January/February, 2012


Criminology 101
Gonzo Theory

Complexity of Motivation – Necrospace: Necrospace refers to the dream state where real creativity from the depths of carnal passions stimulates motivational proclivities. A universe of expectation unfolds inside the multidimensional complexity of human thinking processes. In slumber, darkness blankets the senses in purposed expectations, as the mind knows its intent when the sensory is contained. While the body goes numb and shuts down in the dreamscape, aka Necrospace, aliens land flying saucers and little green minions take your

mindful musing hostage. Out of the shadowy realms of pretentious
wishful thinking, Men in Black intimidate your conjecture for the sake of national security. Why is it that that such phenomenon exists in the first place? Because it’s a movie making projection we’ve invented and we’re writing the screenplay. We remember all the movies, stories and conspiracy tales from one age to the next. Mentality projects from within our psychic regions of electromagnetic resonance as defined by personal proclivities. Atomic structures explode

in a mushroom cloud of potent delusion. Dreaming takes us to exhibitions
of inner creativity, innovation and inventive design beyond the countermeasures of reality. In the conception of all things, like theories of everything, start inside the handiwork of psychodynamic individuality. Other than alien beings, perhaps lions, tigers and bears, and who knows what else, find refuge in our private Necrospace. In “death sleep”, we are in another world entirely. It is that special world in which secrecy reveals the real person who lurks on the inside. Within the complexity of our psychosexual dynamics, fantasy is now reality. When awake, the curtain falls and the deception willfully enthralls.

Art work by Gonzo

www.drgonzo.org www.facebook.com/Dr.RandyGonzalez

“Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.” Sigmund Freud

http://www.linkedin.com/in/randygonzalez http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Randy_Gonzalez

From jungles, deserts and forests, to Moon lit barren craters, distant worlds of strange beings and mysterious creatures come to MONTH, YEAR life. Inside our head, the zoo is full of all kinds of animals and other things that lurk in the constant motion of the human mind. Likewise, demons, vampires and werewolves live there too. They’re all friends of ours, finding reason behind our purposes and playing roles we write psychologically. There are times when we enter the gates of hellish dungeons. Mind postulates the kingdoms of formulated divinities form personal fabrication. Sensate notions feel the fiery brush of death’s heated chase. Into the depths of the abyss, the human form descends. We have to go down there. Experience the burning sensual configurations of form, shape and features. At other times, our quest takes us to climb the ladder of higher ordered planes of reality. Constraints of time, space and motion seem limitless. In the meantime, light colludes with darkness. A pale illumination fires the imagination. Sudden sparks of neural networks provoke mental archives to unveil their confidential contents. Between wakefulness, which may indicate productive

consciousness, and the grey shadowy regions of unconsciousness, there lives a world of mystery, intrigue and secrecy. It is a
Gothic surreal blackened region of shadowy landscapes, where you fill in the colors. Cloaked images, devilish forms and seductive apparitions conjure up from your imagination. Deep purple psychotic draperies of caped subterranean thought waves adorn your most hallowed psychic decor. Fueled by fantasy, the darkness flows with overlapping trickery into the real world. Ideation begets the fruition of unlimited dreamscapes. Brick by brick, mortar by mental mortar, and the essence of thought is buried alive in a personal mausoleum of dreamy dominions. The pendulum swings in arching motions. Back and forth, forward and in regression, you make it all happen. And then, all your unique selves make an appearance. Each in their time walks out of the neural jungles hidden densely within the mind’s thickened vines.


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