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“All humans are born with an intense urge to learn. Many of them lose this urge even before maturity. It is only a few who are so constituted that, lack of learning becomes a nuisance. This is the most insidious of human tragedies.” As I stand at the vestibule of completing my undergraduate study, after carefully weighing the various career options open to me, I have decided to pursue master’s study in Electrical Engineering. The desire to probe in to the depths of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and to contribute to the field of research and development has always been a perennial vision of mine. This has motivated me in identifying a career of research in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The impulse and the challenge in problem solving and acquiring knowledge about new scientific concepts formed the most vital part of my schooling. My schooling revealed my keen interest for mathematics & sciences, and my unvarying academic performances in securing 68% in my 10th standard and 82.3% in intermediate instilled confidence about my capabilities. The concurrency of these influences had been but an assertion of my growing interest with me to become an Engineer. I embarked a major step towards realizing my ambition, choosing mathematics, physics & chemistry as my core subjects, in my Intermediate at GEETHANJALI JUNIOR COLLEGE, VIJAYAWADA. Working diligently in my school, I received a thorough grounding in the core subjects. By the virtue of my excellent performance in engineering entrance examinations, I gained admission in to NIMRA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, a premier engineering institution in Andhra pradesh, affiliated to the JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY. Given my deep-rooted interests, engineering with Electrical & Electronics as my major, was the indubitable choice of my undergraduate studies. The course in essence, as on my analytical and problem solving skills has imbibed in me a profound understanding of fundamentals of electrical & electronics engineering.

Electric Circuits. Power Systems. Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications. Network Theory. a master’s degree in electrical engineering is the next logical step. Physics and Chemistry re-introduced me to these subjects. Like say many other fields have been rapidly developing in their own way. I know that my goals are not mere wishes and I am aware that the path I am choosing is not a smooth horse ride. I also know that the developed country like yours there is a good scope to enhance my knowledge. which encompassed the concepts of Electronic Devices. I know that the competition is going to be tough but as it has been amply said. My intentness grew deeper when I did courses. I am prepared to go an “extra mile”-both figuratively and literally-add value to my qualification to realize my goals. Electrical Machines. I have strong ambition as to make innovative observations in the field of Electrical and electronics and to work as a team with you. I am also interested in Electronics fields like Nano Electronics.During my freshman and sophomore years. but now with a fresh Engineering outlook. To sum it up. “ If wishes were horses beggars would be riders”. Power Electronics. I would be grateful to you if I’m accorded the opportunity to pursue my graduate studies with financial assistance at your institution. simulation of electric circuits and Power Electronics. Analysis of Linear systems. Microprocessor and its Applications. a series of courses in Mathematics. I heard by many means that your college had ample facilities for a better education. With my excellent academic background and verdant enthusiasm for research studies. I am interested in the fields of linear control systems. I strongly feel that the field of Electrical Engineering has not opened gate for rapid development. I am thoroughly prepared for it. I feel that graduate study at your university will be the most logical extension of my academic pursuits and a major step towards achieving my objectives. I would like to add that the essence of university education lies in the synergetic relationship between the student and his department. . An admission at your university could well be that golden foundation upon the edifice of my scientific career rests. work towards the development of my field and make a strong impression of mine in this very field. I understand that I have to put in painstaking hard work and compete with best in the world to achieve my goals. Electro Magnetic Fields.