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Operation Downfall

Chapter 1 2:02 A.M. Bel Air, West Los Angeles, California She booted her laptop in the basement four stories below her room on the top floor, opened the vault program, connected to the vaults computer, activated her decryption software and deactivated the alarm. Then the combination to the keypad which was located on the left of the vault door was decrypted, because entering the combination onto the keypad activated the retinal-eye identification system and the cameras outside and inside the vault would record the activity. Thus neither was activated and her entry and exit wouldnt be recorded. She removed her driving gloves from her jacket pocket, opened the well-balanced door with ease, and the recessed overhead-fluorescent lights in the ceiling went on. The vault was ten feet high and wide by twenty feet deep, and had been made of super-strength concrete and hardened with steel fibers and reinforcing bars to withstand thirty thousand pounds per square inch of pressure. Only the door was visible and its concrete of the same quality was encased in stainless steel to provide an aesthetic finish. She walked inside and placed her empty hard-cased luggage on the rectangular table in the middle of the vault and opened it. A large metal drawer labeled DVD & VHS was opened with her key. She selected the ones she wanted and placed them into her luggage. Then the metal file cabinet was unlocked, opened and selected manila folders were placed into it and the cabinet relocked. Finally, she took her key, opened the cash lockers stainless-steel door and removed the metal box. She emptied the box and filled the remaining space in her luggage with sixty bundles of one hundred Benjys each held together with currency straps. The bundles were stacked neatly, and then the empty metal box was returned and the door locked. The cash locker was sad because all of her old friends were gone, but the DVDs, VHSs and folders enjoyed their inheritance. She took the Victorinox luggage from the vault, closed the door, locked it with her laptop and checked it to make sure she had not left any tracks of penetration. Then reset the alarm with her laptop and closed the screen.

She stood in her jeans, Pendleton shirt, sheepskin jacket, tennis shoes and ball cap, with no logo, for a few moments and listened. Her wrist watch read two twenty. Right on time. She picked up the Victorinox again with her right hand, because the wheels made too much noise when it rolled across the hard floor, laptop in her left and bag over her right shoulder. The elevator would make too much noise, so she walked up the stairs with calm and silence, her two essential close friends who were part of her needed persona and arrived at the massive foyer and stopped. She raised the screen on her laptop, deactivated the estates perimeter alarm, and the five of them went quietly through the massive front doors, still close friends. She and her companions went to the garage and used her garage door opener, went to her Ford Escape, opened the rear cargo door and placed her hard case next to a duffel bag filled with clothes and some personal belongings; then placed her laptop on the passenger seat with the screen facing her. The Escape with the close friends inside traveled down the half-mile long driveway from the house, stopped before the massive-double wrought iron gates that matched the height of the estates surrounding granite walls of twelve feet and allowed the electric gates to open. After driving through, she stopped, reactivated the perimeter alarm with her laptop, made sure her penetration was not detectable, turned it off and placed it in her briefcase which was on the floor in front of the passengers seat. It was next to her new constant companion and close personal friend, Mr. Glock 21, who had .45-caliber persuasive skills and had had rhinoplasty, a sound suppressor attached to his muzzle. All is well that begins well. Lillian McGraw smiled with satisfaction as she drove north to Mulholland Drive, then turned right, passed Beverly Glen, Coldwater Canyon, Benedict Canyon and Laurel Canyon and headed to Multiview Drive. She turned left and went down to the house of a friend who was out of town. The view from the living room and the observation deck overlooked the kaleidoscope of lights that shimmered in the San Fernando Valley and Universal Studios. Now its my turn. -Daniel McNeet, retired from the business world, uses his experiences and what he knows to expose what he considers to be the important things in life a lack of moral sense, corruption in politics, injustice and the intolerance in our society. He definitely does not stand by waiting for

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