“Merchandising Process For Spring 12: Triburg”

By: Divya Srivastava MASTER OF FASHION MANAGEMENT Batch (2010-2012)



I, Divya Srivastava, hereby declare that the Summer Project document submitted to the Triburg, Delhi as part of academic requirements is an original work done by me under the supervision Mrs. Mona Gera(Mentor) Triburg, Delhi.


Triburg is the leading apparel sourcing company based in India . Triburg is strategically located at the Jebel Ali free trade zone in Dubai,United arab emirates ,triburg apparel buying agents is a single point resource for quality apparel for global markets. With over 20 years of experience serving some of the world’s best known brands, Triburg takes care of your business with total commitment and capacity. From cost-effective sourcing of raw materials to contract manufacturing ,quality assurance ,packing and shipping ,Triburg apparel buying agents takes care of all apparel sourcing needs. Triburg can be counted upon for its reliability,experience,professionalism,superior product quality, fast turnaround, proactive services, competitive pricing,flexibility, HR compliant vendors, ecommerce connectivity. HISTORY:

In 1979, when two young technocrats decided to give a new meaning to Apparel s South Asia, they targeted their entrepreneurial drive at becoming a market leading With their hands-on approach ,a personal commitment to responsibility, meeting c needs proactively and delivering world-class quality on time, that vision became a They grew from strength to strength, picking and training their growing team with basic values. Their motto is the Mission statement which is epitomized in all our 3 offices (Dubai, Sri Lanka & India),and our 22 branch & Liaison offices spread ov the United States. The fact that we have grown to over US$ 225 million in sales and that we have 300 young professional associates, is a proof of our credibility and an assurance that 2 decades have been well invested. Our commitment to business integrity and win-win associations has brought us a galaxy of stars - our Customers, Vendors and Suppliers - whose businesses we have enriched and who are witnesses to our claims. In synch with our industry-leading partners, we remain alert to the constantly changing needs of the market and the customer. Applying international standards to domestic ground realities and finding the winning equation is our forte. We do not rest on our laurels - our company motto is " We are only as good as our last program"

Turnover: in the past eight years its turnover has accelerated from US $ 60 million to US $225 million.

OBJECTIVE: To present a total logistics solution to maximize the efficiency. ACT PROFESSIONALY AND DELIVER SATISFACTION ALWAYS.we act. not react .MISSION: TAKE RESPONSIBILTY . productivity and profitability of the supply chain of our partner customers" WORK STYLE: What we do differently .

They complement the Marketing team and are YOUR eyes and ears at the factory. Quality control is further enhanced by SPC (Stastical Process Control) to reduce repairs and rejects. .Marketing Teams are customer dedicated • • • • Source the product to customer’s requirements. Triburg continuously educates and trains vendors on systems. Follow Triburg's Control System (TCS) to track the program. Co-ordinate the program from inception to delivery at customer's warehouse.production & In-Line controls. communicate and update customers Work with customers' design teams on products Production and Quality Teams are Vendor/Product dedicated • • • • • Guided by their Leaders who are trained at customers facilities these are highly skilled inspectors with strong manufacturing background. new technology & methodology. thus making production more cost effective. They ensure that the product meets specifications and is delivered on time by using Triburg's Control System (TCS) for Pre.

associates. Add value to the brand.clients. . reliable business associate.TRIBURG BELIEVES • • • • • Customer success is their success. Be a responsible. vendors. Deliver world-class quality on time consistently. Ensure a win-win outcome for all stakeholders.

ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS • Dial-In Queries any time • Split SKU's • Management Reporting • Order and Consignment tracking • SOP • Replenishment Planning • Automated Code Generation .

ERROR PRVENTION OVER ERROR ELIMINATION         Our operation Our Management Our Additional Services Client control of Products Accurate Forecasting Client control of Services Reduce Shelf life to Increase Profit Reduced volume.increased frequency .

