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Digimon Digital Card Battle: FAQ/Walkthrough by RYakuto Version 3.

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Rover Yakuto Tiger Of the wind Version 3.7 Started 21 July, 2001 9:40 p.m. (central time) Latest update was : 13 September 2002 8:10 p.m.

This FAQ can be printed or seen on or Downloaded to your private pc For personal use ONLY. This FAQ may not be placed in a magazine, CD, disket, sold for a price, copied or anything else than above Unless first Contacting me for permission. I write Faqs Mainly for you, People who visit If you find this on Anyother site then please inform me. I only write Faqs to and for because this site Not only helps people find

infomation on games they like But also help us meet others with the same views on things. Sites like Cheat central and others like it are leeches and cheaply done websites that are just in it for the money.

Any questions or corrections, please e-mail me at Bc65040@navix.con or Aim me, KawaiiTsunoTiger. I will not answer Emails asking or giving Fusions. Nor will I Answer Emails asking were to get a card or how becuase I don't know how or where to get every card. But check out my Faq for Info on Card "PACK"s. If it isn't in there. Then I do Not know of it.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Contents 1. Me 2. Updates 3. Game Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 4. Digimon Card Fusion 5. Option Card Fusion 6. Card listing 7. Deck listings 8. Credit

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 7. Me +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Hello I am Rovest, your animal guide here. This is mainly a Card listing and Fusion listing. Since the game had no Faq when I had the game. I Had made a Faq telling you where to go and a nearly full card listing and some Fusions. I have desided to Re-write my Faq since the other Faqs are not up to par to other faqs for digimon games. I will have everything listed, or explaned when this faq is done.

I am a Digimon fan. But I like monster Rancher and pokemon too. I like many card games like Yugioh and even Lost kingdom for GameCube.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 2. Updates +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

7/23/01 Updated the Card fusion. And Game story. 8/13/01 Finally gave up sending in my Faq to GameFaqs So I put it up on my webspace. Added a 93.3% of

Hope fully VenomMyotismon will Have sent in his decks. I don't think any of my decks are new but my White Blaze is pretty good since it has won over 150 battles with it. 8/14/01 I have just typed up a listing of Fire digimon cards and what are thier stats. For now im going to play with my New D-3 digivice and D-Terminal.. 8/15/01 I have Just spent three hours typing up the most of the Cards stats only missing a few cards... Then I'll do more fusion. I have also just started a new game with hawkmon. 8/17/01 Well since I only rewrote the game section I didn't Say I updated since I only got up to Wisemans Tower yesterday. I'll have the story mode updated as soon as I beat Anglomon. But now I Started season 2 and will start season 3 in the next few days. thinking of making a Faq for them to but this Faq is to be completed before that happens. And I'll have a third Deck for Veemon when I beat the game with ..Card listing. I added my two starter decks yesterday. Next is what the cards do then on to the story and what to do next. Also I have added a deck from DZBLean.

Send in your decks and what the Deck is ment to do. 9/13/02 I have added all 125 Base Decks to the Deck listings.. If you have a deck send it in with what is in it and what its ment to do. My D-3 is pissing my off but hey its no deffernt then A adding 8 losses to my perfect record. And i mostlikely Will. Well Now I am going to see if I can. Though i'll stop if i can't get this Faq on GameFaqs. 8/18/01 I have been working on season 2 and will have all of it up as soon as possible. I will add then asap. .com 9/12/02 Its been over a year since I last updated this Faq. Now I'll get Back to the Game section. And many times i said i'd never finish it. I have redone the Game section up to the Jungle city Arena. And will have started Season 3. Hum.. The Card listing is now complete.. I talk on the Gamefaq board for now but hopefully that'll change to a Ezboard since there are some kids annoying us at the board. 8/20/01 I have season 2 up.Hawkmon.

Game +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Here you'll learn of who you'll meet and battle and what to expect from the opponents. Well Im working on getting up to Season three as you read this so don't worry yet. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 3. carpets. I plan to Buy Boulder Dash EX for GBA Soon. Im up to the Jungle City.. Nice game. Each City has a Battle arena and something to learn from each Opponents. wall paper. And have Redone the Game section up to Wisemans tower. and everything else before I Buy it. 9/15/02 I have updated the Game section up to Season 2. Keep an eye out . I'll wait for someone to crack the codes on the Nes games. 9/22/02 Sorry for the long Delay in Updates. 9/16/02 Well Its up to Flame City in Season 2. Next its Cody and his deck.9/14/02 I have now just corrected a few errors in the Deck listing and Card listing. Im working on it. Been playing Animal Crossing.

Option card Fusion isn't a Set mathmatical system like Digimon Fusion. champions. You can get them from the opponent if you beat him enough. By the End of season one you'll have a nice selection of Rookies and Champions to choose from to make a second or third deck. Though this only works in Season 2 and above because most in season 1 give Basic packs. There are only 11 Areas to battle in season 1. I have this section split in to 3 small parts called "Seasons". There are many thing you gotta do in this game and in a certain order. and a few Low level Ultimates and options. So as to not complicate this beyond needed. You'll get better options and ultimates in season 2 and 3. The Fusion shops shouldn't be used Unless you have saved before hand And have time to try out some fusions. You'll get a low level Random . In Season one you'll mainly be using Rookies. Option fusion uses set random charts.for cards you would like that your opponent uses. Each set of random cards depend on the cards you are using. In season 2 or 3 there are 12. you should wait till later in the game to get U or Rare cards. If they are low commons like Fake sevens.

For Fusion you need cards to get cards.set card. Color Packs Red Pack : Fire Champions and a few Rookies. and Option cards. Now to get cards you have 2 ways to get them. Green Pack : Nature Champions and a few Rookies. Option card Packs Option Pack . Black Pack : Dark Champions and a few Rookies. There are many kinds of Packs. S-Color Packs S-Red Pack : Fire Ultimates and a few Champions. S-Green Pack : Nature Ultimates and a few Champions. Rookies. Blue Pack : Water Champions and a few Rookies. You'll get A pack every time you win against a enemy. Super Pack : Champions. Battling on the other hand. Hyper Pack : Gives mainly Champions and a few Rookies and Ultimates. Yellow Pack : Rare Champions and a few Rookies. S-Blue Pack : Water Ultimates and a few Champions. Multi color Packs Basic Pack : Give Rookies of all types. Its best to wait till season two or season 3 to try and get the rare jewel option cards since they are Rare fusion mutations. Battle and fusion.

Battle them again and you may get a Color Pack. . Special Digivolve card Rules. You'll start getting Hyper and Color packs. Take off 20 Dp not add 20 Dp to Digivolve. Nearly all the Digimon ask you for a rematch or says they'll beat you next time. I Have gotten Red packs from just beating Veemon.You'll see only Basic pack from normal battles in season 1 Mega Domian but sometime you may get a color pack too. Weither this is a Fluke or ment to be. And Acts like Mutant Digivolve/ Downlaod Digivolve. Then have the need 10-30 DP *in more cases* and then you Can Digivolve from Champion to Ultimate. But as you get farther in to the game. Just put down a Champion card with out Digivolving from rookie. This may be a random event but many have emailed me claiming to have gotten Color packs from just beating certain digimon once before each Arena battle. You'll get more Hyper packs in Giga and Tera Domains. So you can Get VenomMyotismon +70 DP for just 50 Dp and ONE Digivolution. I dunno. Now lets get down to the Errors Bandai has made with this game. But It doesn't happen everytime and Won't happen with everyone. You'll get Mainly Basic packs at first.

Season one ----------------------------------------------------------------- Cities in Mega Domain Beginner City Flame City Jungle City Igloo City Junk City Beginner City You are a new Digimon Tamer in Digiland. Same as the Com Battle stats. Game completion. As you battle with your . Now go to Menu and look at the options. Cards option lets you look at cards you have or had. Card Collection. These are interesting but nothing more. and Digi-Part Stock Percentage's tell you how much you have done. You have a Battle title and a Collector Title. Look in to your player room from time to time to get a analysis of your progress. to copy a opponents deck. Then there is the Deck stats. Com Battle stats and 2p Battle Stats tell you how many wins and losses you've gone threw. Also lets you build a deck or if you got the cards. Partner Option lets you costumize your Partner card.

Battle Cafe Try Learning the basics of the game with Betamon in the Cafe. As you go threw the game you'll get Armor evolutions for your partners.Deck you'll get EXp points for your partner as long as its in the deck you use. What else but to save the game. Once done there talk to Babamon (Jijiwomon) and she will challenge you to a duel and open up the Battle Arena. Head in to . give abilities to a card. Learn what Type deck you are best at and make two other decks as soon as possible if you want to win. All will get two Armor evolutions though Veemon gets 3 if you started out with him. When you have 2 or more evolutions. Just select the partner in Partner option and press L1 or R1 to change evolutions. or support effects to the card. Digi-parts add Points to its stats. Remember what he tells you for you'll need to build your skills from what he tells you. You can only have three parts on a card at the same time. The third option is save. Your digimon will level up and get Digi-parts to add to your Partner card.

A three color deck isn't the best idea around. As you can see. Though it doesn't happen everytime. To learn from you opponents is the best advantage you can get. Final Opponent : Babamon Deck : New Power Type : Fire Nature Water Attack : 2 Defense : 2 . Becareful of his cards. Since you are starting out you should look at all the cars he uses he plays them. !BATTLE ARENA! First Opponent :Agumon Deck : Tricolor Starter Type : Fire Nature Water Attack : 2 Defense : 1 Digivolve speed : 1 Pack : Basic pack His Deck isn't much of a deck compared to any of the three starting decks. If you beat a Arena with no losses you get a Great card.the Arena. Atleast not yet *wink* *wink*. This deck has no Ulitmates.

Arena Pack : Option pack Tip : You should come back here to battle the arena often Just for the option pack. Talk to Betamon and Babamon. I call these Arena Pack. Flame City Battle Cafe Davis is waiting for you. The mysterous . Something is bothering him. She calls you Sonny!" will pose a challenge unless you understand what your deck can do and what she might do. he says theres something strange going on at the Arenas in many of the cities lately and to be careful. It gives useful cards. All packs carry 3 cards.Digivolve speed : 2 Pack : Basic Pack "The Big baba Battle Master of this arena. Every Arena will give you a Extra pack if you beat the Leader of the Arena. Once you've beaten Babamon She'll give you the Pass code to Flame city. Every town has atleast one digimon or person with a good tip about the card game OR may give you something. When you Beat a Battle Arena you get a Pack.

But hey. But his hot headed attack make him the worse card player. In most cases you gotta talk with everyone to open the Battle Arena. And he isn't afraid to use his Champion card without evolution. you might have a hard time. I had a tough time with my Armadillomon deck and Hawkmon deck. !BATTLE ARENA! First Opponent : Meramon Deck : Burning Hot! Type : Fire Attack : 3 Defense : 1 Digivolve speed : 2 Pack : Basic Pack His motto is "burn you to a crisp". Meramon has learned that the Fire spot option card can increase his attack 200 points. You'll probly see him hold a Ultimate in his hand but hopefully you won't let him use it. stay in there. Now the Arena is open. Second Opponent : Phoenixmon Deck : Big Red Sky . Deppending on the deck you chose to use.??????? tells you nothing but to be carefull.

Type : Fire Attack : 3 Defense : 2 Digivolve speed : 2 Pack : Basic Pack "Can you deffeat my air attack? ha ha ha ha..." is waiting for you to battle her. All in all. You should have a rough time with her. So if you lose. Don't worry, just go back to the Beginner city and get some option cards and come back with a evolution option card that'll speed up your evolution once and try again. She loves to use High speed disk but otherwise just has strong cards and often evolves in to birdramon or Aquilamon which are very nice cards if you can get them this early.

Final Opponent : Veemon Deck : Go Go Dinosaur Type : Fire Attack : 3 Defense : 1 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Basic Pack "Hey, I'm Veemon. I'm the Battle Master of this Arena! I won't go easy on you. Come and get it, if you think your up to it! OK ! Hit me with your best shot!" Might be too hard if you can barely get past Pheonixmon. He has many good fire

cards and knows how to use them well. So if your not carefull you'll lose for sure. His deck has alot of good cards that you may want to look for when fusion as Wisemans tower. Arena Pack : Red pack Tip : Red pack carries Mainly Champion cards since you can get most Rookies in the Basic pack, same goes for Green and Blue packs too.

Once beating Veemon return to the Cafe and get a Digi-egg from Davis. Then check out the cards you have won in battle and see if any better cards to add to your Deck. Theres no need to fusion cards yet unless you know what you want. But make sure to save before Fusing.

Jungle City Battle Cafe Jungle city Keely (Yolie) will be there. Yolie say theres a strange feeling in the area, And that Veedramon has been acting strange. Before entering this Arena You may want to go back to Beginner city and start Getting some option cards. Get one or two Patch of Love cards. They rock against the Nature or Dark cards.


First Opponent : Vegiemon Deck : Quick Digivolve Type : Nature Attack : 2 Defense : 2 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Basic Pack Vegiemon will not greet you with an easy victory but be prepared for he has shown you the secret of Nature cards. Evolution is easy for Nature cards and they have good amount of HP. He will evolve Fast as he can. And If you don't Evolve or have powerful option cards or support effects ready, You will lose.

Second Opponent : Ninjamon Deck : Switching Type : Nature Attack : 2 Defense : 2 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Basic Pack " As the Strongest master of shurikens, I will defeat you!" ,He will take a bit of work. Like Vegiemon. He will evolve with deadly speed and attack with all he has got. He often uses Digi-devolution to double his HP so becareful and don't give him

He doesn't go to Ultimate though. If you can take out his rookies before he gets evolving.the chance to use it. He will take alot of work to defeat. Atleast the first time around. You find out Ken is the . Third Opponent and normaly Arena Leader : Veedramon Deck : V for Victory Type : Nature Attack : 3 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 2 Pack : Basic Pack "Im going to whoop you silly!". You can't stop the second time. Final Opponent : Wormmon Deck : Tryout Type : Nature Dark Attack : 3 Defense : 2 Digivolve speed : 1 Pack : Hyper Pack Wormmon is the leader of this arena till you beat him. Or you may face a 1340 HP Tentomon. Also uses Mutant Digivolve to digivolve Rookie to Rookie so he can escape death. And is the hardest One to beat to beat at this Arena.

And You should have a second deck made. Just beat the easy digimon till you have more cards to make a better deck. Here Cody knows of rather interesting stuff. ignore this Tip. Igloo City Battle Cafe The cafe has Cody. !BATTLE ARENA! . Arena Pack : Green pack Tip : When making a New deck. Babamon. Talk with Veedramon to get the passcode to the next city. This training will help level up your Partner digimon and gather cards. Once kicking Wormmon butt from here to Steep Road. Theres a save option. When you get to Season 2. A Green or Black deck will do since your next Arena is against Red and Rare decks may not survive as well in the cold. Vegiemon. Agumon. he runs off and Veedramon becomes him self again.Digimon emperor and has sent Wormmon out to take over all the arenas. and Meramon are the easy ones. I suggest you use it before taking Wormmon on. Because the arena at Igloo city is HARD at first. He has a few contacts for a kid so young *Wink* *Wink*. And your hard work has paid off for now you have three places to train at. Don't use more then 7 Option cards in a deck. Garurumon and ??????? *again* and this time shes quite confusing.

But He isn't all bad. Second Opponent : Whamon Deck : Guarding Sea Type : Water Attack : 2 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 2 Pack : Basic Pack He Is a hard cookie to crack. He will stay alive long enough to Do some damage to you. He seems like a simpleton (probly wieghs a ton too) but his foods keep his guys alive. Green Evolve fast and if you have a few Vegiemon in the deck you can Change the type of the opponents card so he can't Evolve it unless he uses a card to turn his card back to Water. Slow down the opponent and you can win. But if you can Heal and Counter or Power up your attacks you will win. . His heart isn't in the Cards.First Opponent : Frigimon Deck : Hearty meal Type : Water Attack : 1 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 2 Pack : Basic Pack "Bon Appetit".

Third Opponent and normally Arena Leader : Garurumon Deck : FightBack Type : Water Attack : 3 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Basic Pack " Grrrrrr. His Deck is better this time so If you fail and don't wan to go threw the first three opponents. He'll use cards like Garurumon making you attack with Circle when he can counter it.. He counters you alot. He may knock you out if you don't have hitter option cards in your deck or alot of luck." is his motto for "Your going down!" or so it would seem. just reset.. Final Opponent : Stingmon Deck : Black Storm Type : Fire Dark Attack : 3 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 2 Pack : Hyper pack Stingmon is here as the final fight. Like before Theres a save option. Arena Pack : Blue Pack . Use it.

. This time it Gatomon. Junk City Battle Cafe In junk city.. Once beaten go back to cafe and Cody Thinks you have some talent will let you choose a digimon partner.. Patamon or Gatomon. !BATTLE ARENA! First Opponent : Hagurumon Deck : Toy Party Type : Rare Attack : 2 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 1 Pack : Basic Pack . Then head to the next city. I chose Patamon last time. Either one is great. Do so in the cafe then Talk to Everyone to learn something. Once thats done Garurumon was taken down the same as Veedramon in the last city. But you have to fight Garurumon to get the pass code to Junk city. Hum.Tip : Level up your Partner in the fusion shop if you wanna raise it's level fast.. I remember Sukmon being kinder in the other Digimon games. KingSukamon's City and Arena have been shanghaied and will demand you go fight in the arena to get back his city back then he will give you the code.

Third Opponentand Arena leader : Sukamon Deck : Hail King Sukamon Type : Rare Attack : 1 Defense : 4 Digivolve speed : 1 Pack : Basic Pack KingSukamon will lose even if your deck sucks so no worries this time. Second Opponent : ShellNumemon Deck : Jam-Jam Type : Rare Attack : 2 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 1 Pack : Basic Pack He is easy but that doesn't mean a Rare deck would be easy if built well. ShellNumemon agrees his deck isn't much but you can't build a themed Digimon deck by just throwing in your favorite cards."Always surprises. Just keep On your toes. He will use a a Option card once in a while. click if you lose!" Is not much of a challenge after Garurumon. click! You'll click. Click. Once .

So head to the next Area.. no good piece of.... But KingSukamon will not give you the passcode till after you beat him IN the arena. . You'll win easily with the save option. This is another great place to train and you don't need to worry about anything but the time your wasteing onthese bozos unless its training. Arena Pack : Yellow Pack Tip : Now would be the best time to Recustomize your decks and maybe get a few option cards. So you must re-battle Hagurumon and ShellNumemon and that. Lieing.. Final Opponent : Shadramon Deck : Evil Fire Type : Fire Dark Attack : 3 Defense : 2 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Hyper Pack "I'll definitely stop you here!" SHADRAMON! Even tho Shadramon is wormmon using digi-egg of curage....done here A new digimon will arive on the spot to battle you...

Cities in Giga Domain Dark city Pyramid City Sky City Dark City First city of the map is? Dark City! Creepy little place. !BATTLE ARENA! First Opponent : Wormmon Deck : Get Serious Type : Nature Dark Attack : 3 Defense : 2 Digivolve speed : 2 Pack : Hyper Pack . and a Altar"ing option card deck. But then KEN RULES THIS ARENA! Battle Cafe In the cafe THE Wormmon! Will want you to battle him. Best get out those Patch of Love option cards and maybe a few Altars. Once you've prepared one Deck for All out fighting and another one for Healing and Countering.

He will not be as easy as his last deck "Try out" but he shouldn't be able to stand up to you Attack deck. He'll used WaruMonzaemon's Support effect in combonation with Hacking. So watch out.

Second Opponent : Stingmon Deck : Black Storm Again Type : Dark Attack : 3 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 2 Pack : Hyper Pack "Prepare to be doomed", and And so you will be if you can't Keep him from Digivolving. Also Counter is Circle attacks often unless you are sure you can knock out the enemy. This deck he has made only has one flaw. He used option cards that decrease his health for attack boost often.

Third Opponent : Shardamon Deck : Evil Fire Revived Type : Fire Dark Attack : 3 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Hyper Deck This deck will not stand up to the Altaring Deck. Once done here comes the real


Forth Opponent and Arena Leader : Quetzalmon Deck : Bad Luck Wind Type : Water Dark Attack : 3 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Hyper Pack I was very impressed with his skills. Hes up to par and was a challenge. Just keep attacking will all you got. If you can't beat him like that. Go to your Altar deck.

Final Opponent : Digimon Emperor Deck : Binding Chain Deck Type : Dark Attack : 4 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Super Pack Dark emperor Will be worse then Garurumon. But All you can do is Either Stop him from Digivolving or Attack, Attack, Attack. Arena Pack : Black Pack Tip : Train against Wormmon alot to get many champions.

Once you finsh mopping up after Ken go back to the arena and Wormmon will give you the passcode and a DigiEgg for your First Partner. If you see A Differnt Evolution of Wormmon Other then Wormmon him self in the cafe. Exit and re-enter

Pyramid City Battle Cafe T.K. tells you of the Wisemans tower. I would of Thought it would be called WiseMON's tower but then it could be another one of Bandai's Errors in this game. Angemon will talk to you about battlng And ???????(Rosemon) will confuse you even more, and then change the subject to Fusion shop. Save then return your decks to they way they were before if you like. The Arena will be tuff if your deck hasn't been changed or upgraded with Stronger digimon.


