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H T T P : [ [ J A M I S - A L L I N . I N 1 W O O R . N L [
Al l These Thi ngs Added. By Jumes
Al l en.
PurL : EnLerIng LIe KIngdom
1. TIe SouI`s GreuL Need
z. TIe CompeLILIve uws und TIe uw oI ove
. TIe IndIng oI u PrIncIpIe
q. AL ResL In TIe KIngdom und AII TIIngs Added
PurL : TIe HeuvenIy IIe
1. TIe DIvIne CenLer
z. TIe ELernuI Now
. TIe "OrIgInuI SImpIIcILy"
q. TIe UnIuIIIng WIsdom
. TIe MIgIL oI Meekness
6. TIe RIgILeous Mun
;. PerIecL ove
8. PerIecL reedom
q. GreuLness und Goodness
1o. Heuven In LIe HeurL
(As this edition is bcsed on the tuo sepercte bools thct
uhere tclen jrom the oriincl text, I don't hcte c cop oj
the oriincl joreuord. The joreuord belou is trcnslcted
bccl jrom c Dutch edition oj the text. Ij ou hcppen to hcte
the text oj the oriincl joreuord in Enlish, I uould be ter
rctejul ij ou could shcre it uith me.)
By conLInuuIIy seekIng pIeusure In LIe presenL IIIe und
rewurds In LIe IereuILer, LIe peopIe Iuve (In LIeIr IeurLs)
desLroyed LIe TempIe oI RIgILeousness und LIey Iuve
wundered Irom LIe KIngdom oI Heuvens. By ceusIng Lo
seek eurLIIy pIeusures und IeuvenIy rewurds uny Ionger,
cun LIe TempIe oI RIgILeousness be resLored und LIe
KIngdom oI Heuvens once uguIn be Iound. TIIs LruLI Is
InLended Ior LIose, wIose souIs ure suIIIcIenLIy prepured, Lo
prucLIce ILs IeurnIngs.
Jumes AIIen.
Purt I : Int eri ng t he Ki ngdom
I souht the uorld, but Pecce ucs not there,
I courted lecrnin, but Truth ucs not retecled,
I sojourned uith philosoph, but m hecrt ucs sore uith
And I cried, Where is Pecce to be joundl
And uhere is the hidin plcce oj truthl
LIuL need vurIes wILI IndIvIduuIs, buL LIere Is noL one souI
LIuL does noL IeeI IL In some degree. L Is u spIrILuuI und
cusuuI need wIIcI Lukes LIe Iorm, In souIs oI u purLIcuIur
deveIopmenL, oI u deep und InexpressIbIe Iunger wIIcI LIe
ouLwurd LIIngs oI IIIe, Iowever ubundunLIy LIey muy be
possessed, cun never suLIsIy. YeL LIe mujorILy, ImperIecL In
knowIedge und mIsIed by uppeurunces, seek Lo suLIsIy LIIs
Iunger by sLrIvIng Ior muLerIuI possessIons, beIIevIng LIuL
LIese wIII suLIsIy LIeIr need, und brIng LIem peuce.
Every souI, conscIousIy or unconscIousIy, Iungers Ior
rIgILeousness, und every souI seeks Lo gruLIIy LIuL Iunger
In ILs own purLIcuIur wuy, und In uccordunce wILI ILs own
purLIcuIur sLuLe oI knowIedge. TIe Iunger Is one, und LIe
rIgILeousness Is one, buL LIe puLIwuys by wIIcI
rIgILeousness Is sougIL ure muny.
TIey wIo seek conscIousIy ure bIessed, und sIuII sIorLIy
IInd LIuL IInuI und permunenL suLIsIucLIon oI souI wIIcI
rIgILeousness uIone cun gIve, Ior LIey Iuve come InLo u
knowIedge oI LIe Lrue puLI.
TIey wIo seek unconscIousIy, uILIougI Ior u LIme LIey muy
buLIe In u seu oI pIeusure, ure noL bIessed, Ior LIey ure
curvIng ouL Ior LIemseIves puLIwuys oI suIIerIng over
wIIcI LIey musL wuIk wILI Lorn und wounded IeeL, und
LIeIr Iunger wIII Increuse, und LIe souI wIII cry ouL Ior ILs
IosL IerILuge-LIe eLernuI IerILuge oI rIgILeousness.
NoL In uny oI LIe LIree worIds (wukIng, dreum und sIeep)
cun LIe souI IInd IusLIng suLIsIucLIon, upurL Irom LIe
reuIIzuLIon oI rIgILeousness. BodIed or dIsembodIed, IL Is
ceuseIessIy drIven on by LIe dIscIpIIne oI suIIerIng, unLII uL
IusL, In ILs exLremILy, IL IIIes Lo ILs onIy reIuge-LIe reIuge oI
rIgILeousness-und IInds LIuL joy, suLIsIucLIon, und peuce
wIIcI IL Iud so Iong und so vuInIy sougIL.
TIe greuL need oI LIe souI, LIen, Is LIe need oI LIIs
permunenL prIncIpIe, cuIIed rIgILeousness, on wIIcI IL muy
sLund secureIy und resLIuIIy umId LIe LempesL oI eurLIIy
exIsLence, no more bewIIdered, und wIereon IL muy buIId
LIe munsIon oI u beuuLIIuI, peuceIuI, und perIecL IIIe.
L Is LIe reuIIzuLIon oI LIIs prIncIpIe wIere LIe KIngdom oI
Heuven, LIe ubIdIng Iome oI LIe souI, resIdes, und wIIcI Is
LIe source und sLoreIouse oI every permunenL bIessIng.
