7. Certificate policy Way to Armageddon Annexure-I 9 10 11 . Rules 4.2 2.3 2.2 Round 1: “Blunt Edge” Round 2: “No Mercy” 4.1 3.1 4. Specifications Power sources Mobility Robot Controls Pneumatics and hydraulics Weaponry 6 3 4 Game Procedure 3. 2. General outline of contest Robot design and development 2.1 2.Table of contents 1.2 4.6 3. 6.5 2.4 2.3 Abstract submission General Rules Safety Rules 7 5.

All they will feel. There will be no place for mercy or sorrow as only a spirit to fight till the very end will fuel the battles that take place. Armageddon promises to be an ultimate battlefield where the bots fight for life. more mobile and more survivable. will be the thirst to destroy everything that comes in their way. participate and witness the event that will set the course of the future at ARMAGEDDON 2. rather they will sit bank in their bunkers driving their most destructive bots loaded with weapons of mass destructions . So. and in the end its going to be “Survival Of The Fittest’’. hunger and will never get tired. While Armageddon (2011) took you to the roman empirical times showcasing the robotic gladiators.0 at COGNIZANCE’12 . where robotic warfare will prevail and where demolition of other bots to scrap and crushing the ego of their masters will be the sole objective It would all happen in 3 days in the courtyard of IIT Roorkee where merely fighting for survival will not suffice but only by demolishing the opponent can they survive and be crowned at last.They will be more lethal.only who is left. ARMAGEDDON 2.0 invites you to this future battlefield. where two custom-built machines use varied methods of destroying or disabling the other.” : Bertrand Russell The advent of future will be marked by fewer and the most destructive wars that the world has ever witnessed. They will have faster reaction times and superior sensing capabilities and will feel no fear. Theme: Battle of the future “War does not determine who is right . At the end of the day the biggest incentive we promise is that as you leave the hallowed Arena you will find yourself thoroughly intrigued and thrilled. General Outline of the Contest Armageddon is a combat robotics championship.1. These wars will not see the grandeur of humans in the open battlefield. Here at Armageddon we bring forth you Darwin’s theory of natural selection being applied to the non-living When all the bots perish into the grave it would be one bot that stands up to all the challenges to become the ultimate combat bot.

Only 220V volt AC sources will be provided at the arena.6 2. The weight of external compressor in case of pneumatics or hydraulics will also be included.2 2.7 All Robots must have an indicator easily visible from the outside of the robot that its main power is activated.2. In case using on board batteries.1 Specifications 2. the only permitted batteries are ones that cannot spill or spray any of their contents when damaged or inverted. but can only be used in the form of DC voltage.2 Power sources 2.2. failure to do so will result in disqualification 2. Any unsafe circuitry may be asked to be replaced.1.2 The machine can be powered electrically only. stretch or extend within a circle of 1. Robot Design and Development 2.1 2. Each team must prepare its own power sources.5 2.2.4 2.1 The robot should fit inside a box of 750mmx750mmx750mm (lxbxh) before the start of every match.2. Change of battery will not be allowed during the match. All connections should be made safe to prevent short circuits and battery Fires.1.3 2. the robot can expand. The thickness of the material used as armour to protect parts of the bot.3 2. The teams have to bring their own battery eliminators. The total weight of the robot and all the equipment and accessories excluding the power source should be no more than 40 kg.2. should not exceed 5mm 2. During a match.1.500 mm in diameter considered from top view. Maximum DC source voltage and eliminator voltage allowed is 24V.2.2.2. . Use of an IC engine in any form is not allowed.

