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PREFACE Management Science is very highly a practical oriented program. Theories learned in classroom are applied in the market. That is why reports and assignment are essential and integral part of this programme. The research reports are the core activity in the subject of “Business Research Method”. Through this research report, we collect the different facts and figures, which enhance our knowledge about marketing environment in Pakistan specifically and work market generally. Report writing helps the student to get acquainted with actual working atmosphere, and requirements, so they may fully fit to enter the practical completing. M.Sc Accounting & Finance. We have tried our best to compile the same in the report, which we observed and learnt during our Research Program on “Marketing Comparison Of Packed Milk & Fresh Milk In Multan City”. Chapter # 1 INTRODUCTION


After the world war 2nd, industrial development accelerated ampliphicatedly in multidimensional all over the world especially in America and Western Europe. In the race of industrial tremendous development although industrial products based on modulated and sophisticated technology, received the bright concentration of the industrial nations, yet consumer products also caught the attraction of particular group of manufactures seeking profit orientation vide satisfaction. Agriculture being the vocation of the majority was considered the genuine industry to be technologies worldwide. So this recognized phenomenon amplified the agro-based industry astonishingly and unprecedented during the last three decades. As the marketoriented concept of business and trade holds the popular and attractive vase behind the process of manufacturing consumer goods, the progressive businessman to explore new fields, and niches resulting in consumer satisfaction do always efforts. This enchanting and fascinating process of exploration and Research was basic factor, which brought about the origin and innovation of milk industry to meet some unsatisfied needs of milk- consumer. It is an accepted fact the milk from the very origin of man’s life on the earth, has been the most likely and captivating food its energetic qualities. In the early days, milk could be easily managed and availed. But with the industrial growth, population explosion, change in life style, above all over, increasing consumption of the meats of milk generating cattle and their evacuation from cities caused the problems of milk scarcity and unavailability at its unprecedented and gravity level, especially, in the big crowded cities. To meet this milk scarcity problems, powder milk was launched into market but it could not achieve the real target despite its propagation and advertisement of its hygienic effects and still the need of fresh and natural milk were felt among the consumer. Realizing this very need and same other socio-psychological factors e.g. Its purchase without any pot; tetra-pack mils was introduced and expectedly it captured a reasonable market share not only at its starting period but it always on the paths of increase and growth. Still there is bright prospectus for this product to maximize its position in the growing markets of big cities. Currently there are two main brands serving the marketassociated with Tetra Brick, Aseptic Tetra pack. Firstly, Nestle milk pack processed and

aseptically packed by nestle milk pack limited, 308 Upper Mall, Lahore. Under license of society dues products, Nestle S.A very-Switzerland, trade marks owners. Second one is HALEEB & Dairy Queen standardized Milk, processed and Aseptically packed by Chaudhry Foods Ltd. 135 Feroze Pur Road, Lahore. There are many other brands. Chapter # 2 PROCESS OF PACKED MILK PROCESS OF PACKED MILK Packed milk is a processed milk. We collect milk from the approved dairy farms and process it keeping the highest standards. Many people doubt that packed milk is made of chemicals or its proceeds synthetically but it is a quite misleading conception. MILK COLLECTION The method adopted in collection of milk from dairies is, to only collect milk from the approved suppliers who are running their cattle farms in accordance with the prescribed standards. The temperature is maintained at 80C without adding ice. The chiller containers are especially cleaned before milk is stored in them. This milk is then transported to the factory. FACTORY RECEPTION As soon as milk reaches the factory reception the qualified chemists and microbiologists for conducting a series of tests once again test it. This enables us to mark the milk confirming it to be international standards.

PROCESS The milk is then pasteurized at 780C killing 98% germs / bacteria. The milk after pasteurization is then standardized as prescribed by the Pakistan Pure Food Laws at 35% fats and 8.9% SNF (Solid Non-Fats). This process makes it a premium quality product.

