Long Yang

1.Cross Arms 2. Carry tiger to mountain 3. Roll back, press and double push 4. Chop to N , Chop to E and push to NE corner 5.Repulse monkey x5 6.Rotate arms clockwise and Slant Fly to front right corner 7.Turn out left toe and Lift hands right hand on top 8.Elbow stroke 9.Crane spreads its wings 10. Brush knee push right 11. Donkey kick 12. Needle at sea bottom 13. Fan through back 14. Strike with left and punch with right fist by left hand 15. Roll back with fist pick up pull back stepping kick 16. Step forward with left and punch 17. Sit back on right, arms cover each other to SE corner, Open to NE corner and 18. Look in mirror, Roll back, Press, Double push, Chop to NW and to NE,Single Whip 19. Cloud hands x10 20. Single whip 21. High pat on horse 22. Step out to SWcorner with left foot and hook with left hand, right hand by left cheek and chop out , pick up right with cross arms and separating kick 23. Step out to NWcorner with right foot and hook with right hand, left hand by right cheek and chop out , pick up left with cross arms and separating kick 24. Pivot 180 anticlockwise and Heel Kick with left foot 25. Step out with left foot and Brush knee push x2 26. Brush knee punch down 27. Turn fist downwards,cover right arm with left turn clockwise and fan through back 28. Strike with left hand and punch forward with right. 29. Point left toe out to the S, pick up right and separating kick. 30. Step out to the NW corner, turn in left toe to W as you step down with right foot, right hand up left hand by right elbow. 31. Put weight on left,turn right leg and arms to the SW corner , put weight on right and turn to face NW corner. 32.Drop arms close to body and box to Tiger Left to the S 33.Put the weight on the right turn to the W ,Drop arms and Box Tiger Right to NW 34. Turn out left toe to the S drag in right foot pick up cross arms and separating kick. 35. Arms parallel above right knee turn to the NW corner step down with right and Wind Through The Ears. 36. Turn out right toe to the N, pick up left foot cross arms and separating heel kick. 37. Place left heel behind right foot, pivot clockwise 180, pick up right foot and separating heel kick. 38. Make a fist with right arm and cover with left arm above right knee and punch over left arm right elbow over left hand whilst one leg. 39. Step down with right leg to N , twist down and into right leg with left leg step out with left and punch forward with right turning right toe in at the same time, left hand by right wrist.

Single Whip 72. Step out with left foot and punch with right fist by left hand still in a low stance. 67. Roll back press. Ward off 46. Weight back on right SEcorner arms above each other. Turn and lotus kick 75. Finger Strike with left hand. turn right leg and arm to the front and Elbow backwards with right arm 45. Step out with left and punch with right 77. press. roll back press. Single Whip 64. double push 47. Double push. roll back. Needle at sea bottom 59. Snake creeps down bring up left hand into fist. step foward with right foot and bring up right fist on outside of left arm (Seven stars) 73. Roll back.Part horses main x 5. Shoot tiger 76.drop arms parrellel and go into ward off 49 Look in mirror. open to NE corner 70. Look in mirror. chop to NW and NE corner 50 Single whip 51. Cloud hands x 8 52. Ride Tiger 74.Brush knee push to SE corner and carry Tiger to Mountain. 61. turn to NE and open to corner 62. Turn to front just cross arms and close. Press. change to golden cock stands on right leg and stay on one leg 54. High Pat on horse 66. Place right foot down facing to S corner. Four corners . Cross arms to N 42. Weight back on right with arms covering each other to SE corner. Turn Right and hold ball 43. right leg toe in at the same time as punch. Roll back and press 44. Turn out left toe drag in right leg and arm and lift hands. chop to NW corner and to NE corner 63. Bring hand and fist by left side pick up and stepping kick with right foot. Right hand under left elbow. Look in mirror. Chop to NW corner and to NE coner 71. 57. Pick up right foot and separating kick with right. turn to NW corner left hand through right and double push to W corner 41. . Single Whip 53. Double push. Look in mirror. Fan through back 60. double push. Repulse monkey x 3 circle hands clockwise and Slant fly to NE corner 55. Brush knee push and donkey kick 58.40. step down and out with left and punch with right. 68. punch with right by left hand. Snake Pokes out its tongue. Drag in right fist and leg pick up and stepping kick with right. pivot down left leg twisting into right leg. 56. cross arms and turn to the front. Double push 78. Elbow stroke and crane spreads its wings. 69. chop out to NW and NEcorner and single whip 48. Snake creeps down into golden cock stands on left leg. left hand pointing out in front and right hand and thumb by right armpit. Cloud hands x 6 65.