5.4 .4. All the wires coming out of the robot should be bundled as a single unit and then should be covered by a flexible plastic pipe.1 2.3.2 All bots must have easily visible and controlled mobility.4. Methods of mobility may include:  Rolling (wheels.1 2.3 Mobility 2.2. Maximum pressure in the tank containing pneumatic fluid should not exceed the limit of 6 bars and there should be a provision to check the pressure in the tank. Pneumatic and hydraulic devices used must be safe and certified.5.3 2.2 2. the body of the bot can move (with respect to the wheels) with the wheels still on ground.2 The robot must use non-inflammable and non-corrosive fluids to power pneumatic and hydraulic devices.5. flying or any other method of mobility which leads the robot to lose contact with the ground is not allowed. However.4.1 2. the remote should have at least two frequency operations to prevent interference with other team.3.3 2.3. The wire should be properly protected and insulated.5 Pneumatic and hydraulics 2. tracks or the whole robot)  Walking (linear actuated legs with no rolling or cam operated motion). they do not leave the robot. hopping. They should be carefully mounted on the robot so that in case of a rupture.5.4 Robot Controls 2. 2.4 2.4.4. 2. Teams must have a safe and secure method of refilling the pneumatic system.3 2.  Shuffling (rotational cam operated legs) Jumping. In case of wireless remote controls. The wire should be sufficiently long so as to remain slack at all time during the competition.5 Both wired and wireless Remote controls are allowed in the event. 2.

Once activated in the beginning of the match there are no restrictions later on the usage of weaponry. RF jamming. Weapons must come to a full stop within 30 seconds of the power being removed using a self-contained braking system. points will be allotted on the basis of their performances.1 A wide variety of weapons are allowed to be integrated with the robot.6. This round is more like a test of strength of the bots rather than their weaponry 3. In case no robot is able to force other out in stipulated time interval.)  Any kind of projectile  Weapons using liquids. The first weapon (whichever one prefers to be their first) shall be activated in the primary activation zone (800*800 square at the centre of arena. The match will end with either one of .1 Round 1: Blunt Edge Here the robots will be required to wrestle without any weapons activated and try to force their opponent out of the marked area for wrestling using their strength and inertia only. The bot is deemed to be inside any of these zones only when all the parts of the bot lie inside the specified area.3 3. The rest of the weapons can be activated in the secondary weapon activation zone (SWAZ).6. succeeding in which will take the team to the next round.2 2.2. 2. a 750*750 square situated at opposition’s spawn.6. There will be two zones marked on the arena where the weapons are supposed to be activated. EMF fields etc. Teams may use all kinds of weapons except following:  Weapons designed to cause invisible damage (Electrical weapons.2 Round 2: No Mercy This round will be a one on one battle between the robots with their weapons engaged. gases or foams  Weapons using any source of heat or fire  Smoke or dust based weapons  Powdered material or chaff weapons  Explosive based weapons The arena should never be damaged by the weapons in any case.6 Weaponry 2. Game Procedure 3.

1. The specifications of all the components used in the robot including motors.1.the robots being rendered immobile or at the end of the stipulated time of 5 minutes. If possible attach a CAD model of the robot. please attach appropriate video plug-ins to ensure that organizers can run the video properly.2 Video Abstract 4. Presence of any additional mechanism in the robot which is not mentioned in the abstract will lead to the cancellation of participation. A complete description of driving mechanism and all attacking mechanisms used in the robot. Written Abstract The written abstract should be prepared on the basis of following lines: 4. Rules 4. The decision of the judges will be bounding and final.5 It is not necessary to explain the mechanisms in the video. 4. remote control. power system etc.3 The video should be at least 1 minute unedited clip showing the machine Performance to the fullest. Picture(s) showing these should be attached.1 Abstract Submission Participants have to submit a brief abstract of their robots.1. 4.1. 4.1. In case no team is able to win the match in the stipulated time the decision on the winner will be taken by the judges on the basis of performance in the match. If any other unusual format is used. This abstract will be used to shortlist teams for the competition. All destructive mechanism(s) being used must be shown working. Only shortlisted teams will be eligible to participate in ‘Armageddon’ at Cognizance 2012.2 4. 4.1 The weapon systems and power supply method should be explained in detail.4 The clip should preferably be in AVI format. along with proper diagrams.1. .