This process makes every drop of Haleeb milk highly nutritional. All other brands in Pakistan use the direct method of heating by injecting steam in the milk. This is what makes Haleeb the “thickest milk” SKIMS MILK There are mainly two types of milk powders. full cream and skimmed.STANDARDIZATION Standardization is a process in which the excess fats and SNF’s are removed from the milk in order to achieve the standard of 3. where – as indirect heating in fact evaporates water from the milk. which is 200 times smaller than its actual size.fat milk powder: .5% Fat and 8. By applying this enormous pressure the entire cream mixes in the milk. BENEFITS OF SKIMMED MILK Researched all over the world have identified the following benefits of using low. SKIMZ is a skimmed milk powder. milk is passed through 200 Bars of pressure. which in turn kills all the bacteria. energy giving and homogeneous to the other parts.9% SNF as prescribed by the Pakistan.5 microns. the milk passes through 140 C in 3 seconds and then cooled up immediately to 20 C with in the next 5 seconds. on boiling Haleeb does not accumulate cream on its top like ordinary milk. These ads water contents in milk. which in turn breaks each cell to 0. In this process. This is fate most sophisticated and advanced process being adopted throughout the world. HOMOGENIZATION Homogenization is a process in which all the cream in the milk is mixed. Full cream powder contains 28% fat. At dairies we use the indirect method of HUT and milk is heated by steam passing through stainless steel pipes. whereas SKIMS as compared to full cream milk powder. That is why. UHT By means of this process.

Besides the investment. making it more “ instant”. -High protein content helps strengthen and builds muscles. Was established in 1981. It is then spray dried. All fat is removed from the milk and water is evaporated from it under vacuum. has a very narrow and segmented food industry. Chapter # 3 MARKETING OF MILK NESTLE MILK LTD. and to preserve its freshness and flavor. -Low fat milk helps in reducing the Alzheimer’s disease. -Low fat milk can reduce the risk of intestinal cancer.-Low cholesterol content helps prevent high blood pressure and various cardiac disorders. The product is then packed in aluminum foil to protect it from bacteria. It is pasteurized to kill all pathogenic bacteria. -Low fat content helps you stay smart. As a result of the joint venture between Nestle-S.A and Milk pack Limited. INTRODUCTION OF THE COMPANY Nestle Milk Pak Ltd. Spray drying increases the quality of solubility of milk powder. -High calcium content prevents Osteoporosis (deterioration of bone mass) especially in women after menopause. .It has also invested vast resources in people and developed a well-trained industries work force. heat and light. Pakistan. HOW IS SKIMS PRODUCED? Milk is collected from the best available sources. this joint venture has helped Nestle Milkpak Ltd to acquire the equipment. at present. transfer of latest food technology .

There for it has tremendous untapped potential. and much of its activities are focused on introducing new food products to the customer. that can be maximized by developing new food concepts. MILK RELATED PRODUCT LINE OF NESTLE MILKPAK Nido Milkpak Chocolates Lactogen Nes Cafe Select Neslac NESCAFE CLASSIC Ness Café 3 in 1 Nescafe Frothe Every day Tea Whitener Cereal Wheat Cerlac Fruit Cerlac Honey Cerlac Banana Cerlac Rice Milo . rather than concentrating on gaining market share in existing categories. Nestle Milkpak Ltd. has aimed to do just that.

The company purchased the plant form Holland and installed it near Bhai Phero. which is certified by ISO. Marketing department. Production department Quality increase department Repair department Engineering department . and has ISO 9002 certificate for Haleeb.Desi Ghee Cream Butter Butter Skotch CHAUDHRY FOODS LTD. One of the directors is chosen as the chairman of Board of Directors. Chaudhray Food Limited is the only food company in Pakistan. was established in1984 and started its production in 1987. The company has several departments as. Over all management of Choudhry Foods ( Pvt.) Ltd. At the main office management is totally under the administration and supervision of the chief executive. is run by a Board of Directors. Finance department. It was setup with the financial aid of PICIC (Pakistan industrial Credit & investment Corporation) and ADBP (Agriculture Development Bank of Pakistan). INTRODUCTION OF THE COMPANY Chauhdry Foods Ltd. The Head office of the company is situated at Ferozepur road Lahore.

