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-Documentary Film EssaysIn the spirit of free speech and a healthy free flow of information.

Compiled 1- 2012

Due to the decrease over the last ten years of open and free investigative journalism in the main stream media, independent social, political and environmental documentary films have burst on to the scene to fill the missing void. This list of recent documentary films is an attempt to act as a counter weight to what main stream media finds either offensive or just not profitable enough to report on or cover. • •

Some links may be old and disconnected. If films will not link and play hold the “Ctrl” key and click left mouse button on the link.

Main Documentary Sites:

Specific Documentaries: The Media: Orwell Rolls in His Grave 3) Fox Spin http :// Hacking Democracy Social Issues: The Century of the Self (In 4 parts) A must see Voter Gate Manufacturing Consent .youtube. Big Business Unprecedented Daniel Ellsberg on “Occupy” movement The Secret Government – PBS – Bill Moyers http://www.php?filmID=43&lan=undefined&size=undefined Rupert Murdoch scandal http ://www.php?filmID=87&lan=en&size=big Spin Out Foxed 1) News Report Propaganda and the Silence of Writers (John Pilger) History of Human Experimentation (History Channel) http://thoughtmaybe. The PR work of Edward Bernays 2) News Report Big Brother.

youtube. Food: Scientist Under Attack (Trailer only) Big Sugar http://topdocumentaryfilms. .com/the-cost-of-a-coke/ The world according to Monsanto The Cost of Coke Naomi Wolf – The closing down of an open Poison Fire Conspiracy of Silence (this is relevant to the current Penn State sex scandal) The Trap (Three parts) David Vs Monsanto The Slow Poisoning of India Environment: Silent Spring – Rachel Carson (6 parts) The Future of Food King Corn Food Patent for a Pig http://topdocumentaryfilms. http://www.

com/chernobyl-heart/ An Inconvenient Truth DDT is good for Who Killed the Honey Bee http://thoughtmaybe. so they Chernobyl Heart Silence of the Bees .com/hot-planet/ Toxic Sludge is good for you! http://www.pbs.The Cove (Preview only) Hot Planet .com/the-fight-for-water/ Flow – For Love of Water A World With Out Water http://documentaryheaven. The Battle of Chernobyl Science Under attack Main feature: Blue Gold The Fight For Water http://documentaryheaven.

com/the-secret-of-oz/ .com/big-bucks-big-pharma-marketing-disease-pushing-drugs/ Marketing of Madness – are we all insane http://topdocumentaryfilms. big Pharma Sicko Prescription for Disaster Psychiatry: An Industry of Death The fall of Lehman Brothers http://topdocumentaryfilms.php?filmID=363&lan=en&size=big Making a Killing – Psychotropic Drugs The Secret of Oz The tobacco conspiracy Big Dead Wrong Who Killed The Electric Car? (1 of 10) Enron: The smartest guys in the room Triangle Fire 1911 The History of Asbestos Economics: The Corporations http://www.

com/energy-war/ Crude Awakening Fuel Peak Oil Explained Oil Reserves – Dr Colin Campbell – Geologist http://www.Wal-Mart the high cost of low prices The Money Masters The Diamond Empire – Frontline General Motors History – “Taken for a ride” The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil http://thoughtmaybe. Smoke and Mirrors http://topdocumentaryfilms.PBS Oil Production Has Peaked Energy War Blind Spot Fossil fuel Issues – The Concept of “Peak Oil”: Peak Oil – Aron Wissner Santa’s Workshop The Light Bulb Conspiracy – Planned Obsolescence 2) Facts On Fracking – Dr Tony Ingraffea from Cornell (The best orientation to fracking) Hearts and Minds Occupation: Dreamland . War: Eisenhower Speech 1961 – Warns us of the “military industrial complex”.contentBody “Collapse” by Michael Rupert (His conclusions are very radical and controversial not to Why We Fight Bush’s War Crude – Charges against Chevron for polluting Ecuador http://www. very disturbing – could things really get this bad? – the worst case?) The Fog of War (Robert McNamara) -A Must See Gas Drilling – Hydro fracking or “Fracking” in Pennsylvania and the mid west: 1) Gasland – Deep gas extraction “Fracking” in Pennsylvania and the mid west.The Oil Factor 3) Faults With Fracking – James Northrup The Spill – Deepwater Horizon Explosion The Spill (Interview with Mark Williams) 4) Gas Fracking – James Northrup http://www. Control Room The Wounded Platoon The New American Century The Dark Side Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers War Made Easy .pbs.php?filmID=110 Daniel Ellsberg Chaney’s Law Year Zero – The Silent Death of Cambodia (John Pilger) http://topdocumentaryfilms.Venezuela (John Pilger) Braking The Silence: Truth and lies in the war on terror (John Pilger) The Trials of Henry Kissinger Promo The road to Guantanamo War by Other Means (John Pilger) Uncovered – The War on Iraq The War on Democracy .

com/watch?v=aOIPGRUL1CU Set 3 -The incident videohttp://www. He is one of the finest and one of the last in the line of free independent On his site click on the button “Watch all John Pilger’s films here” http://www. Now that big net work news very rarely engages in true open investigative journalism John Pilger’s documentaries are all the more John Pilger: Website A film journalist from AustraliaHe has been covering our wars from the 70’s in Vietnam to the present..johnpilger.Bradley Manning http://www.Set 1 .com/ JWL .com/video/the-war-you-dont-see Set 2 .The War You Don’t See (John Pilger) http://thoughtmaybe.