IndIng IL, uII Is Iound; noL IIndIng IL, uII Is IosL. L Is un
uLLILude oI mInd, u sLuLe oI conscIousness, un IneIIubIe
knowIedge, In wIIcI LIe sLruggIe Ior exIsLence ceuses, und
LIe souI IInds ILseII uL resL In LIe mIdsL oI pIenLy, wIere ILs
greuL need, yeu, ILs every need, Is suLIsIIed, wILIouL sLrIIe
und wILIouL Ieur. BIessed ure LIey wIo eurnesLIy und
InLeIIIgenLIy seek, Ior IL Is ImpossIbIe LIuL sucI sIouId seek
In vuIn.
When I cm pure
I shcll hcte solted the mster oj lije,
I shcll be sure
(When I cm jree jrom hctred, lust cnd strije)
I cm in truth, cnd Truth cbides in me.
I shcll be scje cnd scne cnd uholl jree
When I cm pure.
T HAS BEEN SAD LIuL LIe Iuws oI NuLure ure crueI; IL Ius
IIkewIse been suId LIuL LIey ure kInd. TIe one sLuLemenL Is
LIe resuIL oI dweIIIng excIusIveIy upon LIe IIerceIy
compeLILIve uspecL oI NuLure; LIe oLIer resuILs Irom
vIewIng onIy LIe proLecLIve und kIndIy uspecL. n reuIILy,
nuLuruI Iuws ure neILIer crueI or kInd; LIey ure ubsoIuLeIy
jusL-ure, In IucL, LIe ouLworkIng oI LIe IndesLrucLIbIe
prIncIpIe oI jusLIce ILseII.
TIe crueILy, und consequenL suIIerIng, wIIcI Is so
prevuIenL In NuLure, Is noL InIerenL In LIe IeurL und
subsLunce oI IIIe; IL Is u pussIng pIuse oI evoIuLIon, u puInIuI
experIence, wIIcI wIII uILImuLeIy rIpen InLo LIe IruIL oI u
more perIecL knowIedge; u durk nIgIL oI Ignorunce und
unresL, IeudIng Lo u gIorIous mornIng oI joy und peuce.
WIen u IeIpIess cIIId Is burnL Lo deuLI, we do noL uscrIbe
crueILy Lo LIe workIng oI LIe nuLuruI Iuw by vIrLue oI wIIcI
LIe cIIId wus consumed; we InIer Ignorunce In LIe cIIId, or
cureIessness on LIe purL oI ILs guurdIuns. Even so, men und
creuLures ure duIIy beIng consumed In LIe InvIsIbIe IIumes
oI pussIon, succumbIng Lo LIe ceuseIess InLerpIuy oI LIose
IIery psycIIc Iorces wIIcI, In LIeIr Ignorunce, LIey do noL
undersLund, buL wIIcI LIey sIuII uL IusL Ieurn Iow Lo
conLroI und use Lo LIeIr own proLecLIon, und noL, us uL
presenL, IooIIsIIy empIoy LIem Lo LIeIr own desLrucLIon.
To undersLund, conLroI und IurmonIousIy udjusL LIe
InvIsIbIe Iorces oI ILs own souI Is LIe uILImuLe desLIny oI
every beIng und creuLure. Some men und women, In LIe
pusL, Iuve uccompIIsIed LIIs supreme und exuILed purpose;
some, In LIe presenL, Iuve IIkewIse succeeded, und, unLII
LIIs Is done, LIuL pIuce oI resL wIereIn one receIves uII LIuL
Is necessury Ior one`s weII-beIng und IuppIness, wILIouL
sLrIvIng, und wILI Ireedom Irom puIn, cunnoL be enLered.
n un uge IIke LIe presenL, wIen, In uII cIvIIIzed counLrIes,
LIe sLrIng oI IIIe Is sLruIned Lo ILs IIgIesL pILcI, wIen men
und women, sLrIvIng eucI wILI eucI In every depurLmenL oI
IIIe Ior LIe vunILIes und muLerIuI possessIons oI LIIs
perIsIubIe exIsLence, Iuve deveIoped compeLILIon Lo LIe
uLmosL IImIL oI endurunce-In sucI un uge LIe subIImesL
IeIgILs oI knowIedge ure scuIed, LIe supremesL spIrILuuI
conquesLs ure ucIIeved; Ior wIen LIe souI Is mosL LIred, ILs
need Is greuLesL, und wIere LIe need Is greuL, greuL wIII be
LIe eIIorL. WIere, uIso, LIe LempLuLIons ure powerIuI, LIe
greuLer und more endurIng wIII be LIe vIcLory.
Men Iove LIe compeLILIve sLrIIe wILI LIeIr IeIIows, wIIIe IL
promIses, und seems Lo brIng LIem guIn und IuppIness; buL
wIen LIe InevILubIe reucLIon comes, und LIe coId sLeeI oI
seIIIsI sLrIIe wIIcI LIeIr own Iunds Iuve Iorged enLers
LIeIr own IeurLs, LIen, und noL LIII LIen, do LIey seek u
beLLer wuy.
"BIessed ure LIey LIuL mourn,"-LIuL Iuve come Lo LIe end
oI sLrIIe, und Iuve Iound LIe puIn und sorrow Lo wIIcI IL
Ieuds; Ior unLo LIem, und unLo LIem onIy, cun open LIe
door wIIcI Ieuds Lo LIe KIngdom oI Peuce.
n seurcIIng Ior LIIs KIngdom, IL Is necessury Lo IuIIy
undersLund LIe nuLure oI LIuL wIIcI prevenLs ILs
reuIIzuLIon-numeIy, LIe sLrIIe oI nuLure, LIe compeLILIve
Iuws operuLIve In Iumun uIIuIrs, und LIe unIversuI unresL,
InsecurILy und Ieur wIIcI uccompuny LIese IucLors; Ior
wILIouL sucI un undersLundIng LIere cun be no sound
compreIensIon us Lo wIuL consLILuLes LIe Lrue und IuIse In
IIIe, und LIereIore no reuI spIrILuuI udvuncemenL.
