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Time Adjuster v3.1 This program is FREEWARE. Author: Irek Zielinski, Krakow, Poland (irekz@yahoo.

com) Check out other my software at: -----------------------------------DISTRIBUTION AND USE---------------------------------------You can copy & use that application whatever you want. Please keep the package in one piece (including this file). Time Adjuster is distributed in two versions: LIGHT: In order to seduce file size this version doesn't have H ELP file. STANDARD: This is FULL version of Time Adjuster. It has HELP file attached. And that's why is near twice bigger than LIGHT version. -----------------------------------HELP AND FEEDBACK------------------------------------------1) E-MAIL: All comments, suggestions & questions please send to: 2) PHONE: In urgent situations you can also call me at: (++44) (0) 7921-698-842 I can provide help in ENGLISH and POLISH languages. Please remember also about time zones and call between: 8AM - 10PM GMT 3) WEB FORUM: Visit Time Adjuster's web forum at: (available also by button & menu in TA) 4) HOME PAGE: Visit Time Adjuster's web page: (available also by button & menu in TA) 5) FAQ: In English & some other languages is attached to Time Adjuster and is av ailable trought Time Adjuster's menu and Windows Start Menu. ---------------------------------------CURRENT WORKS-----------------------------------------I'm working right now on: - REPAIR functions ----------------------------------------KNOWN BUGS-------------------------------------------Known bugs: - when you work on STR & SSA files precision will be cut to 1/10 if second (real ly small bug ;) - sorting SSA files don't work correctly ------------------------------------HISTORY OF CHANGES---------------------------------------Version 3.1 (14 May 2006) - Removed number of small bugs - Application don't need administrator right anymore to install and run under Windows XP/NT

thanks to: Z.Added German language file thanks to: Carsten Stupka.hh:mm:ss:xx format .sk .lt .skrtic @ka.more options when converting to SSA format .added support for hh:mm:ss.Removed few minor bugs.65 .death@inmai .fixed bug in spliting SSA files .fixed small bugs in "Last 4 directories & synchronization menus.New installer / uninstaller .added some new features ! Version 2.0 (11 Feb 2006) .SERBIAN langauage support . .removed some bugs (TA should be now more stable) . .there is far shorter delay now when entering SYNCHRO dialog .cz .com.8 . gusto.CZECH language support -> Thanks to: Petr "Cherubin" Rybysar.Version Version 2. bertuswagenaar@h otmail.6 .DUTCH language support -> Thanks to: Bertus Wagenaar.anton@ntl world.BRAZILIAN-Portuguese language support -> Thanks to: Henrique Sambiase. You can sti ll dload LIGTH version that does not have this file.SLOVAK language support -> Thanks to: Roman Husarik.ROMANIAN language support -> Thanks to: Robert Anton. gr .added support for Sub Station Alpha format (*.added support for SubViewer format (*. DrCh air@hotmail.Added full help file to STANDARD version of Time .GREEK language support -> Thanks to: Oikonomou Basilis.ssa) . Version 2.Improved stability of the application .com .thanks to: Aurimas Tijunonis alias Sava s_j0xxx. robert.sub) [00:00:00] . petr. and f ew others .added Tip of the Day window on startup .Added MANY new language files . budimir.removed some bugs in ENGLISH language file -> Thanks to: DrChair.AVI player remembers it's position now .added context menus for file list-windows .br .com Version 2.ryb ysar@upce.LITHUANIAN langauage support .removed bug causing lost contact between Time Adjuster & AVI player .xx.Improvements in upgrade check utility. oikonomoub@in. rols_min i@hotmail.a bit better upgrade checker . build Sep 12 2003: .Gotiæ (gotic@bitsyu.CROATIAN language support -> Thanks to: Budimir Skrtic.) Version 2.added some small improvements (like CPU usage monitor ect.7 .thanks to many great people! .9 .

