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NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE School of Business Department of Marketing MKT3416 Business-to-Business Marketing Instructor: Associate Professor Lau

Geok Theng Office: BIZ1 Mochtar Riady Building 08-10 Tel: 6516-3179 Fax: 6779-5941 E-mail: Semesters II, 2011/2012


Course Objectives This course seeks to acquaint participants with the basic concepts, tools and frameworks in business-to-business marketing. Participants are exposed to the unique challenges in operating in the business market and provided with opportunities to carry out marketing analysis and to make marketing decisions in the business marketing context. This course will be taught in an application-oriented fashion. The various business marketing management concepts and principles will be taught through brief lectures, class discussions, class exercises and videos. The participants will learn how to make business marketing decisions, solve business marketing problems and develop business marketing plans through individual analysis, class discussion and group presentation of marketing cases as well as group involvement in a business marketing project. Required Text Lau Geok Theng, Business Marketing: An Asian Perspective, McGraw Hill, 2007. Reference Text Michael D. Hutt and Thomas W. Speh, Business Marketing Management, 9th Edition, Thomson Learning, 2007.


20.” Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. January-February 2002.0.” Harvard Business Review. 2009.00 sharp. 1. James A Narus and Wouter van Rossum. Analyse Case: Global Sources Ltd: The Evolution of 2 . “Industrial Buyers’ Influence Strategies: Buying Situation Differences. 15-22.” Harvard Business Review. Leonidou. 1. Chapter 1 Assignment 2 17 Jan Chapters 1 & 2 Leonidas C. Analyse Case: Optical Distortion (A). March 2006. 4 7 Feb 5 14 Feb Market Analysis Market Segmentation Chapters 3 & 4 Stanley F Slater and Eric M Olsen.” McKinsey Global Survey Results.Course Outline Session 1 10 Jan Topic Course Introduction. Anderson. Class Discussion. 2005. Chinese New Year 3 31 Jan Field Trip to Eurocopter South East Asia Value Assessment in Business to Business Market Wait at Mochtar Riady building basement pick up area at 12. “Business Marketing: Understand What Customers Value. Term Break 6 28 Feb Marketing Strategies and ECommerce in the Business Market. Case Analysis Introduction to Business Marketing Management.” November-December 1998. 33-42. pp. James C. James C. Anderson and James A Narus. Analyze Case: Vinraj Mini Tractor: Is Small Beautiful? Class Discussion. Business Buying Process and Behavior. “Customer Value Propositions in Business Markets. 45. Meeting with Eurocopter Management Staff Chapters 5 & 6 “How Companies are Benefiting from Web 2. “A Fresh Look at Industry and Market Analysis” Business Horizon.

10 27 Mar Negotiations in the Business Market. “Successful Industrial Service Pricing. and Kai Lugger. 11 3 Apr Managing Marketing Communications in the Business Market. 2011. p. 2009. Group Presentation III. Klaus Backhaus.” The McKinsey Quarterly. Group Presentation IV. April 2001. Sebenius. 2003.” Harvard Business Review. William K. 9 20 Mar Managing Channel and Sales Force Strategies and Decisions in the Business Market Chapter 9 & 10 John M Abele. 2-13. “3-D Negotiation: Playing the Whole Game. November 2003. pp. 86-97. James K. 40. Analyse Case: Atlantic Computer: A Bundle of Pricing Options Individual Assignment C. Budgets and Trends (http://www. Caesar and Roland H John. Chapter 8. Sebenius. Negotiation Exercise. David A Lax and James K. Group Presentation I. Chapter 11 B2B ContentMarketing: 2010 Benchmarks.contentmarketinginstitute. No 3. “Six Habits of Merely Effective Negotiators. Group Presentation II. Analyse Case: Microsoft’s Go-to-Market Strategy for Azure in India. Analyse Case: Cisco System: Managing the Go to Market Evolution Individual Assignment D.B2B. 2. Individual Assignment A.” Harvard Business Review.” Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. Individual Assignment B. “To Invest or Not to Invest in Brands? Drivers of Brand Relevance in B2B Market” Industrial Marketing Management. 1082-1092.pdf) 3 . Michael Steiner. “Rechanneling Sales. 24. 7 6 Mar Managing Product Strategies Chapter 7 and Decisions in the Business Market. 8 13 Mar Managing Pricing Strategies Chapter 8 and Decisions in the Business Market Kostis Indounas.

12 10 Apr Test 13 14 Apr (Sat) Eurocopter Project Presentation and Report Written Report Due Today Presentation by All Team Members (15 minutes) Formal Wear Required 4 . Group Presentation V. Individual Assignment E.Analyse Case: Cisco System: Launching the ASR1000 Series Router Using Social Media Marketing.

A-4. Please submit a hardcopy of your executive summary and your powerpoint notes [2 slides per page] before you make your presentation. whether the discussion is on topics or subject matters related to business marketing management. It will be open book. Participants will not be allowed to operate their notebooks. Taiwan. It is felt that participants will learn more by debating and examining issues and decisions in an active discussion format rather than passively listening to a lecturer.eurocoptersea. All computer notebooks should be kept closed in class. font size 12-points] during the class session when their assigned case will be discussed or presented. Group Case Presentation (15%) Students will be formed into groups of about four to six members each. Individual – Case Report (20%) Each student will be assigned a case. PDAs or other communication devices in class.Course Assessment Individual – Attendance and Class Participation (20%) Students are encouraged to participate actively in every class. All members must present. or on the analysis of marketing problems or recommendations on strategies represented in a case situation. 20 powerpoint slides]. Topic One: Developing the EMS Market in South-East Asia Is there an opportunity in the emergency medical services (EMS) market in South-East Asia? What is the existing market status? What are the business models applied (public. Please take notes by hand. Each group will be assigned a case and group members have to analyse their assigned case and submit a one-page executive summary of their key analysis and recommendations as well as give a presentation [maximum 20 minutes. Indonesia 5 . Individual – End of Term Test (20%) The test will consist of short essay questions. Group Projects (25%) Participants will be formed into groups of about four to six members They have to analyse the case assigned to them and submit a report [maximum 12 pages. Each group will be assigned one of the following topics related to the business of Eurocopter SE Asia (www. single-spacing. semi-public)? What types of aircrafts are being operated (rotary and/or fixed wings)? What are the different perspectives and constraints? What are your recommended strategies? What is the priority? How can Eurocopter develop and lobby this segment in the Philippines.