Opponent : Centarumon Deck : Gate of Fire Type : Fire Attack : 3 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 2 Pack : Hyper Pack "I dare you to break through my defense.", He'll counter some of your attacks if

Arena Pack : Green Pack Tip: If you like. But his Bark is worse then his don't look at his hand. His deck has Earth charm which acts like Attack first support. Opponent : Tyrannomon Deck : Fire Nature Type : Paleo-Energy Attack : 2 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Hyper Pack I was dumb enough to use my Nature deck on Tyrannomon. . Just don't use all your cards. Angemon fights like a Angewomon *bad joke*. He'll use his card often so just really counter his circle attacks. And make sure you can Heal. Just be careful. Just make sure to Counter his circle and Triangle attacks and you'll be fine. Do some Option fusion now. Opponent : Angemon Deck : Evil Slayer Type : Nature Attack : 3 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Hyper Pack Angemon will not be as powerful here as when he was battling Devimon but still.

Gatomon and you Chat about your travels here and about Kari. Then talk with Kari * I think shes kinda creepy when she talks about Vibes*.. Sky City Battle Cafe Gatomon will be waiting and Kari is in a trance so. His deck is weak but not totaly useless. . Ha ha ha" Hack *choke* thats a old line. Once done in arena Fusion shop will open..Be selective. This shop makes it so you can combind R and C level cards and option cards. Is it me or alot of wierd things are happening in these Cafes today. If he had used better Dark and Water cards he may become a challenge. once done here !BATTLE ARENA! Fisrt Opponent : Wizardmon Deck : Magic Strike Type : Water Dark Attack : 3 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Hyper Pack "Now is your chance to Run..

But an Even stronger one to stand toe to toe with this one. You'll going to need a Strong deck to stand up to Veedramon. Silver Ball.Second Opponent : AeroVeedramon Deck : Slayer Type : Nature Attack : 3 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Hyper Pack "I'm pretty wild. Fire Attack. atleast if you can beat AeroVeedramon then won't have Gatomon is easy. If your using a Fire or Rare Deck.. but all helpful if used right*. Arena Pack: Green Pack Tip : By now you've seen the power of each color. These three Rival each other.. You'd better watch out. Whistle... You may need a few Attack option cards. Nature Evolution. Rare Support *both good and bad. Water Health points. Opponent : Gatomon Deck : Cat Attack Type : Nature: 3 Defense : 2 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Hyper Pack Gatomon lets you win. and Hacking with a Nature deck. That is a nice combo of Cards if you ask me. . He uses cards like Level Balancer.' Cause you might get hurt!" That is the truth.

!BATTLE ARENA! First Opponent : Goburimon Deck : Out of Control . Why is there a Arena out here? Why this is the only Cafe where you can find the Ex-Digimon Emperor. make sure to Go get a few U class digimon and check your Digi-parts because your moving on to the Next and Final Domain of the Digi-land.Dark has the Dueling Support effects. Get your Decks together. Tera Domain Steep road Wisemans Tower Infinity Tower Steep Road Battle Cafe Steep road has a Cafe and Arena!? First off. Megadramon will tell you Arena is open and he'll battle you. Dark and Rare Rival each other. To make a 2 color deck work. you need a Idea to base it off of Other then a certain favorite digimon. And you hear his Story. Kari will give you a DigiEgg for Gatomon if you have her as a second partner.

Type : All 5 colors Attack : 3 Defense : 1 Digivolve speed : 2 Pack : Hyper Pack "I'll win. You'll Lose." Not a bad motto. To bad his deck tells otherwise. This is why you don't build Decks full of your favorites.

Second Opponent : DemiDevimon Deck : Dark Digivolution Type : Fire Dark Attack : 3 Defense : 2 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Hyper Pack "I don't Plan on winning this battle." Remember. When you lie, You know it. When you Bluff, You'll be Called every time but nothing so bad as being Bluffed back. To lose to a Lie all in all hurts. Don't worry you'll Beat his Bluff in no time.

Third Opponent :Megadramon Deck : Mega Shock Type : Dark Attack : 4 Defense : 2 Digivolve speed : 2

Pack : Hyper Pack

Attack with all you have for he is not going to stop you. Once beaten he tells you he is not the Leader so You must go to the cafe and find Gigadramon And battle threw the whole group just to beat Gigadramon if you can.

Final Opponent : Gigadramon Deck : Mega Giga Type : Fire Dark Attack : 4 Defense : 2 Digivolve speed : 2 Pack : Hyper Pack Make sure to save before you fight him. He isn't easy. With his options and Well choosen digimon. His deck will rock you. Arena Pack : Black Pack Tip : Since your about to get a third and your FINAL digimon partner card. It may be good to leave it out of your decks Till Season 2 since you'll need your BEST cards for the next Arena.

In the Cafe Ken awiats and He will give you one new partner card. Chose between Veemon, Hawkmon, Armadillomon, Patamon, Gatomon, or Wormmon. If you have one of these they aren't choose-able. Now if you choose veemon. Remember that you'll not be able to get his third form.

Wisemans Tower Battle Cafe MetalGreymon is awaiting for you to come. Remember Agumon? well hes back and is the Defender of Wisemans tower.

!BATTLE ARENA! First Opponent : Togemon Deck : Spiky Type : Nature Attack : 3 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Hyper Pack She Will be using a Strong fast deck of 1st attackers and eat-up digimon so you best be faster or a quick healer.

Second Opponent : Kabutarimon Deck : Anti-A Type : Nature Attack : 3 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Hyper Pack His deck is an Anti A deck which makes you relie on your Ultamite digimon.... IF you can get them out. Everything in his deck has a counter for every tactic you have relied on.

He may counter. If you fail you don't give up. . You've gotten this far so you have atleast one good deck.Third Opponent : Ikkakumon Deck : Anti-Fire Type : Water Attack : 3 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Hyper Pack He has just a stronge deck. Use it well. Fifth Opponent : WereGarurumon Deck : Howl to the Moon Type : Water Attack : 3 Defense :4 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Hyper Pack WereGarurumon has one of thee Hardest decks. Birdramon shouldn't hold a challenge but You still should save. Forth Opponent : Birdramon Deck : Attack First Type : Fire: 4 Defense : 2 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Hyper Pack Save. Attack with care though.

Get Ultimates. And the ability to trade cards. Something interestign will happen if you do. you've got ove 30 digimon you can fight And know you can beat. Build up your decks. Go back to . Rosemon'll tell you need to defeat "him". He will Digivolve faster then a Nature deck. Arena Pack: S-Green Pack.Final Opponent : MetalGreymon Deck : SEVEN Type : Fire Nature Water Attack : 3 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 4 Pack : Hyper Pack You'll Have to Attack Hard. It's time to use my Fusion listing to get some of the cards you need. Not a bad card. S-Red Pack Tip : Before Moving on to the Next place. and Make your three decks Great decks. Once you have talked to everyone leave for the Fusion shop if you like Or go training. Remember Ninjamons deck? Well MetalGreymon has moved his idea a little farther down the line. S-Blue Pack. Options. Now that you have the best fusion shop at your disposal. Try to leave before you chat with Rosemon. Talk to WereGarurumon and he'll give you Hacking Card. MetalGreymon is impressed with your card skills and wants you to check out whats going on at that black tower. MetalGreymon will give you a Digi-egg for your third Partner card. Go back to the cafe.

3 Will tell you what you may get from this fusion. The better the cards the better the option card may be. Same as 2 Akatorimon. Remember there is that Mutation Fusion Factor to keep in mind when fusion. As stated above in the stat of this section.Giga Domain And fight Anyone you know you can beat. Tuskmon + Guardromon make a Hacking card if you try it in the Fusion shop at Wisemans tower. Save before you do any fusion and then make sure your happy with the out come before going on. You never know when you'll need to build a Rare or Dark Deck. If AndromonNo. IF he doesn't say that then say no and try again. Though his speach is tempting of the truth. When Peace has Passed over this world . Fusion shop any cards you have More then 4 of but Make sure you have atleast four of that card. Right now just make option card from your extra Digimon cards. For Digivolve Option cards. You'll need to get the best cards you can.2 says "this will probably create a Digivolve Option card. Infinity Tower Battle Cafe Talk VenomMyotismon in the Cafe and he'll open the Arena. Its a truth unseen by Humans. Wormmon to Gigadramon. Try Yanmamon + Yanmamon. they Are Nature Champions that often give Option card. AndromonNo.

When Peace is ment to last forever it must be watched closely or the world will stagnate and fall in to war problems will Take place where old ones were... Second Opponent : Phantomon Deck : Sickle Slayer Type : Dark Attack : 3 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Super Pack "It's so rare to have a visitor here. Keep an eye on his option cards and if you make sure to not use Cross when BKGatomon is on the board. His deck Will make you watch your moves if you know what he can do. you'll get by.". you'll never know what hit ya!". Those like VemonMyotismon Will do something. !BATTLE ARENA! First Opponent : Tuskmon Deck : Fighting Monsters Type : Dark Attack : 4 Defense : 2 Digivolve speed : 2 Pack : Super Pack "I'll smash you so hard. you should get by with minimal .

Just Attack as often as you can. Using a Blue or Green deck will work fine on this digimon. Don't try to counter. Third Opponent : MegaSeadramon Deck : Mega Flood Type : Water Attack : 3 Defense : 4 Digivolve speed : 2 Pack : Super Pack This Digimon is all Seadramon. Forth Opponent : Machinedramon Deck : Machine Empire Type : Dark Yellow Attack : 5 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Super Pack Save then use a Fire deck on "I created my army of machines to destory everything in this world" because You need to deal out quick damage. Opponent : VenomMyotismon Deck : Evil King Type : Dark .trouble.

You are Merely delaying the inevitable. Using my Armadillomon deck he was not challenge. Stealing his Hp. All in all. Analogmon is back and has taken control over the world Programing system of Digi-land. Arena Pack : S-Blue Pack. S-Yellow Pack.Attack : 4 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Black Pack "Resistance is futile.. Copying his attacks. And is ready to take it over but some unseen force has been stopping . S-Black Pack. My hawkmon deck blew his deck so far in to space even if he warp digivolved in to MaloMyotismon he'd still be looking for his other half. Ha ha ha"! *touche borg* was Painfully Dull compaired to his servents. And my Veemon deck Had him burnt to a crisp. blocking other attacks. VenomMyotismon is true to his word though. Hacking System 2000@ analogman Software ??? whats this? program error? Analogman!!! I thought he was defeated in Infinity moutain *digimon world 1* by Akira. Switching to Safety mode in 2 Seconds for system protection.

He'll laugh at your attemps to save the digi-land. 4 Partner finder. !BATTLE ARENA ANALOGMAN! Opponent : A Deck : Darkness Wave Type : Dark Attack : 5 Defense : 5 Digivolve speed : 5 Pack : Great Pack . And now he's ready to take a brake when he hears you. 4 Psychemon. 4 Ninamon.his progress. The Whole deck is ment to De-cheat your way till you get a partner digimon out Which is why 4 Partner finders are needed but im sure you can find a way if you don't have this stuff. 4 Ankylomon. She'll tell you to trick him in to a battle and beat him and she'll do the rest. and a beam gun. Now you'll have to battle the Mad man who nearly destroyed Another Digital monster world. Shining mane. If you don't have most of them you should have ModokiBeamon and Psychemon. I rebuilt my rare deck with 4 ModokiBetamon. First Chat with Rosemon. 4 Specail Digivolve. Data copied my way threw. I mainly Special Digivolved. He'll let you leave the arena to build a deck. 4 Rockmon.

Once you De-cheated the cheating Angolmon. But It won't hold in this Domain. Terminating currecnt module. Unauthorized operation detected. His access to this world has been locked. You will have saved the Digi-Land... You may loose a few times. YOu'll need the Luck of the draw to win against this guy. Command entry detected. He'll fail at hacking a new one since now the Security program know what to look for. Only one thing could of made this game better.. Well maybe if you had seen the Digimon season 2.. Then he'll move your Partner cards to the bottem.. Warning! Invalid entry. And now we see the end of Analogman. No such program or data. or do we? And Rosemon has now Forever placed him in a Math nightmare Program. Lovely music with probly the best ending scenes ever. 5 soundtracks that you could choose to hear from Other then that same one over . Once beating Analogman you'll have accessed the program that'll trap Analogman. Credits will go by. Forever exiling her from the Digi-land.His Programming has allowed him to use a "Shuffle Free" Rule for himself. Rosemon hast to send Analogman in to the Deep net herself.

And There have been a few changes to the Arenas. Here are the only passwords I know. Here you've missed a few things. First Go to beigenner city. Fire Types WarGreymon Omnimon-1 Water Types MTLGarurumon Omnimon-2 . Lets drop by and see Wizardmon at the Sky City Cafe. The Original Digi-Destind are in the Cafes. He'll let you use His wand to get a few cards. I didn't GS my game or cheat in any way). You've started season 2.and over. Your ready to Start Season 2. DON"T TURN OFF YOUR SYSTEM! Save Once seeing the cool cerdits 4 times (with my Game Hacker. Season Two ----------------------------------------------------------------- Now you've beatten the game and started from your save.

Myotismon is up to no good in the Giga Domain. Now that you got some of the Best U class cards in the game.Rare Types MTLEtamon Jijimon Nature Types H-Kbuterimon A-Veedramon Darkness Types VenomMyotis Piedmon These are some great Ultimates to add to any deck that you may have. Desert Island Battle Cafe Myotismon seem some how. You can Start on the road to Greatest Tamer Ever! Lets start at Beginner city Battle Cafe Tai is waiting and has some info for you. ... Dumber since we last met. His arena won't let you use option cards so strip them from your deck and you can't select base decks that have Option cards.

Third Opponent : MetalEtamon Deck : Steel Gate Type : Rare Attack : 3 Defense : 3 . Second Opponent: Devimon Deck : Cool Devil Type : Water Dark Attack : 4 Defense : 2 Digivolve speed : 2 Pack : Super Pack "I'm Devimon." A Grass deck or Rare deck will clear any doubt in his mind of winning.!BATTLE ARENA! First Opponent : Leomon Deck : Battle Gear Type : Nature Dark Attack : 3 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Super Pack "My mission is to destory the chosen children" Use a Fire deck and you could beat him with no problem. The master of darkness that covers this world.

Though his cards counter you often. Once done listening to him the . Rosemon tells you a groop of strangers are causing trouble at Dark city. Dark City Battle Cafe Myotismon is looking for his Sweetheart.Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Super Pack * One of my Favorite Digimon "ROCK CONCERT"! But I think he looked better with fur*" I don't like the way your looking at me. Save! But a Red deck may work. Arena Pack : S-Black pack Beginner City Battle Cafe Now return to beginner city and Agumon and babamon have digivolved. Final Opponent : Myotismon Deck : Dark Revival Type : Dark Attack : 4 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 2 Pack : Super Pack "I'll crush your confidence" its a bit tougher with a green deck. i'm gonna punish you for that". If your using a green or Red deck then you should have no problem. Lets finish this Myotismon stuff now.

Third Opponent : SkullGreymon Deck : Stealth Skull .New arena "Haunter Arena" Will be openned. And it is harder but you should try to beat him with a red deck. he is back with a new deck. !HAUNTED ARENA! First Opponent : Bakemon Deck : Dancing Ghost Type : Dark Attack : 2 Defense : 4 Digivolve speed : 2 Pack : Hyper Pack "Boo! I'm Bakemon. Are you scared of ghosts? Im goint to scare you silly!" hahahah when you beat him he says "You exorcised me good!" Second Opponent : Devimon Deck : Devil's Call Type : Dark Attack : 4 Defense : 2 Digivolve speed : 2 Pack : Hyper Pack "You shall experiance true fear".

!Battle Cafe First Opponent : Penguinmon Deck : Penguinmon Color . Hes is as stupid as he is big. I think hes missing a few Mega bytes. He'll put Champions or Ultimates down with out evolving. Final Opponent : Myotismon Deck : Dark Prince Type : Dark Attack : 5 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Super He is no harder then before. His love? Arena Pack : S-Black Pack Beginner City Battle Cafe You remember seeing the Battle Arena Closed? Talk to Greymon and you'll see why.Type : Dark Attack : 4 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 2 Pack : Super Pack "Roar!".

Arena Pack : Option Pack . But a tri-color deck just doesn't work.Type : Water Rare Attack : 1 Defense : 2 Digivolve speed : 2 Pack : Basic Pack He is a fun loving chap and should stick to Ice pucky. Second Opponent : Rosemon Deck : Rose Garden Type : Fire Nature Dark Attack : 3 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 4 Pack : Basic Pack She is a normal oppontent with okay battle skills. Final Opponent : Greymon Deck : Digivolution! Type : Fire Attack : 4 Defense : 2 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Super Pack You shouldn't have a problem.

So Davis is your next target. Then Ask you for a duel when ever. Kari. Hawkmon. Theres no use in re-battling unless for training the digi-destind and trying to get DigiParts from them. Then Chat with ExVeemon. Patamon. You must Defeat the Digi-destind in order of appearance then the Extra arena. Armadillomon. Flame City Battle Cafe Davis will Praise you on defeating the Digimon Emperor. Opponent : Davis Deck : Fire Heart Type : Fire Pack : Hyper Pack And a Red Pack if you did it well. These battles are for the real trainers out there. Yolie. and Gatomon.Okay now that you have started the new season with a bang. !Extra Arena! Now the extra arena. First Opponent : Ex-Veemon . Tk. Cody. Davis. He'll have openned a New Arena. Veemon. A bit tough but then get used to it.

How about You? You best be happy about your deck and feel secure about it to know if you can win. He won't heal all the time though wich is his weak spot. Also Lucky Mushroom.Deck : Strong-V Type : Fire Attack : 4 Defense : 2 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Hyper Pack I had to use a water deck just to Match his Fire Deck. If you don't like it now then Go start Fusioning for cards and option cards. Red has the same kind of cards too. Second Opponent : Flamedramon Deck : Rocket Bomb Type : Fire Attack : 4 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Hyper Pack This Grow-Digis digimon is going to be harder. or Gizamons card when you are using a Water Deck Vs Red Deck. Ex-Veemon has Circle Hitters and will use them alot. I know Im good. . Yeah Yeah i did this battle the hard way. He has Recovery Option cards and Med. Floppy cards. So when in need use the Water card Otamamon or Ikkakumons. But Hey. Rec.

Make sure to watch out for his Diamond Beetle and Training manual cards.Final Opponent : Raidramon Deck : Raiden Blade Type : Fire Dark Attack : 4 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Super Pack This one is the weaklink in the chain here. Im my view an novice deck only has weak champions and ultimas unless you have those cards in the deck for thier support effects. Arena Pack : Red Pack Jungle City Battle Cafe Next is Yolie. . Caht with her then Time to Duel! Opponent : Keely Deck : Bingo!! Type : Nature Pack : Hyper Packs Also get a Green pack. Its not that easy unless you have a novice water deck and an advanced grass deck.

Circle Hitter. and Triangle hitter. Hawkmon will evolve fast and has Good Rookie and Champion cards. So watch her hand. !Extra Arena! First Opponent : Hawkmon Deck : Quick Draw Type : Nature Attack : 2 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Hyper Pack Hawkmon and his evolutions are no chumps like Veemon's were. Now the extra arena is open. Use it. After beating her exit the cafe and re-enter and talk to Hawkmon.With the fire or grass decks you'll have a easier battle then a dark deck. Best use a Green or Red deck. But if the deck is good. And Use digivolving option cards. Keely will use cards like Cyber parts. Second Opponent : Aquilamon Deck : Storm Bringer Type : Fire Nature Attack : 3 .

But if you still have a problem try adding or changing the option cards so you can do more damage or dodge attack.Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Hyper Pack This time you'll be able to get a turn or two to get ready to digivolve and attack. Final Opponent : Halsemon Deck : Burning Love Type : Nature Attack : 3 Defense : 3 Digivolve speed : 3 Pack : Super Pack If you could beat Hawkmon then you'll have little trouble if you give this one a attack after attack blast of Fire Type cards. Chat with Cody and Battle! Opponent : Cody Deck : Ready to go Type : Rare . Arena Pack : Green Pack Igloo City Battle Cafe Next Cody in igloo city.

I found I had to use all three decks. Gatomon. I can't believe the wistle card and suck SO MUCH. Once again use a strong deck with good attack power or a grass deck to match their strategy.K. Patamon. and Nefertimon. wants some training in battling. Take your pick on how to battle Kari. Just keep on tring if you fail. Ankylomon is harder but then so is Digmon. I used advanced fire deck. Tylomon. . In Pyramid city T. Kari in Sky city is the hardest of the group. If your good enough *like me* you'll be able to luck your way threw the battles. when I played lasted time it took eight tries *on my armadillomon game*.Pack : The boy with connections has a weak deck but then Armadillomon is a tough digimon to beat. and Pegasusmon are no problem if you can keep pumping out the attacks. If not keep at it. They like to heal and attack then dodge then heal and attack. To beat Armadillomon and his older forms you need a strong deck of Fire or darkness but give it a shot with the deck you have. Armadillomon isn't to serious about battling now. Baronmon.

In the cafe wargreymon should be waiting. HerculesKabuterimon will be using dark grass. AND IF you chose Gatomon as your second patner you get the Digi-egg of Reliability! HELLO TYLOMON! Now I know you have the option to battle the First Digi-desting but lets go to Jungle Cities new arena "Beet Arena".. Next you need to return beginner city. Greymon "Hit me baby. IT HAPPEND AGAIN!. Last but not the easiest of the three. Next is WarGreymon and he will be the only real challenge in this Arena. In the Cafe HerculesKabuterimon is waiting for you and has a new arena for battling. In the Arena Kuwagamon " Ready to rumble!?" isn't up to the challenge. In this arena Rosemon is your first oponnent and shouldn't be any harder then before.. If you saw Beet arena and visted the Junk city's new Battle arena then you've gotten ahead of me.Okay now that you have just defeated the Armor digi-destind. My Advanced Fire failed once but not again.. He added another loss to my record 16 now. I never had this problem with my White . Be fast and Be strong. one more time!"has a tough deck if you act soon enough. Ninjamon has been waiting for the chance to battle you again to seek revenge for his losing to you in the past.

