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Prego Da) ed Check out this Critter Sonic is Bionic ToeJam & Earl... Totally Outrageous Fun ALSO IN THIS ISSUE More on Game Gear- Hot news & reviews me eae} RENOVATION DOES WHAT And seven year olds. And 22 year olds. And even the old-timers at Video Games & Computer Entertainment. Where they awarded Renovation Products with the Best Science-Fiction Video of 1990 for Whip Rush — one of seven heart- ieee, pounding titles currently released. STSCIENCE-ncTION Vine GAME If that isn’t enough, Whip Rush was oe VIDEOGAMES x awarded the “Standard of Excellence” PUTER ENTERTAINMENT award from SEGA. Which goes to show, when you're a winner, you're bound to make some waves. We're making waves with other hot action games like Final Zone, Arrow Flash and Granada. You can blow enemy ships into oblivion with our #1-rated 8-meg shooter — Gaiares If action adventure is your thing, then Valis III is awesome. (Its the 8-meg sequel to the other great Valis games.) NINEYEAROLDS WANT. You'll face a wild, imaginative assortment of fierce enemies in Gain Ground (for two players). Whip Rush, the award-winning sci-fi adventure game will blow you away! Arcus Odyssey (soon to be released), is a killer 8-meg role- playing action game. And with Dinoland (nother soon to be released game), you can join Dinobunz and his friends on a wild, prehistoric adventure — pinball style! Our critics have spoken. And we say “thanks? For the hottest SEGA™ Genesis™ games — you can count on Renovation Products. Hang on to your controller, ‘cause Renovation does what nineyearolds 4 Sie FiClal ea es want £ Si “y 987 University Ave, Suite 10 Los Gatos, California 95030