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Primary Research

The primary research in form of questionnaire is designed in order reveal personal opinions and information directly from the professionals from the field of marketing and business owners of small and mid-sized local and International companies in the Czech Republic. The questionnaire is designed according to criteria and objectives set in the Research design section. Following content shows the specific answers to the given questions, below the every question an explanation is provided.

More than half of the respondents admit that marketing activities and advertising is highly valued in their company. It can be assumed that those companies answering either Äcrucial³, Äimportant³ or Äaverage³ may be potentially interested in such marketing campaigns which can considerably increase the marketing efficiency. In those companies particularly are people more aware of the importance of marketing.

Almost half of the respondents filled in that Public Relations and Sales Promotion is applied in their marketing plans. .The broad use of Internet as a marketing tool for presentation of the business and its services and products shows that 29 out of 30 respondents are aware of importance of Internet marketing. the answers cannot proof that the marketing managers and business owners of the companies value the Internet marketing as an important source of new business opportunities. However.

as an important part of the marketing communication. more than 50% of the respondents state that the marketing activities and promotion of their companies is interesting and that it is different from their competition. However. seven people out of every ten persons know the term Guerrilla Marketing. It can be assumed that the general knowledge among existence of the Guerrilla Marketing should be increased to 85%-95% percent because. . it is an option for all businesses which should be considered when marketing plan has been created. certain conclusion may be identified. can be easily educated by providing definition of Guerrilla Marketing and by providing appropriate number of examples.As the answers on the third question shows. Those 53% percent of the companies and 11% percent of the respondents who describes their marketing activities like shocking and unexpected may be potentially interested in guerrilla marketing which may significantly increase the attractiveness of their promotion. The respondents. As a part of the question a link to the concrete definition of the Guerrilla Marketing was provided. who admitted that they are not familiar with the term. Despite of the fact that these answers are subjective and depends highly on the position and role of the respondents within the company. The general knowledge of the term is important because further explanation and examples of possible use of guerrilla marketing principles within the businesses may be built on it.

only 13% admits that their companies have used Guerrilla marketing so far. It can be assumed that marketers and business owners lack appropriate information about guerrilla marketing or that they personally or their superiors do not value guerrilla marketing as cost effective marketing solution with potential high positive impact on the company. . despite of the fact that 70% knows the term guerrilla marketing and total of 64% of the respondents describes the marketing as interesting or unexpected. the author of the study is focused also to present concrete examples of how the guerrilla marketing online may be used specifically for small and midsized companies in the Czech Republic or internationally. Therefore.As the answers show.

The potential use of guerrilla marketing for purposes of the respondent´s companies measured by 50 percentage points exactly reveals that such marketing tool is considered by the businesses in relatively positive way. the 33% percent representing rejection of the respondents to use Guerrilla marketing may reflect already stated assumption that the respondents are either not informed enough about the potential benefits of the guerrilla campaigns or that the guerrilla marketing may not be appropriate marketing tool for their particular business or the particular industry. . However.

By combining this answer with relatively positive response to potential use of guerrilla marketing indicates that guerrilla marketing online can be positively adopted by the targeted businesses. The usefulness of the Internet as the medium that helps to increase the number of new customers is revealed by those 61% of respondents who positively answered to the question.The respondents who positively answered to the question nr 6 here help to reveal that 86% of the respondents would value the importance of the guerrilla marketing campaign at least as medium or even important. It may be assumed according to this evidence that when the guerrilla marketing plan is already agreed by the responsible managers or owners of the companies the campaign will be put in front of the importance and consequently highly positive impact will be probably expected. .

The answers to the tenth question can be explained that almost two thirds of the respondents is interested in creative or even unexpected way that enables the company to clearly differentiate from the competition and attract immediate .In spite of the fact that significant number of company websites and product websites lacks creativity and uniqueness ± definitions of these terms and their principles already provided in the literature review ± almost 80% of the respondents admit that differentiation in Internet marketing is important in their companies.

.attention of the target group. The answers to the questions reveal that when the guerrilla marketing campaigns should be admitted by the bosses a further process of informing about the potential benefits and realistic plan should be effectively communicated in order to assure that the responsible decision makers will be appropriately informed and that they will be able to make decisions based on objective information. The fact that almost half of the respondents answered negatively to the question indicates that responsible managers and business owners often reject creative and innovate marketing plans however it may be recommended by the marketing professionals. This answer strengthens the potential usefulness of Guerrilla marketing online adoption to the small and mid-sized Czech and international companies where the research was conducted.

the micro-blogging website. However.The last question was designed in order to find out how the respondents are active in communication via Internet by using modern communication channels for social networking and peer-to-peer communication. the social network website used mostly for sharing personal news. The primary research is designed in order to identify potential problems and potentials of using adopting guerrilla marketing online campaigns into the marketing activities of the business organisations. internet usage and creativity is important in the organisations. the video-sharing website by Google. reveal that significant number of current business community of marketing managers and SME (small and mid-sized enterprise) business owners are active in communication within their community on Internet. the professionals social network website. YouTube. and Linked-in. Conclusion The questionnaire responses gathered by the researcher from 30 carefully chosen professional marketing managers and SME business owners in the Czech republic reveals how marketing. approximately half of the total of 30 respondents admitted that they are Facebook users. This answer helps to understand the level of Internet adoption of the respondents. proofed to be the most used social network. . around third of the respondents also admitted that they have their profiles on Twitter. Facebook. photos and communication with friends. As the answers shows.

However appropriate process of informing and explaining the benefits and potential risks has to be effectively communicated to the decision makers of the companies in order to be able to apply the guerrilla marketing on Internet successfully. the primary research shows that professional community understands that the need of creative and innovate marketing activities and that Internet is one of the most appropriate medium for that. 11% described it the marketing activities as unexpected and shocking. 53% of the respondents described the promotion style of their companies as interesting. a website presence in particular. By analysing this data an assumption that 64% of the respondents may be interested in creative and innovate marketing communication can be made.guerrillaonline. However.htm .Total of 70% of the respondents admit that marketing is important or even crucial for their business activities. Almost 80% respondents clearly stated that the Internet marketing activities of their companies need to be clearly differentiated from their competitors. Conclusively. 70% of the respondents positively answered that they have known the term Guerrilla marketing already. Furthermore. http://www. however most of the all respondents admitted that guerrilla marketing campaigns have not been applied in their half of the respondents answered that guerrilla marketing would be interesting for their businesses in spite of the fact that the decision makers are probably sceptical about the positives outcomes of such marketing. Further information and explanation by examples are provided in following section which should significantly help to marketers and business owners to understand what options they have in use of guerrilla marketing in practice. Internet. was identified by the respondents as the most common channel of communication in the promotion activities.