Why else would it have beated all the digi-destind but gatomon and her digivoled forms..flare deck in my Armadillomon game.... My record is getting thrashed here.. Thunder is your first digimon opponent... MetalMamemon is next...... Talk to him in the cafe and he to has a new arena to battle you. Thundermon likes to use Mega rec Floppies so if your lucky and he doesn't use them your set to win. maybe if I used my Advanced water deck on HKabuterimon.hum. 184 won in my Armadillomon game battles aren't wrong.. 17 losses.. Anyways.... Man some decks Just don't fly.... only 16 are losses. The advanced deck Is my White Flare deck.. Does anyone else think Rare type decks are the most annoying? Hes too easy but then if they can't digivolve and your using Omnimon then how can they win . I haven't built a Advanced Darkness deck but if your having some trouble then try a darkness deck. Lets move on... Why must I lose again.. well i did have over 40 battles and no loss yester day when I was fighting the .o) Superstarmon is you last opponent. I've put it to rest at 200 battles* Thendermon is waiting in the Junk city Cafe. *After I beat Thundermon I returned here to beat HKabuterimon with my Fire deck just to prove it Ever power full......

Now that . Your going to have to beat Garudamon first.. You can start battling The digi-destind..digi-destind and some training. I don't know why... MetalGarurumon and Matt are waiting in the chilly cafe. Next is Zudomon and Joe are at Junk city. Go back to Tai in deginner city. Matt is just as good as MetalGarurumon so you best keep your temper low or stop playing till you calm down. Next is Sora in Flame city. Remember that MetalGarurumon has Armor chash cards so keep in mind that you may lose because of them... Now that the simple ones are out of the way.. Mimi and Lillymon are at the Battle cafe in Jungle city. Sora now shouldn't be that hard if she didn't digivolve so quickly. Man I've never seen a deck with sooo many option cards. Since you've beaten Agumon and his older forms you can just battle Tai.. Yes again I beat her with my Advanced Blue deck. Lillymon won't let you talk to mimi till you beat Lilly same with every other digi-destind.. And you wonderd why I added somany agumon and Muchomon :o) Next MetalGarurumon and Matt in Igloo city. Now you may battle Mimi. Like last time I used my advanced Blue deck.

. Make sure to save before beating him and try getting the digi-Jewels. You must battle the "Dark Masters" to save the world! MetalSeadramon " Ha ha ha! I'll bring pain and destruction again!" ....Your going to fight The great Zudomon you'd best be ready for some real battles... Personaly I feel that Zudomon AND Vikemon should of been Gabumons other forms.. Gabumon had a fur coat.. MegaKabuterimon isn't a big problem for the most part if you use the Special Digivole hint that is right under my advanced Red deck.. I mean look at them...... Anyways back to Infinity Tower and to the Cafe to talk to PIEDMON! This is the reason its called "Season 2". Um... Next is Izzy. Oh well. Zudomon had a shell.. Theres always a loop hole in card games that few see.. I just ruined the whole reason I started a new games. Joe is no more challenging then Zudomon.. Vikemon had sheilds and they all were Canines. Because once you beat Izzy you get Mutation Fusion data which makes the fusion shops tell you " this'll lead to a fusion mutation" instead of the card you were to get.. Next is MegaKabuterimon and Izzy in Dark city. Just for those Who did just I did and beat Mimi on up to Izzy with out saving..

You'll be facing Flamedramon then Raidramon then Paildramon.. he'll give you a Grand Sevens card. Next Igloo city for Ankylomon. Ladydevimon was never a Dark master but you already whooped Machindramon. IF you lose don't worry. Digmon. BUT First you've probly seen Nanimon in cafes. Now in season three you must re-fight the ARMOR Digi-destind Digimon in the extra arenas. Next head for Jungle city for Aquilamon. And hes no harder then Myotismon in Darkcity. . Theres no need to talk to Paildramon in the cafe since he wont answer. Puppetmon " We can play "Destroy Everything!". Shurimon. Now head for Flame city. Pyramid city for Baronmon. Head for the Extra Arena.and his water deck'll make a battle last hours..... Start looking for him in cafes. Halsemon. Aaahhh isn't that sweet? She hates me :o) Last one here is Piedmon. THATS THE END OF SEASON 2 CONGRADS! YOU JUST FINISHED SEASON 2! Since I have lost that feeling yet still feel I need to finish this guide I will finish this part. So anyone may have some help if need be. I never liked him. Battle ten times. remind me not to go to his birthday party. then Submarimon. Once you have beaten the arena. When you reach ten wins on him. Pixiemon hast to be beat 1 time to once to get Speed Sevens card.

Then head back to Flame city to fight the final Extra arena. Birdramon. Then Inifity tower for one more battle. but it may take +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 4. Sky city to battle Nefertimon. then MagnAngemon.Pagasusmon. Kabuterimon. The Final bosses are. That'll give you atlest 35 battles including the download digivolve. Magnamon. Valkyrimon.. Holy Dark Mistic Reverse Wild Seraphimon Piedmon Kari 8 times 7 Times 7 Times Blackwargreymon 1 Times Imperialdramon 3 Times DownLoad Digivolve you less. Then Rack another 100 battles and you'll battle BKWarGreymon. Then hit the arenas again. then Omnimon. Vikemon. Just go for the Sevens. Magnadramon. Then GranKuwagamon and Ken in steep road. Shakkoumon. Seraphimon... Ikkakumon.then Shylfimon. And try battling the ARMOR digi-destind for thier decks.Tylomon. Digimon Card fuison . Rosemon took me over 60 tries.. WHY wiseMANS tower when this land was created for the MON? Togemon. and Angewomon. Then head to the Wiseman's tower.

They will be put in to order later. these are rookie and Champion digimon. For now I only have a few. Fire cards Dark + Water Rare + Dark Fire + Item Water type digimons: Nature + Dark Fire + Rare Water + Item Nature type digimons: Water + Fire Water + Rare Nature + Item Dark type digimons: Fire + Nature Nature + Water Dark + Item . DZBlean had informed me a 2 days after D:DCB came out about Fusion out comes.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This is for Digimon fusions that give out Digimon. First you must Understand how it works.

Piedmon (18) 34: Pheonixmon (17). Lady-Devimon (16). Magna-Angemon (16). Were-Seadramon (14). Giromon (15) .Greymon (16). Angewoman (15).Garurumon (17). Metal-Leomon (15). Mega-Dramon (15). H-Kabuterimon (17). Shakkoumon (17) 32: Giga-dramon (16). Lets First Give a bow to Pagini and is his guide. Jijimon (16) 31: Real-M. Digitamamon (16) 30: Garudamon (15). Were-Garurumon (16). Machine-dramon (17) 33: Paildramon (17).. Infermon (17). numbers in brackets are the fusion points of the relevant cards) 35: War-Greymon (18). Skull-Greymon (15). Zudomon (16).Rare type digimons: Water + Nature Fire + Dark Rare + Item Cards of the Same Nature or two Option cards result in Option cards Thanks to Pagini There is a Fusion guide out come. M. Moreover. Monzaemon. Marine-Angemon (17). Silphymon (16). \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Rare is the yellow digimon cards like Toy-Agumon. Metal-Seadramon (15).. each card contains two secret numbers. Vadermon (15) 29: Master-Tyrannomon (15). they are listed below: (the numbers on the left are the result points with the corresponding cards on the left. Mytiosmon (16). called Fusion Points and Result Points.

Ankylomon (12) 23: Greymon (12). Ice-Wizardmon (7). Gururumon (8). Vegiemon (8). Angemon (13). Atlur-Kabuterimon (14).Mojyamon (8). Piximon (14). Devimon (11). Starmon (12) 22: Apemon (11). Leomon (11). Monzaemon (14) 27: Vermilimon (14). Kuwagamon (9). Grey-Frigimon (6) 11: Flarizamon (6). Coelamon (9). Nanimon (10) 18: Centarumon (9). Gomamon (5). Metal-Mamemon (14) 26: Meteormon (14). Hyogamon(7). Nise-Drimogemon (7) 13: Akatorimon (7). Ice-Ogremon (6). Ice-Devimon (7). Brachiomon (14). Whamon (11). Kabuterimon (11). Devi-dramon (12). Tuskmon (11). Seadramon (11). Sukamon (9) 16: Tankmon (8).28: M. J-Mojyamon (6). V-dramon (13). Tekkamon (9).Greymon (14). Sand-Yamnamon (6) . Frigimon (10). Rockmon (8) 15: Red-Vegiemon (8). Lilimon (15). Sabredramon (7). Air-dramon (10). Stingmon (13). Togemon (11). Phantomon (14). Garurumon (13). Etemon (13) 24: Aquilamon (12). Dolphinmon (12). Gekomon (9). Mamemon (13) 25: X-Vmon (13). Gesomon (10). Numemon (9) 17: Birdramon (9). Gatomon-R (12). Shellmon (8). Kokatorimon (7). Shima-Unimon (7) 12: Fire-Nanimon (6). Light-Mamemon (11) 21: Tyrannomon (11). Ice-Gotsumon (6). Geremon (8) 14: Piddomon (7). Ninjamon (9). Ikkakumon (12). Ogremon (10). Darkrizamon (6). Were-Monzaemon (19). Wizardmon (12). Yamnamon (7). Platinum-Sukamon (11) 20: Ceramon (10). Bakemon (10). Rainbow-Numemon (10) 19: Meramon (10). Drimogemon (8). Blue-Meramon (13). Weedmon (6). Soulmon (8). Unimon (10). Andromon (13). Guardomon (9).

then the following combination will work: Were-Monzaemon (Dark. This is my listing of cards and how you can get them threw fusion. MoriShellmon (6). Using two digimon cards to fuse is enough. because I don't think you have to get the rest of the cards which are only rookies and useless in fusion. notice that I haven't written Item Cards on the above list because thier names are not easy to translate. result point=35) Get it? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 5. Demi-Devimon (5). Gabumon (5). Please don't send .10: Agumon (5). For example. you want to get a War-Greymon which has a result point of 35. fusion point=19) + Zudomon (Water. Since the Fusion guide by Pagini doesn't cover the Option cards. fusion point=16) = War-Greymon (Fire. Toy-Agumon-L (5) The list ends here.Option cards ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ These are Option card fusions. Also.

in fusions. Devil chip Metallic Banana + Shining Mane Giga Hand Dark lords cape + Dark lords cape Missile pod + cherry mist Metallic banana Net worm + Net worm Evil program + Devils Chip Shining Mane Missile Pod + Missile pod Mega rec. Floppy Net worm + Beetle Diamond Mega Attack chip Beetle Diamond + Beetle Diamond Dark lords cape Red digivice + Blue Digivice Yellow digivice + Black Digivice Another dimension + Fake Sevens .

Fake sevens Mojyamon + Guardromon Ninjamon + Kuwagamon Agumon + Tentomon Net Worm Garurumon + Dolphmon Green digivice + Green digivice Missile pod + Heap of junk Missile pod Another Dimension + Uninstall Uninstall + Uninstall Mystery egg + Giga hand Metallic Banana + Delux mushroom Mega attack chip + Level manager Coliseum + Coliseum Beetle Diamond Fire altar + Fire altar Thundermon + Thundermon Leomon + Leomon Dark bone Kabutarimon + Unimon Red digivice Uninstall + High speed disk .

Rec. Floppy Mutant Digivolve + Mutant Digivolve Black digivice PlantiumSukamon + Sukamon Yellow digivice Airdramon + Airdramon Another Dimension Nanimon + Numemon Cherrymons mist + Digi-devolve Uninstall Warp digivolve + Mutant digivolve Special Digivolve + Speed Digivolve Digimon grave + Dark bone Beam gun + Beam gun Metal armor + Metal armor Chain saw + Chain saw Mega hand + Mega hand .Blue digivice Evil program + warp digivolve High speed disk + Uninstall Green digivice Sup. Rec. Floppy + Sup.

Seadramon + Icedevimon Coelamon + Coelamon Birdramon + Centarumon Evil Program Shellmon + Gekomon Recovery + missile pod Uninstall + Med. Rec. floppy Patch of Love + Patch of love Soulmon + Zassomon Mega Def. Rec. Floppy Birdramon + Redvegiemon Coliseum Rockmon + Rockmon Vegiemon + Vegiemon Fire altar MudFrigimon + Numemon Tankmon + Piddomon Darkness altar Shellmon + Icedevimon Sup. Disk triangel MudFrigimon + Shimaunimon .

disk X Akatorimon + Flarerizamon Heap of junk MudFrigimon + MudFrigimon Beam gun BomberNanimon + BomberNanimon Icemon + Icemon Zassomon + Zassomon Chain saw Flarizamon + Flarizamon J-Mojyamon + J-Mojyamon Metal Armor Hyogamon + Icemon SandYanmamon + SandYanmamon Mega hand Darkrizamon + Darkrizamon Premium Steak + Premium Steak Vi-Elecmon + Nunemon .Mega def. disk circle Saberdramon + Darkrizamon Mega Def.

Floppy + Data copy Premium Steak Hagurumon + L-ToyAgumon MoriShellmon + Elecmon Med. floppy . Rec.Armor clash L-ToyAgumon + MudFrigimon Patch of love DemiDevimon + DemiDevimon L-ToyAgumon + L-ToyAgumon Vi-Elecmon + NiseDrimogemon Mystery egg Digimon analyzer + Digimon analyzer Miracle ruby Penguinmon + Icemon Agumon + Agumon Cyber partschip + High speed disk Gabumon + Gabumon Deluxe mushroom Med. Rec.

Floppy + Dark lords cape Digimon grave .Cyber parts + Attack chip Betamon + Betamon Digimon analyzer ToyAgumon + ToyAgumon Hagurumon + Hagurumon Training manual Solarmon + Solarmon Circle hitter Salamon + Salamon Triangle Hitter Kokuwamon + Kokuwamon Cross hitter Penguinmon + Penguinmon Sukas curse card Vi-Elecmon + toyagumon Cherrymons mist Giga hand + Missile pod Mega rec.

ClearAgumon + ToyAgumon Data copy Hagurumon + ClearAgumon Fire Spot Ice Crystal + Ice Crystal Otamamon + Otamamon Tsukamon + Tsukamon Ice Crystal Black gear + Black gear Penguinmon + SnowAgumon Earth charm Vi-elecmon + Vi-Elecmon BKGatomon + Aruraumon Fire spot + Black gear Stuffed Animal + Stuffed animal Muchomon + Muchomon Black gear Digi-devolve + De-Armor digivolve Biyomon + D-Otamamon Dokunemon + Dokunemon Stuffed Animal .

ClearAgumon + ClearAgumon Earth charm + Earth charm High speed disk Cyber parts + Armor clash Saberdramon + Saberdramon Icedevimon + Icedevimon Miracle Ruby + Miracle Ruby Attach Chip + Uninstall Recovery floppy Psychemon + ModokiBetamon SnowAgumon + SnowGuburimon Attack chip + Attack Chip Goburimon + Goburimon D-Otamamon + D-Otamamon Digi-devolve + Digi-devolve Attack chip Psychemon + Psychemon Sharamon + Sharamon Kunemon + Kunemon SnowGoburimon + SnowGoburimon SnowAgumon + SnowAgumon ModokiBetamon + ModokiBetamon Recovery floppy + Recovery floppy .

Digi-devolve Attach Chip + Earth charm Gotsumon + Kunemon Mutant digivolve Shellmon + Shellmon Mojyamon + Mojyamon Tankmon + Tankmon Level Manager Gomamon + Icemon ModokiBetamon + Vi-Elecmon SnowAgumon + Otamamon Level Booster Vi-Elecmon + Rockmon Warp digivolve NiseDrimogemon + Nise Drimogemon Uninstall + Recovery floppy Sorcerimon + Sorcerimon Mutant digivolve Shellmon + Shellmon Special Digivolve High speed disk + High speed disk .

Look farther down for to see what they can do.De-Armor Digivolve ShimaUnimon + ShimUniamon +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 6. Card listing +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Okay. Fire Digimon Cards 000 Imperialdramon 001 Omnimon I 002 WarGreymon 003 Pheonixmon 004 Paildramon 005 Gigidramon 006 RealMetalGreymon 007 Garudamon 008 MasterTyrannomon 009 MetalGreymon 010 Meteormon 011 Vermilimon 012 Exveemon 013 Aquilamon . This is just a quick list of digimon cards for those who are looking for certain cards to know if they are in the game are not.

014 Greymon 015 Apemon 016 Tyrannomon 017 Monocromon 018 Meramon 029 Centarumon 020 Birdramon 021 Tankmon 022 RedVegiemon 023 Piddomon 024 Akatorimon 025 BomberNanimon 026 Flarerizamon 027 Agumon 028 Solarmon 029 Biyomon 030 Muchomon 031 Candlemon 032 D-Otamamon 033 Goburimon Water Digimon Cards 034 Vikemon 035 Omnimon II 036 MetalSeadramon 037 MetalGarurumon 038 MarineAngemon .

039 WereGarurumon 040 Zudomon 041 Panjyamon 042 MegaSeadramon 043 WaruSeadramon 044 Braciomon 045 BlueMeramon 046 Garurumon 047 Ikkakumon 048 Dolphmon 049 Whamon 050 Seadramon 051 Gesomon 052 Frigimon 053 Gekomon 054 Coelamon 055 Mojyamon 056 Shellmon 057 Sorcerimon 058 IceDevimon 059 Hyogamon 060 Icemon 061 Gomamon 062 Gabumon 063 Betamon 064 Penguinmon 065 Gizamon .

066 Otamamon 067 SnowAgumon 068 SnowGaburimon Nature Digimon Cards 069 Valkyrimon 070 Seraphimon 071 Magnadramon 072 AeroVeedramon 073 Rosemon 074 HerculesKabuterimon 075 MagnaAngemon 076 Sylphymon 077 Angewomon 078 Lillymon 079 MegaKabuterimon 080 Piximon 081 Veedramon 082 Angemon 083 R-Gatomon 084 Togemon 085 Leomon 086 Kabuterimon 087 Airdramon 088 Unimon 089 Ninjamon 090 Kuwagamon .

091 Drimogemon 092 Vegiemon 093 Kokatorimon 094 Yanmamon 095 J-Mojyamon 096 MoriShellmon 097 Tentomon 098 Palmon 099 Salamon 100 Elecmon 101 Gotsumon 102 Kunemon Darkness Digimon Cards 103 Apokarimon 104 GranKuwagamon 105 Diaboromon 106 VenomMyotismon 107 Piedmon 108 Machinedramon 109 Infermon 110 LadyDevimon 111 Myotismon 112 Megadramon 113 SkullGreymon 114 Phantomon 115 WaruMonzaemon .

116 Andromon 117 Stingmon 118 Wizardmon 119 Devidramon 120 Devimon 121 Tuskmon 122 Orgemon 123 Bakemon 124 Guardromon 125 TekkamonGururumon 127 Soulmon 128 Fugamon 129 Saberdramon 130 Darkrizamon 131 Zassomon 132 DemiDevimon 133 BKGatomon 134 Kokuwamon 135 Tsukaimon 136 Dokunemon 137 Aruraumon 138 Sharmamon Rare Digimon Cards 139 Puppetmon 140 SuperStarmon 141 MetalEtamonShakkoumon .

143 Jijimon 144 Digitamamon 145 Vademon 146 Giromon 147 Monzaemon 148 MetalMamemon 149 Mamemon 150 Etemon 151 Ankylomon 152 Starmon 153 Thundermon 154 PlatinumSukamon 155 ShellNumemon 156 Nanimon 157 Numemon 158 Sukamon 159 Rockmon 160 Geremon 161 NiseDrimogemon 162 ShimaUnimon 163 MudFrigimon 164 SandYanmamon 165 L-ToyAgumon 166 Hagurumon 167 ToyAgumon 168 ClearAgumon 169 Vi-Elecmon .

170 Psychemon 171 ModokiBetamon Digidestind Cards 172 Flamedramon 173 Magnamon 174 Baronmon 175 Veemon 176 Submarimon 177 Quetzalmon 178 Tylomon 179 Halsemon 180 Pegasusmon 181 Nefertimon 182 Hawkmon 183 Patamon 184 Gatomon 185 Raidramon 186 Shadramon 187 Wormmon 188 Shurimon 189 Digmon 190 Armadillomon 191 Golden Banana 192 Devil's chip 193 Whistle 194 Giga Hand .

rec.195 Metallic banana 196 Shining mane 197 Mega rec. Floppy 198 Mega attack chip 199 Dark lord cape 200 Fake Sevens 201 Net Worm 202 Missile Pod 203 Shogun's Order 204 Beetle Diamond 205 Dark bone 206 Red digivice 207 Blue digivice 208 Green digivice 209 Black digivice 210 Yellow digivice 211 Pink digivice 212 Another dimension 213 Uninstall 214 Evil program 215 Coliseum 216 Fire altar 217 Ice alter 218 Nature alter 219 Darkness alter 220 Rare alter 221 Sup. floppy .

disk X 225 Heap of junk 226 Beam gun 227 Chain saw 228 Metal parts 229 Metal armor 230 Mega hand 231 Level Balancer 232 Level manager 233 Level booster 234 Armor clash 235 Silver Ball 236 Coral Charm 237 Patch of love 238 Mystery egg 239 Miracle ruby 240 Cyber parts 241 Liquid crystal 242 Deluxe mushroom 243 Lucky mushroom 244 Premium steak 245 Short lance 246 Med.222 Mega def. Floppy 247 Digimon analyzer 248 Training manual . disk triangle 224 Mega def. rec. disk circle 223 Mega def.