MILK RELATED PRODUCT LINE OF CHAUDHRY DAIRIES LTD. Mainly the question lies who our customer is and where they are located? What they want? And what price they are willing to pay for our product? The question is how to reach them? This task involves the establishment of strategy covering channels of distributions and physical distribution of the product. Health of well being the consumer sets the future prosperity and performance of business. If the good are properly channeled and sold to consumer the activity of the production begins to cease. consumer is the most important figure. Haleeb milk Nova Milk ( Low fats milk) Skimming milk powder Skims yogurt Candia Skims Dairy Queen Chapter # 04 CHANNEL OF DISTRIBUTION In the business world. AVAILABLE CHANNELS FOR TETRA PACK MILK LONG CHAIN .

but it is economical in the sense that it’s quantity required to make a certain number of tea cups is half of that of fresh milk. taste.MEDIUM CHAIN Chapter # 05 THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK AND METHODOLOGY PROBLEM STATEMENT To what extent. . people are responding towering towards the packed milk? The superiority of packed milk is in the areas of hygiene. convenience. Price of packed milk is though higher. nourishment and affordable price.

taste and nourishment the variable of primary interest or the dependent variable is “ preference for the type of milk”. HYPOTHESIS: Ho = Fresh milk is preferred over packed milk. Why is this so? Problem is to be defined and investigation is to be carried out that whether fresh milk is really preferred over packed milk or not and what could be the possible reasons for it. price. Hi = Packed milk is preferred over fresh milk. Based on the observations. The independent variables influencing are below: Quality Price Hygiene Taste Nourishment Income .We have observed that in spite of these facts. hygiene. low price. THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK The theoretical framework developed is as follow: People prefer fresh milk. the most important variables in comparison of fresh and packed milk are quality. most of the families prefer fresh milk. free from germs and good taste. because of its easy availability.

Most of families may strongly believe that the independent variables are in favor of a certain kind of milk. We focused our attention on the following points: . 3) These questions were about knowledge of the residence and their monthly income. However. consumer behavior about the packed milk. After deciding what should be asked. First. To find out whether as to the advertisement affects the preference of people regarding the packed milk or not. OBJECTIVES OF THE RESEARCH The objective of the research is: To find out whether as to the consumers prefer fresh milk over packed milk or not and find out the possible causes for it. but they will surely prefer the one they can afford. We have also tried my best that the wording of the question should be simple and easily understandable 2) Our questionnaire required two types of information. we have considered the factors given hereunder: 1) Relevancy and accuracy of the question was considered as the first important objective. QUESTION DESIGN We question consists of the following items In question design process. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Tools of research use for the data collection will be personal interviewing and questionnaire and secondary data as well.The most influencing factor is the income of families.

POPULATION A complete group of entities shares some common set of characteristics. -Question sequence should be logical. We read some pages or lines or related topic of the research and selected the Sampling Techniques. The population of our research was the total population of Multan City. SAMPLING UNIT A single element or group of element subject to the selection in the sample in case of this research-sampling unit was selected respondents. -Question wording should be easy. SAMPLING The process of using a small number of items or parts of the whole population to make conclusions about the whole population. . SAMPLES A sample is a subset or some part of a large population. SAMPLING TECHNIQUES OF THE RESEARCH What do we mean by sampling is the use of simple random technique of sampling. -Personal question and question that are more interesting an easier to consumer. -Question should be pure of complexity and ambiguity. In research 250 respondents were selected by me to represent the sample.-Question contents should be relevant and accurate. While selecting a book. -Open – ended question were asked.

