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Today, we invite you to celebrate and be happy in the knowledge that your cooperation, energy, participation, talents, resources, funds and most of all your compassion and love has been received and is currently impacting the lives of the children at the Ruimveldt Children’s Home and Care Centre. (RCHCC) Every one of you is directly responsible for the “Smiles” in these children’s eyes. They have received your message loud and clear – You remember and care for them. In the summer of 2011 – GTLime selected the RCHCC as their charity of choice bringing their plight to our attention. Subsequently, a dance was held, hosted by the Caldeiras’ featuring Triple Play and Fuh Fun. This is where our Heal & Soul and Wish Upon a Star Projects were launched. Through your generosity each child received a Heal & Soul box that included personal items for their wellbeing and toys to play with and share with each other. Every treasure in your box demonstrated that you took the time and love to select items that they could use just for themselves. The Wish upon a Star Project collected items needed by the Centre and was a huge success. These items have now reached RCHCC. Comment from Marva Williams-Director of RCHCC; “I completed clearing the crate and Billy accompanied us to the home and assisted us in unpacking the items. Everything was in place. Hats off to the packer who must have been Guyanese for the more valuable items were placed at the bottom of the boxes. I have asked Jenny to take pictures with the children for the donors.” Many of us have left our homelands to come to Canada for a better life and we do remember the ones we left behind. We are so grateful that you are supporting the vision of a better tomorrow for Guyana and its’ children. Our hearts are full as we write this newsletter – dreaming about working towards visioning and imagining the possibilities with YOU by our sides.

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Allison Vyfhuis Caldeira


March 2012. Vol. I – Page 2.

Programs & Projects 2011
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Gifted $600.00 CD to match GTLime’s donation of same to the RCHCC home. Packing, shipment and receipt of boxes from the Heal & Soul Campaign; received in time for Christmas. Wish Upon a Star Campaign items shipped – received January 2012. New Stove gifted & Installation. Gifted 20 bed linen sets – sourced in Guyana locally. Guyanese/Canadian fact finding visit to RCHCC. Opened a Trust Fund for RCHCC – Scotia Bank Stouffville Commitment for free medicines for the RCHCC children with Teva Canada and Pharmsave in Stouffville. Money gifted at Christmas to cover operating expenses and Christmas costs such as food and other items related to having the children stay at care giver’s homes for the holidays. Money gifted for Day Care Completion – developed and implemented to establish ongoing sustainable revenue.

Programs & Projects 2012:
• • • • • • • March Mission: Maintenance and improvements. Planting a vegetable garden. Gifting assistance to Day Care as this project develops into sustainable revenue for the RCHCC Home. Dispensing free medicines on a quarterly basis by Dr. Motto, a local health care professional through The Mercy Hospital. Assistance for a child with torso burns. Planning for ongoing & preventative medical care – implementation of optometric eye care. Two wheelchair accessible mini buses have been approved for donation by the TTC – transport planning under way. A Day Trip to be organized for the Children at RCHCC in April VENUE TO BE DECIDED by Marva Williams & staff.

How can you be a part of this? Email Allison to voice your opinions, ideas suggestions and support or your interest in contributing your talents to the cause. caldeira.allison@gmail.co T

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