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Viewed Tibetan Some times ago I have seen Chen Danqing's exhibition -print art of "Tibet group pict

ure" . The print "Tibet group picture" is not Chen Danqing's authentic work, it is made by a teacher from the print studio of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in a ccordance with the old series. Back to the historical background of this group of paintings, the "Tibet group p icture" caused an uproar in the art world of 1980, critics believe that it step over the trend "Scar art" and switch to focus on a kind of simple and unadorned localism , then brought the "local realistic painting"wave which refreshed peopl e at that time. In 1980, Chen Danqing mentioned in his "seven of my paintings"that "art made a b ig circle, the original can go to' paint what my eyes see' ", it is conceivable that in the early eighties what kind of revolutionary trend would these words ca use in the art circle.A long time before that, painting has been presented in th e attitude of"helping enlightenment, helping ethic" in various periods of China. And in the seventies and eighties, the mission of painting has been serving for politics and revolution, to some extent,then prevalent "scar art" was also the continuation of side-effects of political movements, but the political extension made people's nerve in a state of tension for a long period ,people would inevi tably be tired of thinking and reveal disgust, whereas the emergence of the"Tibe t group picture" happen to fulfill the dual needs of people's longing for new vi sion and new spirit. When Chen Danqing's"Tibet group picture" got great success, a constant stream of artists entered the Tibetan area for life drawing which continued until now. It is understandable that city's modern industrial civilization is tiresome, artis ts hope to recombine their visual structure to provoke a different kind of inspi ration in Tibet's original ecological environment and different customs. But com pared to Yunnan Guizhou,which also have original ecology, it is particularly popular in Tibet. So, this phenomenon will be referred to as a follower strategy, Chen Danqing's "Tibet group painting" as a successful precedent, attracts groups of a rtists or "fans" throwing themselves in the "Tibetan theme".Tibet group picture' s renouncing the world splendidly at that historical circumstances reflected its meaning and value, but the following" Tibetan theme "painting could demonstrate their value ? Most artists would not think about this problem, just as Chen Danqing said - I only pay attention to form. "But if it is art form, it has always been 'Significant' form, 'naturalistic' form is relevant to the era p sychology and 'collective unconscious' of returning to the basics, otherwise, wh y the" Tibet group picture "and" father " came out at the same time while separa ted by thousands of miles away in the north and south ? "Gao Minglu said so. So, the following with the trend of the "Tibetan theme" could be seen as the man ifestation that artists intend to pursue formal beauty? Tibetan costume and plat eau ecological environment can show more complicated and varied lines ,colors, l evels than normal subjects. "Tibetan theme" is easy to show, but the abuse of it , blindly following the trend and deliberately arrangement, is dropping into "th eme model" ,just as Gao Minglu cited in the "The genre of oil painting's develop ment in recent years" like pastoral and grassland, farmers and cattle, mother and child (feeding) and other examples, they have become a "quasi-interest in life" and " Pan natural "program. In the foreword Chen Danqing gave a higher rating to these sets of prints . Those dr afts, those "remaining dream traces", incidental or consequential, created a gro up of works engraved by history, became one evidence of China's modern art histo ry . Era long gone, it's glad that we could feel the remnants of breath then fro m the evidence.

Throughout each historical period, there will always have sensitive outstanding person who can go in the forefront of the trend, followers as a foil of doozer i s also understandable, nobbut being buried in the era of the torrent. All that i s real is rational and all that is rational is real, it's better to wait and see .

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