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2 Apollo and Shannon

Logan woke up in a damp, dark cell with no lighting that reeked of
death, either that, or cheese. He was going to go with death. And from what he could see, there were no doors or windows. He was investigating his room, trying to find some kind of opening, when a shaft of light appeared over his shoulder. He whipped around just in time to see a hand reach through and drop a plate of food. Logan rushed to the opening and grabbed the hand by the wrist. Where am I? Logan bellowed. The arm started to pull out, offering Logan a view of the room beyond. It was more of a corridor than a room. There was a small bench every couple of feet, which he assumed led to other cells. He felt a sharp blow fall on his hand, and saw a wooden club rise to strike his hand again. Logan quickly retracted his hand to avoid getting his hand broken. The hatch closed suddenly, leaving his cell in darkness again. The food didnt come for what he thought was another day. He got one meal a day, or maybe it was three, and he just thought it was longer. He mightve stayed in there for months, before a door he had not previously noticed opened and a robed figure appeared. Logan thought that the man had many open cuts across his face, but then he saw that the man was wearing a mask. The figure spoke in a deep voice. Do you want to leave? Logan sprung to his feet and rushed the figure. The masked man threw his fist toward his chest and Logan felt himself fly toward the back wall of the room and smack his back against the hard, unforgiving stone. Evidently not, The man said. I am the master. My name is Master Keeper, and I am not amused. The door clanged shut as Master Keeper strode in. Do you know why you are here? He questioned. Logan shook his head, keeping his eyes on the

giant saw looking thing in Master Keepers belt. You are here because you are special. Where am I? Logan blurted. Master Keeper backhanded Logan, catching him square on the jaw, which sucked, because Master Keeper had a metal gauntlet on his hand. Speak only when spoken to, Master Keeper said harshly. As to where you are, you are in my dungeon. This place is off the coast of the state you call Florida. Florida? That was all the way across the country! But, which island? You would not know it. Master Keeper said. How did he-? Know what you were thinking? Master Keeper said, You are very predictable. Logan decided that he didnt like him. Yes, many people dont, Master Keeper said, waving his hand airily. Logan gaped at him. You will have contact with many of your fellow prisoners, as they believe that I do not know they have created a labyrinth of tunnels, snaking their way through the cells. Logan got to his feet, wary of Master Keeper and his giant saw thingy. Can I talk now? Logan said, raising his hand. He couldnt see his face, but Logan was pretty sure Master Keeper was glaring at him. Proceed. Master Keeper said, crossing his arms. Who can I, like, totally expect to come? Logan said. Master Keeper cocked his head. He strode towards Logan, who stepped back. Who can you expect? Master Keeper asked. Logan nodded. Very well. You can expect a young man by the name of Apollo Rider. His namesake is the god Apollo from Greek mythology. He is not a god, though he greatly believes himself to be. Logan would have chuckled, but he felt too afraid. You may also see Shannon Rider, his sister. No man has seen anything more beautiful, or more deadly than her. She acquires skill with any weapon she touches, and has perfect accuracy with any firing weapon. Logan raised a hand. No. Master Keeper

strode out of the room, shutting the stone door in the process. As soon as the grating of stone on stone had stopped, more started, this time from behind him. Logan jumped, and then spun around to face the back wall, which was slowly rising. It finished its ascent, and he saw there was a teenage boy with blond hair and perfect teeth. Hey there, how you doin, mate? The handsome character said nonchalantly. All Logan could do was stare at him. Yep, youre so captivated by my beauty; you dont even remember how to talk. Oh, shut up Apollo. Hes probably captivated by your ego. A voice came from behind the guy, Apollo. Apollo turned around to reveal the girl standing behind him. She pretty much burst with confidence and self-esteem. She had short brown hair, and was around fifteen years of age, but she had an ageless face that made him unsure of her age, but he knew that she was beautiful, and that he loved her immediately. Im Shannon, and this is my nut of a brother, Apollo. Hey, Im Logan. Whats up? Unlike most of his friends, Logan knew how to talk to girls. She nodded in acknowledgement of him, and then explored his room as Apollo explained where they were being imprisoned. You might want to sit down, mate, Apollo said. His accent vaguely reminded Logan of Australia. Thisll come as a bit of a shocker. Logan complied with the Australian mans whims. So, Logan, right? Alright then. Were in whats called a prison, and- Dude, I know what a prison is. Logan interrupted. Well that makes things simpler, doesnt it, mate? Apollo said, rubbing his hands together. This place is basically an asylum, but for non-crazy people. As to where we are hum oh God, Shannon! What? came the annoyed reply. Shannon appeared, a scowl distorting her features. What do you want, Polly?

