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Cover Photo: Amanda Winberg

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I'm sure you've had your ESP buzz wearing off as work takes over this March. But here's the Image coming at you with a small dose of ESP to keep you going for the three short weeks until a blissful April break (hopefully) devoid of work! The Extended Studies Program (of course we studied, you argue) was full of adventure, new experiences, and most denitely, fun. While not everyone came back with no injuries (Mountain Biking is tough business!), I'm hoping we can all agree it was denitely a trip that helped you learn more than you forgot in terms of work! There were trips all around Tanzania, and as we came back, these experiences will have made us more mature, a week older, hopefully wiser, or perhaps simply a little more sunburnt! -Jhanvi and Disha

Crater Highlands
Photo Credit: Amanda Winberg,

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Photography ESP
Mikumi/ Udzungwa

Photo Credit: Alysha Grade 9

The trip to Mikumi was lled with catching up on lost sleep! After 6-7 hours, we arrived at Vuma Hills (our hotel) and immediately went on our rst game drive. We saw stripey zebras, exotic birds, graceful impalas, huge elephant, elegant giraffe and even got a sight of the hungry hippos at the hippo pool! Later that evening a delicious dinner was prepared for us and the night ended with an interesting talk

from Ms. Pillar about photography. The next morning, us aspiring photographers got off to an early start as we hit the safari cars at 7am. That morning we were fortunate enough to have the lions pose as our models! We then headed to Udzungwa which was another long drive. Upon arriving at Udzungwa, we ate lunch before heading out to the local rubber factory. There we learnt how the sap

from trees turns into rubber quite interesting actually! Before dinner we had another presentation from Ms.Pillar which included some basic tips and techniques for taking photos. We had a hike planned for the next day but, before that, we had the luxury of seeing a bunch of red colobus monkeys hanging around in some trees. We hiked to the top of the Sanjay Waterfall

which took most of the scorching hot morning but the incredible view over the elds of Udzungwa and freezing cold waterfall were well worth it! Lunch was served next to the waterfall and after we were lucky enough to receive time from a local NGO to ask questions. We returned back

to Hondo Hondo (our campsite/ hotel In Udzungwa) and ended the last night of out ESP with Ngoma dancing by local men and some IST students even joined in to show off their dance skills! The next morning we headed back to Dar and arrived at around 5. The last day of

ESP, Friday, we were in school by 8 to put together our photo stories and create our p ro d u c t s. T h e p ro d u c t s ranged from calendars, to postcards to mobiles. Our ESP was incredibly fun and the atmosphere was extremely relaxed, giving us an opportunity to focus on photography!

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The trip to the United African Alliance Community Centre (UAACC) in Arusha was the most invigorating and worthwhile ESP I have been on since joining IST. The spirit of activism within us was illustrated through a mural that was painted on one of the walls in the centre, while those who are less visually artistic focussed their efforts on the production of two original

songs - both centered around equality and change. We did just about everything from rocking out with Mama C (Charlotte O'Neal) to meeting Pete O'Neal and learning about his experiences as part of the Black Panther party. For sure it wasn't a trip for the fainthearted - not because we swam with sharks or jumped off cliff edges - but because it forced u s t o c o n f ro n t a c t u a l

problems within society and realize how we may be c o n t r i bu t i n g t o t h o s e problems so we can begin to create solutions and make a change for the better. I denitely recommend this ESP to everyone. -Wendy Chikowero 10

Usambara biking
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A small group of students had been anticipating there ESP for weeks. After multiple essays, reports, projects and, for the grade ten students, the dreaded Personal Project, the anticipated Monday had nally come. The thought of ying through the Usamabara mountains, hearing nothing but the sounds of bike spokes and the wind whooshing through your ears was so satisfying that you could almost taste it on your tongue. Some would say that the bus ride there was the best part but I would have to disagree. The best part of the trip would have to be enjoying an amazing swim in the waterfall on the last day of the trip. The feeling of the crisp, freezing cold spring water trickling down our aching bodies after the 2 days of intense mountain biking made all the pain and sweat worth it -Asli Shebe 10

There are quite a few ESPs to choose from when the time comes to do so. You could go take pictures of animals, climb mountains, walk all day to nowhere in particular or even spend a week in Zanzibar, learn how to kite-board or scuba dive. After all, taming the wind and the sea whilst making a bunch of memories doesnt just sound pretty cool it is! This is the ESP for the adrenalin junkie. Sure you get burnt to a frazzle, and swallow some sea water, but the rush you get from ying over the sea cannot be compared to anything else, be it surng, skateboarding or snowboarding. Nothing comes close! So in a few months time, when youre debating amongst yourselves about ESP to pick, dont think. Just put kite boarding down as your rst choice, and pray youre lucky enough to get in. - William Scheepers 9B

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POLL: if you were going to do redo ESP

would you go on the same one?


said: Everytime.

said: um...



said: NO WAY , JOSE

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IB Zanzibar
Up until IB, hearing the word ESP sounded like fairies sprinkling gold dust into our ears. In IB1, however, the word ESP is like claws scratching down a chalkboard. Why? Well, probably because our ESP consisted of actual WORK. Not that we didnt have fun. I mean, yes, our trip was focused mostly on the scientic experiments and data collection of 80something students who study one or more of the ve sciences offered at IST (Chemistry, Physics, DT, Biology and ESS). We also worked in groups of about eight to ten where our individual skills and knowledge were combined to present a scientic interpretation of life is a beach. And while its true that we did spend a lot of time counting various insects and plants or calculating the wave energy of the tides in Jambiani, some of us actually made science fun. We found out the number of calories in a medium-sized coconut and built shelters on the beach, weaving leaves as makeshift roof, building bricks out of seaweed and even distilling water in case we got thirsty! You know all that important science stuff. But it was our last ESP of high school, so we made it memorable and came home tired and sunburnt but denitely content in the knowledge that our last ESP did not suck! Fatima Ladha IB1

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Eight Grade ESP

Photo Credit: Maisha 8

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