BeIore LIe Lrue cun be uppreIended und enjoyed, LIe IuIse
musL be unveIIed; beIore LIe reuI cun be perceIved us LIe
reuI, LIe IIIusIons wIIcI dIsLorL IL musL be dIspersed; und
beIore LIe IImILIess expunse oI TruLI cun open beIore us,
LIe IImILed experIence wIIcI Is conIIned Lo LIe worId oI
vIsIbIe und superIIcIuI eIIecLs musL be Lrunscended.
eL, LIereIore, LIose oI my reuders wIo ure LIougILIuI und
eurnesL, und wIo ure dIIIgenLIy seekIng, or ure wIIIIng Lo
seek, Ior LIuL busIs oI LIougIL und conducL wIIcI sIuII
sImpIIIy und IurmonIze LIe bewIIderIng compIexILIes und
InequuIILIes oI IIIe, wuIk wILI me sLep by sLep us open up
LIe wuy Lo LIe KIngdom; IIrsL descendIng InLo HeII (LIe
worId oI sLrIIe und seII-seekIng) In order LIuL, IuvIng
compreIended ILs InLrIcuLe wuys, we muy uILerwurds
uscend InLo Heuven (LIe worId oI Peuce und ove).
L Is LIe cusLom In my IouseIoId, durIng LIe Iurd IrosLs oI
wInLer, Lo puL ouL Iood Ior LIe bIrds, und IL Is u noLIceubIe
IucL LIuL LIese creuLures, wIen LIey ure reuIIy sLurvIng, IIve
LogeLIer mosL umIcubIy, IuddIIng LogeLIer Lo keep eucI
oLIer wurm, und reIruInIng Irom uII sLrIIe; und II u smuII
quunLILy oI Iood be gIven LIem LIey wIII euL IL wILI
compuruLIve Ireedom Irom conLenLIon; buL IeL u quunLILy oI
Iood wIIcI Is more LIun suIIIcIenL Ior uII be LIrown Lo
LIem, und IIgILIng over LIe coveLed suppIy uL once ensues.
OccusIonuIIy we wouId puL ouL u wIoIe IouI oI breud, und
LIen LIe conLenLIon oI LIe bIrds becume IIerce und
proIonged, uILIougI LIere wus more LIun LIey couId
possIbIy euL durIng severuI duys. Some, IuvIng gorged
LIemseIves unLII LIey couId euL no more, wouId sLund upon
LIe IouI und Iover round IL, peckIng IIerceIy uL uII
newcomers, und endeuvorIng Lo prevenL LIem Irom
obLuInIng uny oI LIe Iood. And uIong wILI LIIs IIerce
conLenLIon LIere wus noLIceubIy u greuL Ieur. WILI eucI
mouLIIuI oI Iood Luken, LIe bIrds wouId Iook uround In
nervous Lerror, uppreIensIve oI IosIng LIeIr Iood or LIeIr
n LIIs sImpIe IncIdenL we Iuve un IIIusLruLIon-crude,
perIups, buL Lrue-oI LIe busIs und ouLworkIng oI LIe
compeLILIve Iuws In NuLure und In Iumun uIIuIrs. L Is noL
scurcILy LIuL produces compeLILIon, it is cbundcnce; so LIuL
LIe rIcIer und more IuxurIous u nuLIon becomes, LIe keener
und IIercer becomes LIe compeLILIon Ior securIng LIe
necessurIes und IuxurIes oI IIIe.
eL IumIne overLuke u nuLIon, und uL once compussIon und
sympuLIy Luke LIe pIuce oI compeLILIve sLrIIe; und, In LIe
bIessedness oI gIvIng und receIvIng, men enjoy u IoreLusLe
oI LIuL IeuvenIy bIIss wIIcI LIe spIrILuuIIy wIse Iuve Iound,
und wIIcI uII sIuII uILImuLeIy reucI.
TIe IucL LIuL ubundunce, und noL scurcILy, creuLes
compeLILIon, sIouId be IeId consLunLIy In mInd by LIe
reuder durIng LIe perusuI oI LIIs book, us IL LIrows u
seurcIIng IIgIL noL onIy on LIe sLuLemenLs IereIn
conLuIned, buL upon every probIem reIuLIng Lo socIuI IIIe
und Iumun conducL. Moreover, II IL be deepIy und eurnesLIy
medILuLed upon, und ILs Iessons uppIIed Lo IndIvIduuI
conducL, IL wIII muke pIuIn LIe Wuy wIIcI Ieuds Lo LIe
eL us now seurcI ouL LIe cuuse oI LIIs IucL, In order LIuL
LIe evIIs connecLed wILI IL muy be Lrunscended.
Every pIenomenon In socIuI und nuLIonuI IIIe (us In NuLure)
Is un eIIecL, und uII LIese eIIecLs ure embodIed by u cuuse
wIIcI Is noL remoLe und deLucIed, buL wIIcI Is LIe
ImmedIuLe souI und IIIe oI LIe eIIecL ILseII. As LIe seed Is
conLuIned In LIe IIower, und LIe IIower In LIe seed, so LIe
reIuLIon oI cuuse und eIIecL Is InLImuLe und InsepurubIe. An
eIIecL uIso Is vIvIIIed und propuguLed, noL by uny IIIe
InIerenL In ILseII, buL by LIe IIIe und ImpuIse exIsLIng In LIe
ookIng ouL upon LIe worId, we beIoId IL us un urenu oI
sLrIIe In wIIcI IndIvIduuIs, communILIes, und nuLIons ure
consLunLIy enguged In sLruggIe, sLrIvIng wILI eucI oLIer Ior
superIorILy, und Ior LIe IurgesL sIure oI worIdIy
We see, uIso, LIuL LIe weuker IuII ouL deIeuLed, und LIuL LIe
sLrong-LIose wIo ure equIpped Lo pursue LIe combuL wILI
undImInIsIed urdor-obLuIn LIe vIcLory, und enLer InLo
possessIon. And uIong wILI LIIs sLruggIe we see LIe
suIIerIng wIIcI Is InevILubIy connecLed wILI IL-men und
women, broken down wILI LIe weIgIL oI LIeIr
responsIbIIILIes, IuIIIng In LIeIr eIIorLs und IosIng uII;
IumIIIes und communILIes broken up, und nuLIons subdued
und subordInuLed.