new faster & better upgrade check .9 .0 . Version 2.added new REPAIR tool: now you can sort lines in subtitle file (sortin g is not in alphabetical order but is time-based).exe (now it's easier to upgrade old version) . for mats.2 .fixed bug in SRT format (thanks to parix !) .now TA works faster :-D .want to take a look at some funny stuff ? leave TA alone for a while : ) .what does it mean for you ? Not much .removed UGLY bug -> sometimes TA used to "eat" first letter of text in new file.more compatibility with Windows XP and Windows 2000 .far better support to STR files (thanks to Lagoon) . All functions are now object oriented .4 .believe near entire code was converted form C language to C++ language.program now can detect on loading "empty new lines".TA now performs quick scan of files on loading (helps to detect common errors) Version 2...added support for [xxx][xxx] time format (MPL2) .SPANISH language support ! Thanks to: Juan José Bojórquez.some functions were optimized .added support for SRT format ( it looks like 00:00:00 --> 00:00:00) .some changes in setup.fexed bug in "Last 4 directories" menu. errors such no "{ " or "}" in {xx}{xx} format and some other bugs.FRENCH language support ! -> thanks to Lagoon :-D .1 .kara DirectX powered ! .it . .splash screen is being shown when program is loading . So I hope new versions of TA will be lunched more often & there will be less bugs :) Version 1. Version 2.added Time Adjuster FORUM (it's web based message board) .added tool tips for toolbar :-D ..5 .com .except it will be far easier for me to add new functions. k. .removed small bug: sometimes dialog boxes were disapearing for the scr een .added new feature: now TA can scan & repair TOO EARLY DISAPEARING LINE S Version 2.HUNGARIAN language support -> thanks to: Mirr Murr (Kara Károly).now you can decide which "Are you sure" messages have to appear . jjbm@mail.improved compatibility with Windows XP and Windows 2000 Thanks once again to Lagoon and friend of mine Pawel Balasz ! Version 2. rush@open access.3 .new AVI player (in synchronize menu) .better uninstaller .hu Version 2.ITALIAN language support ! Thanks to: Fabrizio "Rush" Degni.HUGE changes in CODE .

.when converting you can pick Frames Per Second (FPS) value form AVI fi le .4 Multi language support ! (Polish language-file added) Fixed some bugs..fixed some bugs Version 1..since now there could be only one working TA in system at the moment .3 Since this version it's possible to synchronize text with video.exe has now some bugs fixed . Version 1.some minor bugs were fixed in main program also .added installation/uninstallation process (installator is quite smart: can work with different language versions o f Windows).when synchronizing you can use AVI player to point when selected line has to appear . Very us eful thing ! Fixed some bugs. . Version order to open files .removed some small bugs & made many other improvements.6 . for m CD-ROM drive) . Version's possible now to get information about AVI & subtitle files .8 . added keyboard accelerators for menu functions.. . fixed some minor bugs in main progr am. .7 .EXE program. LATVIAN language support ! -> thanks to B[r]3) Version 1. .1 Some changes in can DRAG & DROP it at toolbar Version 1.6 version ! Version 1.application remembers last window size & spite of many addition program is now almost THREE TIMES smaller th an 1. .2 Since this version it's possible to convert files among all supported by TA formats. ..removed some irritating bugs when working on read-only files (ect.synchronization works for ALL supported formats now.setup.5 Fixed bug in "SYNCHRONIZE" can repair text files dloaded in BINARY mode via FTP. .if during time adjustment program will generate invalid values (for ex ample time < than 0) it's possible now to skip those lines & continue adjustment (VERY USEF UL & DEMANDED by users) .all key program's data are stored in Windows registry now.program now can JOIN & SPLIT files (it's possible to join 2CD txt to o ne file and make form 1CD txt -> 2 files) .totally changed outlook of application (now uses MDI technology). Version 1.application remembers FOUR last working directories.

.Version 1.0 First public release.