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d' x d h 0.87fyAs 0.




0.405 b x fcu



b h fAs fAs' fy fyv fcu cbottom ctop d d' K K'

400 8085 10 10 500 500 40 35 35 8045 40 0.0000 0.156

mm mm mm mm N/mm2 N/mm2 N/mm2 mm mm mm mm


34.61977 kNm 500 kN

sv fAsv

650 mm 16 mm

Please note: in the direction of the span, sv should not exceed 0.75d. At right angles to the span, horizontal spacing should be such that no longitudinal tension bar is more than 150mm from a vertical leg of a link; this spacing should not exceed d in any case.

Made using cover. Can be modified manually Made using cover. Can be modified manually

Assuming <10% redistribution

0.0000 < 0.156 Hence no compression reinforcement is required

z 0.95d As As' top mat bottom mat v gm 100As/bvd 400/d fcu/25^(1/3) vc

7642.75 7642.75 10 N/R 0 1 0.16 1.25 0.000 1.000 1.169607095 0.05 5.0 239.08 2

mm mm mm2 mm2 10 10 N/mm2 (not to be more than 3) (not to be less than 1) (not more than 40N/mm2) N/mm N/mm2 min of 0.8fcu^0.5 mm2 16 mm links

where no compression reinforcement is required compression reinf where compression reinforcement is required tension reinf mm bars mm bars

also modified for concrete grade or 5

Asv links

Note: for bent up bars; review BS8110