the teams are expected to at least send the current state of the robot to avoid disqualification from the event. Thus even if the robots are not ready completely or does not meet all the above mentioned requirements by the end of the deadline.8 .7 4. cutters etc installed in the arena (subject to change) Violation of any of the above rules will lead to disqualification.2.2.6 4. Attach a scanned copy of the attested certificate with the abstract and bring the original at the time of the competition. Please note that the organizers will ensure full confidentiality and secrecy to the mechanisms mentioned by the teams in their abstracts .2 General Rules 4.2. The organizers reserve the rights to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit.Also if a team has used any kind of pneumatic/hydraulic device. The name of your machine must be prominently displayed on the machine. Safe innovation is always encouraged but an exploitation of a loophole that possesses inherent dangers may cause your robot to be disqualified. Immobility (if robot is unable to travel at least 5 cm for 30 seconds) would lead to disqualification.1 4.2.org.2. if any will be highlighted on the website and notified to the registered teams. the team is required to submit a Safety Assurance Certificate (ANNEXURE I) attested by their faculty advisor.3 4. 2012 2300 IST.2. if there is any ambiguity in the above mentioned criteria for the robot development please confirm with the organizers. 4.2 4.5 The teams need to register in the group of five. Any team that is not ready at the time specified will be disqualified.2. Judges' decision shall be treated as final and binding on all. The maximum duration of each round will be 5 minutes.4 4.2. Moreover. An email will be sent to the team leader confirming the receipt of the entry. There could be hazards like pits . All abstracts should be mailed to armageddon@cognizance.The abstracts are meant to assess the sincerity and seriousness of the participants. 4. Change in rules.in on or before February 28.

3 4.3.3. No part of the robot should be detached from the robot at any instance during the course of game.3.2 4. All robots not in an arena or official testing area must be raised or blocked up in manner so that their wheels or legs cannot cause movement if the robot is turned on.6 4.2 5. Each robot will have safety inspection before each match failing it lead to the disqualifications. All weapons.3 Safety Rules 4. .3.3. especially sharp edges should be properly covered so as not to harm anyone while carrying it or testing it.8 5. 4.1 Weapons attached to the robot. the robot should be completely powered down within 60 seconds. All teams have to install the ‘kill switch’ (the switch that would disconnect the power source from motors instantly ) in their robot so that in case of abrupt behaviour of robot or any kind of emergency. Certificates of Participation will be given to all the teams who qualify first round of the competition.4 4.5 4. The teams which get disqualified due to disobeying any of the competition rules will not be considered for the certificate. all teams are instructed to disclose all weaponry and mechanisms to the safety team.Though safe and innovative kind of mechanism is always invited and appreciated.4. if found unfit for the competition would be straightway disqualified (unfit refers to the potentially harmful thing for the persons in the vicinity of arena or to the arena). Certificate Policy 5.3.3 Merit certificate will be given to the top 5 teams.3. Contestants are instructed not to test their robots outside the playing arena.1 5.

2 6. The Team details include the following details of all team members: Name: Branch: Institute: City: E-mail: Contact no: 6.cognizance. Way to Armageddon 6. COORDINAT0RS: SURAJ SINGH +91-9045911619 AYUSH BANSAL +91-9557020916 .1 6.in o n or before February 28. You can also join us on our facebook page.6.3 Register at the Cognizance 2012 website http://www. 2012.5 6.6 In case of query feel free to contact us through mail or phone.org.org.in/ Submit the abstract and team details to armageddon@cognizance.

Subject .0. has registered in the event ‘Armageddon 2. Cognizance’12.ANNEXURE I Safety assurance certificate The Co-ordinator.0’ at Cognizance’12. Armageddon 2. The team has used Pneumatics/hydraulics in their design which has been properly verified and tested for its safety during use in the competition and under the given circumstances.Safety assurance certificate for pneumatics Dear Sir. [Signing Authority] . The Team from our college “ “.

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