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lightest technique of swedish massage,stroking most agressive technique of swedish massage,striping description of stroking,gently glide with tip of fingers

over surface of body. start or close treatment, check difference of temp. no pressure to very light. CI's:anything that requires 1st aid, not on open or contagious lesions. decrease sns firing, decrease edema, increase erythema. description of Effleurage,gliding technique with light to moderate pressure with palm of hands. spread oil, palpation of temp., muscle tone & texture. CI's: not over open or contagious lesions, not on client with hypertension, varicose veins... soothing effect, decrease muscle tone, increase local circulation. description of Petrissage,means to knead, diffenrente type; wringing, picking up, skin rolling... used after tissue is warm due to deeper pressure. moderate to deep pressure. can vary.not on acute condition, not on athophied mucles. increased venus return, treat trigger points, decrease adhesion. Vibration,use with palm of hands to do a fast & constant shaking of hands. use anytime during treatment. no pressure to very light. not on open or contagious lesions. decrease muscle tone, increase local circulation, increase erythema. description of Tapotement,percusiive technique. use for sports massage, pre events, minor respiratory problems. pressure can vary from light to deep. not on acute injury, not on advanced osteoarthritis. increase sns firing, stimulate hypothrophied muscle, increase local circulation. description of Shaking,using palm, moving tissue back and forth. use on tight muscles, increase relaxation. no pressure. not on acute injuries to bone, joints, muscles or nerves. soothing, increase venous return, loosen mucus, moves synovial fluid. description of Rocking,moving body parts with consten & even rhythm;back & forth. use on hypertonic muscles, chronic joints pathology. no pressure. not on acute injuries to bones, muscles or nerves. increase venous return, moves synovial fluid, loosen mucus. types of tapotement,Light tapotment: pincement, tapping. Heavy tapotment:clapping, cupping, hacking, beating, pounding. types of petrissage,sqeezing, stipping,wringing, picking up, skin rolling(no oil),kneading. Elements or components of massage therapy.,1. rate: speed(fast; stimulating, slow;relaxing) 2. Rhythm: regular(soothing) or irregular(stimulating) 3. direction(toward heart, irregular or stimulating; not important) 4. Duration(long;relaxing, short;stimulating.) 5. pressure(varies) 6. pattern(vary) 7. contact(vary, can use elbow, palm, knuckles...) Principles of massage,1. general-specific-general 2. superficial-deep-superficial 3. proximal-distal-proximal

4. peripheral-central-peripheral 4 t's,1.temparature: hot=inflammation, cold=ischemia 2.texture:swelling or edema, adhesion=stuck,stickage, crepitus 3.tenderness: pain with palpation, client will wince or say. 4. tone: tension;hypertonic,