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Plant management made easy: BOGE airstatus.


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WIRELESS DATA TRANSMISSION When installed the BOGE airstatus can automatically transmit the plant parameters and in case of any alarm that exceeds predened limits it will generate the necessary alarm signal and wirelessly transmit the message and fault number by email, fax or text message.

EFFICIENT MONITORING Up to 64 monitoring values in the RATIO, FOCUS and PRIME controls can be visualised and monitored via modbus. Additionally, another four digital and four analogue inputs are available for accessories and other makes of compressors.

UNCOMPLICATED MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT BOGE airstatus does not only transmit alarm but also, amongst others, the number of operating hours left until the next maintenance date. This information can be downloaded remotely directly on your iPhone by means of the BOGE APP.

SIMPLE DATA DOCUMENTATION Since all messages are transmitted with date and time it is possible to provide a continuous history. All les can be exported in formats such as .CSV or .XLS.

One tool, four functions: Fault indication, remote data access, data storage, web visualisation BOGE airstatus successfully combines four vital plant management tools in a single unit. Even the remotest or most difcult to access compressors or decentralised treatment components can be easily and reliably monitored by way of airstatus in order to prevent failures and minimise downtimes ensuring an efcient and dependable compressed air system.
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VERSATILE COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Similar to a mobile phone, the BOGE airstatus uses the GSM network to communicate and only requires a SIM card for network connection, along with an antenna and power supply. As soon as any predened limit values of the operating parameters change, a message is transmitted either by text, email, voice mail or fax. The machine in question can be checked and downtimes can be prevented or minimised. Data query is a further feature: The BOGE airstatus readily allows you to call up any of the cyclically measured data. The data can either be read via your PC, mobile phone or the BOGE APP: This enables you to analyse the recorded data and, for instance, to determine any optimisation potential in your compressed air supply.

NEW! BOGE APP. Your BOGE iPhone APP keeps you permanently informed of the status of any number of your BOGE compressors and compressed air stations anywhere in the world. After login, you will be able to select a compressor or a compressed air station and display the following information; such as operating hours, current operating status, the maintenance level as well as many other useful details and technical values (e.g. temperatures, pressures, load and idling times). In case of any warnings or fault alerts you will automatically be informed via the APP. If you hold your iPhone horizontally the view of the compressor temperatures and other detailed information will be clearly displayed in graphic or information text form, enabling you to choose the different time periods. In order to do this access rights will be approved by contacting the BOGE airstatus web service.

The web view shows all recorded operating data at a glance, e.g. temperatures, pressures, load and idling times as well as the next compressor maintenance date.

The stored values can also be visualised as a graph, thus providing exact documentation of the measured values. Zooming or scrolling ensures all important data is clearly visible.

The status of each compressor can be displayed furthermore, the zoom and scroll features allow thorough analysis of the data.

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