249 Circle hitter 250 Triangle hitter 251 Cross hitter 252 Sukas Curse 253 Cherrymons mist 254 Hacking 255 Digimon grave 256 Data copy 257 Partner Finder 258 Fire spot 259 Ice crystal 260 Earth charm 261 Black gear 262 Stuffed animal 263 Disrupt ray 264 Attack chip 265 High speed disk 266 Recovery floppy 267 Attack disk circle 268 Attack disk triangle 269 Attack disk X 270 Defense disk circle 271 Defense disk triangle 272 Defense disk X 273 Digi-Garnet 274 Digi-Amethyst 275 Digi-Aquamarine .

276 Digi-Diamond 277 Digi-Emerald 278 Digi-Pearl 279 Digi-Ruby 280 Digi-Sardnyx 281 Digi-Saphire 282 Digi-Opal 283 Digi-Topaz 284 Digi-Turquoise 285 Wild Sevens 286 Holy Sevens 287 Dark Sevens 288 Grand Sevens 289 Mystic Sevens 290 Speed Sevens 291 Reverse Sevens 292 Rosemon's lure 293 Download Digivolve 295 Special digivolve 296 Mutant digivolve 297 Warp digivolve 298 De-Armor Digivolve 299 Speed-digivolve 300 Digi-devolve Okay now that you know all the cards heres a FULL status of each card .

O is circle. .Hp is the health points. If there is a support it will be riught under the sttacks. E is the cross button Special effect. +P is the given DP points when added to the DP slot. Appears like this Number and Name of digimon and level type Hp 0000 Dp 00 +P 00 O 0000 T 0000 X 0000 E ????? None Fire Digimon Cards 000 Imperialdramon U Hp 1900 Dp 60 +P 10 O 980 T 670 X 0 E O counter Added number of DP cards in DP Slot x100 to own attack power. Dp is the Digipoints needed. T is triangle. 001 Omnimon I U Hp 1800 Dp 60 +P 20 O 960 T 560 X 0 E X counter Changes own specialty to fire. 002 WarGreymon U Hp 1650 Dp 50 +P 20 O 900 T670 X 380 E water foe x 3 Add number of cards in hand x100 to own Attack power. X is cross. Boost attack power +100.

Battle is still lost. 007 Garudamon U Hp 1320 Dp 30 +P 20 O 730 T550 X 320 E 1st attack If own Attack is O. 004 Paildramon U Hp 1230 Dp 30 +P 10 O 800 T 620 X 450 E x to 0 IF own Specialty is Fire. Attack first. boost own attack power +300. 008 MasterTyrannomon U Hp 1280 Dp 50 +P 20 . 05 Gigidramon U Hp 1480 Dp50 +P 10 O 900 T 710 X550 E none none 006 RealMetalGreymon U Hp 1540 Dp 40 +P 10 O 850 T 600 X 0 E O counter Boost own Attack power +300.003 Pheonixmon U Hp 1320 Dp 40 +P 20 O 750 T560 X 200 E eat-up Hp Digimon Ko'd in battle revived with 500 Hp.

boost own Attack power +500. 012 Exveemon C Hp 810 Dp 40 +P 10 O 580 T 480 X 0 E O counter If own level is U. 010 Vermilimon U Hp 1430 Dp 30 +P 20 O 700 T 510 X 0 None E T counter 011 Meteormon U Hp 1150 Dp 30 +P 10 O 750 T 400 X 200 E O to 0 Lower opponent's O Attack to 0. 013 Aquilamon C Hp 670 Dp 30 +P 20 O 570 T 450 X 200 E 1st attack If own Attach is T. .O 850 T520 X 370 E water for x 3 009 MetalGreymon U Hp 1540 Dp 30 +P 10 O 720 T540 X 0 E O counter If own level is U. boost own Attack power +300. Attack first.

014 Greymon C Hp 850 Dp 40 +P 10 O 600 T 420 X 0 E O counter If own level is C. If opponent's specialty is water. boost own Attack power *300. Boost own Attack power +200. 019 Centarumon C Hp 800 Dp 40 +P 10 . 015 Apemon C Hp 830 Dp 40 +P 10 O 550 T 420 X 0 E O counter Change own specialty to fire. own Attack power is tripled. 016 Tyrannomon C Hp 810 Dp 30 +P 20 O 520 T 380 X 150 E nature foe x 3 None 017 Monocromon C Hp 950 Dp 40 +P 10 O 540 T 260 X 200 E O to 0 None 018 Meramon C Hp 740 Dp 30 +P 10 O 550 T 300 X 220 E water foe x 3.

023 Piddomon C Hp 750 Dp 40 +P 20 O 450 T 360 X 220 E O to 0 Own O Attack power becomes same as own Hp. 020 Birdramon C Hp 710 Dp 30 +P 10 O 500 T 310 X 130 E 1st attack Attack first. . 024 Akatorimon C Hp 600 Dp 30 +P 10 O 400 T 460 X 100 E O to 0 Boost own Attack power +200. 021 Tankmon C Hp 1000 Dp 40 +P 10 O 400 T 290 X 120 E 1st attack Own Hp becomes 10. Boost attack power +500. boost Attack power +300.O 450 T 360 X 220 E Water foe x 3 Use O and Boost own O Attack power +400. 022 RedVegiemon C Hp 850 Dp 30 +P 20 O 400 T 310 X 0 E none Discard all own DP cards in DP slot.

026 Flarerizamon C Hp 730 Dp 20 +P 10 O 550 T 320 X 240 E none Changes own specialty to fire. boost Attack power +400.025 BomberNanimon C Hp 650 Dp 30 +P 10 O 520 T 390 X 0 E crash If both levels are C. 027 Agumon R Hp 570 Dp 0 +P 20 O 380 T 200 X 120 E O to 0 Boost own O Attack power +300. 028 Solarmon R Hp 500 Dp 0 +P 20 O 350 T 210 X 0 none E crash 029 Biyomon R Hp 510 Dp 0 +P 20 O 350 T 170 X 130 E 1st attack Boost own Attack power +200. 030 Muchomon R .

Hp 600 Dp 0 +P 20 O 320 T 220 X 0 E X counter Boost own T attack power +300. own Attack power is doubled. 031 Candlemon R Hp 480 Dp 0 +P 20 O 380 T 270 X 0 E O counter Boost own X Attack power +200. 033 Goburimon R Hp 500 Dp 0 +P 20 O 300 T 300 X 300 E none none Water Digimon Cards 034 Vikemon U Hp 2420 Dp 50 +p 10 O 760 T 570 X 390 E O to 0 None 035 Omnimon II U . If opponent is water. 032 D-Otamamon R Hp 550 Dp 0 +P 20 O 300 T 200 X 150 E Water foe x 3.

opponents support effect is voided. opponent's attack power becomes 0. 040 Zudomon U Hp 2090 Dp 40 +p 20 O 700 T 300 X 250 E O to 0 . 039 WereGarurumon Hp 1820 Dp 30 +p 20 O 670 T 500 X 0 U E T counter Add number of Dp cards in Dp slot x 100 to own HP. 038 MarineAngemon Hp 1540 Dp 30 +p 20 U O 630 T 480 X 220 E O to 0 Recover own Hp by +200. 036 MetalSeadramon Hp 2030 Dp 50 +p 20 U O 700 T 450 X 400 E Fire foe x 3 If own specialty is water. 037 MetalGarurumon Hp 2250 Dp 50 +p 20 U O 700 T 450 X 400 E Fire foe x 3 If own cards in hand is 3 or more. Recover own Hp by +100.Hp 2420 Dp 60 +p 10 O 555 T 800 X 0 E X counter Change own Specialty to Water.

045 BlueMeramon Hp 1430 Dp 30 +p 10 O 700 T 480 X 360 E X to 0 Lower opponents X attack power to 0. 044 Braciomon U Hp 2300 Dp 30 +p 20 O 600 T 380 X 150 E O to 0 Lower opponents Attack power to 0. opponents attack power is halved. 041 Panjyamon U Hp 1800 Dp 30 +p 20 O 620 T 390 X 0 E T counter T counter attack. Attack second.If own Specialty is water. 043 WaruSeadramon Hp 1760 Dp 40 +p 10 U O 650 T 360 X 200 E jamming Opponents support effect is voided. U 046 Garurumon C . Attack second. 042 MegaSeadramon Hp 1870 Dp 40 +p 20 U O 650 T 360 X 0 E O counter O counter attack.

050 Seadramon C Hp 1150 Dp 40 +p 20 O 360 T 250 X 100 E O to 0 Opponents attack power is halved.Hp 1100 Dp 30 +p 10 O 350 T 230 X 0 E O counter Opponent uses O. 049 Whamon C Hp 1300 Dp 40 +p 20 O 340 T 220 X 150 E T to 0 Own Hp becomes 700. Own attack is tripled. 047 Ikkakumon C Hp 1200 Dp 40 +p 20 O 340 T 250 X 200 E Fire foe x 3 If opponent's Specialty is fire. recover own hp by +300. 048 Dolphmon C Hp 1000 Dp 40 +p 20 O 330 T 230 X 200 E X to 0 If own attack is not O. 051 Gesomon C Hp 1030 Dp 30 +p 10 O 400 T 250 X 160 E O to 0 .

053 Gekomon C Hp 960 Dp 30 +p 20 O 340 T 220 X 100 E O to 0 Changes opponents specialty to water. . 056 Shellmon C Hp 1250 Dp 30 +p 10 O 340 T 200 X 150 E O to 0 If opponent used O. 054 Coelamon C Hp 1270 Dp 50 +p 10 O 400 T 290 X 210 E O to 0 Lower opponents O attack power to 0. change it to X.none 052 Frigimon C Hp 990 Dp 30 +p 20 O 350 T 200 X 170 E Fire foe x 3 Recover own Hp by +200. 055 Mojyamon C Hp 980 Dp 30 +p 20 O 370 T 290 X 210 E none Recover own Hp by +200.

057 Sorcerimon Hp 900 Dp 40 +p 10 C O 440 T 370 X 170 E Jamming Change own Specialty to water. 062 Gabumon R Hp 680 Dp 0 +p 20 . own attack power is tripled. 059 Hyogamon C Hp 1200 Dp 40 +p 10 O 460 T 250 X 0 E O counter none 060 Icemon C Hp 1140 Dp 30 +p 20 O 370 T 240 X 0 E X counter none 061 Gomamon R Hp 700 Dp 0 +p 20 O 300 T 240 X 200 E T to 0 Lower opponents T attack power to 0. 058 IceDevimon C Hp 990 Dp 40 +p 10 O 390 T 290 X 180 E fire foe x3 If opponents specialty is fire.

Own attack power is doubled. 065 Gizamon R Hp 650 Dp 0 +p 20 O 260 T 200 X 150 E fire foe x 3 If opponent's Specialty is fire. 066 Otamamon R Hp 710 Dp 0 +p 20 O 330 T 130 X 100 E O to 0 Reduce opponents O attack power to 0. 067 SnowAgumon Hp 720 Dp 0 +P 20 R O 160 T 200 X 220 E X to 0 Reduce opponents X attack power to 0.O 350 T 220 X 140 E O to 0 none. 063 Betamon R Hp 730 Dp 0 +p 20 O 300 T 190 X 170 E O to 0 If own hp are less then 200 reduce opponent's attack power to 0. . 064 Penguinmon Hp 670 Dp 0 +p 20 R O 320 T 180 X 0 E O to 0 If opponent's Specialty is fire. reduce opponents attack power to 0.

072 AeroVeedramon Hp 1430 Dp 40 +p 20 U O 750 T 550 X 360 E 1stattack If own level is U. Attack second. own attack power is doubled. 071 Magnadramon U Hp 1870 Dp 50 +p 20 O 800 T 610 X 370 E X to 0 X counterattack. 070 Seraphimon U Hp 1650 Dp 50 +p 20 O 900 T 510 X 420 E Dark Foe X3 If opponent's specialty is Dark.068 SnowGaburimon Hp 770 Dp 0 +p 20 R O 230 T 230 X 230 E none None Nature Digimon Cards 069 Valkyrimon U Hp 1590 Dp 50 +p 20 O 840 T 550 X 350 E O to 0 Opponent uses O. own attack power is +200 & HP +200. .

073 Rosemon U Hp 1210 Dp 40 +p 30 O 720 T 480 X 320 E eat up hp If opponents hp are 1000+. 078 Lillymon U . 077 Angewomon U Hp 1370 Dp 40 +p 30 O 720 T 520 X 330 E darkness foe x 3 If opponents Specialty is darkness. 076 Sylphymon Hp 1540 Dp 40 +p 20 U O 680 T 500 X 400 E T to 0 If opponents Specialty is not nature. boost own attack power +500. recover own hp by +500. attack second." 074 HerculesKabuterimon Hp 1700 Dp 40 +p 20 U O 790 T 490 X 250 E 1stattack none 075 MagnaAngemon Hp 1320 Dp 40 +p 20 U O 770 T 570 X 370 E darkness foe x 3 If opponent's specialty is darkness. own attack becomes " eat up hp.

Own attack power is halved. own attack is doubled.Hp 1100 Dp 30 +p 30 O 650 T 340 X 200 E eat up hp Recover Hp by +200. own attack power is tripled. 083 R-Gatomon Hp 750 Dp 30 +p 20 C O 750 T 300 X 210 E X to 0 . 081 Veedramon C Hp 880 Dp 40 +p 20 O 500 T 360 X 200 E 1stattack If own level is A. 082 Angemon C Hp 940 Dp 40 +p 20 O 400 T 200 X 260 E darkness foe x 3 If opponents Specialty is darkness. 079 MegaKabuterimon Hp 1480 Dp 30 +p 20 U O 700 T 400 X 0 E O counter none 080 Piximon U Hp 1370 Dp 40 +p 30 O 670 T 430 X 320 E none Opponents support effect is voided.

088 Unimon C Hp 950 Dp 40 +p 20 O 390 T 210 X 150 E O to 0 If opponents specialty is darkness. boost attack power + 500. lower opponents attack power to 0. .If own Hp are less then 500. Boost own Attack power by +100. Boost attack power +300. 084 Togemon C Hp 800 Dp 30 +p 30 O 380 T 250 X 170 E T to 0 Boost own attack power + 100. 085 Leomon C Hp 890 Dp 40 +p 20 O 430 T 280 X 200 E none If own level is lower. 086 Kabuterimon Hp 950 Dp 40 +p 20 C O 550 T 360 X 0 E O counter none 087 Airdramon C Hp 950 Dp 40 +p 20 430 T 200 X 50 E O to 0 Recover own Hp by + 100.

089 Ninjamon C Hp 650 Dp 30 +p 30 O 440 T 350 X 250 E 1ststtack Attack first. 094 Yanmamon C Hp 740 Dp 20 +p 20 . 092 Vegiemon C Hp 810 Dp 30 +p 20 O 390 T 270 X 100 E jamming Changes opponents specialty to nature. 090 Kuwagamon Hp 900 Dp 40 +p 20 C O 530 T 400 X 0 E T counter none 091 Drimogemon Hp 850 Dp 30 +p 20 C O 450 T 310 X 280 E none Boost own attack power + 200. Opponents hp are doubled. 093 Kokatorimon Hp 910 Dp 30 +p 20 C O 350 T 260 X 150 E O to 0 Lower opponents power to 0.

096 MoriShellmon Hp 910 Dp 40 +p 30 C O 390 T 240 X 190 E O to 0 If opponents Specialty is darkness. Lower opponents attack power -200. 097 Tentomon R Hp 670 Dp 0 +p 30 O 380 T 220 X 160 E O to 0 none 098 Palmon R Hp 500 Dp 0 +p 30 O 370 T 240 X 160 E eat up hp none 099 Salamon R Hp 600 Dp 0 +p 30 O 300 T 230 X 0 E T counter Changes own Specialty to Nature. boost own attack power +300. . Draw 1 card.O 400 T 250 X 170 E 1stattack none 095 J-Mojyamon C Hp 750 Dp 30 +p 30 O 280 T 250 X 180 E none If own level is R.

own attack power is doubled.100 Elecmon R Hp 650 Dp 0 +p 20 O 310 T 240 X 130 E water foe x3 If opponents specialty is water. 102 Kunemon R Hp 680 Dp 0 +p 20 O 350 T 220 X 190 E Jamming Lower both players attack power -200. boost own attack power +300. 104 GrandKuwagamon U Hp 1760 Dp 50 +p10 O 800 T 700 X 600 E None Discard 7 Cards from own Online Deck. Opponent's HP are halved. Change own Specialty to Dark. . Darkness Digimon Cards 103 Apokarimon U Hp 2750 Dp 70 +p0 O 990 T 680 X 0 E crash Own HP are halved. 101 Gotsumon R Hp 700 Dp 0 +p 20 O 290 T 180 X 130 E X to 0 If own hp are more than opponents hp.

110 LadyDevimon U Hp 1150 Dp 40 +p 20 . 108 Machinedramon U Hp 2400 Dp 60 +p 0 O 900 T 520 X 0 E crash none 109 Infermon U Hp 1100 Dp 20 +p 0 O 610 T 370 X 180 E jamming Discard 5 cards from own online deck.105 Diaboromon U Hp 2580 Dp 70 +p0 O 970 T 720 X 0 E crash Own hp becomes 10. Changes opponents specialty to darkness. Boost own attact power +400. 106 VenomMyotismon Hp 2310 Dp 60 +p 0 O 920 T 530 X 400 E nature foe x3 none U 107 Piedmon U Hp 1650 Dp 50 +p 10 O 800 T 500 X 400 E jamming Both players discard all cards in hand.

115 WaruMonzaemon Hp 1590 Dp 40 +p 0 U O 700 T 440 X 200 E jamming Own Hp becomes 10. Own attack power is doubled. 113 SkullGreymon U Hp 1700 Dp 50 +p 0 O 960 T 350 X 450 E Nature foe x3 If opponents specialty is nature. 111 Myotismon U Hp 1100 Dp 50 +p 20 O 650 T 400 X 300 E eat up hp Digimon Ko'd in battle revives with 500 hp. Battle is still lost. opponent discards all cards.O 620 T 360 X 250 E eat up hp both players boost attack power + 200. . 114 Phantomon U Hp 1100 Dp 30 +p 0 O 600 T 400 X 300 E eat up hp Discard 7 cards from own online deck. own attack is eat up. 112 Megadramon Hp 1810 Dp 50 +p 0 U O 920 T 290 X 300 E 1stattack Both players hp are halved.

then draw 2 cards. 120 Devimon C Hp 960 Dp 40 +p 10 O 490 T 350 X 250 E nature foe x3. boost own attack power + 200. 119 Devidramon C Hp 1100 Dp 50 +p 10 O 520 T 440 X 370 E none Own attack becomes T. 117 Stingmon C Hp 880 Dp 40 +p 10 O 530 T 370 X 270 E eat up hp Discard 1 Dp card from own Dp slot. own attack power is tripled. 118 Wizardmon C Hp 850 Dp 40 +p 10 O 540 T 370 X 220 E jamming Discard all cards in own hand.116 Andromon U Hp 1700 Dp 40 +p 10 O 690 T 590 X 150 E none Own hp are halved. Boost attack power +400. If opponents specialty is nature. 121 Tuskmon C .

Hp 1150 Dp 40 +p 10 O 410 T 360 X 300 E none Own attack becomes X. 125 Tekkamon C Hp 1100 Dp 30 +p 10 O 350 T 200 X 0 E crash Both players boost attack power +300. 126 Gururumon C Hp 1040 Dp 40 +p 10 O 470 T 340 X 100 E O to 0 . 122 Orgemon C Hp 1050 Dp 40 +p 10 O 530 T 320 X 0 E T counter Discard cards in Dp slot and multiply attack power by number of discards. 124 Guardromon C Hp 750 Dp 20 +p 10 O 430 T 200 X 0 E crash Own Hp are halved. 123 Bakemon C Hp 860 Dp 30 +p 10 O 450 T 270 X 170 E eat up hp Changes own specialty to darkness. Boost attack power +300.

130 Darkrizamon C Hp 890 Dp 30 +p 10 O 330 T 440 X 30 E O yo 0 Both players use O. change opponents specialty to darkness.Both players use T. 127 Soulmon C Hp 500 Dp 30 +p 0 O 330 T 31 X 290 E eat up hp Discard 1 card in slot. 128 Fugamon C Hp 940 Dp 30 +p 10 O 460 T 430 X 400 E none Own attack becomes O. 131 Zassomon C Hp 600 Dp 20 +p 0 O 480 T 410 X 350 E none Opponents attack powers become 300. . 129 Saberdramon Hp 670 Dp 30 +p 10 C O 400 T 150 240 E 1stattack Both players use X.

137 Aruraumon Hp 420 Dp 0 +p 20 . 134 Kokuwamon Hp 670 Dp 0 +p 20 O 270 T 240 X 200 E T to 0 Reduce own attack power by -100. Own attack power is doubled. O and T attack power are 0. opponents hp becomes 100. Opponents hp are halved.132 DemiDevimon Hp 490 Dp 0 +p 20 R O 360 T 200 X 190 E Nature foe x3 If opponents Specialty is nature. 133 BKGatomon Hp 520 Dp 0 +p 20 O 530 T 300 X 240 E X to 0 If opponents level is A. 136 Dokunemon Hp 650 Dp 0 +p 20 O 280 T 220 X 190 E rare foe x3 If opponents specialty is rare. Recover own Hp by +200. 135 Tsukaimon Hp 630 Dp 0 +p 20 O 240 T 200 X 160 E O to 0 Boost own X attack power +200.

