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Hotel Rating System

Hotels are classified according to certain standards and requirements established by customers and administrators as well for the ultimate purpose of providing excellent quality services so that endures the success of any business. Generally speaking, hotels are businesses which require resolute classifications because they provide multiple services to customers and none of them should be ignored. The terms rating and classification are broadly use as synonyms, having the same meaning and usually in the same contexts. However; for the business industry hotel rating can be described as a classification of hotels according to grade and rank. This means that classification refers to a widely concept of services mix, including all the physical facilities a hotel contains. Thus, grading is used as a general term referring to quality standards, this is the quality of those facilities ranked in the classification system. Therefore, the classification system includes different accommodations (hotels, resorts, holiday camps, etc.) distribute into categories and grades according to their services characteristics costumed by governments, industry or other private sectors. The hotel rating system has specific characteristics which have been modified throughout years. There have been approximately a hundred systems for rating and grading hotels, some of them officials and some others non-officials. Thus, some hotels followed governmental and industrial standards and requirements meanwhile others operated based on voluntary systems. A hotel rating system comprises two standards; one is the registration standard which is the minimum quality requirements for a hotel, just to be opened to customers, the other one is the quality grading that compares different hotels granting them by symbols such as stars or diamonds.

As mentioned before. the hotel’s restaurant also caters for outsiders. This system is implemented in the US by Mobil Travel Guide. toiletries in bathroom. there are several hotels categorized as six-star.e. maintenance. perceptions of the country). Though five-star rating is the most commonly heard six-star or seven-star are also in use. The characteristics and general services provided by a star hotel are as follows: -One-star: small. such as food and drink. and comfort are fairly acceptable. rating systems are commonly represented by symbols that the organizations in charge of assessing and inspection provide to hotels to communicate to customers the grade and category in which has been denominated. as a marketing tool or even cultural differences (i. provided with comfort and equipments such as a hair dryer. independent-owned. however. that is why systems can vary a lot. limited facilities. and only three hotels around the world are said to be seven-star. If simple. cleanliness. -Two-star: medium-sized and offer more extensive facilities. room service is also expected. There are several rating systems. guests expect more comfortable and well-equipped accommodation compared to one-star hotel. bedrooms may not equipped with a bathroom. It is said some of the reasons for using a rating system rather than another are: understanding of the system by customers and hoteliers. with family atmosphere. services are provided by the owner or the family members informally.The hotel rating system applied in a country depends on different aspects. However. offer wider range of straightforward services. customers will understand that if a hotel is checked and constantly inspected would offer a good quality service. all bedrooms will have fully en suite bath and shower rooms. reception and other public rooms are spacious. direct dial telephone. -Three-star: having great quality and a wide range of facilities. the star hotel rating system is the most known and popular worldwide. . a division of the Mobil Oil Corporation.

quality furnishings. hotel staffs are enough to meet the consumers’ demands. depending on the amount of stars a hotel is provided with. services are formal and carefully supervised. public areas. a hotel must meet a minimum of 34 basic operating criteria that include management. the better the quality of service customers receive. these days every country tends to have its own rules and requirements for determining hotel classifications. courteous and attentive. In the same way. St. This is why one could easily be in a situation where a 3-star hotel in one country may differ in the services it offers when compared with a 3-star hotel of another country. -Five-star: more spacious and luxurious than lower level of hotel. In spite of this recognized body. Another rating system is represented by diamonds. The six-star hotels include: Crown Macau. The institution in charge of determining the conditions by which hotels receive one or five stars is the Worldwide Organization of Tourism. helpful. Regis Shanghai Hotel. services include porterage. bedrooms are more spacious. and luxuriously decorated. well-designed. décor and equipments are expected. Principally used by the Automobile Association (UK) or the American Automobile Association (AAA). staff is with high technical skills. Seoul Park Hyatt in South Korea. depending on the quality of the services and facilities it provides. Gold Coast in Australia.-Four-star: degree of luxury. fire . knowledgeable. In order to be listed in the AAA system. 24 hour room service. Generally. customers find the relationship between prices and services. which matches the best international standard. guestroom security. the more stars a hotel has. Under the diamond system of AAA a hotel applies for evaluation and can receive up to five diamonds. laundry and dry-cleaning.

