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Issue #1Fitting in our finances

The KEY RING is a monthly publication by the Kampala Baptist Church Mens Ministry that seeks to provide an avenue where men can share knowledge and understanding of the word of God, experiences, encourage one another as the older men also perform the act of paralambano to the younger men. Our prayer is that the Lord will speak to you through these publications.

February 2012
Interviewee: Robert Kanyiike Occupation: Laboratory Technician Marital Status: Single
Did you make any financial resolutions at the start of this year? I did not make any because in 2008 during medical week, there was a gentle man who talked to us about how to manage finances . Since then I know what to do with my money and besides I dont always have a lot of money on me to spend (laughs) What if you were to a make a resolution what would it be? To be careful how I spend my money. I think it is irresponsible to spend just because you have the money or you want to please other people. Does being single have any financial advantages? None that I can think of; life is boring when you dont have responsibilities What do you think of the current economic times for Uganda? Economically, Uganda at the moment is bad news. And what are the implications of these bad news times? Back then I would go out with buddies whenever I wanted but now salary comes in when there are all these bills waiting to be cleared. I also cant give my mother money as much as I would have loved to. So what adjustments have you made to help you cope with these tough times? Am generally an indoor person (always at home most of the time) and that has helped me not to spend a lot. I would have loved to spend more but there is no money.
life is boring when you dont have responsibilities

Interviewee: Roger Nkalubo Occupation: Interior Designer Marital Status: Married

One time in a fellowship and you put your request in for a wife, it is now over 5 years since, how is it like being married? Am getting used to living with and caring for another person having lived alone for many years but also it is true, what they say; women are different from men! There must have been some shocks and pressures, what were they? I must say that most came in when the children came. They come with their own financial needs that must be met sometimes at the expense of one time I bought this thing mine or my wifes (Benna). And if the money did not without asking, hmmm, it was come in well that month and the children needed something, then I really felt the strain. I must thank God an interesting experience though that even when things were extremely hard and tough, we did not go out to steal and He has still provided Besides youre immediate family, do you have any other obligations? I have siblings and so does Benna, and some of them are still in school. So the new deal is that when some of my siblings ask me for money, I have to ask Benna first to ensure fairness and say my siblings asked for money for something this month and got it, next month Bennas will get priority or something like that, depending on the urgency of the need Any adjustments you have had to make? One was the acquisition of our own home so we can cut out the rent costs. Also we chose to forego certain things like using gas on things that take long to get ready. How does that feel? Sometimes it is really painful and sometimes a lot of money goes into buying a sack of charcoal and even then we cannot meet our monthly budget. So you budget? The budget was kind of a tricky thing because the income was not really stable, but now even Benna is working and her income is more stable. I have to be sensitive to what I need and what is good for my family. When a need arises, I consult with my wife and we see what we can do. Basically prioritisingyou know, one time I bought this thing without asking, hmmm, it was an interesting experience. Have you made any adjustments? Well, it was hard, but buying the property that we are now in really helped especially now that we dont have to pay rent. What has been your motivation in making all these adjustments concerning your finances? I have particular people who inspire me. I want to have financial freedom. I want my business to get better. I also take time to consult with other people about how they manage their affairs. It helps to realise that you are not alone. And one big thing is that God has provided

So is the indoor personality is more of a survival technique? Yes (laughs)

What about you walking to work, is that also an adjustment strategy? I walk because it is very cheap and convenient for me. If am to take a taxi from Full Gospel church to Wandegeya that would cost me 500/- and yet I have to get out and get another taxi to Mulago which would be another 500/-. So for me it is very ridiculous and yet my work place (Mulago Hospital) is only a few meters from home (Nakulabye) so I would rather walk. What about the boda-bodas; they wouldnt be ridiculous because you would make only one trip? I dont like boda-bodas because they have injured so many people. So you have never used them? No I have but before I take any boda-boda, the boda-man and I have to agree on terms of service for which any violation from the boda-boda man means no pay for him. So how much do you save in a day by walking to work? I save about 2500/- a day (50,000 - in a month with 20 working days). What has been your motivation in making all these adjustments ? I dont want to bother anyone with my needs or fail to pay my bills. I want to be at peace and so I live within my minimum. Any final words to the men? Be yourself; dont let anyone push you into spending on anything because having the money today doesnt guarantee its availability tomorrow. Also let us all be responsible. If you came to church to ask for Gods intervention in your finances, dont fail to come back to thank Him and continue serving him.

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There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no one independence quite so important, as living within your means. Calvin Coolidge

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