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Guide to remove BIOS password of Acer computer (Both Laptop & Desktop).

The program helps us to enter Acer BIOS setup in Microsoft Windows is Acer eSettings Management which comes with the CD when we buy Acer PC/Laptop. If you lost the CD then just come to Acer website to download the program. Before you can install Acer eSettings Management you have to install program called: Acer Empowering Technology so youd better to download both of them from Acer website and install & restart your computer to be ready for the job. Here is the link of Acer website, just come there and sellect right series/model of your computer to download these programs:

Another one program is also very important we will need called: CmosPwd - CmosPwd is a cmos/bios password recovery tool. CmosPwd is under GNU Public License. You can freely distribute it. It can be compiled under Dos, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD.

Guide to install CmosPwd and remove password: 1. Download & extract to a folder. I put it in drive D like this: d:\ cmos 2. To work on cmos memory, ioperm need to be installed and running. ioperm gives direct port I/O access for specified ports to user-mode process (ring 3) using Ke386SetIoAccessMap and Ke386IoSetAccessProcess kernel functions. Log on to Windows as Administrator priviledges and do as follow: (see picture): a. Click Start-->Run: type CMD hit Enter on your keyboard. b. now us the CD command of Dos to come to d:\cmos\windows. (here is: d: hit enter; cd cmos hit enter; cd windows hit enter). c. when you are already in d:\cmos\windows in drive D then: type ioperm.exe i hit enter. d. to start ioperm service: type net start ioperm hit enter. e. ok, type: Cmospwd_win.exe /k hit enter, we will see: 1 - Kill cmos 2 - Kill cmos (try to keep date and time) 0 - Abort Choice : Type 1 and hit Enter to clear cmos.

f. run the Acer eSettings Management program: start-->program-->Acer Empower Technology-->Acer eSettings Management.

g. now come to the: Bios Password to see: if you still see password enable, that means we fail but if we see they are Disable so we are done. Remember if we success remove password then we have to create a password for it and then remove it and click Apply to save to cmos memory. This is very important because sometimes we see it Disable but when reboot the computer they are Enable again cuz the password is still in the CMOS.

Thats all, good luck & dont forget to set an easy password later.