• World-class warehouse and fulfillment infrastructure • The optimum path to increased sales & profits . warehousing and inventory management.OPERATIONS • A one-stop shop offering complete supply-chain solutions • Comprehensive Global network and freight partnerships • Freight-management. logistics and fulfillment services. reduced costs. improved customer satisfaction . • Better management of lead times • Complete flexibility and simplified administration.

always • Single point of accountability • Costs and charging management • Flexibility to integrate software • Ability to increase manpower on demand • Purchase and Sales order management • A Strong Health. Safety and Environmental policy • A disaster recovery plan .MANAGEMENT: THE BEST IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH • On-Line Management information systems • Dedicated staff on call.

always . • Timely knowledge of sold/unsold SKU's available to distributor • Controlled product distribution • Ability to handle returns. completing the original order in time.CLIENT CONTROL OF PRODUCTS • Up-to-date access to view SKU's at all times • Order tracking until delivery • Reduced damages and shortened deliveries. as physical replenishment can be carried out immediately for short or damaged SKU's. or resell returns to other markets • Option to change orders instantly upto one hour before physical delivery • Accurate tracking of precise quantity delivered.


and monitoring and training factory technical staff. 4. 3. PRODUCT INNOVATION AND DESIGN Triburg has an advanced design capability through an in house design studio and crafts centre managed by seven designers and several artisans. 2. 1. The ability to orchestrate supply chain management ensures that customers receive the merchandise on time. TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND QULITY The role of Triburg technical team extends beyond usual tech responsibility including creation of pattern library. cross-function training. after treatments or logistic management. Streamlining factory and accurate fit submissions. Extending partnership in accommodating design and merchandising changes. auditor’s certification and rigid application of AQL system. Quality assurance through shop floor excellence including introduction and sustaining of sop’s . SPEED TO MARKET Systems. Every season. SEAMLESS FLOW For products to reach stores in short lead times. Whether it is fabric. the design team analyses trends and makes specific collection for each customer. CAD management. trims. Executing trend infusions. . This supplements the customer’s in house design efforts in bringing newness and trend. This has been achieved through the following: • • • • Building capacity and expertise in the sample room leading to faster and accurate fit submissions.TRIBURG’S APPROACH The work at Triburg is guided by a set of 6 core principles. merchandise has to flow seamlessly across the globe. COST OPTIMISATION • • Driving competitive pricing with vendor. Providing cost alternative. processes and people ensure that products are delivered in the minimum lead time. 5.

6. Participation in remediation and verification process. CUSTOMERS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Ann Taylor 77 kids Pea in the pod American eagle outfitters Gap Converse Calvin Kline Van Heusen Vineyard vines Nordstrom American living Anchor blue Aerie Armani exchange Arrow Bandolino Gymboree . Monitoring level of compliance at facilities. HR AND SOCIAL COMPLIANCE • • • Working collaboratively with customer’s standard of engagement and monitoring guidelines.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Izod Bonton Polo Ralph Lauren Chaps Brooke’s brother Destination maternity Christopher and banks DKNY J Crew Gloria Vanderbilt Nanette Lapore Sainsbury Sean john New York And Company Truworths Timberland .


through our web site.ADVANTAGES WITH TRIBURG Trade & Vendor Compliance Team is socially aware • • • • believe Social responsibility is the right attitude & good business sense implement the highest standard irrespective of Customer or price ensure compliance by regular. for up-to-the-minute status on their business. nurture and encourage talent & reward excellence Additional Advantage • • • offer on line access for selected customers. protect our customers' interests at all times. identify new partners and ventures train. offer Store ready goods & Assist in Supply Chain Management offer Quick Response (QR) on core/basic program . routine and surprise visits. Management Team is hands-on • • • • remain actively involved at all times strategize for our customer's and their ever-changing needs.

Turkey. This gives us flexiblity of moving programs or the fabric to optimize the cost efficiency. India. Our understanding of the unique local requirements for documentation as well as the product quality standards to be applied. ensure trouble-free production and delivery. USA. Italy. Belgium.5 million units/month committed to Triburg. On average.nominated or sourced – from Hong Kong. with a capacity of over 2. Ireland. who are certified by our existing customers. Taiwan. Korea. quota advantage or Lead times to customers' advantage • Co-ordinate raw material supply . Indonesia & Pakistan with equal ease. Japan. China. India. Triburg has loyalty/association of over 15 years with our top 50 vendors.PARTNERS • large international vendor base comprises the best factories in their respective regions . . Srilanka & Africa. Vendors are located in the Middle East.

USA. Merchandisers and facilitators Over 22 offices in Asia. Africa.5 million pieces per month Over 300 experienced QA/Technical Staff. Over 20 years of hands-on industry experience . meeting the demands of the world's best known brands Ultra-modern technology and communication network . the Middle East.INFRASTRUCTURE • • • • • Over 125 factories in 15 countries with production capacity of over 2.