Please dont call me that, and will you please explain to Logan exactly where the hell we are? Apollo said desperately. Bermuda Triangle. She said curtly, and stalked off into the previously hidden tunnel. Well, uh, there you go. Bermuda. The triangle part of it. Apollo said, gesturing towards where Shannon went. He said some other things, probably about how he didnt know how to explain it, but Logan couldnt understand him, because his mind was reeling. Bermuda? He had dreamed of going there, but not like this! Then again, how could he have known that he was going to be captured by a psychotic Doctor Doom impersonator? Any questions? Apollo said, jolting Logan out of his train of thought. Uh, yeah. Logan said, rubbing his eyes. Go on, mate. Apollo said, lounging against the far wall of the cell. Can you repeat everything you just said? Logan said with a grin. Apollo raised one eyebrow. No, Apollo said. Logan snickered. I really do have a question though, Logan said. Apollo waved a hand, signaling for him to go on. What are you guys here for? Apollo cocked his head, and then laughed. Shannon, get over here. Apollo said, still laughing. What? Shannon said, striding over. Jiggles over here is in his mind that this is a resort vacation spot, Apollo said, giggling. Nice. Not much of a relaxation hot spot, Jiggles. Shannon said, crossing her arms and smiling. Okay first of all, where did you get Jiggles? Logan said, getting to his feet and looking from Shannon to Apollo and back again.

And second of all, I meant why you are in a prison? Oh, well. Shannon? You first? Apollo asked, waving her onward. Oh no, age before beauty, Shannon said, waving him onward. Which is why you should go first, mate, Apollo grinned. I wouldve thought that with your ego, you would want to show it off. Shannon said. Alright then, stand back little sis, and watch the magic happen, Apollo said. Shannon walked back a couple of paces, and motioned for Logan to do the same. Apollo put one hand in front of his body, and drew back the other, as if he was holding a bow. His right hand flew out, and an arrow of pure energy streaked across the cell, did a one-eighty, turned back around, and flew out of the cave-like enclosure. Whoa! Logan said in awe, and took a couple steps forward. Wait till you see mine, Shannon said, stepping forward also, and placing an arm across Logans chest. All right then, deal it. Punk, Apollo said arrogantly. Shannon stuck out her tongue, and then stepped forward with a half-smile spreading across her lips. Apollo stepped forward, grabbing a chunk of Logans hair. Hey! Logan protested indignantly. Clam up, and take it like a man, mate. Apollo said, tossing Shannon a pebble. Im thinking G, A, B, C, he said, nodding to Shannon. She took careful aim, then threw the small piece of earth at Logans hair that Apollo held in his hand. It bounced off of each piece of hair, and made musical notes according to Apollos suggestion. Logan couldnt notice it though, because Apollo jerked back a little when the pebble struck his defined cleft. Hey, watch it! Logan said, pulling free and rubbing the spot on his head where Apollos hand had tugged his hair. Apollo rolled his eyes

and laughed. Chin up, mate. Only gonna last a couple minutes, Apollo smiled Easy for you to say, youre not the one with a dude pulling his hair, Logan complained. He got over it then looked at Shannon. But that was pretty cool. He said, grinning now. Shannon blushed, and then pushed past Apollo to get to the opening in the back wall of his cell. Logan felt good about his chance about dating Shannon Rider. But mine was better, right, mate? Apollo asked, winking mischievously, with a small smile, not unlike Shannons, spreading his mouth apart. Logan ignored the Australians egotistical manner, and looked down the tunnel. It snaked forward a couple hundred yards, and Logan was impressed. He didnt think he could even throw a basketball that far. No wait, yes he could. It took a moment to register that he couldnt see Shannon. Hey, Apollo, Logan said, glancing at the dude checking his manicure. He quickly hid his nails, then cleared his throat and walked over. Whats on your mind, mate? Apollo said, looking down the tunnel as well. Where did Shannon go? Logan inquired, taking a glance at the egotistical Australian. Probably back to our cell, Apollo said, gesturing down to where there was another giant hole in the wall. Logan nodded, pretending to understand. He started walking towards the hole, but he stopped, looking back at Apollo. He waved him onward, and then started checking his manicure. Logan rolled his eyes, and began walking down the long semi-circular hallway. He paused, and started walking towards the cell again. When he got there Shannon was just lying down on her bed. Nice digs. You actually have a bed, Logan said, leaning nonchalantly against the stone wall. She giggled.

