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All prayers for almighty Allah, merciful to his mankind. By the grace of Allah I become able to complete my research report. I owe an immense dept to the below noted patrons who paid full attention and provided extraordinary help. Amongst these first of all I am highly indebted to my advisor Mr. Mehboob ur Rashid, who was very kind and gracious to provide me all? Opportunities of guidance, direction and assistance whenever, required.

I also express my thanks to all the staff members of the department who to their extent provided m all the possible help. I acknowledge from the core of my heart the cooperation, help and Confidence extended by all my friends Nadeem Jan, Hamid Hussain.

Pakistan is an agriculture-based country and the main Pillar of out economy is agriculture. Also 70%of our Pakistans population is in one way or the other related to Agriculture. Since the independence a lot of work has been done to promote the agriculture Sector and to enhance the production, the banks have played an important role in the financing role of the agriculture sectors needs. In fact all the government policies relating to the agriculture support. Banks give financing in a variety of areas like pre-harvest Support, post-harvest support, machinery and other equipment. The main problems that the financial institutions face in Pakistan are that they have to run this operation totally on the whims of the politics. every coming government brings Changes in the policies and also is prone to waving off the loans.

Agriculture plays a vital role in the economic development of a country. Its important for an economy is as important as a heart for the blood. Finance plays the role of blood in the economy and if there is any problem in the circulation of finance the economy may suffer and this circulation of finance is carried out by the banking sector. Finance expansion During recession and contraction during inflation bring about stability in the economy. A strong

economy there must be a stable and strong agriculture sector. Combined with Other economic policies of government, banking sector can help the growth of agricultural sector.

This report comprises of seven chapters. In the first chapter I have introduced the report and I have mentioned the purpose, scope, limitations, methodology, and Scheme of the report. The purpose of the report is to work in real life situation, to analyze Agriculture loans and their profitability for the financial institution. A limitation from which the study suffers in the nonavailability of information in a manner required firm Analysis and the Secrecy of the bank data. Another limitation of the study is time Constraint and also the Illiteracy of farmers. Both primary and secondary data were used In compilation of the Report. In this second chapter I have mentioned the Literature Review, in the third Chapter includes about is about my research area which is the BANK OF KHYBER, Sadder Road Branch. In the fourth chapter, is based on primary research which is conducted through the questionnaire targeting the clients of Bank of Khyber. In the fifth chapter, is critical Analysis of the research conducted? In the sixth chapter, the conclusion of the research have been presented and also some recommendations for further improvements in the agricultural-finance Sector with Special emphasis on Bank of Khyber. .