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Tredtwo NO3 Ye Ji Park Hotel Rwanda: Reflection 1. What was the conflict in Rwanda? Why was this happening?

The movie Hotel Rwanda describes the rivalry between two ethnic groups, Hutus and Tutsis. The majority group, Hutus had been oppressed for a long time by Tutsis. This is because the Belgian government which had controlled Rwanda for years decided to put Tutsis in to power as a superior race. Although Tutsis were minority, they had more power and wealth supported by Belgians. Since then, Tutsis had an authority in Rwanda and abused the power over Hutus. The corrupted ruling of Tutsis caused

resentment and anger among the Hutu people. However the hatred of Hutus exploded into a big massacre when the Belgians left Rwanda. Hutus took the advantage over Tutsis to show their resentment and anger that had built up for many years. Consequently, the ethnic war, genocide, between Hutus and Tutsis started in Rwanda. Approximately one million people including men, women and children were terrifyingly murdered by a violent and hysterical militia. 2. Describe the evils in the film The movie is about the genocide in Rwanda. It shows how Hutu activists mass murdered the Tutsi population. The horrible act committed by Hutus extremists is an evil act. Not only the brutal act of Hutu militia but also the indifference of international community can be referred as a term of evil. The two ethnic groups are actually very similar and have no difference. They speak the same language, reside the same place

and adapt the same tradition and culture. In other words, there should be no ethnic conflict until the Belgian colonists distinguished the two entities. In order for one to legitimate ones identity, the other one should be controlled by the one. When Tutsis had a superior power over Hutus, they abused their power and discriminated the Hutus. This governing of Tutsis was not right thus it was an evil. Consequently, when Hutus took advantage over the minority group of Tutsi, they took revenge by killing them. The act of controlling other entity resulted to Rwanda massacre. This is an evil act. The killing is not a right thing to solve the conflict existed in one country. 3. What has UN done to save the people? What has Paul done?

UN protected the perpetrators in their refugee camps. However UN couldnt do enough to help the murderers and genocide. On the other hand, Paul had great contribution to many people in the movie. Paul Rusesabagina is a hotel manager who helped save the lives of his friends and family and over one thousand refugees. Paul used his relationship with people and money and resources he collected from works to protect the refugees in his hotel. First, he was able to bribe the Rwanda military by drinks and money to protect the people. Also he asked help from the French military to keep the Rwanda military away from the hotel. Paul saved not only his family but as well as his neighbour and people in his hotel. He respected the basic human dignity and right of the people whom he protected. Although at first he was reluctant to help others aside from his family but after he saw the violence of Hutus against the Tutsis he realized he is the only one who can protect them from killing. Then, he tried his best to help the people in his hotel. He provided food and lodging for the people.

4. How will you recognize the evil is happening? What can you do?

I recognize the evil in the presence of violation. If something deliberates wrongdoing, humiliation, discrimination, destructiveness, pain, suffering and violence, it is an evil. In other words, if it is against the moral idea, it is considered as an evil act. Like in the movie of Hotel Rwanda, the genocide of Hutus is morally wrong or bad. Killing is evil. To avoid evil, I need to live morally. I should know what is right and wrong and behave according to moral values. Also knowing what is good or bad, I can live a good life. Moreover I should understand and care for others.