Gulgasht 50 New Multan 50 Mumtazabad 50 Nishter Road / Chungi No. The areas. SAMPLING INTERVAL Sampling interval is the number of population elements amongst the units selected for the sample.1 50 Cantt: 50 Total:. which were selected by us for the purpose of the study. in order to represent the consumer behavior of all income classes. We have selected six areas of Multan City. QUOTA SAMPLING A non-probability sampling procedure that insures certain characteristics of a population sample represent the exact extent that the investigator desires. We have chosen the same number of respondents to be included in my sample. So. SYSTEMATIC SAMPLING A sampling procedure in which an initial starting point is selected by a random process and then every number on the list is selected.250 . are under.e. under which We applied quota sampling and probability sampling by means of which We applied systematic sampling. from each of selected areas.SAMPLING TECHNIQUES APPLIED We select non probability sampling techniques. The selected areas were equal representation i.

1. We gained confidence in making queries.We interviewed the people at their home. Chapter # 06 ANALYSIS & RESULTS Q. We assured the respondents that their response would be kept confidential. SAMPLE SIZE SELECTION The selection of sample size proves to be the most difficult job while you are going to get the information from the people. We selected those people who were willing to answer the question. As no previous research done by us.4% 100% Total . We filled in the questionnaire and some questionnaires were distributed to the people and were collected after two or three days.6% 12.No. We have taken sample size of 250. But after some time. What type of milk do you use? Answer – Analysis Category Packed Fresh Both Frequency 10 209 31 250 Frequency in % 4% 83. so in experience become a problem to get the response from the people. The reason behind this selection is that in such type of informal studies that is enough number of samples to get the conclusion.

What are the basis of your preference? Answer – Analysis Preference Price Quality Availability Taste Frequency of Respondents 54 115 24 47 240 Frequency in % 2. we can conclude that majority of people use fresh milk.5 % preferred due to the price. Q. 2.Interpretation: The purpose of asking question was just to know the type of milk.5 answered because of taste and 10. No. packed) and 4 % respondents replied that they use packed milk. Fresh Milk: Q. 12.5% 100% Total:- Interpretation: The purpose of this question was to know that what are preferences in the use of Fresh milk.6 % respondents replied that they use fresh milk. Who much quantity of milk do you use daily? Answer – Analysis . 22. Table shows that 48 % respondents replied that they prefer Fresh milk due to the quality. being used by the people.4% respondents answered that they use both (fresh.55% 48% 10% 19. No. 19.3.00% replied due to availability. About 83. So.

4 %. Is the fresh Milk available on credit? Answer – Analysis Category Yes No Frequency of Respondents Frequency in % 192 80% 48 20 % 240 100. The remaining percentage out of 100 is used the fresh milk daily 6-5. About 24 % respondents replied that the quantity of fresh milk use a day 3-4 Kg. Q. 11-12 and the percentage that is 8 % .00 .No. 9-10. 7-8.Quantity 0 to 2 3 to 4 5 to 6 7 to 8 9 to 10 11 to 12 Frequency of Respondent 143 57 20 10 7 3 240 Frequency % 60 % 24% 8% 4% 3% 1% 100% Total:Interpretation: This question is designed to know the quantity used of fresh milk daily in the home. The minimum quantity was reply one kg and maximum quantity use daily is 12 kg. 4. 60 % people response 0-2 kg quantity of fresh milk in a day. 3 % and 1% respectively.

Mostly. NO. 80 % respondents replied in positive.weeks 4-m weeks Total: Frequency of Respondents 30 162 192 Frequency in % 16% 84 % 100% Interpretation: This question relates with previous question No. Q. the peoples make payments of fresh milk after a month. NO. Q.00 .Total:. whereas 20% responded in negative. Only 16 % replied as two weeks.5% 100. 84 % respondent replied as four weeks. Interpretation: The purpose of putting this question was that as to whether the fresh milk is available on credit. then for how many weeks? Answer – Analysis Category 2. 4 that long fresh milk is purchased on credit. Which shows a monthly based credit purchase of fresh milk. 5 If yes.5% 25% 2. 6 For which purpose the fresh milk is used? Description of Use Drinking Tea Yogurt Total: Frequency of Respondents 174 60 6 240 Frequency in % 72.