We see seus oI Leurs, LeIIIng oI unspeukubIe unguIsI und
grIeI; we see puInIuI purLIngs und eurIy und unnuLuruI
deuLIs; und we know LIuL LIIs IIIe oI sLrIIe, wIen sLrIpped
oI ILs surIuce uppeurunces, Is IurgeIy u IIIe oI sorrow. I LIuL
uspecL oI Iumun IIIe wILI wIIcI we ure now deuIIng; sucI
ure LIe eIIecLs us we see LIem; und LIey Iuve one common
cuuse wIIcI Is Iound In LIe Iumun IeurL ILseII.
As uII LIe muILIIorm vurIeLIes oI pIunL IIIe Iuve one
common soII Irom wIIcI Lo druw LIeIr susLenunce, und by
vIrLue oI wIIcI LIey IIve und LIrIve, so uII LIe vurIed
ucLIvILIes oI Iumun IIIe ure rooLed In, und druw LIeIr vILuIILy
Irom, one common source-the humcn hecrt. TIe cuuse oI
uII suIIerIng und oI uII IuppIness resIdes, noL In LIe ouLer
ucLIvILIes oI Iumun IIIe, buL In LIe Inner ucLIvILIes oI LIe
IeurL und mInd; und every exLernuI ugency Is susLuIned by
LIe IIIe wIIcI IL derIves Irom Iumun conducL.
TIe orgunIzed IIIe-prIncIpIe In mun curves Ior ILseII
ouLwurd cIunneIs uIong wIIcI IL cun pour ILs penL-up
energIes, mukes Ior ILseII veIIcIes LIrougI wIIcI IL cun
munIIesL ILs poLency und reup ILs experIence, und, us u
resuIL, we Iuve our reIIgIous, socIuI und poIILIcuI
AII LIe vIsIbIe munIIesLuLIons oI Iumun IIIe, LIen, ure
eIIecLs; und us sucI, uILIougI LIey muy possess u reIIex
ucLIon, LIey cun never be cuuses, buL musL remuIn Iorever
wIuL LIey ure-decd ejjects, guIvunIzed InLo IIIe by un
endurIng und proIound cuuse.
L Is LIe cusLom oI men Lo wunder ubouL In LIIs worId oI
eIIecLs, und Lo mIsLuke ILs IIIusIons Ior reuIILIes, eLernuIIy
LrunsposIng und reudjusLIng LIese eIIecLs In order Lo urrIve
uL u soIuLIon oI Iumun probIems, InsLeud oI reucIIng down
Lo LIe underIyIng cuuse wIIcI Is uL once LIe cenLer oI
unIIIcuLIon und LIe busIs upon wIIcI Lo buIId u peuce-
gIvIng soIuLIon oI Iumun IIIe.
TIe sLrIIe oI LIe worId In uII ILs Iorms, wIeLIer IL be wur,
socIuI or poIILIcuI quurreIIng, secLurIun IuLred, prIvuLe
dIspuLes or commercIuI compeLILIon, Ius ILs orIgIn In one
common cuuse, numeIy, inditiducl seljishness. And
empIoy LIIs Lerm seIIIsIness In u Iur-reucIIng sense; In IL
IncIude uII Iorms oI seII-Iove und egoLIsm- meun by IL LIe
desIre Lo punder Lo, und preserve uL uII cosLs, LIe
TIIs eIemenL oI seIIIsIness Is LIe IIIe und souI oI
compeLILIon, und oI LIe compeLILIve Iuws. ApurL Irom IL
LIey Iuve no exIsLence. BuL In LIe IIIe oI every IndIvIduuI In
wIose IeurL seIIIsIness In uny Iorm Is Iurbored, LIese Iuws
ure brougIL InLo pIuy, und LIe IndIvIduuI Is subjecL Lo LIem.
nnumerubIe economIc sysLems Iuve IuIIed, und musL IuII,
Lo exLermInuLe LIe sLrIIe oI LIe worId. TIey ure LIe ouLcome
oI LIe deIusIon LIuL ouLwurd sysLems oI governmenL ure LIe
cuuses oI LIuL sLrIIe, wIereus LIey ure buL LIe vIsIbIe und
LrunsIenL eIIecL oI LIe Inwurd sLrIIe, LIe cIunneIs LIrougI
wIIcI IL musL necessurIIy munIIesL ILseII. To desLroy LIe
cIunneI Is, und musL ever be IneIIecLuuI, us LIe Inwurd
energy wIII ImmedIuLeIy muke Ior ILseII unoLIer, und sLIII
unoLIer und unoLIer.
SLrIIe cunnoL ceuse; und LIe compeLILIve Iuws must pretcil
so lon cs seljishness is jostered in the hecrt. AII reIorms
IuII wIere LIIs eIemenL Is Ignored or unuccounLed Ior; uII
reIorms wIII succeed wIere IL Is recognIzed, und sLeps ure
Luken Ior ILs removuI.
SeIIIsIness, LIen, Is LIe rooL cuuse oI compeLILIon, LIe
IounduLIon on wIIcI uII compeLILIve sysLems resL, und LIe
susLuInIng source oI LIe compeLILIve Iuws. L wIII LIus be
seen LIuL uII compeLILIve sysLems, uII LIe vIsIbIe ucLIvILIes oI
LIe sLruggIe oI mun wILI mun, ure us LIe Ieuves und
bruncIes oI u Lree wIIcI overspreuds LIe wIoIe eurLI, LIe
rooL oI LIuL Lree beIng IndIvIduuI seIIIsIness, und LIe
rIpened IruILs oI wIIcI ure puIn und sorrow.
