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PSSE Introduction to Dynamic Simulation

Training Course for PSSE Users

Industry Need When Siemens PTI initially installs its PSSE Power System Simulation program at a client facility, a training course is often provided. Normal job turnover and reassignment, however, may result in a continual need for training new program users. This course is offered to familiarize new users with the Dynamic Simulation features of the PSSE program. Objectives Upon completion of this course, new PSSE users will be acquainted with the commonly used program functions in sufficient detail for them to begin study work involving dynamic simulations. Prerequisites Participants must be employees of a company which is a current lessee of PSSE. Knowledge of the basic functions of PSSE load flow is required. It is assumed that participants are familiar with the basics of generator, turbine, control and network protection models. Course Structure The course duration is four and one-half days, presented in three-hour morning and afternoon sessions. The last day concludes at noon. Classes include tutorial sessions followed by hands-on PSSE examples designed to teach practical program use. Documentation Each participant will receive a bound set of course notes that complement the lecture. Program manuals will be available for reference during the course but are not retained by the course participants.

Instructors The course will be taught by Siemens PTI engineers with extensive experience in the PSSE program and its applications. Location The course is conducted on a regular basis at Siemens PTI offices in Schenectady, NY and at other major cities throughout the United States. It is also available for presentation at a clients location by special arrangement. At client sites, it is recommended that sufficient computer terminals be available to enable a fully interactive and productive class. Client site courses can also be tailored to address specific topics of local importance. Continuing Education Units 2.7 Continuing Education Units (CEU's) will be awarded for successful completion of this short course. The CEU is the nationally recognized unit for recording participation in noncredit educational programs. One CEU is equal to ten classroom hours.

PTI Power Academy TD

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Course Outline Day 1 PSSE overview Power flow and dynamic simulation data PSSE dynamic simulation approach Steady state model setup Day 2 Initialization Data documentation Running dynamic simulations Examining results Day 3 Data checking Simulation options Run automation Auxiliary programs Day 4 Adding models Relay modeling Model library overview Introduction to user-written models Day 5 Extended term simulation Data management

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