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AvondaleAvondale-Waterview Historical Society Incorporated

March-April 2012 No. 56 Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor

Mt Roskill (Puketapapa) Historical Society
Hearty congratulations to the brand new society on our eastern border, incorporated early last December. They have even brought out a newsletter of their own, as well as being well on the way in their project to compile the names of those living in the district from earliest times. Contact: President: Garth Houltham Minute Secretary: Margaret Ting Newsletter Editor: Joanne Graves Upcoming meetings at St David’s in the Fields, 202 Hillsborough Road, Mt Roskill, 2pm: Sunday 3 June: Speaker will be Peter McConnell on aspects of Roskill history Sunday 5 August: Reg Stewart, with a short film showing the opening of the Mt Roskill Library Sunday 7 October: Provisionally (TBC) Greg Smith, from the Auckland Volcanic Society

NZ Federation of Historical Societies Conference and Annual General Meeting, 27-29 April 2012
I’ve decided not to attend this year, but if there’s anyone else in the membership who would like to go as delegate or observer, here is what I know to date. Friday 27 — Early comers get-to-gether from 7.00pm, Vintage Car Club Hall, 14 Tirotiro Road, Levin. Turn up MakoMako Road off SH1 at Bottle store (south end). Tirotiro Road is off to the right past the cemetery Saturday 28 —Morning tour of local historical points of interest. Assemble at Vintage Car Club Hall from 9.00 am. Depart by bus, or your own vehicle around 9.30 (a comprehensive guide will be provided). Return for lunch 12.30 Guest speakers: Insurance cover for Historical Society buildings in the wake of Christchurch Earthquake, and Services to Historical Societies. Annual General Meeting will commence from 3.00pm and include to opportunity for Societies to present their situation and new ideas they have developed to help their society and membership. Conference Dinner: Cosmopolitan Club Oxford Street, Levin. Assemble from 6.00 pm. A two course dinner plus coffee will be served buffet style with light entertainment (day visitors can leave at their convenience) Sunday 29 — Local interests for those available, essentially travel to place of residence. A “sale of Goods” table will be available at the Vintage Car Club, societies with publications or other materials they have for sale are most welcome to make use of this facility. Cost: $55 registration, plus $50 meals, per person. For accommodation information contact NZ Federation of HS Secretary Neil Curgenven,

Guest Speakers
February 2012: Aline Gee on wartime evacuees in Great Britain. I think I can speak on behalf of those at the February meeting that we thoroughly enjoyed Aline’s talk. I for one certainly had no inkling that the British authorities started evacuating children from out of urban areas like London before the declaration of war in September 1939. Her stories and anecdotes were well-received. For April, we look forward to hearing from an old friend of the Society, Phil Sai-Louie, this time regarding Dove-Myer Robinson and the Brown’s Island controversy of the 1940s-1960s. For our June meeting, I’ve extended an invitation to the Heritage Researcher in Auckland Council’s Heritage Unit, to come and tell us about the city’s heritage policies etc.

Next meeting: Saturday 7 April 2012, 2.30 pm St Ninians Church St Georges Road, opposite Hollywood Cinema