TIIs Lree cunnoL be desLroyed by mereIy IoppIng oII ILs
bruncIes; Lo do LIIs eIIecLIveIy, the root must be destroed.
To InLroduce meusures In LIe Iorm oI cIunged exLernuI
condILIons Is mereIy IoppIng oII LIe bruncIes; und us LIe
cuLLIng uwuy oI cerLuIn bruncIes oI u Lree gIves udded vIgor
Lo LIose wIIcI remuIn, even so LIe very meuns wIIcI ure
Luken Lo curLuII LIe compeLILIve sLrIIe, wIen LIose meuns
deuI enLIreIy wILI ILs ouLwurd eIIecLs, wIII buL udd sLrengLI
und vIgor Lo LIe Lree wIose rooLs ure uII LIe LIme beIng
IosLered und encouruged In LIe Iumun IeurL. TIe mosL LIuL
even IegIsIuLIon cun do Is Lo prune LIe bruncIes, und so
prevenL LIe Lree Irom uILogeLIer runnIng wIId.
GreuL eIIorLs ure now beIng puL Iorwurd Lo Iound u "Gurden
CILy," wIIcI sIuII be u verILubIe Eden pIunLed In LIe mIdsL
oI orcIurds, und wIose InIubILunLs sIuII IIve In comIorL
und compuruLIve repose. And beuuLIIuI und IuudubIe ure uII
sucI eIIorLs wIen LIey ure prompLed by unseIIIsI Iove. BuL
sucI u cILy cunnoL exIsL, or cunnoL Iong remuIn LIe Eden
wIIcI IL uIms Lo be In ILs ouLwurd Iorm, unIess LIe mujorILy
oI ILs InIubILunLs Iuve subdued und conquered LIe Inwurd
Even one Iorm oI seIIIsIness, numeIy, seII-InduIgence, II
IosLered by ILs InIubILunLs, wIII compIeLeIy undermIne LIuL
cILy, IeveIIng ILs orcIurds Lo LIe ground, converLIng muny oI
ILs beuuLIIuI dweIIIngs InLo compeLILIve murLs, und
obnoxIous cenLers Ior LIe personuI gruLIIIcuLIon oI uppeLILe,
und some oI ILs buIIdIngs InLo InsLILuLIons Ior LIe
muInLenunce oI order; und upon ILs pubIIc spuces wIII rIse
juIIs, usyIums, und orpIunuges, Ior wIere LIe spIrIL oI seII-
InduIgence Is, LIe meuns Ior ILs gruLIIIcuLIon wIII be
ImmedIuLeIy udopLed, wILIouL consIderIng LIe good oI
oLIers or oI LIe communILy (Ior seIIIsIness Is uIwuys bIInd),
und LIe IruILs oI LIuL gruLIIIcuLIon wIII be rupIdIy reuped.
TIe buIIdIng oI pIeusunL Iouses und LIe pIunLIng oI
beuuLIIuI gurdens cun never, oI ILseII, consLILuLe u Gurden
CILy unIess ILs InIubILunLs Iuve Ieurned LIuL seII-sucrIIIce Is
beLLer LIun seII-proLecLIon, und Iuve IIrsL esLubIIsIed In
LIeIr own IeurLs LIe Gurden CILy oI unseIIIsI Iove. And
wIen u suIIIcIenL number oI men und women Iuve done
LIIs, LIe Gurden CILy wIII uppeur, und IL wIII IIourIsI und
prosper, und greuL wIII be ILs peuce, Ior "ouL oI LIe IeurL ure
LIe Issues oI IIIe."
HuvIng Iound LIuL seIIIsIness Is LIe rooL cuuse oI uII
compeLILIon und sLrIIe, LIe quesLIon nuLuruIIy urIses us Lo
Iow LIIs cuuse sIuII be deuIL wILI, Ior IL nuLuruIIy IoIIows
LIuL u cuuse beIng desLroyed, uII ILs eIIecLs ceuse; u cuuse
beIng propuguLed, uII ILs eIIecLs, Iowever LIey muy be
modIIIed Irom wILIouL, must conLInue.
Every mun wIo Ius LIougIL uL uII deepIy upon LIe probIem
oI IIIe, und Ius brooded sympuLIeLIcuIIy upon LIe
suIIerIngs oI munkInd, Ius seen LIuL seIIIsIness Is uL LIe
rooL oI uII sorrow-In IucL, LIIs Is one oI LIe LruLIs LIuL Is
IIrsL uppreIended by LIe LIougILIuI mInd. And uIong wILI
LIuL percepLIon LIere Ius been born wILIIn IIm u IongIng Lo
IormuIuLe some meLIods by wIIcI LIuL seIIIsIness mIgIL
be overcome.
TIe IIrsL ImpuIse oI sucI u mun Is Lo endeuvor Lo Irume
some ouLwurd Iuw, or InLroduce some new socIuI
urrungemenLs or reguIuLIons, wIIcI sIuII puL u cIeck on the
seljishness oj others.
TIe second Lendency oI IIs mInd wIII be Lo IeeI IIs uLLer
IeIpIessness beIore LIe greuL Iron wIII oI seIIIsIness by
wIIcI Ie Is conIronLed.
BoLI LIese uLLILudes oI mInd ure LIe resuIL oI un IncompIeLe
knowIedge oI wIuL consLILuLes seIIIsIness. And LIIs purLIuI
knowIedge domInuLes IIm becuuse, uILIougI Ie Ius
overcome LIe grosser Iorms oI seIIIsIness In IImseII, und Is
so Iur nobIe, Ie Is yeL seIIIsI In oLIer und more remoLe und
subLIe dIrecLIons.