Hence. 25 % replied for tea and only 2.Interpretation The purpose of asking this question was to know that for which purpose the fresh milk is used. Q. 7 Are the prices lof packed Milk affordable? Answer – Analysis Category Yes No Total:. shows that 72. Frequency of Respondents 19 22 41 Frequency in % 46% 54 % 100% Interpretation: The purpose of asking this question was to know that whether the prices of packed milk are affordable. No. 54 % respondents replied that the prices of packed milk are not affordable.No.5 % reply for yogurt. Packed Milk: Q. The fresh milk does not fulfill our needs.5% respondents replied the use of fresh milk for drinking. we purchase the packed milk. 46 % respondents replied that the prices of packed milk are affordable. 8 what do you think about the availability of packed milk? Answer – Analysis Category Frequency of Respondents Frequency in % .

00 . 85 % respondents replied that the packed milk is available near the residence. Only 15 % respondents replied away from the residence.Near the Residence Away the Residence Total:. No. 35 6 41 85% 15% 100% Interpretation: This question was asked to know whether packed milk is easily available. 9 what are the basis of your preference? Answer – Analysis Preference Price Quality Availability Taste Total:Frequency of Respondents 3 6 10 22 41 Frequency in % 7% 15% 24 % 54% 100. Q. near the residence or away from the residence.

00 Interpretation: The purpose of asking this question was to know that for what purpose the packed milk is used.Interpretation: The purpose of designing this question with a view to know that what are the basis preference to use the packed milk. Table shows that 51% repondents replied that they use the packed milk for tea. 11 Which quantity of packed milk do you buy? Answer . And 49% for drinking. 7% preferred due to its price. No. Table shows that 54% respondents replied that they prefer packed milk due to its taste. Q. Q. 24% answered due to availability and 15% replied due to quality. 10 For which purpose the packed milk is used? Answer Analysis Description of Use Drinking Tea Sweets Total:Frequency of Respondents 20 21 00 41 Frequency in % 49% 51% 00 % 100. No.

No. 44% people replied in positive. l3 Which brand of packed milk do you prefer? Answer – Analysis Category Haleeb Milk Pack Every Day Daily Queen Total:Frequency of Respondents 8 10 7 16 41 Frequency in % 20% 24% 17 % 41 % 100.00 . Q.Interpretation: The purpose of this question was to know that which quantity of packed milk does a person buy only 10 respondents replied that the minimum quantity of packed of packed milk ½ Kg and the maximum quantity of packed milk 2 Kg.00 Interpretation: The purpose of this question was to know that what role the advertisement has played in the introduction of packed milk. they buy. No. Q. 12 How you started using packed milk as to whether due to advertisement? Answer – Analysis Category Yes No Total:Frequency of Respondents 18 23 41 Frequency in % 44% 56% 100. About 56 % respondents replied in negative.

00 . Q. No. And 41% Dairy Queen. the people believe on the mother feed for the infants. Q. 14 Has any doctor recommended the use of packed milk for your infants? Answer – Analysis Category Yes No Total:Frequency of Respondents 3 38 41 Frequency in % 7% 93% 100. No. majority of the people prefer the brand of packed milk “Dairy Queen”. So. 15 Which milk is more hygienic? Answer – Analysis Category Packed Milk Fresh Milk Total Frequency of Respondents 100 150 250 Frequency in % 40% 60% 100.Interpretation: This question was asked to know which brand of packed milk peoples prefer. About 20 % people answered that in favor of brand “ Haleeb” 24 % respondents answered in favor of “Milk Pack” and only 17% respondents answered in the favor of brand every day or other packed milk. So.00 Interpretation: This question was asked to know that which packed milk is used for the infants recommended by doctor. 93 % respondents replied in negative.