Swimwear.laundry and finishing equipment. state-of-the-art semi-auto sewing. Outerwear. Juniors Missy/Petite/Larger size/Maternity for women — Young-men. Accessories & madeups All types of Fashion — High Fashion. Kidswear.PRODUCTS • • • • • • Lingerie. Regular and special sizes for men Quality Standards — Based on customers requirements the Acceptable Quality Vendor's Technical Abilities — High Level of sophistication including auto-cutting. Casual. Sweaters. Softlines. auto under-bed trimming. . Semi-formal & Formal All Customer classification — Infants.

.ASSOCIATES • • • Over 125 factories vendor base.5 million units/month committed to Triburg An average loyalty/association of over 15 years with our top 50 vendors. located in 15 countries A capacity network of over 2. Most vendors are certified by our existing customers.

COMPETITORS Li and Fung Impulse .

industry mentor details – phone ID designation department .

. innovation. optimisation and strategic partnership. service. We believe it is our responsibility to share this expertise with the global apparel industry. we have acquired vast expertise in design. manufacture and sourcing of fashion. Triburg delivers value.TRIBURG LEARNING CENTRE Over the years. supply chain.

4 billion customers in and around the gulf. and upto 6 days to countries within and around the gulf.sea and air networks with regular schedules. Standard customs formalities followed by most countries Flexibility to follow terms of purchase Order despatch and door delivery within a day in UAE. • • • • • • • . Easy access to 1. International road. Flexibility to move cargo of any quantity via variable. competitive and reliable services. Easy customs and port formalities for smooth and efficient flow. strategically located between east and west.TRIBURG SUPPLY CHAIN • Global hub.

TRIBURG OFFICES • Corporate office: Sultanpur Delhi • • • US office Bangalore office Chennai office .


bought out the founding Silverman family's interest.AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS Chairman CEO Headquarters Revenue Products Areas Served : Jay L Schottenstein : James V O’ Donnell : Pittsburgh. there were 137 American Eagle Outfitters stores including 37 in the United States. No of locations : 929 Stores Development When the Silvermans first opened an American Eagle Outfitters store in 1977. This change in leadership resulted in American Eagle finding its present niche: casual clothing for men and women selling private label clothes. Despite the plans for quick growth after the reorganization. Personal Care : US. they were looking to diversify their menswear business. . Stores were set up in shopping malls and a catalog was established. Accessories. Canada. At this point. American Eagle Outfitters opened only 16 new stores by 1991 and the company was losing money. At this time. In 1989. the owners decided to refocus their business on American Eagle Outfitters. who had been 50% owners of the chain since 1980. Israel. The chain grew for much of the 1980s. Puerto Rico. Dubai.99 billion : Apparel. Kuwait. Pennsylvania. Russia. Intimates. AE opened the first Canadian store in 2001. United States : 2. Lebanon. the Schottensteins. selling their other retail chains.

Inc. and jeans. With the cash infusion from the IPO. and functional items like swimwear.The strategy worked. . it had 167 stores and a healthy cash flow. providing highquality merchandise at affordable prices. polos. the company opened more than 90 new stores within the next year. Inc. footwear and accessories. outerwear. cargos. and over the next five years. and sells its own brand of 34-year-olds. and graphic T's.. leading to another change in the target demography The company now wanted to reach more women and focus on people between the ages of 18 and 32.When the company began trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange in the second quarter of 1994. Several new executives joined the company in 1995 and '96. and Martin + Osa) in November 2008 and $3 billion in revenues for the most recent fiscal year.. Aerie. Eddie Bauer. American Eagle claimed 1101 stores across three brands (American Eagle Outfitters. AE's lifestyle collection includes casual basics like khakis. TARGET CUSTOMERS: American Eagle Outfitters is a leading lifestyle retailer that designs. PRINCIPAL COMPETITORS: The Gap. versatile clothing for 16. fashion tops like rugbys. markets. revenues quintupled to $1 billion by 2000. Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