TIIs IeeIIng oI "IeIpIessness" Is LIe preIude Lo one oI Lwo
condILIons-LIe mun wIII eILIer gIve up In despuIr, und
uguIn sInk IImseII In LIe seIIIsIness oI LIe worId, or Ie wIII
seurcI und medILuLe unLII Ie IInds unoLIer wuy ouL oI LIe
dIIIIcuILy. And LIuL wuy Ie wIII IInd. ookIng deeper und
ever deeper InLo LIe LIIngs oI IIIe; reIIecLIng, broodIng,
exumInIng, und unuIyzIng; gruppIIng wILI every dIIIIcuILy
und probIem wILI InLensILy oI LIougIL, und deveIopIng duy
by duy u proIounder Iove oI TruLI-by LIese meuns IIs
IeurL wIII grow und IIs compreIensIon expund, und uL IusL
Ie wIII reuIIze LIuL LIe wuy Lo desLroy seIIIsIness Is noL Lo
Lry Lo desLroy one jorm oI IL In oLIer peopIe, buL Lo desLroy
IL uLLerIy, rooL und bruncI, in himselj.
TIe percepLIon oI LIIs LruLI consLILuLes spIrILuuI
IIIumInuLIon, und wIen once IL Is uwukened In LIe mInd,
LIe "sLruIgIL und nurrow wuy" Is reveuIed, und LIe GuLes oI
LIe KIngdom uIreudy Ioom In LIe dIsLunce.
TIen does u mun uppIy Lo IImseII (noL Lo oLIers) LIese
words-And uh beholdest thou the mote thct is in th
brother's ee, but considerest not the becm thct is in th
oun ee? Dr hou uilt thou sc to th brother, let me pull
out the mote out oj thine ee, cnd, behold, c becm is in
thine oun ee? Thou hpocrite, jirst ccst out the becm out
oj thine oun ee, cnd then shcll thou see clecrl to ccst
out the mote out oj thine brother's ee.
WIen u mun cun uppIy LIese words Lo IImseII und ucL upon
LIem, judgIng IImseII mercIIessIy, buL judgIng none oLIer,
LIen wIII Ie IInd IIs wuy ouL oI LIe IeII oI compeLILIve
sLrIIe, LIen wIII Ie rIse ubove und render oI non-eIIecL LIe
Iuws oI compeLILIon, und wIII IInd LIe IIgIer uw oI ove,
subjecLIng IImseII Lo wIIcI every evII LIIng wIII IIee Irom
IIm, und LIe joys und bIessIngs wIIcI LIe seIIIsI vuInIy
seek wIII consLunLIy wuIL upon IIm. And noL onIy LIIs, Ie
wIII, IuvIng IIILed IImseII, IIIL LIe worId. By IIs exumpIe
muny wIII see LIe Wuy, und wIII wuIk IL; und LIe powers oI
durkness wIII be weuker Ior IuvIng IIved.
L wIII Iere be usked, "BuL wIII noL mun wIo Ius rIsen ubove
IIs seIIIsIness, und LIereIore ubove LIe compeLILIve sLrIIe,
suIIer LIrougI LIe seIIIsIness und compeLILIon oI LIose
uround IIm? WIII Ie noL uILer uII LIe LroubIe Ie Ius Luken
Lo purIIy IImseII, suIIer uL LIe Iunds oI LIe Impure?"
No, Ie wIII noL. TIe equILy oI LIe DIvIne Order Is perIecL,
und cunnoL be subverLed, so LIuL IL Is ImpossIbIe Ior one
wIo Ius overcome seIIIsIness Lo be subjecL Lo LIose Iuws
wIIcI ure brougIL InLo operuLIon by LIe ucLIon oI
seIIIsIness; In oLIer words, eucI IndIvIduuI suIIers by
vIrLue oI IIs own seIIIsIness.
L Is Lrue LIuL LIe seIIIsI uII come under LIe operuLIon oI LIe
compeLILIve Iuws, und suIIer coIIecLIveIy, eucI ucLIng, more
or Iess, us LIe InsLrumenL by wIIcI LIe suIIerIng oI oLIers Is
brougIL ubouL, wIIcI mukes IL uppeur, on LIe surIuce, us
LIougI men suIIered Ior LIe sIns oI oLIers ruLIer LIun LIeIr
own. BuL LIe LruLI Is LIuL In u unIverse LIe very busIs oI
wIIcI Is Iurmony, und wIIcI cun onIy be susLuIned by LIe
perIecL udjusLmenL oI uII ILs purLs, eucI unIL receIves ILs
oun meusure oI udjusLmenL, und suIIers by und oI ILseII.
EucI mun comes under LIe Iuws oI IIs own beIng, never
under LIose oI unoLIer. True, Ie wIII suIIer IIke unoLIer,
und even LIrougI LIe InsLrumenLuIILy oI unoLIer, II Ie
eIecLs Lo IIve under LIe sume condILIons us LIuL oLIer. BuL II
Ie cIooses Lo deserL LIose condILIons und Lo IIve under
unoLIer und IIgIer seL oI condILIons oI wIIcI LIuL oLIer Is
IgnorunL, Ie wIII ceuse Lo come under, or be uIIecLed by, LIe
Iower Iuws.
eL us now go buck Lo LIe symboI oI LIe Lree und curry LIe
unuIogy u IILLIe IurLIer. JusL us LIe Ieuves und bruncIes ure
susLuIned by LIe rooLs, so LIe rooLs derIve LIeIr
nourIsImenL Irom LIe soII, gropIng bIIndIy In LIe durkness
Ior LIe susLenunce wIIcI LIe Lree demunds. n IIke munner,
seIIIsIness, LIe rooL oI LIe Lree oI evII und oI suIIerIng,
derIves ILs nourIsImenL Irom LIe durk soII oI inorcnce. n
LIIs IL LIrIves; upon LIIs IL sLunds und IIourIsIes. By
Ignorunce meun someLIIng vusLIy dIIIerenL Irom Iuck oI
IeurnIng; und LIe sense In wIIcI use IL wIII be mude pIuIn
us proceed.
