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The New Radical Lesbian Feminist Front (NRLFF) is an organization for and about
lesbian feminists. We’re unrepentant gynophiles – women-loving-women - lesbians.
Lesbians are descendents of a proud and unique culture that traces its roots back
to antiquity. We reject male supremacy in any form; we stand in opposition to it.
We always have. Our longstanding endurance is a refutation of its inevitability.
We plan to address the following issues:

* We are opting out of the LGBTQI “gender revolution” and reclaiming our proud
heritage as Lesbian Feminists. We believe we were forcibly conscripted into the
Brave New World of queer theory. We want out.

*We reject the gender colonization and appropriation of the Butch-Femme dynamic by
the hetero mimicking of queer theory proponents.

*We renounce and will actively work, both online and in real-time, against the
forcible intrusion of gender theorists into women spaces with the sole intention
of colonizing the women who reside there.

These are some of the issues The New Radical Lesbian Feminist Front (NRLFF)
intends to address and pursue on and off line. We welcome you to our community of
self-loving lesbians. You’re safe with us.

About Us

The New Radical Lesbian Feminist Front (NRLFF) rejects patriarchy and its
dehumanizing hierarchies. We recognize its self-perpetuating evils and how they
manifest in many forms, including: homophobia, sexism, racism, and gender and
class oppression. We also recognize the inherent interrelationship of multiple
oppressions and identities.

Regrettably, we have not seen the issues of classism, racism, sexism, cultural and
gender appropriation seriously addressed within most current LGBTQI communities.
We do not believe that queer theory addresses these issues at all. Typically, such
conversations are forcibly suppressed. In fact, we see gender theory as a
manifestation of white, classed privilege, which is why we completely reject the
self-preoccupation of queer theory.

The NRLFF is deeply concerned with the appropriation happening within certain
quarters of the LGBTQI community, particularly as it relates to lesbian and butch-
femme culture and discourse. We are no longer willing to watch conversations about
these issues violently quashed. For too long, we have witnessed interpersonal
terrorism, the vilification of women who do not subscribe to queer theory and dare
to say so. This typically involves vicious personal attacks, intimidation and
stalking; it involves using patriarchal, authoritarian hierarchies to shut down
and silence women on and off the internet.


The NRLFF believes that the butch-femme community is a prime example of the
invasion of lesbian space that has occurred in the last decade. We will no longer
allow or tolerate this! Femmes and butch women are the offspring of lesbian
identity. The butch-femme dynamic is entirely lesbocentric and lesboerotic. It is
not hetero-bi-queer-trans-centric, though aspects of lesbian culture have been co-
opted by queer theorists of multiple stripes. Such people are attempting to take
up residence in our identity. We stand separate and apart from them.
We reject gender colonization and appropriation. We reject ideologies that serve
to normalize, or justify heterosexism and dysfunction in any form. Including, pop
culture movements and ideologies that would erase, overtake, co-opt lesbian or
butch-femme culture.

The greatest, current threat to lesbian and butch-femme culture is coming from
within LGBTQI communities. It comes in a number of ways, including on stealth feet
through the use of euphemisms and queer theory semantic contagion – the co-option,
and repetition of words separated from their intended meaning and sexed, lived