Not one for small talk, are you? She said, getting to her feet. It was now that he realized what she was wearing. She had on a pink Tshirt that was a little too small and black skinny jeans that emphasized her muscular physique. She raised her eyebrow and walked over. Have a good once-over? she said. Logan blushed, and stuck his hand in his jeans pocket. She playfully punched him on the shoulder. Dont worry about it, But seriously though, how did you get here? Logan pressed. Shannons face fell. She walked over to the little cot and sat down heavily. Its not a day I like to remember, she said sadly. He quickly covered. Hey, you dont have to- he said, pausing when he saw she was sobbing. He sat down on the cot next to her and put his arm around her, and she buried her face into his shoulder. He patted her back, cooing and saying small things in a soothing voice, like his mother did when he was little, all the while, she sobbed ever harder. Logan couldnt believe it. He saw her as this macho, tough girl who tells people flat-out what she wants. Turns out shes as much of a girl as Mia Sinarioe was. They carried on like this for a while, which didnt bother Logan. Apollo started to walk in the room, then saw them and quickly backed out. Logan pressed his forehead into the top of her hair, and they sat like that a while, neither of them moving. After a while she stopped sobbing, and the tears, even before that. He pulled away his arm. You okay? he said caringly. She nodded, not trusting herself to speak. He patted her on the arm. She half-laughed, half-coughed, choking. He patted her back. Thanks, Logan, Shannon said, looking at him. Really. Youre a good friend. I mean, Ive known you for a grand total of, like, five minutes, and youve already done this. Dont sweat it, he said Its what friends are for, right? She

smiled. Friends are for laughs. Good friends are for you to cry with, she said. Logan reached up and brushed her eyelids with his thumb. She smiled, grabbed his hand and took it away. He felt electricity at her touch. Apollo walked back in. Hello, inferior beings that dont have my good looks or charm, he said. Or your ego, Shannon muttered. Logan snickered. What do you want, Polly? she asked, raising her voice. A simple hi wouldve sufficed, Apollo sniffed Now Im offended. Logan rolled his eyes. Hi. Now what do you want? Shannon said impatiently. Logan marveled at her quick change in mood. Still offended, Apollo said. They went on like this for a while, and Logan was just drifting off to sleep when he heard slow, deliberate footsteps outside of the cell door. They all looked up swiftly, and Apollo grabbed Logan by the collar. Go now! he murmured, all silliness gone. Logan ran up to his cell, ignoring the grinding behind him as the gateway to Shannon and Apollos cavern closed. His heart quickened as his steps increased in pace, in a while, he was practically leaping. After a couple moments, Logans own cells giant wall door was slowly grating down. He baseball-slid down, with a few inches to spare before the wall slammed down, nearly taking his head off. Crap, he muttered. These jeans were new. He didnt have much to worry about his clothing though, because he heard those slow, deliberate steps. He was sure they were here to take him to some hellish place, but Logan saw nothing but the faint green of his cell. He heard those steps pass his cell and stop. One breath, two breaths. Grating of a cell door. But not his door. Whats going on? he whispered to the air. He heard a voice rasp into the cell.

Ready? There was a pause. He heard shuffling, as if someone was dragging ten snakes across the ground. The steps were gone. He didnt want to think why. Wait, no. The steps had only stopped. More grating, this time his door. Light flooded the dank cell. A small silhouette appeared, of a hunched figure with no left arm. A larger head, like that of a dinosaur, showed up, maybe seven feet off the ground, and it looked like it was hunched over as well. Come now, The small figure rasped out. His voice sounded like he was being strangled. The beasts head turned toward the hallway. As Logans eyes adjusted to the sudden light, he saw the small man, was in fact some kind ofsomething. It had a ring of thorn-like growths circling its head. It had one missing thorn, and upward facing tusks that were a lot longer than its football-shaped head. It waved its arm, gesturing for him to follow. He complied. The dinosaur was gone, but the little goblin thing remained. This way. Just listening to it made his throat hurt. There was a gateway of pretty much pure light, which he assumed led to the outside. Logan shielded his eyes, and stepped out into the outside.

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