SeIIIsIness uIwuys gropes In LIe durk. L Ius no knowIedge;
by ILs very nuLure IL Is cuL oII Irom LIe source oI
enIIgILenmenL; IL Is u bIInd ImpuIse, knowIng noLIIng,
obeyIng no Iuw, Ior IL knows none, und Is LIereby IorcIbIy
bound Lo LIose compeLILIve Iuws by vIrLue oI wIIcI
suIIerIng Is InIIIcLed In order LIuL Iurmony muy be
We IIve In u worId, u unIverse, uboundIng wILI uII good
LIIngs. So greuL Is LIe ubundunce oI spIrILuuI, menLuI und
muLerIuI bIessIngs LIuL every mun und womun on LIIs gIobe
couId noL onIy be provIded wILI every necessury good, buL
couId IIve In LIe mIdsL oI uboundIng pIenLy, und yeL Iuve
mucI Lo spure. YeL, In spILe oI LIIs, wIuL u specLucIe oI
Ignorunce do we beIoId!
We see on LIe one Iund mIIIIons oI men und women
cIuIned Lo u ceuseIess sIuvery, InLermInubIy LoIIIng In order
Lo obLuIn u poor und scunLy meuI und u gurmenL Lo cover
LIeIr nukedness; und on LIe oLIer Iund we see LIousunds,
wIo uIreudy Iuve more LIun LIey requIre und cun weII
munuge, deprIvIng LIemseIves oI uII LIe bIessIngs oI u Lrue
IIIe und oI LIe vusL opporLunILIes wIIcI LIeIr possessIons
pIuce wILIIn LIeIr reucI, In order Lo uccumuIuLe more oI
LIose muLerIuI LIIngs Ior wIIcI LIey Iuve no IegILImuLe use.
SureIy men und women Iuve no more wIsdom LIun LIe
beusLs wIIcI IIgIL over LIe possessIon oI LIuL wIIcI Is more
LIun LIey cun uII weII dIspose oI, und wIIcI LIey couId uII
enjoy In peuce!
SucI u condILIon oI LIIngs cun onIy occur In u sLuLe oI
Ignorunce deep und durk; so durk und dense us Lo be uLLerIy
ImpeneLrubIe suve Lo LIe unseIIIsI eye oI wIsdom und LruLI.
And In LIe mIdsL oI uII LIIs sLrIvIng uILer pIuce und Iood und
ruImenL, LIere works unseen, yeL poLenL und unerrIng, LIe
OverruIIng uw oI JusLIce, meLIng ouL Lo every IndIvIduuI
IIs own quoLu oI merIL und demerIL. L Is ImpurLIuI; IL
besLows no Iuvors; IL InIIIcLs no uneurned punIsImenLs:
It lnous not urcth nor pcrdon, utter-true
It mecsures mete, its jcultless bclcnce ueihs,
Times cre cs nouht, tomorrou it uill jude,
Dr cjter mcn dcs.
TIe rIcI und LIe poor uIIke suIIer Ior their oun seljishness;
und none escupes. TIe rIcI Iuve LIeIr purLIcuIur suIIerIngs
us weII us LIe poor. Moreover, LIe rIcI ure conLInuuIIy
IosIng LIeIr rIcIes; LIe poor ure conLInuuIIy ucquIrIng LIem.
TIe poor mun oI Loduy Is LIe rIcI mun oI Lomorrow, und
vIce versu.
TIere Is no sLubIIILy, no securILy In IeII, und onIy brIeI und
occusIonuI perIods oI respILe Irom suIIerIng In some Iorm
or oLIer. eur, uIso, IoIIows men IIke u greuL sIudow, Ior LIe
mun wIo obLuIns und IoIds by seIIIsI Iorce wIII uIwuys be
IuunLed by u IeeIIng oI InsecurILy, und wIII conLInuuIIy Ieur
ILs Ioss; wIIIe LIe poor mun, wIo Is seIIIsIIy seekIng or
coveLIng muLerIuI rIcIes, wIII be Iurussed by LIe Ieur oI
desLILuLIon. And one und uII wIo IIve In LIIs underworId oI
sLrIIe ure oversIudowed by one greuL Ieur-LIe Ieur oI
Surrounded by LIe durkness oI Ignorunce, und IuvIng no
knowIedge oI LIose eLernuI und IIIe-susLuInIng PrIncIpIes
ouL oI wIIcI uII LIIngs proceed, men Iubor under LIe
deIusIon LIuL LIe mosL ImporLunL und essenLIuI LIIngs In
IIIe ure Iood und cIoLIIng, und LIuL LIeIr IIrsL duLy Is Lo
sLrIve Lo obLuIn LIese, beIIevIng LIuL LIese ouLwurd LIIngs
ure LIe source und cuuse oI uII comIorL und IuppIness.
L Is LIe bIInd unImuI InsLIncL oI seII-preservuLIon (LIe
preservuLIon oI LIe body und personuIILy), by vIrLue oI
wIIcI eucI mun opposes IImseII Lo oLIer men In order Lo
"geL u IIvIng" or "secure u compeLency," beIIevIng LIuL II Ie
does noL keep un IncessunL wuLcI on oLIer men, und
consLunLIy renew LIe sLruggIe, LIey wIII uILImuLeIy "Luke LIe
breud ouL oI IIs mouLI."
L Is ouL oI LIIs InILIuI deIusIon LIuL comes uII LIe LruIn oI
deIusIons, wILI LIeIr uLLendunL suIIerIngs. ood und
cIoLIIng ure noL LIe essenticl LIIngs oI IIIe; noL LIe cuuses
oI IuppIness. TIey ure non-essenLIuIs, eIIecLs, und, us sucI,
proceed by u process oI nuLuruI Iuw Irom LIe essenLIuIs, LIe
underIyIng cuuse.
