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CHAPTER 1 Problem and Its Settings Background of the Study R. P. Feliciano Dental Clinic located at 2390 Sto.

Entierro St., Angeles City started on August 1996 under sole proprietorship and operated by Dr. Romina Feliciano dela Cruz specialized in teeth whitening, cleaning, check – ups, composite fillings, tooth extraction and orthodontics. Basically, patients spend a substantial amount of time in clinics waiting for services to be delivered by the doctor. The degree to which the patients are satisfied with the care received is relative not only to the doctors’ expertise in their field, but also to the quality of the clinic management. Clinic operates in “First come First serve” basis. Priority will be given to patients who came first and settled their appointments. The recent patient database system of the clinic was written in an index card and kept in a little cabinet. For some reason, records are overwritten, loss and difficult to retrieve. .Every patient’s information was recognized, recorded and updated by the manual record system of clinic. Manual inventory system was monitored by the dental clinic’s assistant. All records of inventories are written in a log book for information retrieval purposes.

In an everyday scenario some of patient can’t keep punctuality. leaving their time vacant and some of customers won’t come at all. and advertising procedures. The information is very difficult to retrieve and to find particular information. The recent system has no updating capability. Goals and Objective General Objective . taking other costumer time.Statement of the Problem The propose system is an Online Management System that will develop a web-based application and will minimize all paper works. Significant problems that are to be resolve are as follows:  Reservation procedures have overlapping records of patient schedules. The current inventory system cannot be updated easily because it is done manually.  Lack of immediate retrieval and storing of data.   The clinic is not well known that’s why there’s just a little number of patients coming.

To upgrade the advertising system of the clinic that will help increase the number of patients. Feliciano Dental Clinic. Statement of Scope . Specific Objective:    To make an online Reservation System for Dr. Feliciano Dental Clinic.To develop anonline clinic management to support R. To develop Database System for easy retrieval and storage of information.P.  To develop an inventory system that will easily update the doctor’s assistant from current number of stocks.

and Supplies Inventory system. Base on the specific need of the clinic. o Reservation system is a system which organizes the schedule of the patient and doctor. o Database system secures the retrieving and storing of data. Software Context .The focus of this study is for the development of an online management system which computerizes and stores data for accessibility and portability. the proponent decided to use and limit the study on four systems namely. Database System. efficiently and timely. Advertising system. Reservation System. o Inventory systems maintain and provide access to the records. o Advertising system is a system where the main page content can be updated by an admin user. Accounting Management System. The system has a secure log-in for doctor and staff.

Admin and super admin. Major Constraint . Patient Super Admin Admin Register Admin Database Log-in Reservation Patient Database The four systemsare also divided into level of access according to their use. Patient login is a part of main system where the patient can register and log-in to be able to reserve the intended time. Reservation. Patient History and treatment performed. Super admin is also a part of main system in which the admin can add. Such as. The admin is a part of subsystem where the admin can view reservation and content editing only.The Software Context contains fours systems namely. activate or deactivate an admin. patient login. Content Manager and materials inventory system.

And the reason why thisstudy is conducted is to provide a solution to doctors’ need to better serve their patients.) Researchers.The Major Constraint brings out the value of the study. what has not been adequately answered. 1.) Future Researcher. to help the other researchers as well. d. what is already known about your research problem.) Socio-economic significance.The researchers have developed their writing. . analysis. how will it be useful for policy makers. 2. the relevance of the results. andinterpretation skills needed to make a good thesis.The proposed system will introduce technology tothe medical clinics that are until now adapting the manual method of clinic management. b. asthey are an integral part of the whole clinic management. c.The result of this study is beneficial to the following: a.The proposed system will simplify and automate everyday clinic tasksand can help maximize time spent with clients thereby providing better servicemaking itmore profitable. f. the proposed system will inspireother students to develop an effective and efficient system.) Clinic.The proposed system will make it easier for the doctors to manage theclinic and convenient when it comes to retrieving patient records. how will your research add to knowledge/ practice/ policy.) Patients.In this study. for whom the results will be relevant.Patients are the doctor’s principal assets.Doctor’s secretary can benefit a lot from this study.) Technological significance.) Doctor’s staff. e.) Doctors. The Future researchers have reference in enhancing their own research and further.


The doctor finalizes the request to produce final schedule of each respective schedule of the patient.Chapter 7 The System Model Visual Model Request Schedule Take Request Summary Take Schedule Patient System Report Assistant Take Summary Schedule Request Doctor The actors are Patient. . Assistant and doctor Patient request for the availability of the schedule and summarize by the assistant to present to the doctor.

content editing. The admin privileges are updating inventory. Edit Delete Submit Info Admin Database Schedule Summary Register Usernme Password Time Reservation Patient Database Log-in The Management system involves three entities to use the system. activating and deactivating other admin. Patient need to be registered or login before viewing the reservation. Data flow diagram (DFD) . super admin and admin. cancelling time schedule in reservation. Patient. Admin can do all the privileges as super admin except add.Data Model (ERD) Patient Info Patient Super Admin Admin Add.

Existing Level-0 Patient Reservation Reques Schedule_info Summary_Info 0 Reservation Patient _Info Doctor Schedule_Info Summary_Info Assistant Patient request will be forwaded and summarize to the assistant . Level-1 . Summary info will be analyze and schedule info will be generated by the doctor.

Proposed DFD Level -0 .1 Patient Request_info Get patient request info Schedule_info Patient info 1 2 Reservation Schedules Reservation_info Patient summary Info Doctor Assistant Reservation_Request 3 verify request info Patient request will be processed and summarized by the assistant. The request summary from assistant will be validated from doctor schedule to produced final schedule to the patient.

Patient Reservation Request Reservation_info Reservatio_Summary_Info 0 Management Informatioin Doctor Reservation Schedule_Info Reservation _Info Patient_info System Reservation Summary_Info Assistant Inventory_Summary_info Inventory_Check Inventory_info .

Patient Reservation_Info Reservation Request 4 Reservation 1 Inventory System Reservation Request _Info Doctor Reservation Schedule_Info System Reservatio_Summary_Info Inventory_info Reservation Assistant Inventory Summary Request 3 Patient History/Treatment Check 2 Content_Check Content Manager Content_info .

We prepared for the registration of domain and hosting of our website. prevents spam. . hides the e-mail address and asks the users to enter the text in the picture to show the e -mail. we install captcha in it to protect the website against bots by generating and grading tests that humas can pass but current computer programs cannot. we heard good comments coming from the dentist and her assistant regarding to the system that we have presented. We presented the system to the company and we instructed them on how to use it.This help to prevent scrapers from sending to the e-mails which is known as the Online Polls. we tried to register an account and we encountered some problems while trying the reservation. protects website registration. It also restricts various automated programs to sign-up E-mail accounts. During the testing of the system.CHAPTER 10 Implementation and Testing Last February 6. we implemented our system. Fortunately. 2012. To secure the system.