there are modifications pertaining to the specifications in the order to dispatch on time and the right quality. merchandiser has to carry-out and categorize which is the most significant and urgent task.MERCHANDISING PROCESS: SPRING 12 Merchandisers are important in the success of any garment retail business. quantity. as the right information is required in the decision making. Managing order route card and production time table: merchandiser has to manage every single production schedule and order route card that helps to follow up the execution in the planned way. ate of dispatch. time management is a gig to manage one’s time properly. output capacity. This is customary that the essential activities are handled personally or with the support of juniors merchandisers/subordinates. there is no specific rule. In a “daily schedule”. The subordinates are normally assigned to follow up with execution of the plan. In the merchandising concept. so it’s important to be able to think on one’s own feet. and deadlines in the schedule. so he can focus on value adding actions. The main procedures of merchandisers are as followed: Understanding sample order: merchandising has to understand the buyers requirements after receiving specification in the sample buyer’s requirements after receiving specification in the sample order. He has to talk with the in-house veterans on the execution problems of sample orders. no of operations. they regularly visit retail outlets and come up with latest updates from frontline staff. In many cases. The activity that has to be focussed with full attention to sweep off non essential activities. Non essential activities are to be corrected by prioritising. to meet the dead lines. To find out the customer requirements. In order to keep an eye on developments in sourcing. They provide the right products at the right time. enabling a company to match with the tallest market trends and meet the market demand. site visits are made every week to mainland factories to meet suppliers and study production. In garment merchandising. . Today’s garment merchandisers have to move with frequent changes in demand and the developing technologies utilised in manufacturing and production. how many processes. Merchandiser plans the activities depending upon the essentials and the non essentials and top priorities are given to the most essential tasks. it is expected to be acknowledged of the various description like: design no of modules.

Only through the right communication can one meet deadline for the concerned orders. Soling shortage problems: the merchandiser should know about the dearth of any commodity such as fabric. Submitting preproduction samples: the pre production samples should be provided on time to the concerned buyers. The merchandisers should find out exact reasons of times value and keeping it safe. Also merchandisers have to communicate with the people that are in-house. Quality of the samples must be verified. vendors. the superior should be informed about the concern. To record preferences for all the planned activities. In many cases.conformities. the route cards should be utilised. Merchandisers that work on the complete orders have to convey deviations to the production teams so that any amendment can be done to avoid the non. In case the buyers ask for the goods prior to the deadlines. merchandiser has to assign subordinates to help him in the order execution and direct the procedures. It is certain that merchandising jobs need huge time planning. after discovering the shortage. The latest status can be fed into the computers. as it is necessary to keep record of time value and keeping safe. merchandisers have to provide order status to the buyers. Merchandiser should to go through the messages received from the buyer and reply on time. it is better to focus on the concerns of quality. .Using route card to reschedule activities: to get updated on the current status on the order. If required the verified samples should be made available to the buyers. from the beginning. Merchandisers should adjust to the required changes demanded by the buyers the execution of bulk orders should be made only after the samples re approved by the buyer. In case of non confirmation. yarn etc. Apart from the above mention procedure. It is expected to give some time to the buyers to read the sent message. Communicating with associated people and buyers: It is essential to communicate with buyers regarding the order. contractors and job-workers. Actions should be taken immediately to arrange required materials. use daily or time log systems. If the materials is found unavailable. It is expected thet the merchandisers shoyld verify quality of the goods prior to the execution of the order. then merchandiser has to reorganise the schedule to accomplish task. as it is going to be shared with concerned buyers. He has to revise his knowledge from time to time to know current market trends.


DEPARTMENTS AND THEIR To design a range. The compliance team ensures that the vendors are complying with the requirements set by the buyer & have the necessary certifications. The shipping department becomes active once the shipment is packed & is ready for shipping to the buyer. coordinate with factories. making invoice & getting the shipment cleared through the customs. It performs Initial. . taking into account the international trends & previous season To manage the order production. ensuring quality standards & ensure timely delivery of goods. Mid & Final Inspection & submits a quality report to the merchandising team. The shipping team is responsible for arranging the containers. The QA Team is responsible for checking the product quality at various stages of production. getting the trims & fabric approval. No shipment can be dispatched without a go-ahead by the QA team.

The process of merchandising starts with the first contact from buyer’s side asking for options that a buying house can offer with respect to the samples sent/showed to buyers by the buying house before. The steps that a merchandising process goes through for a specific season are as follows: Buyers development mail Buyers likes and dislikes Different types of samples Production merchandising process flow Sample approvals Costing of garments Price quotations for buyers Order confirmation and documentation External/ internal communication in merchandising department Receipt of orders from buyers Fit cycle Fabric ordering Audit Trim ordering Swatch Detailed T&A Pre production meeting Pilot run Bulk production Audit Delivery .



The process through which a whole “season” .

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