and Singapore? How can the company protect itself from competition? What would be the key factor for success? Topic Two: Singapore Market Eurocopter has established its South-East Asian headquarters in Singapore. The civilian market in Singapore is not developed yet. How do they address their high net worth individuals? How do they differentiate? What are the solutions that Eurocopter need to implement to be able to tap into this market with the best tools available? Provide your recommendations for approaching this high-end market and implementation plans. single-spacing. Different strategic local partnerships (PTDI. PT Dirgantara Indonesia) has been sealed. Despite our efforts. identify the viability of this market. A-4. commercial (tourism. 20 powerpoint slides] for the project. Considering the potential of Singapore as a hub and operating platform. 6 . partnerships. All members must present. What strategy would you recommend (business models. Each group has to submit a written report [maximum 25 pages. The first thoughts go to emergency medical services (EMS). What is wrong? How can we fix this situation? What can we do differently to revive customers’ engagement about the Eurocopter brand and products? Topic Four: Developing the Business and Private Segments in South-East Asia Eurocopter forecasts that 60% of its sales would come from the VIP segment. Only ST Aerospace is operating one Eurocopter’s light single engine EC120 B. ENG) and private segments. charter. our competitors are selling more aircrafts and gaining overall visibility in the country. etc)? Which of the above segment should be considered a priority? Who are or will be the likely players? What should be Eurocopter’s positioning? What are the constraints? Topic Three: How to Gain Visibility and Market Share in Indonesia Eurocopter has been established since 1998 in Jakarta. You are required to study three different luxury markets: car. Your recommendations should include the development of a showroom in Eurocopter’s facility and a mobile one as well. pilot harbour. yacht and private jet. font size 12-points] and give a presentation [maximum 15 minutes.

What are the key characteristics? Who are the customers? Who are the different players? What are the key success factors? Compare Vinraj’s mini-tractor with other similar offerings in the market. Vinraj Mini Tractor: Is Small Beautiful? 1. 3. what is the breakeven point? 2. What are its strengths and weaknesses? How would you segment and analyze the tractor market in India? Which segment should Vinraj target? What strategies should Vinraj pursue for the targeted segment? 2. Should Global Sources compete with them independently? Is there any opportunity for a buyout. . Global Sources Ltd: The Evolution of B2B 1. partnership. Examine the evolution of Global Sources over its 30-year history. etc? What will be the future online B2B landscape be like? What should be Global Sources’ strategies? 2. Microsoft’s Go-to-Market Strategy for Azure in India 1. Analyze the tractor market in India. What are the various distinct stages and how has its strategy developed over time? What is the company’s value proposition and what key factors determine its success? Analyze the five main online B2B models. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the offerings and what opportunities and threats are there? Should Microsoft launch Azure in India? Why? 7 2. 3. What customer value does the contact lens product for chicken provide to the farmers? What factors will influence the adoption of the product by the farmers? Will getting the farmers to adopt the product be an easy or difficult task? Why? How big is the potential market for this product? How can the market be segmented? Which segments should the company focus their efforts on? Why? What factors would you consider in the pricing decision for the product? What price would you set for the product? At the price you suggest. Examine the cloud computing market in India.Case Questions Optical Distortion (A) 1. 4. 3. What are their key challenges and attributes? Examine the competitors and the opportunities and threats posed by them. What are the opportunities and challenges? What are the different segments and what are the attractive aspects of each segment? Describe and evaluate Microsoft’s Azure offerings in India.

targeted customers and Ontario’s Zink’s senior management likely react to your recommended pricing strategy? Cisco System: Managing the Go to Market Evolution 1. What are the value propositions of the ASR1000? Who are the customers and what do you know about their characteristics and behavior? How will these two considerations affect the launch and communications of the new product? Examine and evaluate the campaign design. 3. What is your view of using a 100% digital and social media and leaving out the traditional print and television media? Evaluate the campaign goals and tactics. 2. should be adopted? Atlantic Computer: A Bundle of Pricing Options 1. What are the positive and negative aspects of the campaign? What lessons can be learnt for future similar campaigns? 2. Cadena’s sales force. Cisco System: Launching the ASR1000 Series Router Using Social Media Marketing. If Microsoft launch Azure in India. including pricing. what marketing strategies and marketing mix. 4. 3. Examine and evaluate the campaign execution and results. 1. How have Cisco’s channels evolved in the last 10 to 15 years? Why have they evolved that way? What does the future look like? What is your assessment of the pyramid model in Figure A of the case? How can this model be successful? How would you evaluate Cisco’s current channel system? What are some of the current problems? How can the current system be improved? How should Cisco distribute the VoIP products? Through voice VARs? Or data VARs? Or both? 3.3. 2. 8 . What factors influence the pricing decision for the Atlantic bundle (the new Tronn server and the PESA software tool)? What are the different pricing options available to Atlantic Computer and what are the advantages and disadvantages of these options? What pricing option and decision would you recommend? Why? What top line revenue implications will arise as a result of your recommended pricing strategy? How will Matzer.