in your mind the inner workings of a computer. There are hundreds of wires connections large structures which serve to relay necessary information and allow the computer to function at optimum efficiency. Any problem in one of these wires will result in the computer not being able to function properly. The brain works in much the same way. Inside the brain are many primary structures, each of which perform a specific function. Neurons connect these components, relaying electrical messages which tell the body what it needs to do to respond to a particular situation. If a problem exists with any part of the neural interface the brain will not be able to properly function. The brain has many other properties in common with a computer as well. It possesses the ability to retain an almost infinite amount of information as well as the ability to multi-task regularly; it is perhaps able to accomplish this with even greater efficiency than the computer due to the extreme specialization of the different segments of the brain. There is very little overlap; this fact has been what led scientists to the belief that humans only use ten percent of their brain because the average human only uses about ten percent of its brain at any given time. The brain also operates on many levels; it uses its conscious mind to filter information from its surroundings and act as a sieve for information which it deems to be insignificant at the time. This information will go to the subconscious, where it will be stored until such a time as it is needed again. It is believed that the subconscious mind is the key to controlling the conscious. The popular theory is that if properly influenced the subconscious will guide the conscious into behaving in a particular manner when a particular situation arises. While still highly experimental it is believed that this may be a way to help correct many negative behaviors, such as overeating and drug use, for which current therapies have proved ineffective. There are many methods by which scientists and merchants are attempting to influence the subconscious mind. One of these is through a process known as affirmation. Through constant repetition of a belief the subconscious is taught to believe that this is what is going to happen. This is the “truth”, and it is what the mind is going to believe as the truth. This is

Mind Hacks: Discover The Power of the Subconscious Mind

primarily used through various entrepreneurial success programs, as a lack on confidence is the primary stumbling block along the path to success for most businessmen and women. If they affirm their success their mind will be unable to doubt it, and they will behave in a manner fitting to that attitude. This confidence will help them to leave their colleagues and customers with a positive impression of themselves as a quick thinking, ambitious career person who is going to go far given the proper stimulus.

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