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Evie in quantum world

Maria Camacho

Evie followed her sister inside the mansion by the marsh, feeling tired of walking so
much along the trail taking them to the unknown.
"I have something to show you," her sister Mary said.
She took something out of her bag, where she kept the food they might need in their
"You have a job to do," she said.
"I know," Evie said. "I have to clean the pantry, sweep the floor, wash the clothes..."
She saw the picture of a young man in the pendant her sister held in front of her, his
dark eyes looking at her from somewhere in time.
"You have to find him," her sister Mary said.
She got a booklet from inside her bag, full of words and pictures of a place they had
never seen.
"You must go to the parallel realities," Mary said.
Evie shrugged. "They don't exist."
Her sister showed her pictures of strangers wearing odd clothes in a land far from
You have to go there," Mary said.
"Why don't you do it?"
"The lord of the land has chosen you."
Evie followed her sister along the corridor, thinking of the Lord of the land picking
her for the adventure to another country.
"You must come back before midnight, Mary said. Ill be waiting for you by the
Piccadilly lights.
Rose studied the man in the pendant, with his aquiline nose and dark hair, just like the
pictures of men she had seen in the school.
This is the way to the other realms, her sister led her through the labyrinth. The
mirrors will get you there.
I have done this before, Evie said.
Her sister took a booklet out of her bag, showing them how to collapse the realities to
take them to the other lands.
"They have guns," Mary said. "They kill people with them."
"It's awful."
Evie listened to the things her sister said of that other world beyond the mirror.
The rules of nature keep everything under control, Mary said
Dont they fail sometimes? Evie asked.
I can show you the equations, her sister said.

She took a notebook out of her bag, filled with numbers and letters about the
Evie shrugged. They are just numbers.
The laws of nature are constant, her sister said. Otherwise we would live in a
Evie studied the face of the young man with dark eyes and nice face, looking at her
from the dimensions of time.
Who is it? she asked.
"Nobody knows." Mary said. "Our Lord wants you to go there."
A bat flew by their faces, reminding them of the things the mansion could have in
store for them.
Men dont exist in this reality, Evie said.
"They finished a few centuries ago," Mary said.
Evie thought of the miracle of their birth with the female sperm their elders had stored
somewhere in the city.
"Some of us are clones," her sister said. "And our Lord's sperm has sired the rest."
I have never seen him, Evie said.
"We were conceived in one of the sperm banks existing in the world," Mary said.
Its confusing, Evie said.
You must concentrate in your journey, her sister said.
Reality split every time they blinked and infinity lied at the end of the ride, like it said
in the mathematical formulas their teacher had taught them in the school.
Is another one of me going to the dimensions? Evie asked.
The equations suggest that, her sister said.
Its complicated, Evie said.
She thought of her mission in time, while following her sister through the building.
Dont forget the medallion, her sister interrupted. Never take it off..
I am afraid, Evie said.
Her sister led her through a passageway, a few windows disrupting the darkness
around them, as the corridor finished by a door.
This must be it, she said.
They found a chamber full of mirrors, their images multiplying a few hundred times in
the reflections around them.
That reminds me of our multiplicity, Mary said.
I dont understand, Evie said.
Shut your eyes, her sister said. And think of nothing.

Evie found herself in the darkness, the surface of unreality clouding her world, her
sisters words interrupting the emptiness around her.
Touch the mirror, her sister said.
A ray of light shone amidst the continuum of time, when she touched the surface of
the glass.
Go on, her sister said. Dont collapse the wave.
Evie had gone closer to the mirror, her breathing getting together with the molecules
in the glass, while waiting for something to happen.
I cant do it, she said.
You mustn't stop the wave function, her sister pushed her towards the glass.
How am I supposed to do it?
Think of nothing.
Evie found darkness on opening her eyes and her sister had disappeared.
The mirrors had gone and a few things occupied the space where her sister had been
before, the sound of footsteps disturbing her thoughts of life and death far from home.
Someone with dark eyes, odd clothes and a strong body came in the room. It had to be a
man, like the ones she had seen in the comic magazines of her realm.
Is anyone there? he asked in one of those old languages she had learned in the
She confronted the apparition beyond reality, after buttoning the dress she had
borrowed from some of the things she had found in the closet.
Im Evie, she said.
The man jumped at the sound of her voice, as if he had never seen a girl in the world
he inhabited.
Has the job centre sent you? he asked.
Mmm, she said.
Ill show you around then.
He took her to a glowing screen with letters and numbers, surrounded by a few other
things she had never seen in her life, even though her grandmother had a crystal ball to
call the spirits of the departed.
You will be my secretary, he interrupted her thoughts.
A secretary had to be someone looking after the screen, according to what he told her
to do with her time. Then he showed her a white box by the wall.
You can keep your food in the fridge, he said.
That word meant nothing to Evie, who kept her food in the pantry her mother had in
some other plane of probability.

I must talk to you, she said.
We can do that during our lunch break, he said.
Evie imagined breaking the lunch, according to his words, instead of not collapsing
the wave function, the way they had taught her in the school.
I havent introduced myself properly, he said. My name is Peter.
Nice to meet you, she said.
Evie had so many things to tell him, within the fractal world of her thoughts and
Im here on a mission, she said.
He shrugged. You can start by looking at your files.
What files? she asked.
The ones in the computer.
After activating some things the Lord of the land had implanted in her brain when she
had been a baby, she understood the writing and numbers in the screen.
I must kiss you first, she said.
Peter stopped organising the papers in a drawer, letting a few things fall to the floor.
I like you, she said.
Evie had to take him back to her land, according to what her sister had told her in the
hall of mirrors.
I must kiss you now, she said.
Oh, he said.
His lips responded to her caresses, the noise of the cars interrupting her thoughts about
What is that? she looked at the traffic outside the window.
They are cars, he said.
We have horses in my world, she said.
You must come from somewhere exciting.
Evie had to take the young man back to her fractal line of reality, even if it meant
changing the flow of time around her.
Peter disentangled himself from her arms, looking flustered.
This is a set up, he said.
We must stop collapsing the wave of probabilities, she said.
He shook his head. You are mad.
Evie kissed him again, the light of the sun coming through the window making a
rainbow on the floor.
You have the wrong place, he said. This is a publishers office.

I dont understand, she said.
We publish books.
Evie thought of the books in her house, while he talked of his job writing novels.
You must come with me, she said. "My sister is waiting somewhere in time."
You are from another planet, he said.
We must stop the wave function, she said.
I dont understand.
Something doesnt exist if no one looks at it, she said.
You like science fiction, he said.
And observation collapses the wave.
She held his hands, looking into his eyes the way her sister had told her to do in
another reality.
Let's stop the wave collapsing, she said.
She found a mirror he had on the wall, similar to the ones distorting space and time.
This will have to do, she said.
I dont think the agency sent you, he said. You are an intruder.
Shut your eyes, she said. And think of nothing.
She kissed him, while touching the mirror and trying to remember the words her sister
had told her to say.
Man, she said.
The world fell at their feet, waves of probably competing with each other to get to
their fractal lines of time, as Evie found herself in the hall of mirrors and looking at the
picture of the young man in her pendant.
You have to find him, her sister Mary said.

The end