142 Shakkoumon Hp 1760 Dp 40 +p 20 U . 140 SuperStarmon U Hp 1650 Dp 40 +p 20 O 730 T 600 X 380 E Rare for x 3 If opponents specialty is rare.O 340 T 240 X 190 E eat up hp Own Attack becomes eat up hp. lower opponents attack power to 0. 141 MetalEtamon U Hp 1650 Dp 50 +p 10 O 300 T 750 X 0 E O counter O counter attack. Draw one card. own attack power is halved. Attack second. 138 Sharmamon Hp 570 Dp 0 +p 20 O 350 T 220 X 100 E jamming Opponent's hp are halved. Opponents attack power is doubled. Rare Digimon Cards 139 Puppetmon U Hp 1540 Dp 50 +p 10 O 790 T 570 X 380 E jamming Discard 1 of opponents cards in Dp slot.

boost own X attack power by +100. . 147 Monzaemon U Hp 2030 Dp 50 +p 20 O 850 T 500 X 430 E darkness foe x3 Recover own hp by +200.O 680 T 520 X 300 E jamming Recover own hp by + 100. 145 Vademon U Hp 1370 Dp 40 +p 10 O 850 T 600 X 200 E jamming Opponents Specialty becomes the same as own Specialty. Boost attack power by +100. 146 Giromon U Hp 1900 Dp 30 +p 10 O 720 T 520 X 0 E crash opponent uses X. lower opponents attack power to 0. 144 Digitamamon U Hp 1810 Dp 50 +p 10 O 800 T 540 X 300 E O to 0 Swap own specialty with opponents specialty. 143 Jijimon U Hp 1260 Dp 40 +p 20 O 650 T 560 X 250 E T to 0 If opponents specialty is darkness.

his attack power is 0. 152 Starmon C Hp 900 Dp 40 +p 10 O 470 T 370 X 230 E Darkness foe x3 If opponents Specialty is Darkness. Opponents support effect is voided. 153 Thundermon C . 151 Ankylomon C Hp 1000 Dp 40 +p 10 O 420 T 240 X 120 E O to 0 If opponennt has more than 2 cards in Dp slot.148 MetalMamemon Hp 1920 Dp 30 +p 10 U O 770 T 570 X 280 E 1stattack none 149 Mamemon U Hp 1700 Dp 30 +p 10 O 820 T 650 X 0 E O counter none 150 Etemon U Hp 1480 Dp 40 +p 20 O 700 T 530 X 150 E jamming Lower opponents X Attack power to 0.

158 Sukamon C Hp 600 Dp 30 +p 10 O 300 T 150 X 200 E jamming . 155 ShellNumemon Hp 900 Dp 30 +p 10 C O 250 T 150 X 150 E O to 0 Discard opponents top Dp card shown in Dp slot. discard all cards in opponents hands.Hp 710 Dp 30 +p 10 O 350 T 300 X 0 E X counter If opponent uses X. 154 PlatinumSukamon Hp 850 Dp 40 +p 10 C O 240 T 200 X 100 E O to 0 Move the top card from offline pile to online deck. 156 Nanimon C Hp 700 Dp 30 +p 0 O 390 T 270 X 0 E X counter Return all cards in own hand to online deck and shuffle. 157 Numemon C Hp 700 Dp 30 +p 10 O 250 T 250 X 100 E X to 0 Discard opponents 2 top Dp cards in his Dp slot.

161 NiseDrimogemon Hp 750 Dp 30 +p 10 O 400 T 300 X 220 E Rare foe x3 Opponent uses T. 160 Geremon C Hp 690 Dp 30 +p 10 O 280 T 330 X 120 E none Discard all cards in Dp slot. C 162 ShimaUnimon Hp 800 Dp 30 +p 10 C O 430 T 250 X 0 E O counter none 163 MudFrigimon Hp 930 Dp 30 +p 10 C O 480 T 360 X 320 E none none 164 SandYanmamon C . 159 Rockmon C Hp 700 Dp 40 +p 10 O 350 T 160 X 250 E rare foe x3 Discard 3 cards from opponents online deck. Foe discard same number of Dp cards.Discard 1 card from opponents hand at random.

165 L-ToyAgumon Hp 590 Dp 0 +p 20 R O 270 T 210 X 180 E none If 1 or less cards left in own hand. opponents attack power goes to 0. Hp of both players are 200.Hp 600 Dp 20 +p 10 O 250 T 340 X 210 E 1stattack Opponten uses O. 168 ClearAgumon Hp 580 Dp 0 +p 20 R O 270 T 220 X 50 E jamming Opponents support effect is voided. Number of discards x100. 166 Hagurumon Hp 500 Dp 0 +p 20 R O 240 T 200 X 0 E crash Discard all cards in Dp slot. 167 ToyAgumon Hp 530 Dp 0 +p 20 R O 280 T 130 X 0 E T counter Discard 1 card at random form own hand. Recover Hp. 169 Vi-Elecmon Hp 620 Dp 0 +p 20 R O 260 T 220 X 190 E Rare for x3 . lower opponents attack power -100.

Digidestind Cards 172 Flamedramon Hp 600 Dp 0 +p 0 O 500 T 350 X 0 E counter O Boost own attack power +100. Own attack power becomes 0. 174 Baronmon Hp 630 Dp 0 +p 0 O 590 T 460 X 190 E O to 0 . Draw 1 Card.none 170 Psychemon Hp 470 Dp 0 +p 20 R O 250 T 120 X 90 E O to 0 Own Hp becomes same as opponents. 173 Magnamon Hp 650 Dp 0 +p 0 O 550 T 300 X 200 E O to 0 Boost own Attack Power by +100. 171 ModokiBetamon Hp 550 Dp 0 +p 10 R O 120 T 280 X 190 E O to o Opponents Hp become same as own. Draw 1 Card.

175 Veemon Hp 550 Dp 0 +p 20 O 350 T 280 X 200 E None Boost own attack power +100. Draw 1 card. . Draw 1 card. 178 Tylomon Hp 900 Dp 0 +p 0 O 350 T 300 X 250 E Fire Foe X3 Change own Specialty to Nature. Draw 1 Card. 176 Submarimon Hp 850 Dp 0 +p 0 O 400 T 300 X 200 E O to 0 Discard 2 Cards from opponent's Online Deck. Draw 1 card.If HP is less than Opponent's recover HP + 500. 179 Halsemon Hp 700 Dp 0 +p 0 O 400 T 300 X 250 E O to 0 Draw 3 cards. 177 Quetzalmon Hp 800 Dp 0 +p 0 O 400 T 350 X 0 E X counter Lower Opponent's Attack power -100.

own Attack Power is doubled. Own Attack Power is doubled. 183 Patamon Hp 630 Dp 0 +p 30 O 370 T 1700 X 0 E O counter If foe's Specialty is Dark. 181 Nefertimon Hp 670 Dp 0 +p 0 O 520 T 340 X 240 E O to 0 Attack Power is halved. Draw 1 card. Draw 1 Card.180 Pegasusmon Hp 750 Dp 0 +p 0 O 400 T 300 X 200 E 1st Attack If for's Specialty is Nature. 185 Raidramon Hp 650 Dp 0 +p 0 . 184 Gatomon Hp 620 Dp 0 +p 30 O 310 T 240 X 340 E T counter Change own Specialty to Nature. Recover HP +6000 182 Hawkmon Hp 600 Dp 0 +p 30 O 300 T 220 X 0 E O counter Draw 3 cards. Draw 1 Card.

188 Shurimon Hp 600 Dp 0 +p 0 O 450 T 350 X 250 E X to 0 Draw 3 Cards. Draw 1 Card. 186 Shadramon Hp 650 Dp 0 +p 0 O 500 T 350 X 150 E Jamming Lower Opponent's Attack Power -100. Draw 1 Card. 190 Armadillomon Hp 670 Dp 0 +p 20 O 320 T 270 X 230 E O to 0 Discard 2 Cards from opponent's Online Deck. Draw 1 Card. 189 Digmon Hp 820 Dp 0 +p 0 O 440 T 430 X 440 E None Discard 2 Cards from opponent's Online Deck. Draw 1 Card.O 300 T 300 X 400 E T to 0 Boost own attack by +100. 187 Wormmon Hp 550 Dp 0 +p 20 O 300 T 250 X 170 E O to 0 Lower Opponent's Attack Power -100. . Draw 1 Card.

Counterattack. 196 Shining mane If opponent's hp are more then 1000. 203 Shogun's Order * . discard all cards in foes hand. Opponent's attack power becomes 0. boost own attack power 400. 197 Mega rec.Option cards 191 Golden Banana Own hp are halved. 195 Metallic banana Own hp are halved. Attack second. Boost both attack power +600 193 Whistle If own level is below opponents. Own attack power is doubled. Recover own hp by 1000. opponents attack power becomes 0. 202 Missile Pod Discard all cards in hand. Own attack power is same as hp. boost own attack power 500 199 Dark lord cape If opponent's hp is less than own. 198 Mega attack chip Discard 7 cards from own online deck. 200 Fake Sevens None 201 Net Worm If both players use same attack. Floppy Discard 7 cards from own online deck. opponents hp are halved. 194 Giga Hand Discard 7 cards from online deck. 192 Devil's chip Discard 1 card from own hand.

boost own attack power 100. 205 Dark bone own attack becomes "eat-up hp". 214 Evil program Discard 1 card in own dp slot. 207 Blue digivice If own specialty is blue. Boost own circle attack 100. boost own attack power 200. recover 200.discard all foes cards in dp slot. discard 7 cards from foe's online deck. 206 Red digivice If own specialty is fire. 209 Black digivice If own specialty is darkness. 212 Another dimension Discard 7 cards from both players' online decks. 213 Uninstall If both attacks are same. recover 200. recover 400. 208 Green digivice If own specialty is nature. draw one 1 form own online deck . 215 Coliseum Both players attacks become circle. recover 200. recover 200. 216 Fire altar Changes opponents specialty to fire. boost own attack power 100.Both player's attack power become 0. Boost own attack power 100. recover 200. boost own attack power 100. 211 Pink digivice If own specialty are same. 204 Beetle Diamond Attack first. boost own attack power 100. 210 Yellow digivice If own specialty is rare. boost own attack power 100.

floppy If own hp is less than foes hp. Multiply own attack power by number of discard 230 Mega hand . 228 Metal parts Discard own hand. 223 Mega def. disk triangle Opponents triagnle attack goes to 0. Multiply own attack power by number of discarded cards. Own attack power is tripled. draw one 1 form own online deck 220 Rare alter Changes opponents specialty to rare. draw one 1 form own online deck 218 Nature altar Changes opponents specialty to nature. Recover own hp by 225 Heap of junk Opponent discards 2 cards from his online deck and 1 card from hand. rec. disk X Opponents X attack goes to 0. recovcer hp by 700. draw one 1 form own online deck 221 Sup. Recover own hp by 100. 226 Beam gun Own attack power becomes 0. 222 Mega def. 227 Chain saw Make own hp 10.217 Ice altar Changes opponents specialty to water. draw one 1 form own online deck 219 Darkness altar Changes opponents specialty to darkness. disk circle Opponents circle attack goes to 0. Opponents hp are halved. Recover own hp by 224 Mega def. 229 Metal armor Discard own DP slot cards.

his attack power goes to 0. 240 Cyber parts If both attacks are same. boost own attack power 400. . his attack power becomes 0 and own attack power is doubled. then own hp are halved. 237 Patch of love If foes specialty is nature or darkness. 239 Miracle ruby Ko'd Digimon revives with 1000. opponents attack power becomes 0. 242 Deluxe mushroom If both players use same attack. 233 Level booster If own level is U. recover own hp 700. 232 Level manager If own level is C. 241 Liquid crystal If both players use same attack. 238 Mystery egg Changes both players specialities to rare. 235 Silver Ball If opponent is level U. his Attack Power becomes 0 and own Attack Power is doubled. own attack power is tripled. 234 Armor clash If opponent is level A. 231 Level Balancer If own level is R. boost own attack power 400. 236 Coral Charm If foe's specialty is Fire or Water. boost own attack power 400. Battle is still lost.Own attack power matches own hp. his attack goes to 0.

recover own hp by 500. 255 Digimon grave Opponent discard 4 top cards from online deck. attack first and boost own attack power 500. rec. 253 Cherrymons mist Opponents support and option effect are voided. 249 Circle hitter If opponent uses circle. Recover foes hp by 200. 244 Premium steak Recover own hp by 500. Recover own hp by 500. attack first and boost own attack power 500. attack first and boost own attack power 500. Floppy Own attack power is halved. 254 Hacking If own level is lower. 250 Triangle hitter If opponent uses triangle. 252 Sukas Curse Opponent discards 2 cards at random from his hand. 247 Digimon analyzer Move top 3 cards from offline to online deck and shuffle. 246 Med. 248 Training manual Draw until there are 4 cards in own hand. 256 Data copy . own attack power is doubled. 145 Short lance If both attacks are deffernt. switch hp with opponent. Recover own hp 100. 251 Cross hitter If opponent uses x.243 Lucky mushroom If both Attacks are deffernt.

and specialty. 266 Recovery floppy Recover own hp by 300. 258 Fire spot Change own specialty to fire. 268 Attack disk triangle Own triangle attack power is doubled. Boost own attack power 200. Boost own attack power 200. 264 Attack chip Boost own attack power 300. Boost own attack power 200. hp. 263 Disrupt ray Opponents attack changes form circle to triangle. 267 Attack disk circle Own circle attack power is doubled.Own attack power. 260 Earth charm Change own specialty to nature. Opponents attack power is 0. 259 Ice crystal own specialty to ice. triangle to X. 262 Stuffed animal Change own specialty to rare. Boost own attack power 200. 257 Partner Finder Pick partner card from own online deck at random and put in own hand. or X to circle. 261 Black gear Change own specialty to darkness. Boost own attack power 200. 269 Attack disk X . 265 High speed disk Randomly discard 1 card form own hand.

281 Digi-Sapphire Change own Specialty to Water.Own X attack power is doubled. 280 Digi-Sardnyx Change own Specialty to Darkness. 283 Digi-Topaz . 279 Digi-Ruby Changes own Specialty to fire. 282 Digi-Opal Own attack becomes Circle. 270 Defense disk circle Opponents circle attack power is 0. 277 Digi-Emerald Change own Specialty to Nature. 273 Digi-Garnet Boost own attack power +100. 278 Digi-Pearl Changes own Specialty to Rare. 271 Defense disk triangle Opponents triangle attack power is 0. 274 Digi-Amethyst Recover own HP by +100. Battle is still lost. 276 Digi-Diamond Draw 2 cards from online deck. 272 Defense disk XX attack power is 0. 275 Digi-Aquamarine KO'd Digimon revives with 100 HP.

(need dp) (ignore specialty) . (Dp are needed) 295 Special digivolve Can digivolve regardless of own specialty by adding dp 20. 293 Download Digivolve Can digivolve regardless of own Specialty. His attack power is 0. 288 Grand Sevens Own attack power is boosted by the number of own hp. 290 Speed Sevens Attack first. 296 Mutant digivolve Can digivolve digimon at same level. 289 Mystic Sevens Opponents's support and option effects are voided. opponent's hp becomes 10. 284 Digi-Turquoise Own attack becomes Cross. 286 Holy Sevens Recover own hp by 1000. 287 Dark Sevens If opponent's hp is lower then own. 292 Rosemon's lure Opponent disscards his cards and all cards in his dp slot. 294 ArmorCrush Digivolve Digivolve a level A digimon to C or U.Own attack becomes Triangle. or Digivolve points. Own attack becomes eat up hp boost attack power 200. then shuffle. 291 Reverse Sevens Move top 10 cards from offline pile to online deck. level. 285 Wild Sevens Own attack power is tripled.

Tutorial Deck Agumon. 299 Speed-digivolve Can disregard dp in digivolving. So you can see Just what you'll be facing when you are about to Duel some one. and Lure cards. hp double when successful. Gabumon 2.Guardromon . (DP are needed. DemiDevimon. Palmon. And that ends the list of 301 cards.Frigimon. So There are 125 Base Decks listed. Deck listings ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Here is alisting of all the Possible Basic decks in the game.Gekomon. Download. ( not possible in abnormal states) 300 Digi-devolve DownGrade own digivolution by 1 point.Gesomon. decks like Betamon's Pick up Deck and others that use more then one of the same Sevens card are not listed becuase you can't get more then one of Each of the Sevens. SnowAgumon.297 Warp digivolve Can digivolve from R to U.Yanmamon. Tsukaimon Vi-Elecmon Monochromon. Goburimon.RedVegiemon. Betamon 3. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++= 7.) 298 De-Armor Digivolve Downgrade a level A digimon to level R.

Digimon Analyzer 2. SnowGoburimon 3. Attack Disk triangle. Defense Disk circle 2. Candlemon. Lillymon Liquid Crystal 2. D-Otamamon. Shellmon 2. Frigimon 2. Recovery Floppy. Vi-Elecmon. Akatorimon. R-Gatomon Garudamon. Ice crystal 2 Earth charm 2 Burning Hot! Deck . Gabumon 3. Zudomon. Penguinmon 4. Salamon 3 Apemon. Attack Disk cross. Attack Disk cross. Defense Disk circle Penguinmon Color Deck Gomamon 2. Gizamon 2. Attack Disk circle. Defense Disk circle. Lucky Mushroom 2. Defense Disk Triangle Defense Disk cross Tricolor Starter Deck Agumon 4.MudFrigimon Disrupt Ray. Dolphmon. ModokiBetamon Gesomon. Kuwagamon. Attack Disk triangle. Yanmamon Disrupt Ray. Defense Disk Triangle 2. Sorcerimon. Defense Disk cross New Color Deck Solarmon. Palmon 3 Birdramon. Attack Chip. MudFrigimon Recovery Floppy. ShimaUnimon2. Sorcerimon. BomberNanimon. Fire Spot 2. Attack Disk circle. Goburimon 2. Betamon 3. Gizamon 3. Tentomon 3. Icemon. Mojyamon.

High Speed Disk 2. Ninjamon 4. Ninjamon 2. Vermilimon 2 Attach Chip 3. Flarerizamon 3 Vermilimon 2 Fire Spot 4 Big Red Sky Deck Solarmon 4. Palmon 2.Solarmon 3. D-Otamamon3. Goburimon. Solarmon 2. Attack Disk Circle 2 Quick Digivolve Deck Tentomon 4. Candlemon 3. Fire Spot. Kokatorimon 2 . Palmon 4. Kunemon 2 Togemon 2.Goburimon Meramon 4. Tyrannomon 3. Piddomon 3 Phoenixmon 4 Miracle Ruby. Drimogemon 2. Muchomon 2 Aquilamon 2. Veemon Greymon 3. Salamon 2. Elecmon 2. Biyomon 4. Pixiemon 2 Switching deck Tentomon 2. Muchomon 2. Defense Disk Triangle 2. MetalGreymon 2. Gotsumon 2 R-Gatomon 2. J-Mojyamon Lillymon 2. Monochromon 3 MasterTyrannomon. D-Otamamon 2. MegaKabuterimon 2. Defense Disk cross Go Go Dinosaur Deck Agumon 4. Birdramon 3. Biyomon 2. Salamon 4. Biyomon. Yanmamon 2. Birdramon 3. Attack Chip.

Attack dick Cross Hearty Meal Deck Gomamon 2. Recovery Floppy 2 Tryout Deck Elecmon 2. Attack Chip 2. Shellmon Zudomon. SnowAgumon 3 Frigimon 4. Salamon 3. Training Manual. Betamon 3. Icemon 2 MarineAngemon. Premium Steak 3. Pixiemon Coliseum. Black Gear 2. Wormmon Kuawagamon 2. Lucky Mushroom 2. MegaSeadramon. DemiDevimon 3. Digi-Devolve 4 V For Victory Deck Tentomon 3. Cross Hitter. Dolphmon 2.Earth Charm 2. Whamon 2. Mutant Digivolve 4. Gizamon 3. Penguinmon 3. Attack Chip 2. Attack chip 2. Palmon 3. Kunemon 2 Veedramon 3. Disrupt Ray 2. Recovery Floppy Guarding Sea Deck Gomamon 3. Deluxe Mushroon 2. Mojyamon. Otamamon 3 Ikkakumon 2. Brachiomon . Airdramon 3 AeroVeedramon 2. Ice Crystal 2. Dokunemmon 2. High Speed Disk. Aruraumon 2. Gabumon 2. BlueMeramon Golden Banana. Drimogemon. Devidramon 2. Gururumon 2 Hacking 2. Digimon Analyzer. Kunemon 3.

