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First para is the title/heading of the article In Dr Swamy's horoscope "Antardasha" of Mars goes until May 2012, during

this time he will defeat people stronger than himself and Dr Swamy will show them their right place. Dr Swamy will continue his work in favour of country, after this "Rahu AntarDash" starts and during this he will become a headache for all the corrupts...
Is it because of "kalasarpa yoga" or Rahu in Lagna of the horoscope of Indian Independence that a true patriot and nationalist like Dr Swamy who continuously/ tirelessly fights corrupt and powerful leaders and shows them their right place does not get a straight opportunity to do his work? Otherwise with the work of few individuals who can be counted on fingers a country can be changed drastically. After independence Sardar Patel did not get chance to do lot of work, LB Shastri passed away untimely, because of few arrogant and stubborn people JP Narayan's successful "change in Govt" agitation did not yield results for the country. Currently immoral, corrupt and antinationals are working for their own interests. Today it is Dr Swamy who has raised his voice against corruption and by fighting cases in courts has played an important role in sending corrupts to jail. Because of Dr Swamy's fight today powerful leaders are struggling to get out of jail and are losing sleep at nights and are looking for ways to get out of jail. In reality the stage for Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev's anti corruption agitation was set by Dr Swamy's successful fight. Dr Swamy was born on 15'th Sept 1939 (4:30 AM) in Simha Lagna, Lagna lord SUN, second lord "Mercury" are creating a powerful "Budha-Aditya" yoga, this is a powerful Raja Yoga, this yoga gives "self-respect", strong/rigid personality, well determined to do things, righteous, always facing the jealous of co-workers, being independent and staying away from sycophancy. Lord of luxury and destiny Mars is in sixth house which along with lord of sixth house Saturn are influencing each other because of this the person is weak with respect to luxuries and has to put up a fight to resolve things. A horoscope like this gets his stature by staying in opposition, this is evident as Dr Swamy whose character is of the highest order could not get his dues from BJP also, he had to face jealousness from politicians of his time. He has to work hard to bring back Janata party to life even though BJP is indirectly getting the fruits of his fight. Sixth house Mars is a very strong destroyer of enemy therefore he will keep destroying his enemies and move forward, enemies will fear his name, Dr Swamy with his lone fight will destroy the corrupts. Third house Rahu in Tula rasi is generating a very powerful Yoga, a person like this is bound to be powerful and have self respect. Lord of logic/ arguments Jupiter/Guru is in the eighth house which is being aspect by Venus/Moon,

eighth house is known for lies& secretiveness, therefore a horoscope like this gets to the depth of the matters and then only rests and this is the reason why Dr Swamy does not let up until he shows the corrupts their right place. In this aspect "Budha-Aditya" yoga in lagna will help him throughout his life.

In Dr Swamy's horscope Mercury/Budha "Mahardasha" started from 17'th December 2002, from 16'th June 2011 Mars antardasha started. Mercury Mahadash will be a very important Mahadasha in his life, in this Mahadasha which lasts till December 2019 he will do the kind of work which will be written in "GOLDEN LETTERS" in country's history. In the Antardash of Mars which lasts till May 2012 he will defeat people stronger than himself and show them their place. in this period he will show the corrupts/antinationals their place and continue to work for the welfare of the country. In the "Rahu Antardasha" (starts after Mars antardasha) he will prove to be a headache for corrupts and will overturn the Govt. In Guru Antardasha(after Rahu antardasha) he may face health problem, after that Shani antardasha will be in his favour. In 2012 at the time of change of "Guru in transit" there are very strong chances of instability in the GOVT. If the advisors in the GOVT do not work in this direction then the country can face Mid-term polls. In this position of planets (in transit), Dr Swamy's own planet position will play very important role because instability in GOVT today is because of corruption, inflation and terrorism. Because of the effect of Saturn judiciary has been giving very important judgments and with Dr Swamy's efforts he will play a very important role in getting rid of corruption in India. Therefore this situation will be good for country and by taking the divine/spiritual help Dr Swamy should continue his good work and planets are in favour of him and he will get the fruits for this.