These factors include:  BBB  The experience with the industry in which the business operates business’s length of time in operation on required competency licensing actions against the business related to marketplace activities  Information  Government  Advertising  The issues evaluated by BBB to BBB from the business’s customers that are serious in nature number of complaints to BBB from the business’s customers  Complaints  Whether the business has responded to complaints received by BBB . grades are not a guarantee of a business' reliability or performance. In some cases. BBB Business Reviews generally explain the most significant factors that raised or lowered a business' grade. There are some factors for the business’s rating system which determines the grading a business will receive. housekeeping. BBB do not grade the business (indicated by an NR. room décor. AAA pays close attention to comments on listed establishments that are submitted by its members. maintenance. or "No Rating”) for reasons that include insufficient information about a business or ongoing review/update of the business' file. Thus. BBB assigns letter grades from A+ (highest) to F (lowest). It represents the BBB's opinion of the business and is based on BBB file information about the business. a business' grade may be lowered if the BBB does not have sufficient information about the business. In some cases. One more rating system is the BBB letter grades. and bathroom quality. Any complaints are compiled by AAA and forwarded to the listed it is revaluated at least once a year. room ambience. and BBB recommends that consumers consider a business' grade in addition to all other available information about the business. Once a hotel is approved and included in the AAA system.

it does not use symbols but specific words meaning specific characteristics such as: Luxury selection Properties that provide the ultimate hotel experience.. providing excellent value for money for both business and leisure stays. Style selection Exclusive and individually designed hotels and historic properties that offer guests a unique hotel environment. Whether complaints have been resolved in a timely manner or the business has demonstrated good faith effort to resolve them  Whether the business has honored commitments to BBB to arbitrate disputes and comply with arbitrator decisions  Whether the business has provided BBB with background/operational information Despite the variety of rating system. selected from the finest choice available around the world. the same company that offered the Global Distribution Systems (GDS). Value selection Hotels that take pride in creating a friendly and informal atmosphere. relaxing and comfortable. whether business or leisure. Inc. It was provided through the Utell by Pegasus service by Pegasus Solutions. there are others less officials that some hotels uses as a strategy to attract customers. Superior selection Hotels which offer the traveler quality rooms and facilities making their stay. . each with a character all of its own. For guests who demand the very highest standards. This system provides hotels with a different denomination. A case is the Official Hotel Guide which was actually not an official hotel rating system.

or fun. meets the highest hygiene and highest international standards.Resort selection Ideal for those who require leisure or recreation facilities in a hotel or adjacent. or fun. as a part of their hotel experience. many offer shuttle services. Airport selection A range of hotels conveniently positioned near the major airports of the world. Each with the key attribute of being within a 10km zone of the airport. The selected resorts offer accommodation for all tastes and budgets. Apartment selection Ideal for those who require leisure or recreation facilities in a hotel or adjacent. The selected resorts offer accommodation for all tastes and budgets. comfortable bed. Many hotels are not certified but they are rated excellently because they also followed strict standards. Hotels that have five diamonds meet the highest requirement ratings like luxurious bathrooms. whether for business or relaxation. These rating systems can become a strategy for hotels in order to improve facilities and service quality at a given price. top infrastructure. The only difference is 5-star hotels have lower levels of service and details in their rooms like less luxurious bed linens or room service is not 24 hours. . In conclusion. as a part of their hotel experience. it is important to highlight that the importance of classification system in the hotel industry relies on benefits for customers and hoteliers. In Mexico the situation is not quite different there are hotels rating by stars or diamonds in scale from one to five. whether for business or relaxation. Hotels that have five stars have the same quality and meet the same requirements as those hotels that have five diamonds.

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