Coral Charm 2, Defense Disk circle 2, Defense Disk Triangle 2, Defense Disk cross 2

Fightback Deck Gabumon 3, Penguinmon 3, Otamamon 2, SnowAgumon 3 Garurumon 4, Hyogamon 2, Icemon 2 WereGarurumon, Zudomon 2 Hitter Circle 2, Hitter Triangle 2, Hitter Cross 2, Attack chip 2

Black Storm Deck BKGatomon 3, Tsukaimon 3, Sharmamon 3 Stingmon 2, Devimon 2, Saberdramon 2 Megadramon 2, Phantomon 2 Networm,Black Digivice,UnInstall,Evil Program,Mega Hand,Cyber Parts,Hacking, Disrupt Ray, High Speed Disk 2

Toy Party Deck L-ToyAgumon 2, Hagurumon 4, ToyAgumon 2, ClearAgumon 2, Ve-Elecmon 2 Starmon 2, Thundermon 2, Rockmon 2 Giromon, MetalMamemon, Mamemon Whistle 2, Beam Gun 2, Silver Ball, Mystery egg, Stuffed animal 3

Jam Jam Deck ClearAgumon 3, Psychemon 3, ModokiBetamon 3 ShellNumemon 4, Numemon 3, Geremon 2 UnInstall 2, Rare Alter 2, Mystery egg 2, Cherrymon's Mist, Defense Disk circle

2, Defense Disk Triangle, Defense Disk cross 2

Hail King Sukamon L-ToyAgumon, ClearAgumon 3, Vi-Elecmon, Psychemon 3 PlatinumSukamon 2, Nanimon, Sukamon 4 Networm 3, Heap of Junk 2, Suka's Curse 4, Stuffed animal 3

Evil Fire Deck Candlemon 4, Tsukaimon 2, Dokunemmon 2, Aruraumon 2, Wormmon Flarerizamon 3, Stingmon 4, Darkrizamon 2 Vermilimon, Infermon, Phantomon 2 Darkness Alter 2, Special Digivolve 2, Speed Digivolve 2

Get Serious Deck Elecmon, Kunemon 3, DemiDevimon 2, Dokunemmon 3, Aruraumon 2, Wormmon Kuwagamon 2, Devidramon 2, Gururumon 2 SkullGreymon, WaruMonzaemon Hacking 2, Black Gear 2, Disrupt Ray 2, Attack Chip 2, Attack Disk Cross, Speed digivolve

Black Storm Again Deck BKGatomon 2, Tsukaimon 4, Sharmamon 3, Wormmon Stingmon 4, Devimon, Saberdramon 2 Megadramon 2, Phantomon 2 Networm, Black Digivice, UnInstall, Evil Program, Mega Hand, Cyber Parts, Hacking,

Disrupt Ray, High Speed disk

Evil Fire Revived Deck Candlemon 4, Tsukaimon 2, Dokunemmon, Aruraumon 2, Wormmon Flarerizamon 2, Stingmon 3, Darkrizamon 2 Vermilimon, Myotismon 2, Phantomon Darkness Altar 2, Miracle Ruby 2, ArmorCrush digivolve, Special Digivolve 2, Speed digivolve 2

Bad Luck Deck Gizamon 4, DemiDevimon 2, Dokunemmon 3, Wormmon Seadramon 2, IceDevimon, Stingmon 2, Devimon 3 WaruSeadramon 2, Megadramon 2, Phantomon Black Digivice, Fire Altar 2, Nature Altar 2, Rare Altar 2

Binding Chain Deck DemiDevimon 2, Kokuwamon 2, Tsukaimon 2, Sharmamon 4, Wormmon Stingmon 3, Wizardmon 2, Guardromon GrandKuwagamon 2, Infermon Black Digivice 2, Cherrymon's Mist 4, Black Gear 2, High Speed disk 2

Gate of Fire Deck Agumon 4, Candlemon 4, D-Otamamon 2 Monochromon 2, Centarumon 3, Piddomon 2, Akatorimon Meteormon 3 MEga Def. Disk Triangle 3, Mega Def. Disk Cross, Coral Charm 3

Greymon 2. Unimon 2. Angewomon 2 Patch of Love 3. Triangle Hitter. Hawkmon Veedramon 2. MoriShellmon 2 MagnaAngemon. Circle Hitter. Med. Attack Disk Circle 2 Bingo!! Deck Tentomon 3. Candlemon 2. Short Lance. Airdramon 3. Cyber Parts. Fire Spot 2 Evil Slayer Deck Tentomon 3. Veemon ExVeemon 3. Salamon 3. Floppy 3. Monochromon. Meramon. Liquid Crystal. Attack Chip 3. Gotsumon 3 Tyrannomon 4. Fire Spot 3. Drimogemon 2. Yanmamon 2 Sylphymon 2. D-Otamamon 2. MegaKabuterimon Networm. Elecmon 3. UnInstall. Tentomon 2. Cross Hitter Ready To Go Deck . Biyomon 3. Vegiemon 2 MasterTyrannomon 3. Palmon 3. Flarerizamon Paildramon 2. Deluxe Mushroom. Lucky Mushroom. Muchomon 2. Salamon 4 Angemon 4.Paleo-Energy Deck Agumon 3. Biyomon 2. Rec. MetalGreymon Mega Attack Chip. Pixiemon Premium Steak 3. Earth Charm 3 Fire Heart Deck Agumon 3.

Level Balacner 2. Yellow Digivice 2. Silver Ball 2. Specail Digivolve Slayer Deck Tentomon 3. Hagurumon 2. Floppy 2. Dark Bone. Jijimon Mega Rec. Elecmon 3 Veedramon 4. Level Manager 2. Salamon 4. ToyAgumon 2. Palmon. Leomon 3 AeroVeedramon 4 Whistle 2. Elecmon 3. Digimon analyzer 4. Unimon 2 MagnaAngemon 2. Gotsumon 4 . Sharmamon 3 Sorcerimon 2. Floppy 2. Liquid Crystal 2. Speed Digivolve Magic Strike Deck SnowAgumon 3. Airdramon 2. Wizardmon 4. Tsukaimon 2. WaruMonzaemon 2 Whistle. Soulmon BlueMeramon. Patamon Angemon 3. Salamon. Dark Lord's Cape. NiseDrimogemon 2. Warp Digivolve 2. Kokuwamon 2. ArmorCrush Digivolve. Miracle Ruby. High Speed Disk 2. Disk Circle. Armadillomon Ankylomon 3. Palmon 3. De-Armor Digivolve. Rec. Mega Def. MudFrigimon 2 Shakkoumon 2. Training manual 2 Wings of Hope Deck Tentomon 4. Digimon Grave 2. Hacking Cat Attack Deck Salamon 3. Angewomon Sup. ClearAgumon 2.L-ToyAgumon 3. Darkness Altar.

BKGatomon 4. SkullGreymon 2. Gatomon Birdramon R-Gatomon 3. Leomon 3. Dokunemmon 2 . Special Digivolve 2 Out of Control Deck Goburimon 3. Phantomon Warp Digivolve 4 Mega Shock Deck BKGatomon 2. Gotsumon 3. Pallmon 4. Attack chip 4 Ladies' Night Deck Biyomon. Saberdramon 4 Megadramon 4 Mega Hand 2. 2 Mutant Digivolve 2 Dark Digivolve Deck DemiDevimon 4. SnowGoburimon 3. Level Balancer 4. Salamon 4. Earth Charm 3. Speed Digivolve 2 Mega Giga Deck Agumon 3. Togemon 3 Rosemon. Attack chip 4. Dark Gear 2. Lillymon Whistle 2. Cross Hitter 3. Solarmon 2.R-Gatomon 4. Tsukaimon 4 Devidramon 4. Myotismon 2. Attack Disk Cross 2. Hagurumon 3 Mega Attack Chip. Kokuwamon 3. Mega Hand 2. Missile Pod 4. Tsukaimon 4. Aruraumon 4 VemonMyotismon. Sharmamon 3. Drimogemon 2 Chain Saw 2. Kokuwamon 4. Angewomon 2. Dokunemmon 4. Pink Digivice 2.

Birdramon. Goburimon 3 Aquilamon 2. Vegiemon Lillymon 2 Beetle Diamond 2. Candlemon 3. Kuwagamon 3. Mega Hand 2. Guardomon 3. Cross . IceDevimon Zudomon Circle Hitter 3. Revovery Floppy 3 First Attack Deck Biyomon 4. Level Booster 2. Birdramon 4. Elecmon 3. SnowAgumon Ikkakumon 4. Ninjamon 3. Gizamon 3. Soulmon Gigadramon 2. Speed Digivolve 2 Spiky Deck Palmon 4. Frigimon 3. Ice Crystal 3. Training Manual 2. Hacking 2 Anti-Fire Deck Gomamon 4. Beetle Diamond 2. Digimon Analyzer 2. Kunemon 34. Circle Hitter 2. Earth Charm 2. Kunemon 3 Kabuterimon 4. Megadramon 2 Giga Hand 2. Triangle Hitter 2. Tankmon 2 Garudamon 2 Shining Mane 2. Attack Disk Cross 2 Anti-A Deck Tentomon 4. Yanmamon MegaKabuterimon 2 Armor Clash 4. Chain Saw 2. Flarerizamon 3. Short Lance 2. Penguinmon 3. Gotsumon 3.

Kabuterimon MetalGreymon 4 Fire Spot 3.Hitter 2 Howl to the Moon Deck Gabumon 3. Special Digivolve 4. Aruraumon 4. Palmon. Recovery Floppy SEVEN Deck Agumon 4. Sup. Coliseum 4. Otamamon. Attack Disk Circle 2 Sickle Slayer Deck Tsukaimon 3. Metal Parts 2. Gururumon. Floppy 3. Gabumon. Attack Chip 2. Soulmon 3 Phantomon 4 Dark Bone 3. Rec. Penguinmon 3. Mutant Digivolve 2 Fighting Monsters Deck BKGatomon. Angemon. Attack Disk Cross 2 Mega Flood Deck . Tentomon. Icemon WereGarurumon Golden Banana 2. Fugamon Machinedramon. Rec. Biyomon. Floppy 3. Togemon. Sharmamon 4 Tuskmon 4. Ikkakumon. SnowAgumon 3 Garurumon 4. Med. Salamon Greymon. Garurumon. Birdramon. Cherrymon's Mist 2. SkullGreymon 2 Missile Pod 2. Hyogamon 2. Tsukaimon 3. Sharmamon 3 Bakemon 4. Gomamon.

Bakemon 2 VenomMyotismon 4 Devil's Chip 3. Warp Digivolve 2. Speed Digivolve 2 . Suka's Curse 4 Evil King Deck DemiDevimon 4. Frigimon 2. Special Digivolve 2 Cool Devil Deck Gizamon 2. Speed Digivolve 2 Battle Gear Deck Salamon 3. DemiDevimon 4. SnowGoburimon 4. Earth Charm 3. Dark Lord's Cape 2. SandYanmamon 2 MetalEtemon 3. SnowAgumon 2. Gizamon 3. Tuskmon 2. Drimogemon 2. BKGatomon 3. Patch of love 2. Metallic Banana 2. Etemon 2 Golden Banana 2.Penguinmon 3. Dark Hand 2. Dolphmon. Sharmamon Leomon 4. MudFrigimon 2. Vi-Elecmon 3. Tsukaimon 3 Devidramon 3. Ice Crystal 3. Black Gear 3. Psychemon 3 ShimaUnimon 2. Black Gear 3 Steel Gate Deck L-ToyAgumon 3. SnowGoburimon 3 Ikkakumon. Mojyamon 2 MegaSeadramon 4 Networm 4. Dokunemmon 2 IceDevimon 4. Elecmon 2. Gotsumon. Gururumon 3 Shining Mane 3. ArmorCrash 2. Devimon 4 Devil's Chip 2. BKGatomon 3.

Tuskmon 2. Rec. Solar 4. BKGatomon 3. D-Otamamon 2. Wizardmon 3. Candlemon 3. ArmorCrash 3. . Kokuwamon 3. Tekkamon. Muchomon 3. Med. Meramon. Circle Hitter 3 Rocket Bomb Deck Agumon. Attack Chip 2. Floppy 3. Lucky Mushroom 2. Candlemon 3 ExVeemon 4. Speed Digivolve 2 Digivolution! Deck Agumon 4. Recovery Floppy 3 Raiden Blade Deck Biyomon 3. Level Manager 3. Veemon ExVeemon 2. Speed Digivolve 4 Strong-V Deck Agumon 4. Biyomon 4.Dark Revival Deck DemiDevimon 4. Dark Hand 2. Birdramon 2 MetalGreymon 4 Fire Spot 2. BomberNanimon 4 Meteormon 2 Shining Mane 2. Greymon 2. Dark Lord's Cape 2. Apemon 2 Coliseum 3. Dokunemmon 2. Goburimon 2 Greymon 4. Muchomon 2. Bakemon 2 Myotismon 4 Devil's Chip 3. Tsukaimon 3 Devidramon 3. Recovery Floppy 2. Veemon ExVeemon 3. Flarerizamon.

Training Manual 4. Black Gear. Yanmamon 2 Sylphymon 3 Liquid Crystal 3. Hawkmon Veedramon 2. Vi-Elecmon 3. Rare Altar. Hawkmon R-Gatomon 2. Attack Disk Cross 2. Nature Altar. Hawkmon Aquilamon 2. Psychemon 2. Armadillomon Rockmon 4 Another Dimension 2. AeroVeedramon 2 Red Digivice 2. Training Manual 3. Airdramon 2. Lucky Mushroom 3. High Speed disk 2. Deluxe Mushroom 3. Airdramon 3. Salamon 3. Elecmon 3. Biyomon 4. Elecmon. Birdramon 2. Mutant Digivolve 2 Burning Love Deck Tentomon 3. Heap of Junk 3. Hagurumon 3. Stuffed Animal 2 . UnInstall 2. Digimon Analyzer 2. Tentomon 3. Partner Finder Storm Bringer Deck Solarmon.Beetle Diamond 3. Kunemon 2. De-Armor Digivolve. Togemon 1. Drimogemon 3 Fire Altar. Airdramon 3. Darkness Altar. De-Armor Digivolve Quick Draw Deck Salamon 4. Earth Charm 2. Digimon Grave 4. ArmorCrush Digivolve Mountain Crusher Deck L-ToyAgumon 2. Gotsumon 4. Yanmamon 2 Garudamon 2. Ice Altar.

Disk Cross 3 Mountain Crusher DX Deck L-ToyAgumon 2. Floppy 2. Hagurumon 3. Psychemon 2. Digimon Grave 4 Blitzkrieg Deck Hagurumon 4. Vi-Elecmon 2. MudFrigimon 2 Digitamamon 3 Mega Def. Heap of Junk 2. Rec. Networm 2. ClearAgumon 2. Mamemon 2 Special Digivolve 2. Nanimon 2 Giromon 2. UnInstall 2. Hagurumon 3. Disk circle 3. Mega Def. Chain Saw 2. Vi-Elecmon 2 Thundermon 4. Psychemon 3 Ankylomon 4. Speed Digivolve 2 . Armadillomon Rockmon 4 Shakkoumon 2 Shogun's Order 2. MetalMamemon 2. PlatinumSukamon 2. Floppy 3. SandYanmamon 2 Giromon 3 Mega Red. Starmon 2. Yellow Digivice. Thundermon 2. Mega Def. disk Triangle 3. Gotsumon 3. Beam Gun 2. ToyAgumon 4. Sup. ClearAgumon 3 Ninjamon 3. Stuffed Animal. Speed Digivolve 2 Bean Stalk Deck Tentomon 2.Rock Head Deck L-ToyAgumon 3. Vi-Elecmon 2.

Vi-Elecmon 4 Starmon 4. Sharmamon 3 Devidramon 2. Aruraumon 4 Bakemon 4. Tekkamon 2 SkullGreymon 4 Nature Altar 3. Heap of Junk 3. Speed Digivolve 2 Dancing Ghost Deck BKGatomon 3. Recovery Floppy 4 Devil's Call Deck DemiDevimon 4. Tsukaimon 4. Monzaemon Patch of Love 2. Rec. Patch of love 2. Med. Sharmamon 3 Devimon 3. Hagurumon 3. Floppy 3. Sup.Star Force Deck L-ToyAgumon 4. Flopppy. Digimon Grave 3 Dark Prince Deck DemiDevimon 3. Black Gear 2 Stealth Skull Deck DemiDevimon 4. Rec. Devimon 3 Myotismon 4 . Attack Chip 2. Devimon 4. Tsukaimon 3. Tsukaimon 3. Aruraumon 3 Wizardmon 4. Tsukaimon 3. Floppy 4. Silver Ball 2. Ogremon 2 SkullGreymon 2 Devil's Chip 4. Soulmon 4 Mega Rec. Ogremon 2. Drimogemon 4 SuperStarmon 4.

Salamon 2. Salamon 4. MagnaAngemon 2 Fire Spot 3. Sup. Floppy. Dark Bone. Rec. Miracle Ruby. Earth Charm 3. Warp Digivolve 2. Gotsumon 2. Gotsumon 3. De-Armor Digivolve. Dark Sevens. Palmon 2. Level Balancer 4. Shogun's Orders 2. ArmorCrush digivolve. Angemon 3 Meteormon 2. Drimogemon 2 MagnaAngemon 2 Whistle 2. Pink Digivice 2. Patamon Flarerizamon 3. Gatomon Leomon 3. Salamon 2. Recovery Floppy 4 Twin Meteor Deck Solarmon 3. . Mutant Digivolve Great Hope Deck Tentomon 4. Patamon Angemon 3. Patamon Green Digivice 4. Airdramon 2. Elecmon 2. Rec. Rosemon's Lure Friendly Deck Tentomon 2. Gotsumon 3. Med. Floppy 2. Palmon. Disrupt Ray 2. Cherrymon's Mist 2. Fake Sevens. Elecmon 3. Speed Digivolve Call of Destiny Deck Salamon 3. Earth Charm 4. D-Otamamon 2. Unimon 2 Seraphimon 2. Rec. Special Digivolve 2.Dark Lord's Cape 2. Kunemon 2. MagnaAngemon 2 Sup. High Speed Disk 2. Floppy 2.

Kunemon. Stingmon 3 HerculesKabuterimon 4. Kokuwamon 2. Coliseum 2. Sup. Gatomon Seadramon 2. Short Lance 2 Beetle Cross Deck Tentomon 3. Chain Saw 2. Shining Mane 2. Kuwagamon 2. Elecmon 3. Magnadramon 2 Coral Charm 2. Angemon 2. Ice crystal 2. Special Digivolve. Liquid crystal 2. Otamamon 2. Earth Charm 2. De-Armor digivolve Head-On Collision Deck Tentomon 4. Dokunemmon 2 Kabuterimon 2. Pink Digivice 2.Partner Finder. Partner Finder. Elecmon 3. MoriShellmon MarineAngemon 2. Salamon 3. Kunemon 3. Gatomon Airdramon 3. Mega Attack Chip. Drimogemon 2 Devil's Chip 1. Angewomon 2 Whistle 3. Rec. ArmorCrush digivolve. Missile Pod 2. Yanmamon. MegaKabuterimon Beetle Diamond 3. Metal Parts. Attack Chip 2 . Cyber Parts 2. Shellmon. Salamon 4. Attack chip 2 Divine Monster Deck Palmon 2. Unimon 3 Magnadramon 2. Floppy. De-Armor Digivolve Swirling Light Deck Betamon 3. Gotsumon 3 Togemon. Kuwagamon 4.

Biyomon 2 Greymon 4. Speed Digivolve 2 Go All The Way Deck Agumon 4. Centarumon 2 Paildramon 4 Circle Hitter 3. Tyrannomon WarGreymon 4. RealMetalGreymon 3 Shogun's Order 3. Cross Hitter 3. Fire Spot 2. Apemon 2. Biyomon 4. Sup. Recover Floppy 2. Birdramon 4 Garudamon 4 Premium Steak 4. Solarmon 4. Muchomon 3 Birdramon 4. Warp Digivolve 4 Three Signs Deck Agumon 4. Triangle Hitter 3. Solarmon 4. Muchomon 3.Fire Heart Deck Agumon 4. Reovery Floppy 4 Hyper Digivolution Deck Agumon 3. RealMetalGreymon Shining Mane 2. Biyomon 4 Aquilamon 3. Floppy 3. Disk Cross 2. Mega Def. Rec. Muchomon 2. Candlemon 2 Onmimon 1. Candlemon 3 ExVeemon 3. Biyomon 3. Speed digivolve 2 Sun's Gift Deck Agumon 3. Flarerizamon 2 . WarGreymon 3.

Gostumon 2. Gotsumon 2 R-Gatomon. Sukamon Lillymon 4 Shogun's Order 3. Partner Finder. Beetle Diamond 2. Speed Digivolve 3. Earth charm 2. Aruraumon 2. Betamon 3. Salamon 2. L-ToyAgumon 3 Gekomon 2. Pixiemon 2 Princess Deck Otamamon 3. Short lance 3. Shakkoumon Sup. Ice Crystal. Shellmon 2. Digi-devolve Ninja Deck Palmon 2. . Elecmon 2. Mystery Egg 3. Rec. Togemon 3. Numemon. Stuffed Animal Yellow Submarine Deck Gomamon 3. Floppy 3. Vi-Elecmon 3.Garudamon 4 Speed digivolve 2. High Speed Disk 2. Lillymon 4. Palmon 4. Special Digivolve 2 Flower Fairies Deck Tentomon 3. Ogremon. Ankylomon 3 Vikemon. MoriShellmon 3 Rosemon. Mutant Digivolve 2. Palmon 4. Togemon 4. Ninjamon 2. Armadillomon Ikkakumon 2. Warp Digivolve 2. Nanimon 3 Sylphymon 2 Shogun's Order 3. L-ToyAgumon. Hawkmon Ninjamon 3. ClearAgumon 2.

Sorcerimon 2. IceDevimon 2. Mojyamon 2 MarineAngemon 3. Chain Saw. Beam Gun. Hyogamon. Imperialdramon 3 Intercepting Traps Deck . Earth Charm 2. Icemon MetalSeadramon 4. WereGarurumon. SnowGoburimon 3 Garurumon 4. Wizardmon Zudomon 4 Giga Hand. Dolphmon 3. SnowGoburimon 4. MagnaAngemon Ice Crystal 2. Angemon 3 MetalSeadramon 4. Beetle Diamond 2. WereGarurumon Mega Attack Chip. Mega Hand. Short Lance 3 First Aid Deck Gomamon 4. Sharmamon 2 Ikkakumon 4. Betamon 4. Attack chip triangle Armed Deck Gomamon 4. Elecmon 3. Penguinmon 2. Armor Clash 2 Bonding Deck Gabumon 4. Missile Pod 2. Zudomon 2. Attack Chip circle 2. Mega Hand 2. Gizamon 3. Gotsumon Garurumon 4. Otamamon 3 Ikkakumon 3. Frigimon 2.ArmorCrush digivolve. High Speed Disk 2. Special digivolve 2 Shoot Everything! Deck Gabumon 4.