No. 16 Which milk is good for Tea Answer – Analysis Category Packed Milk Fresh Milk Total Frequency of Respondents 40 210 250 Frequency in % 16% 84% 100. Q.Interpretation: The purpose of asking this question was to know that what type of milk is more hygienic 60 % respondents replied in favor of the fresh milk. So. While 40% respondents replied in favor of packed milk. the fresh milk is considered to be more hygienic after boiling.00 Interpretation: .

Master and Middle respectively.No. the majority of people like fresh milk for tea as compared to the packed milk. No.2% the qualification of other were Primary. 84 % respondents replied in favor of fresh milk for tea. 17 You education please? Answer – Analysis Category Primary Middle Matriculate F.8 people responded that they are professional like Doctor/ Lawyer whereas 8% and 7. 18 How many family members do you have? Answer – Analysis Category 1 to 2 3 to 4 5 to 6 7 to 8 Frequency of Respondents 31 48 68 38 Frequency in % 12.8% 8% 100. “ Matriculation” and “Graduation” are greater in number than other.The purpose of asking this question was to know that what type of milk is better for tea. 24% respondents replied that they are Graduates. So. So. Q.00 Interpretation: This question was designed to know that our respondents are how much educated. 36 % respondents replied that they are Matriculates. PERSONAL QUESTIONS Q.2% .2% 27.2% 15.A Graduation Doctor/ Lawyer Master Total Frequency of Respondents 25 18 90 15 60 22 20 250 Frequency in % 10% 72% 36% 6% 24% 8. 16 % respondents replied that the packed milk is better for tea. 6% respondents replied that they had complete their education up to F.A 8.4% 19.

2 %. 11-12. So. 5001-10000. 19.4%. 10.8% respondents replied that their income is between Rs. it has been observed that.7-8. 19 Your family income please? Answer – Analysis Category 0001 to 5000 5001 to 10000 10001 to 15000 15001 to 20000 20001 to 25000 Total Frequency of Respondents 27 48 68 38 25 250 Frequency in % 10.00 Interpretation: The purpose of asking this question was to know that income level of the family of respondents.2%. 12%. 10%. majority of the family’s income lies in Rs. respondents replied that their family comprise 3-4.8 %. most of family have 5-6 member as compared to others. 18% and 2.4% and 4%.9 to10 11 to 12 131 to 14 Total:- 25 30 10 250 10% 12% 4% 100. CONCLUSION From the research conducted. 27.15001-20000 and 2001-25000 per month respectively. 12. So. 5001-10000 per month.8% 100.4% 18% 102% 2. The response reveals that the respondents have minimum two family members and maximum fourteen family members. NO. 9-10.10001-15000. 12. 15. 00015000. 1-2 and 13-14 respectively.8% 56.00 Interpretation: The purpose of asking lthis question was to know the knowledge of family members of the respondents. Q.2% people reply that they have 56 members of their family. . 58 % people replied that their income falls Rs.

6. About 56% families. the following tables depicts etc. Whereas. Also. 5. 2.00% People using packed milk along with fresh milk 100. and 51% for making tea.1. 3.’ fresh milk is preferred over packed milk.5 % for drinking and 25% for making tea. About 83. who use packed milk just use 49% it for drinking. they use 72.6% people use only fresh milk l whereas only 4% people use packed milk. have awareness of advertisements of packed milk. the method used by us to calculate the educational score is quite tricky. All families are aware of the advertisement of packed milk. We have observe that basically it is the quality and the high cost. Its difficult to determine how educated a family is? Moreover. who use fresh milk.00% 00 00 100. and it is difficult to fix parameter of educated family. 4. Therefore. There is no signification relation between the use of packed milk and fresh milk. various results: . The following table summarizes the usage rate for people who use fresh milk alone. Usage 0-2 Liters 3-4-2 Liters >4 Liters Total:People using fresh milk alone 60 % 24 % 16 % 100. The influence on purchasing decision of the people after watching the advertisement is not much. The rest of people use both packed and fresh milk. the relationship of education with use of packed milk is not very strong. and people who use packed milk along with fresh milk.00% 7. who don’t use packed milk at all. it is more desirable for the purpose of making tea. As compare to people. 9. is accepted on the basis of results. 8. mostly purchase from doorstep Same is the case with those people who use both fresh and packed milk. Those people. In case of those people. the hypothesis stated earlier. Usage pattern of the people does not seem to affect the purchasing decision in case of packed milk. which makes the packed milk undesirable for drinking. While considering the importance of various factors. i.e. who purchase fresh milk.

As compare to the people.51% 7% Quality 48% 15% Availability 10% 24% Taste 19. However.Table 1 Fresh Packed Price 22. on assurance of keeping their identify confidential they cooperative with us.00% Now it is easy to conclude from the table 1 that those people who use fresh milk.5% 54% Total 100% 100% Table 2 Fresh Packed Total Hygienic 60 % 40 % 100. we face a lot of problems which was. Are quite different from people of new Multan. this aspect was covered tactfully psychologically. Further it can be conclude form the table 2 that the fresh milk has more hygienic and nourishing factors as compare to packed milk. ii. 10. The proper cluster of various income level made it difficulty to identify more clearly the buying pattern of packed milk on people were reluctant to reply the questionnaire. covered during research as following: i. using packed milk. Sampling should have been done in order to clearly identify the distinct areas in the city.00 % Nourishment 72 % 28 % 100. for example people form Cantt. however. APPENDIX Area: QUESTIONNAIRE . which are the most important factors. When we conducted research. However. which are different from each other in buying decisions and habits. the major factor influencing their purchasing decisions are the quality and prices. the major factors influencing their purchasing decisions are the taste and prices which are the most important factors.

Q. then for how many weeks? o 2 Weeks o 4 Weeks Q. No.Z. 1 What type milk do you use? o Packed Milk o Fresh Milk o Both FRESH MILK Q. Please extend your cooperation. 5 If yes. No.No. What are the basis of your preference? (Rank the following) o Price o Quality o Availability o Taste o Any other Q NO. No.We are the student of department of commerce B.U Mutan. We are conducting the research on “MILK MARKETING-COMPARISON OF PACKED MILK VERSUS FRESH MILK IN MULTAN CITY (PUNJAB. We are need of your cooperation in filling up of this questionnaire. 6 For which purpose the fresh milk is used? (Rank the following) o Drinking o Tea . 2. 4 is the fresh milk available on credit? o Yes o No Q. 3 How much quantity of milk do you use daily? Q No. PAKISTAN).

8 What do you think about the availability of packed milk? o Near the residence o Away the Residence Q. No. No. NO. No. 11 Which quantity of packed milk do you buy? Q. 13 Which brand of packed milk do you prefer? o Haleeb o Milk pack o Any other . Have you started using packed milk as to whether due to advertisement? o Yes o No Q. No. 10 For which purpose the packed milk is used?(Rank the following) o Drinking o Tea o any other Q. 9 What are the basis of your preference? (Rank the following) o Price o Quality o Availability o Taste o Any other Q. No. 7 Are the prices of packed milk affordable? o Yes o No Q.o Any other Q. No. 12.

Zikmund. Business Research Method by Usuma Sckrama SOURCE OF INFORMATION 1.dl. No. 20 Your family income please? (THANKS) BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. No. 17 Which milk is good for tea? o Packed milk o Fresh Milk PERSONAL INFORMATION Q. No. .Q. 15 Which milk is more hygienic? o Packed milk o Fresh milk Q. Chaudhry Foods Limited’s Website. 16 Which milk is more nutritious? o Packed milk o Fresh Milk Q. No. 18 Your education please? Q. No. Business Research Methods by W. 19 How many family members do you have? No. 14 Has any doctor recommended the use of packed milk for your infants? o Yes o No GENERAL QUESTIONS Q. http://www. No.

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