Kunemon 3 Garurumon 3.Tentomon 4. Unimon 2. High Speed Disk Divine Sword Deck Tentomon 2. Sup. Kunemon 3 Kabuterimon 4. Shining Mane 2. Partner Finder Black King Deck . Silver Ball. MoriShellmon Seraphimon. Pink digivice. Salamon 4. Training Manual 2. Palmon 3. Partner Finder 1. Gotsumon 3. Med. Patamon Angemon 4. Whistle. Rec. Kuwagamon 3 MegaKabuterimon 3 Digimon Analyzer 2. Patamon Airdramon 4. Data copy 2. Gotsumon 3. Kabuterimon 3. Rec. Floppy. Earth charm 3 Shining Goddess Deck Palmon 2. Hacking 2. Salamon 4. Drimogemon 3 MegaKabuterimon 4 Cross Hitter 4 Program Deck Tentomon 4. Miracle Ruby. Elecmon 3. Unimon 2 Angewomon 4 Golden Banana. MagnaAngemon 3 Patch of Love 3. Floppy 3. Deluxe Mushroom. Kuwagamon 3.

MudFrigimon 3 Puppetmon 4.DemiDevimon 2. Devidramon 2. Mega Def. MegaSeadramon. ToyAgumon 4. Speed Digivolve Rough Sea King Deck Betamon 3. Guardromon GranKuwagamon 3 Black Digivice 2. Tsukaimon 2. Silver Ball. disk Circle 3. L-ToyAgumon 3. Aruraumon 2. Tuskmon GranKuwagamon Networm 2. Gesomon 2. WaruSeadramon Mega Def. Speed Digivolve 2 Wormhole Deck DemiDevimon 2. Kokuwamon. Rockmon 3 . Otamamon 3 Seadramon 3. Mega Def. Monzaemon Heap of Junk 2. Sharmamon 4. Coelamon 2 MetalSeadramon 2. Beam Gun 2. Wizardmon 2. Gizamon 4. Cherrymon's Mist 4. Cross Hitter 2. High Speed Disk 2. ClearAgumon 3 Rockmon 4. Sharmamon 4. ArmorCrush Digivolve. Stuffed Animal 2 Machine Empire Deck Kokuwamon 4. Wormmon Stingmon 3. Dark Hand 2. Disk Triangle 3. disk Cross 3 Toy Castle Deck L-ToyAgumon 2. Mega Hand. Hagurumon 2. Wormmon Stingmon 3. Hagurumon 3 Guardromon 4.

Aruraumon 4 Devidramon 3. Digimon Analyzer. Palmon 3. Piedmon. De-Armor Digivolve Storm Tamer Deck Tentomon 4. Hacking 2. Puppetmon Dark Lord'd Cape 2. Machinedramon. Special Digivolve 3 Miracle Knight's Deck Agumon 4. ArmorCrush digivolve. Speed Digivolve Evil Flower Deck DemiDevimon 4. Airdramon. Hagurumon 4. UnInstall 2. Hacking. Stuffed Animal.Machinedramon 4. Candlemon 3. Hawkmon Veedramon 2. Cyber Parts 2. Tsukaimon 3. Andromon Missile Pod 2. Ice crystal. Gotsumon 2. Liquid Crystal 2. Guardromon 2. Black Gear 2. Partner Finder. Devimon 3 LadyDevimon 3 Networm 2. Ninjamon 2 Sylphymon 4 . Tekkamon 2. Piddomon 3 Paildramon 3 Whistle 2. Black Gear. ToyAgumon 3 Seadramon 2. Veemon ExVeemon. Biyomon 3. Short Lance 2 4 Strong Monsters Deck Gizamon. Monochromon. Rockmon 2 MetalSeadramon. High Speed Disk.

Heap of Junk 2. Salamon 4. Mega Def. Patamon Angemon 4. Soulmon 4. Rec. Sharmamon 4 Bakemon 2. Earth Charm 3. Vi-Elecmon 3. Rockmon 2. Floppy 3. Mystery Egg. Unimon 2. Silver ball Ancient Legend Deck L-ToyAgumon 4. Jijimon Dark Hand 2. Palmon 3. Aruraumon 4. disk Circle 2. Salamon 4. PlatinumSukamon 4 Infermon 4 Digimon Analyzer 4 . Miracle Ruby Heaven's Gate Deck Tentomon 2. Psychemon 3 Ankylomon 3. disk Cross 2 Armor Clash. Mega Def. Med. Cherrymon's Mist 2. Floppy 3. MagnaAngemon Green Digivice 3. Warp Digivolve 3 Divine Dragon Deck Palmon 2. MoriShellmon Seraphimon 3. Rec. Disk Triangle 2. MudFrigimon 2 Shakkoumon 3. Unimon 2 Magnadramon 4 Sup.Shogun's Order 2. Rare Altar 2. Elecmon 3. Mega Def. Recovery Floppy 2 Forever Increase Deck Kokuwamon 4. Gatomon Airdramon 4.

Mojyamon 2. Kokuwamon 4. Magnadramon Shogun's Order. Tentomon. Mystery Egg. Biyomon 2. Gotsumon. L-ToyAgumon 3. Aruraumon 4 Guardromon 3. Ice Crystal 2. Attack disk circle 4 Permafrost Deck Gomamon 3. Veemon ExVeemon 4. Ninjamon 2 Valkyrimon 4 Mega Def. Dark Hand 2. Armadillomon Ikkakumon 2. Beetle Diamond 2. Betamon 3. Seadramon 2.Time Bomb Deck BKGatomon 2. Partner Finder. Speed Digivolve 3 Invincible Emperor Deck Agumon 2. Rec. Tekkamon 3 Diaboromon 4 Shogun's Order 2. ArmorCrush Digivolve. Palmon. Gabumon. Gomamon 2. Special digivolve 3 Warrior Princess Deck Tentomon 4. Salamon. Speed Digivolve 2 Blue Star Red Moon Deck . Cherrymon's Mist 3. Floppy. Airdramon 3. Airdramon 2 Imperialdramon 3. Special Digivolve 2. Palmon 3. Hawkmon Veedramon 2. MetalSeadramon. Shakkoumon Sup. Disk Circle 4. Ankylomon 2 Vikemon 3.

WaruSeadramon 2 Mega Attack chip. Vegiemon 2. Dark Sevens. Candlemon 2 Greymon 4. Diaboromon. Speed Digivolve 2 Patriot Deck Gabumon 4. RedVegiemon . Omnimon2 2 Attack Chip 3. Penguinmon Greymon 4. Mystic Sevens. Kokuwamon 3. Akatorimon WarGreymon 4. Guardromon 2 Apokarimon 3. Muchomon. SnowGoburimon 3 Garurumon 4. Muchomon 4. Disk Cross 2. Gizamon 3. Apemon 2. Armor clash 2. Tsukaimon Devidramon 2. Download Digivolve. BKGatomon 3. Speed Sevens. Gabumon 4. Speed digivolve Black Fire Heart Deck Agumon 4. Gotsumon 3. Holy Sevens. Revover Floppy 3.Agumon 4. Missile Pod 2. Reverse Sevens. Zassomon 2. Aruraumon 3. Gigadramon Mega Def. Cherrymon's Mist 4. Special Digivolve 2 Desperate Space Deck DemiDevimon 3. Tuskmon 2. Vemon Myotismon Wild Sevens. Cherrymon's Mist 3 Rose Garden Deck Palmon 4. Grand Sevens. Solarmon 2 Togemon 2. Garuruomn 42. Sorcerimon 3 MetalSeadramon 3.

Goburimon 2. Mystic Sevens. Holy Sevens. Grand Sevens. Vademon NetWork 2. Cherrymon's Mist 4 Darkness Wave Deck DemiDevimon 4. VenomMyotismon Golden Banana. Floppy. Tekkamon Apokarimon 2. Salamon 4. Nanimon. Mega Rec. Cherrymon's Mist 2. Wild Sevens. Diaboromon. Speed Sevens. Reverse Sevens. Speed digivolve Red Deck Agumon 2. Short Lance 2. Mystery Egg 2. Kokuwamon 2. Tsukaimon 2 Veemon . Download Digivolve 2. Recovery Floppy 2.Rosemon 3 Earth Charm. BKGatomon 2. Attack Chip. Vegiemon 3 Pixiemon 4 Golden Banana 3. Drimogemon 2 Digitamamon 2. Vi-Elecmon 3. Kunemon 4 Kabuterimon 2. Attack disk Cross 2. Biyomon 2. BKGatomon 3 Guardromon 4. Kuwagamon 2. Cherrymon's Mist 4. Mutant Digivolve 2 Return Deck Tentomon 2. Muchomon. ModokiBetamon 4 ShellNumemon 2. Speed Digivolve 2 Who Are You? Deck L-ToyAgumon 3. Dark Sevens.

SnowGoburimon 2. Psychemon 2. Attack Chip 2. Attack disk Circle 2. Wormmon Gesomon 2. Recovery Floppy. Hawkmon Drimogemon 2. ShimaUnimon 2. Defense disk Cross . Goburimon 4 Birdramon 3. Salamon 2. Drimogemon 2 Stuffed Animal. Defense Disk Cross. Birdramon 2. Defense Disk Circle 2. Speed Digivolve Yellow Deck Gabumon 2. Kabuterimon 2.Tyrannomon 2. Attack disk Cross. Agumon 4. SnowAgumon 2. Gururumon 2. Speed Digivolve Green Deck Tentomon 2. Drimogemon 2. Kunemon 2. J-Mojyamon 2. Sharmamon. MudFrigimon 2 Recovery Floppy 2. MoriShellmon 2 Garudamon Recovery Floppy. Armadillomon Mojyamon 2. High Speed Disk. Disrupt Ray 2. Rockmon 2. L-ToyAgumon 2. IceDevimon 2. Shellmon 2. Hagurumon 2. Biyomon 4. SnowAgumon 2. Darkrizamon 2 Attack Chip 2. Speed digivolve Practice Deck Palmon 4. ModokiBetamon 2. Numemon 2. Guardromon 2. ClearAgumon. Gotsumon. Vegiemon 2. Saberdramon 2 Disrupt Ray 2. Otamamon 2. Devimon 2. Speed digivolve Shadra Deck Gizamon 2. Recovery Floppy 2. Dokunemmon 2. Psychemon 2. Defense disk Triangle. Vi-Elecmon 2. DemiDevimon 2. Kokuwamon 2. Flarerizamon 2.

com DzbLean for his help and just being a great friend Pagini for his Fusion guide Digimon Digital Card Battle: FAQ/Walkthrough by RYakuto Version 3. Last Updated 2002-09-26 View/Download Original File Hosted by GameFAQs Return to Digimon Digital Card Battle (PS) FAQs & Guides .7. Credits ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CJayC for his fantastic Site GameFaqs.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 8.

memilih Armadillomon sebagai pendamping. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Villageidiot906. mendapatkan kartu mitra di tangan pertama Anda.Anda harus menggunakan mereka semua sebagai dukungan atau DP (ini penting. Petunjuk: Mudah bonus super: Trik ini hanya bekerja ketika Anda bertengkar dengan Betamon. Kemudian. dan Flamedramon harus melakukan 1110 kerusakan. 19 April 2011 Cheat Digimon Card Battle Petunjuk: Demam HP Mudah: Pada awalnya. Gunakan Agumon. Anda kemudian akan mendapatkan HP Fever (1110). Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh DeathJeremy. menyembuhkan Digmon untuk 200 HP.Cheat dan Kode Rahasia Game Selasa. Pertama. Digivolve ke Vegiemon dan menggunakan Kartu Pemulihan Kecil Floppy. Jika Anda menang. Anda perlu . Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh goodstricks. tapi jangan Armor Digivolve. HP kemudian akan pergi ke 1110. dan ia menggunakan mengambil dek. mendapatkan serangan Flamedramon's Circle di 810. tidak pernah kehilangan kartu pasangan Anda. Anda akan mendapatkan lebih dari 30 poin. Ketika Anda mendapatkan Digi-Telur Pengetahuan dan memiliki HP Meningkatkan +100 Digi-Bagian. Jangan pernah membuang kartu . Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh SVB1115. Dapatkan Veemon sebagai mitra dan mendapatkan Digi-Telur Dari Keberanian. Gunakan pasangan Anda. Petunjuk: Mudah pengalaman: Fight dengan Betamon di kota pertama ketika ia menggunakan mengambil dek.

Mitra Win. semua? Serangan menang.mendapatkan kerugian tidak menang). Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh IIKousotsuII. Ketika Anda bertarung dengan lawan terakhir. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh goodstricks. Anda dapat dengan mudah memperoleh: 30 poin dari musuh Anda. No Win Digivolve. dan bonus super Anda 10 poin. Ini lebih dari 50 poin. Wiseman Tower. No Rugi Win. Pergi ke toko Fusion. gunakan berjudi atau kartu apa-apa. dia tidak memiliki kartu R atau C. Petunjuk: MarineAngemon: Pergi ke toko fusi. Untuk mendapatkan Imperialdramon. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh goodstricks. Fuse Piedmon dan MagnaAngemon. tetap menggunakan serangan yang sama. Petunjuk: Diaboromon: sekering Digitamamamon dengan Infermon. di mana Anda dapat Fuse apa-apa. Ultimate Tingkat Win (karena Betamon hanya menggunakan kartu tingkat U. tetapi ketika Anda yakin kemenangan Anda pada gilirannya itu. Anda harus sekering Paildramon dan Omnimon II. Petunjuk: Mudah Ultimates: Dapatkan untuk Dark City dan mengalahkan semua empat tahap Wormon. Petunjuk: Imperialdramon: Dapatkan ke kota terakhir. Segitiga atau X seperti yang Anda suka). Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh MGogeta1989. sehingga ia mudah). Anda akan mendapatkan paket dan Ultimate. Win Gamble Terakhir. Petunjuk: AreoVeedromon: Fuse Phoenixmon dan Veedmon. Tidak Buang. . Jika Anda mengikuti langkah-langkah. Membunuh dua musuh Anda dengan hanya menggunakan serangan yang sama (hanya Lingkaran. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Chris Irizarry.

Petunjuk: MasterTyrannomon: Fuse Andromon dengan baik Digitamamon atau Jijimon. Chip Devil's. Sekering WaruMonzaemon dengan Chip Attack Mega.Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Amoeba. atau Shining Mane. Tangan Giga. Petunjuk: Phoenixmon: Fuse Gigadramon dengan Golden Pisang. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Amoeba. Whistle. . Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Amoeba. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Amoeba. Petunjuk: MetalGarurmon: Fuse MetalSeadramon atau Omnimon II dengan Golden Pisang. Petunjuk: Paildramon: Fuse Exveemon dan Stingmon atau Shakkoumon dan WaruMonzaemon. Pergi ke toko fusi. Tangan Giga. Chip Devil's. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh superquang4. Metalik Pisang. Metalik Pisang. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh STheRocKSayS. Kemudian. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Amoeba. atau Shining Mane. sekering Metal Etemon dengan Angewomen untuk mendapatkan Piedmon. Whistle. Petunjuk: Piedmon: Fuse Andromon dengan Etemon untuk mendapatkan Metal Etemon.

Petunjuk: Vikemon: Fuse Shakkoumon dengan Zudomon. Metalik Pisang. . Petunjuk: WarGreymon: Fuse Shakkoumon dan WaruMonzaemon..Petunjuk: Rosemon: Fuse Myotismon dengan Lillymon. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Amoeba. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Villageidiot906. Petunjuk: Valkyrimon: Fuse Silpymon dengan Garudamon. atau Shining Mane. Fuse Imperialdramon atau Paildramon dengan Golden Pisang. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh goodstricks. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh superquang4. Chip Devil's. dibandingkan dengan Hawkmon dan dua Armadillomon's Telur. Petunjuk: Veemon: Pilih Veemon sebagai mitra jika Anda seorang pemula. Ia memiliki tiga Digi-Telur. Petunjuk: Seraphimon: Hanya sekering MagnaAngemon dengan Jijimon. Whistle. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh goodstricks. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh goodstricks. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh goodstricks dan Chris Irizarry . Tangan Giga.

Dia akan memberitahu Anda dia memiliki tongkat ajaib. Kartu Eja ArialVeedramon A-VEEDRAMON HereculesKabuterimon H-KBUTERIMON Jijimon JIJIMON Metal Etemon MTLETEMON Metal Garurumon MTLGARURUMON Omnimon (tipe api) Omnimon-1 Omnimon (jenis air) Omnimon-2 Piedmon PIEDMON . Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh lao wilpeter. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Amoeba. WingZero0957. dan Neetdetpurroc33. kemudian kembali ke Sky City. dan dia akan memberikan Card. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh IIKousotsuII. Petunjuk: Legendaris Collector judul: Kumpulkan semua Digi-bagian sebelum mengalahkan BlackWargreymon di Kota Pemula di Season 2. Petunjuk: Perfect Collector judul: Anda Naikkan kartu koleksi untuk 100% sebelum mengalahkan BlackWargreymon di Kota Pemula di Season 2. Petunjuk: mantra tongkat Wizardmon's: Berhasil menyelesaikan permainan.Petunjuk: WereGarurumon: bersama Lillymon dengan baik GranKuwagamon atau Diaboromon Fuse. Katakanlah mantra. di mana Anda berjuang Wizardmon. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh lao wilpeter.

Mencarinya dan menggunakannya sebagai kartu dukungan dengan Rookie dan HP akan beralih dengan Apokarimon atau menggunakan "Salin Data Card". Ketika Anda mendapatkan Mitra Finder. ia menerima kerusakan 990. Dia menipu dengan menggunakan download digivolve untuk digivolve ke Apokarimon. Memiliki kartu Hacking di geladak Anda. Anda akan harus berjuang Duelist kartu bernama "A". Jangan gunakan Digimon dengan O counter karena ia akan menggunakan serangan Segitiga dan menggunakan Grand Sevens (kalikan kekuatan serangan sendiri dengan kesehatan sendiri x 100). Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh SimonRoderick.VenomMyotismon VENOMMYOTIS Wargreymon Wargreymon Petunjuk: Mengalahkan "A" (Analogmon): Pada satu titik dalam permainan. kartu terkuat yang pernah. Apokarimon selalu akan menggunakan serangan Circle sampai serangan berhasil. Anda harus mengikuti strategi berikut. Ini adalah yang terakhir dan terkuat Boss. Dia kemudian akan menggunakan "Download Digivolve" kartu pilihan yang akan membuat dia digivolve ke Ultimate segera. Ini adalah salah satu battlers terberat di seluruh permainan. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Ian Kovich. Analogmon akan menggunakan semacam kode khusus dan akan mengirim semua kartu pasangan Anda ke bagian bawah dek. menggunakannya. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh BRANMAN190. Pastikan Anda memiliki Veemon dengan Digi-telurnya Keberanian siap. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh mesin perang. sehingga Anda melakukan serangan balasan. Pada awal pertempuran. Bila Anda memiliki pilihan serangan. Catatan: Dia hanya memiliki satu Apokarimon. Analogmon akan mengirimkan Demidevimon. Dalam rangka untuk menang. Dapatkan Digimon yang X serangan adalah O Untuk kartu Zero dan Mitra Finder. ia menjadi Apokarimon. X pilih. Ketika ia melakukan ini. Terus mengulangi teknik ini untuk mengalahkan Digimon pertama. dengan kekuatan serangan dari 990 dan HP hampir 3000. kartu terkuat. Catatan: Untuk mendapatkan Veemon pada awal pertempuran. Gunakan Digimon dengan O Untuk Zero dan tetap menggunakan X. atau dalam kasus lain. . Hanya ada satu cara mudah untuk mengalahkannya. Pada awal pertempuran. Analogmon. sengaja mengirim semua kartu Anda offline sampai Anda mendapatkan semua kartu pasangan Anda di tangan Anda. Bila Anda counter serangan Apokarimon's Circle. Veemon Pilih dan Armor-Digivolve untuk Flamedramon.

. Jika Anda beruntung. Sekitar tiga Bombernanimons. Masukkan kartu dengan serangan tinggi tetapi pertahanan yang rendah (setidaknya satu Hacking kartu). yang mengirimkan kartu sepuluh kembali ke dek online. pastikan Anda memiliki dek baik. Dengan Venomyotismon. Selain itu. Digimon berikutnya mungkin Guardromon seorang. Pastikan Anda memiliki empat dek Solarmons. Finish it off cepat. seperti mereka yang bermanfaat untuk dia dan buruk bagi Anda. Jika Anda menahan diri dari berjudi dan bermain dengan akal sehat. Pergi ke Infinity Tower dan menang di Battle Arena. kecelakaan di seluruh Aporkarimon. jika kalah sudah. A akan meminta anda untuk meng-upgrade dek Anda. Ini akan menyingkirkan 7s dan Apokarimon kedua. Arena akan dibuka lagi. cobalah untuk menggunakan kartu membuang daripada data-Menyalin atau Hacking sebagai Solarmon Anda akan mati pula. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Sho. berbicara dengan WereGarurumon. Setelah itu. satu ini mudah. Hal ini dikabarkan bahwa "A" 's Aporkarimon terus akan menggunakan Circle sampai berhasil. mengirim sebuah Bombernanimon yang dilemahkan oleh setengah dan masih menggunakannya untuk kecelakaan. Hal ini Apokarimon. setidaknya dua Hackings dan dua Data-Salinan. Pergi ke Toko Fusion dan sekering beberapa kartu. Hacking juga akan diperlukan.-Data Salinan dan membuang kartu. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Lance Putong. Heap dari Junk dan Digimon Makam juga sangat berguna ketika datang untuk menghancurkan dek s "A" 'sebelum dia menggunakan kartu. Pertempuran A dan waspadalah terhadap Digimon pertama. Jangan takut untuk membuat "A" membuang kartu dari tangannya dan dek online. Anda harus melalui kali Wiseman banyak Tower sebelum mengambil di Menara Infinity. Anda akan memiliki kartu Hacking. beberapa Biyomon Candlemon dan mungkin juga berguna. Setelah yang mampu melawan "A" di Arena Pertempuran. karena mereka dapat digantikan untuk Hackings. Menjadi hanya setengah-jalan melalui permainan. membangun dek Merah dengan banyak pilihan dan ofensif menggunakan fungsi auto-dek. Pada akhir s "A" 'dek. Selama pertempuran. Sebelum Anda pergi ke Infinity Tower. seperti data-Salin dan Hacking. yang kemungkinan besar akan sebuah Guardromon usang. jika Anda tidak memiliki Solarmon. Di sana. Jika itu tidak bekerja. mengirim semua tangan buruk kepada para membuang tumpukan sampai Anda mendapatkan salah satu dari empat Solarmon dan mendapatkan baik Datacopy atau Hacking. Pilihan seperti Suka Kutukan. Untuk menghancurkan Apokarimon. ia akan menggunakan kartu Reverse 7s Nya. counter O juga akan sangat membantu. s "A" 'kartu 7s akan berada dalam tumpukan tidak membuang lakukan. Dia akan memberikan kartu Hacking. Pergi ke Cafe Battle."A" (Analogman) adalah seorang hacker murah. Namun ini tidak menimbulkan ancaman karena ia harus berada di nya Digimon terakhir. Jam dengan cepat. Gunakan pilihan lebih. Kemudian. Anda tidak harus memiliki banyak penyembuhan atau kekuasaan kartu-kartu. waspadalah terhadap kartu Option. Digimon berikutnya mungkin VenomMyostimon.

Gunakan kemampuan Crash untuk Attack dan Salin Data untuk kartu Dukungan. dengan menggunakan serangan X akan dikalikan dengan tiga (780). Tidak masalah karena tidak akan tinggal lama. Rak naik 20 DP atau lebih jika perlu. menempatkan juara langsung dalam bermain di power setengah. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh mjwong. serangan Anda harus cocok dengan musuh HP. kemudian Digivolve ke Armor. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh SVB1115.. dan hanya mengumpulkan kartu air. Petunjuk: Es Digimon kerusakan dengan serangan X: Catatan: Hal ini berguna ketika berperang melawan Digimon Api. Anda harus sekering tipe Api dan? tipe. dan dengan efek Dukungan Ikkacomon untuk kalikan dengan tiga. maka menggunakan kartu dukungan yang akan mengubah serangan musuh terhadap X. Misalnya. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh lao wilpeter. Jika Anda ingin digivolve dalam akhir dari warna yang sama. Petunjuk: Digivolve langsung ke ultimate cepat: Anda membutuhkan Digivolve khusus . Petunjuk: Air khusus Digimon: Jika Anda mengkhususkan diri dalam Digimon Air khusus. kemudian gunakan trik berikut. Bahkan jika Anda hanya juara setengah daya. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh IIKousotsuII. jika serangan Tylomon adalah 260. Kemudian. memberikan serangan 2370.Pilih Digimon yang memiliki "X Counter" kemampuan. Gunakan digivolve khusus Anda dan berkembang ke setiap akhir. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Alkarys. Gunakan serangan X dan Ikkacomon digunakan sebagai kartu dukungan. Bila Anda sekering dua Kartu. Trik ini tidak akan bekerja dengan kecepatan digivolve atau kartu digivolve lain kecuali digivolve download. Untuk mendapatkan Air Tipe Card. Gunakan strategi ini untuk mengalahkan "A" Digimon yang memiliki "Crash" kemampuan dan Digimon balasan Anda akan membunuh mereka langsung. dibutuhkan kurang. atau Ultimate Ice Digimon yang X serangan memiliki "api X3". Champion. selalu akan keluar sebagai Tipe Air. Memiliki Ice Rookie Digimon di lapangan. .. utama Anda adalah pada kapasitas penuh. Petunjuk: Mengalahkan kartu Apakarimon: Dapatkan kartu dengan kemampuan Crash dan Data kartu Salin.

dan juga digivolve ke setiap tingkat termasuk R ~ R. dan Rosemon akan berada di sana. Ini adalah kartu pilihan terbaik digivolve dalam permainan. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh mesin perang. dan itu akan membaca "OK!". Gunakan ini. Bergantian. Sebagai Rookie. Pergi ke Beginner's City setelah mengalahkan Analogmon. Petunjuk: Download Digivolve: Digivolve tanpa DP. Petunjuk: Mitra menang: Memenangkan pertempuran dengan pasangan Digimon Anda. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh DigiTama21. pertimbangkan bahwa keberuntungan Digimon baik . Catatan: Jika Anda mengalahkan tingkat Ultimate dengan tingkat Rookie. digivolve ke tingkat Ultimate dan menang berkelahi. Anda harus memiliki Rookie tipe yang sama seperti U Anda akan Digivolve ke.mengalahkan tingkat Ultimate Digimon Digimon tampaknya membuat Anda lebih kuat. anda bisa warp Digivolve ke U mudah. dan jika Anda memiliki tingkat U di papan tulis. Petunjuk: Ultimate menang: Kekalahan tingkat Ultimate Digimon dengan tingkat yang Digimon Rookie. . Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh DarkFlame. Setelah Anda memiliki 40 DP. Mengalahkan dia di suatu tempat antara sepuluh sampai lima belas kali dan dia akan memberikan Digivolve Download. Petunjuk: Ultra daya: Gunakan kartu dengan serangan X unsur x3 terhadap jenis yang ditetapkan dalam efek. Gunakan serangan X. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Amoeba. menggunakan kekuatan serangan-up. melihat kartu Digivolve lusi. dan memiliki Sedikitnya 40 Digivolve Poin. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh IIKousotsuII. dan sebagai kartu dukungan.Petunjuk: Mudah cara untuk Digivolve ke U (Ultimate dan Mega): Anda harus memiliki Warp Digivolve Card.

Petunjuk: Menemukan Ken: Anda dapat melihat Ken di dua tempat. Juga di geladak menambahkan sebanyak Ultimates sebanyak mungkin. dan sekitar tiga dari setiap kartu Sevens. sebuah Digivolve Download. Sengaja membiarkan dua pemula lain untuk mati. Dia memiliki sekitar dua atau tiga Download Digivolves. kartu Gaurdromon. Masukkan satu Ultimate. dan pergi ke Cafe Battle. ia akan menarik Demidevimon. dan Ultimate dari spesialisasi yang sama. ia akan hack ke dek Anda dan mengirim mitra Anda ke bawah. dan dia akan memerangi kamu. dan kartu Sevens. Dia adalah kaisar. dua Apokarimon kartu. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Legomaniac1000. Kemudian. sebuah Apokarimon. Petunjuk: Mudah menang: Dapatkan Digivolve Download dan meletakkannya di dek. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Rick Beauregard. Dia akan mengirimkan nya Demidevimon dan Download Digivolve untuk Apokarimon. Yang kedua adalah pada Curam Road. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh jshills.Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh DigiTama21. Dia akan menggunakan lingkaran sekitar enam kali kemudian mulai menggunakan segitiga. kartu Demidevimon. Petunjuk: Digmon kartu: Untuk mendapatkan kartu Digmon. satu atau dua Venomyotismon kartu. Dukungan kartu pertamanya kemungkinan besar akan kartu terakhirnya di tangannya. kemudian digivolve ke Ultimate dan mengalahkan sisa Digimon-nya. Yang pertama adalah Dark City. Petunjuk: A deck: Ketika Anda pertempuran pertama A. pilih Armadillomon sebagai kartu mitra di awal permainan. Petunjuk: Comeback menang: Mulailah dengan Rookie. Ia baik dan akan meminta maaf kepada Anda. Saat Anda masuk ke Flame City. Pemenang. berhasil mengalahkan Veemon. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Ash_Girl_51. Terus gambar sampai Anda mendapatkan Digivolve Download. Bicaralah . Gunakan Download Digivolve dan Digivolve ke Ultimate.

dengan Davis dan dia akan memberikan kartu Digmon. pergi ke toko fusi. Kartu terkuat adalah Apokarimon. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh DigiTama21. dengan kekuatan serangan dari 990 dan HP hampir 3000. Gunakan bagian yang baik Digi padanya. Periksa Agumon tersebut. Petunjuk: Mudah Warp Digivolve kartu: Pergi ke Toko Fusion dan sekering Suka's kartu Kutukan dengan kartu Disk Mega Pertahanan Triangle. Mereka akan menjadi kartu pilihan. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh starcare. Petunjuk: Terkuat kartu: Kartu terkuat adalah Omegamon. Setelah itu. kekalahan Veemon di Flame Kota di arena. Petunjuk: 255 Agumon kartu untuk fusion: Untuk membuka Agumon tak pernah berakhir kartu yang muncul hanya di fusi. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh starcare. Anda harus memiliki kartu Agumon 255. menyimpan permainan Anda. Selanjutnya. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh DeathJeremy. mendapatkan 6 kartu Flarizamon dan 6 Darkizamon kartu. Catatan: Bila ini dilakukan dengan Veemon sebagai mitra. Kemudian. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Billy Bouton. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Marvin Cox. Petunjuk: Kartu kuat Terbanyak: Kartu yang paling kuat adalah Tingkat Mega. dan ia akan terkalahkan. Bagian belakang Omegamon memiliki dua meriam besar. Kartu baru akan menjadi Warp Digivolve kartu. Petunjuk: Mudah dan kartu Opsi awal: Ketika Anda memenangkan kota kedua dan Kartu Fusion menjadi tersedia memilih dua kartu dari jenis yang sama untuk memadukan. .

Grand Sevens: Nanimon Dark Sevens: Piedmon Kudus Sevens: Seraphimon Imperialdramon Mystic Sevens: Kari Kecepatan Sevens: Piximon Wild Sevens: Kebanyakan dari mereka harus dikalahkan enam hingga delapan kali. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh DnBDixon. The Sevens kartu efek adalah sebagai berikut. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Marvin Cox. Kembali Sevens mengambil sepuluh kartu dari tumpukan offline Anda dan menempatkan mereka di geladak Anda. Petunjuk: Mudah Mitra Finder kartu: Fuse Solarmon dan Candlemon. membuat-nya HP 10 Grand Sevens: Meningkatkan kekuatan serangan sendiri menurut jumlah HP Dark Sevens: Petunjuk: Deck Air Kuat: . serangan pertama. Petunjuk: Sevens kartu: Untuk mendapatkan kartu Sevens Anda harus pertempuran berikut. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh MW. The Return Sevens dapat diperoleh dari BKGarurumon di Igloo Kota.Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Marvin Cox. dan meningkatkan serangan 200 Mystic Sevens: dukungan Void lawan dan membuat serangan 0 Wild Sevens: Triples kekuatan serangan Anda Sevens Kudus: Sembuh 1000 HP Jika lawan HP kurang dari sendiri. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Legomaniac1000. Kembali Sevens: Membawa kartu sepuluh besar dalam tumpukan offline dan menempatkan mereka di tumpukan online Kecepatan Sevens: Membuat HP anda makan.

Jika Anda mendapatkan rendah di HP. Anda dapat meletakkan kartu pilihan yang lebih jika diinginkan. kecuali untuk mitra). Petunjuk: Kartu Paling kuat: Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Amoeba. lawan Anda akan memiliki waktu yang sulit KOing mereka. 5 C. dan serangan tidak terlalu rendah. Api: Imperdramon Es: Vikemon Alam: Valkyrimon Dark: Apakromon Langka: Puppetmon Petunjuk: Lebih baik kartu: Win arena tertentu berulang kali untuk mendapatkan kartu yang lebih baik setiap kali. Dengan menjaga air tinggi HP. Mengisi kartu sepuluh terakhir dengan item pemulihan (Memiliki Kecepatan Digivolve dan Warp Digivolve juga dianjurkan). kekalahan A (Analogmon). Catatan: Anda harus memiliki sekitar 24 tingkat U Digimon dalam strategi dek Anda. lalu memberikan semua kartu Anda dari file disalin ke file asli. Armor Digivolve dan mulai memenangkan beberapa putaran. Digivolve langsung ke tingkat U dan berpura-pura Anda "A". namun hanya dua atau tiga orang direkomendasikan. Digimon memiliki HP tinggi. Coba lakukan kali Wiseman arena beberapa Tower serta hal tongkat Wizardmon's. Infinite Tower. Salin permainan Anda ke kartu memori kedua. Catatan: ini tidak bekerja dengan kartu 7's. . Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Amoeba. Download Digivolve.Air mungkin adalah dek terbaik untuk dimiliki. 7 R. Petunjuk: dek Kuat: Gunakan trik berikut untuk mendapatkan dek begitu kuat bahwa adalah mungkin untuk memulai dengan tingkat U Digimon dengan kekuatan penuh di setiap pertandingan. Lalu. Masukkan sekitar dua puluh Digimon (disarankan 5 U. kekalahan Rosemon sekitar sebelas kali untuk mendapatkan Download Digivlove (area pertama. 3 RP) di geladak. Pemula City). dan Lure Rosemon's. Petunjuk: Double kartu anda: Trik ini membutuhkan dua kartu memori. DP tidak terlalu tinggi. Kemudian. Dia adalah di daerah ketiga. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh DeathJeremy. masukkan Digivolve Download dalam dek Anda. Jauhkan gambar kartu sampai Anda baik mendapatkan pasangan dengan telur Digi atau Download Digivolve P dengan Digi Eegg. ) Ut pasangan kartu di dek anda (untuk pengalaman) dan mendapatkan banyak tingkat U Digimon yang Anda bisa. terus menggambar sampai Anda mendapatkan Download Digivolve dan Digivolve ke tingkat U. Pasang level terkuat U Digimon di geladak Anda (tidak tingkat C atau R. Pertama.

Pertama. masukkan Exveemon dalam. Untuk melakukan ini Anda harus membuat sebuah dek yang berisi kartu berikut: 1 Gatomon (sudah harus memiliki digi kedua-telur yang akan memungkinkan dia untuk armordigivolve ke Tylomon) 1 Reverse Sevens 1 Kudus Sevens 1 Grand Sevens 4 Dark Bones 4 . Dia sekarang harus melompat untuk kekuatan penuh. Kembali Sevens dan Digimon dengan O counter. Exveemon. Wargreymon. dan menggunakan Digivolve Khusus untuk digivolve ke Megakabuterimon. Tipe tidak masalah. Anda memiliki tiga mitra. Hal ini sangat membantu untuk memiliki kartu pemulihan. karena kebanyakan dari mereka tidak memberikan DP (seperti Apokarimon dan Diaboromon). dan tiga Mutan Digivolves atau Digivolve Download (hanya dalam kasus). Hal terbaik untuk dilakukan adalah mendapatkan digiparts DP untuk mitra anda dan meningkatkan jumlah DP yang mereka berikan (misalnya. kembali 30DP dengan Garurumon. 30 poin). Kemudian. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Legomaniac1000. membuat dek dengan sekitar dua puluh Ultimates (tidak ada Juara atau Rookies). jika tangan Anda Digivolve Khusus. Memiliki empat Digivolves Khusus. kecuali dengan C. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Kozo simutanyi. Garurumon. Jika pertempuran cukup panjang dan hit poin cukup tinggi Anda akan mendapatkan bonus Kerusakan Demam. Catatan: Jangan gunakan Ultimates Dark terlalu banyak. bukan R. Gunakan ruang sepuluh tahun terakhir untuk pilihan dan Mutan Digivolves (Download Digivolve adalah opsional). dan Digivolves khusus. tetapi lebih sulit karena Anda tidak mendapatkan +20 DP. Ini adalah dek baik karena Anda dapat Mutan Digivolve antara Utimates. jika Anda menggunakan bagian 30 + DP akan memberikan 60 poin). Misalnya. Bekerja sama dengan Mutan Digivolves. Anda dapat menaruh apa pun yang Anda inginkan. 20. Isi sisanya dengan kartu pilihan. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Marvin Cox. Kerusakan tertinggi Digimon bisa lakukan adalah 9990.Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh MegaManEXE777. dan saldo tingkat C dan U. mendapatkan banyak kartu tingkat tertinggi. Hanya ada tiga digiparts yang meningkatkan DP (10. Masukkan sekitar empat digivolves Mutan dan menggunakan item pemulihan. Anda mungkin juga menginginkan Digivolve Armourcrush untuk mitra anda. karena Anda bisa terjebak dengan kartu bawah bertenaga. jika salah satu mitra Anda memberikan 30 DP. Petunjuk: Kerusakan bonus Demam: Masuk ke pertempuran diperpanjang. Ini harus sama dengan Tai (teruskan jalan) dek.

gunakan kemudian tekan X. kekalahan arena Battle.330 atau lebih. Juga. Petunjuk: Rosemon's Lure: Kalahkan Rosemon di Kota Beginner's. Hal ini diperlukan karena sebagian besar kartu Meramon's memiliki "Air Foe Kerusakan X3" kemampuan yang berbahaya untuk Tylomon karena khusus nya adalah Air. Petunjuk: Telur Digi Keajaiban: Dapatkan 300 + menang kemudian pergi ke Kota Pemula dan kekalahan BlackWargreymon.990).110 dan hits musuh. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh superquang4. Karena Tylomon memiliki "Fire Foe Kerusakan X3" kemampuan. maka pertempuran Meramon di warnet pertempuran. Petunjuk: Telur Digi Keberanian: Kekalahan Pemula Kota dan pindah ke Kota Flame. Ketika Tylomon HP dan kekuasaan X serangan total mencapai 3. Disket 4 Premium Steaks 4 Deluxe Jamur 4 Lucky Jamur Mega rec Floppy 3 3 kartu yang akan mengubah Tylomon khusus untuk khusus apapun. sebuah "Demam Kerusakan" akan terjadi ketika Digimon Anda memiliki kekuatan serangan dari 1.Med.330 atau lebih (3330 X 3 = 9. Gunakan kartu dukungan tersebut hingga HP-nya dan kekuatan serangan X total mencapai 3. yang harus Anda lakukan adalah menunggu Sevens Grand ditarik dari dek Anda. Pilih Gatomon. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Amoeba. maka baju besi-Digivolve dia ke Tylomon. Ia akan membalas Anda dengan Telur Digi Dari keberanian dan menjelaskan seni Armor Digivolving. Gatomon harus ditarik sebelum Sevens Grand atau Anda tidak dapat melakukan trik tersebut. tetapi juga akan terjadi saat musuh Anda menerima total 9. Lalu. Setelah Grand Sevens ada. Biasanya. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh lao wilpeter. Anda harus mengalahkan makan nya antara satu dan sepuluh kali. Kembali ke Cafe Battle dan berbicara dengan Davis. .990 eksplosif. kecuali Reverse Sevens digambar dengan dia. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Tom. Tylomon 's kekuatan serangan X akan menjadi 9. Dari sana. Pergi ke Flame Kota. jangan lupa untuk mengubah khusus Tylomon ketika Anda memiliki kesempatan. Rec.990 kerusakan. bicara padanya maka dia akan memberikan Telur Digi Keajaiban. gunakan Segitiga atau Circle untuk sekarang sementara nya HP dan X serangan total daya itu belum 3330. Pastikan untuk tetap total bahwa sementara menunggu Sevens Grand.

Petunjuk: Fusion Khusus: Fusion khusus seperti DNA Digivolve. Digimon Anda akan ditampilkan dalam di 03:42 Kirimkan Ini lewat Email BlogThis! . Bonus kartu (versi Jepang): Gunakan kartu memori dengan permainan diselamatkan dari Digimon World (versi Jepang) untuk memulai dengan kartu VeeDramon dan TrueMetalGreymon. serangan pertama". dan Kamakidkia. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh Chris. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh lao wilpeter. Lance Putong. Hal ini dieja sebagai "Digi-Sardnyx" bukan "Digi-Sardonyx". Ryan Farina. Diposkan oleh Fiqigamers. Glitch: misspelling: Melihat kartu # 280. Gatomon = Sylpymon WereGururmon + RealMetalGreymon = Omnimon II MetalGururmon + WarGreymon = Omnimon saya Angemon + Ankylomon = Shakkoumon Omnimon + Paildramon = Imperialdramon MagnaAngemon + Angewoman = Magnadramon MegaSeadramon + WaruSeadramon = MetalSeadramon LadyDevimon + Myotismon = VenomMyotismon Herculeskabuterimon + Brachiomon = Digitamamon Paildramon + Silphymon atau Silphymon + Shakkoumon = Infermon Vademon + MarineAngemon = SuperStarmon RealMetalgreymon + MetalEtemon = WereGarurumon Etemon + Andromon = Metaletemon Glitch: efek dukungan gagal Aquilamon's: efek dukungan Aquilamon adalah "Jika serangan sendiri adalah Segitiga. bahkan jika Anda memilih Segitiga akan selalu macet sebuah. Informasi dalam bagian ini disumbangkan oleh lao wilpeter. DarkWGMind. Ketika Anda menggabungkan mereka. Kyle Ewald. Namun. WaruMonzaemon + Monzaemon = Puppetmon Hereleskabuterimon + Megadramon = Grankuwagamon Stingmon + Exveemon = Paildramon Aquilamon + R.

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