TIe essenLIuI LIIngs In IIIe ure LIe endurIng eIemenLs In
cIurucLer-InLegrILy, IuILI, rIgILeousness, seII-sucrIIIce,
compussIon, Iove; und ouL oI LIese uII good LIIngs proceed.
ood und cIoLIIng, und money ure deud eIIecLs; LIere Is In
LIem no IIIe, no power excepL LIuL wIIcI we InvesL wILI
LIem. TIey ure wILIouL vIce und vIrLue, und cun neILIer
bIess nor Iurm. Even LIe body wIIcI men beIIeve Lo be
LIemseIves, Lo wIIcI LIey punder, und wIIcI LIey Iong Lo
keep, musL very sIorLIy be yIeIded up Lo LIe dusL. BuL LIe
IIgIer eIemenLs oI cIurucLer ure IIIe ILseII; und Lo prucLIce
LIese, Lo LrusL LIem, und Lo IIve enLIreIy In LIem,
consLILuLes LIe KIngdom oI Heuven.
TIe mun wIo suys, " wIII IIrsL oI uII eurn u compeLence und
secure u good posILIon In IIIe, und wIII LIen gIve my mInd Lo
LIose IIgIer LIIngs," does noL undersLund LIese IIgIer
LIIngs, does noL beIIeve LIem Lo be IIgIer, Ior II Ie dId, IL
wouId noL be possIbIe Ior IIm Lo negIecL LIem. He beIIeves
LIe muLerIuI ouLgrowLIs oI IIIe Lo be LIe IIgIer, und
LIereIore Ie seeks LIem IIrsL. He beIIeves money, cIoLIIng
und posILIon Lo be oI vusL und essenLIuI ImporLunce,
rIgILeousness und LruLI Lo be uL besL secondury; Ior u mun
uIwuys sucrIIIces LIuL wIIcI Ie beIIeves Lo be Iesser Lo LIuL
wIIcI Ie beIIeves Lo be greuLer.
mmedIuLeIy uILer u mun reuIIzes LIuL rIgILeousness Is oI
more ImporLunce LIun LIe geLLIng oI Iood und cIoLIIng, Ie
ceuses Lo sLrIve uILer LIe IuLLer, und begIns Lo IIve Ior LIe
Iormer. L Is Iere wIere we come Lo LIe dIvIdIng IIne
beLween LIe Lwo KIngdoms-HeII und Heuven.
Once u mun perceIves LIe beuuLy und endurIng reuIILy oI
rIgILeousness, IIs wIoIe uLLILude oI mInd Lowurd IImseII
und oLIers und LIe LIIngs wILIIn und uround IIm cIunges.
TIe Iove oI personuI exIsLence gruduuIIy Ioses ILs IoId on
IIm; LIe InsLIncL oI seII-preservuLIon begIns Lo dIe, und LIe
prucLIce oI seII-renuncIuLIon Lukes ILs pIuce. or LIe
sucrIIIce oI oLIers, or oI LIe IuppIness oI oLIers, Ior IIs own
good, Ie subsLILuLes LIe sucrIIIce oI seII und oI IIs own
IuppIness Ior LIe good oI oLIers. And LIus, rIsIng ubove
seII, Ie rIses ubove LIe compeLILIve sLrIIe wIIcI Is LIe
ouLcome oI seII, und ubove LIe compeLILIve Iuws wIIcI
operuLe onIy In LIe regIon oI seII, und Ior LIe reguIuLIon oI
ILs bIInd ImpuIses.
He Is IIke LIe mun wIo Ius cIImbed u mounLuIn, und
LIereby rIsen ubove uII LIe dIsLurbIng currenLs In LIe
vuIIeys beIow IIm. TIe cIouds pour down LIeIr ruIn, LIe
LIunders roII und LIe IIgILnIngs IIusI, LIe Iogs obscure, und
LIe IurrIcunes uprooL und desLroy, buL LIey cunnoL reucI
IIm on LIe cuIm IeIgILs wIere Ie sLunds, und wIere Ie
dweIIs In conLInuuI sunsIIne und peuce.
n LIe IIIe oI sucI u mun LIe Iower Iuws ceuse Lo operuLe,
und Ie now comes under LIe proLecLIon oI u IIgIer uw-
numeIy, LIe uw oI ove; und, In uccordunce wILI IIs
IuILIIuIness und obedIence Lo LIIs uw, wIII uII LIuL Is
necessury Ior IIs weII-beIng come Lo IIm uL LIe LIme wIen
Ie requIres IL.
TIe Ideu oI guInIng u posILIon In LIe worId cunnoL enLer IIs
mInd, und LIe exLernuI necessILIes oI IIIe, sucI us money,
Iood und cIoLIIng, Ie scurceIy ever LIInks ubouL. BuL,
subjecLIng IImseII Ior LIe good oI oLIers, perIormIng uII IIs
duLIes scrupuIousIy und wILIouL LIInkIng oI rewurd, und
IIvIng duy by duy In LIe dIscIpIIne oI rIgILeousness, uII oLIer
LIIngs IoIIow uL LIe rIgIL LIme und In LIe rIgIL order.
JusL us suIIerIng und sLrIIe InIere In, und sprIng Irom, LIeIr
rooL cuuse, seIIIsIness, so bIessedness und peuce InIere In,
und sprIng Irom, LIeIr rooL-cuuse, rIgILeousness. And IL Is u
IuII und uII-embrucIng bIessedness, compIeLe und perIecL In
every depurLmenL oI IIIe, Ior LIuL wIIcI Is moruIIy und
spIrILuuIIy rIgIL Is pIysIcuIIy und muLerIuIIy rIgIL.
SucI u mun Is Iree, Ior Ie Is Ireed Irom uII unxIeLy, worry,
Ieur, despondency, uII LIose menLuI dIsLurbunces wIIcI
derIve LIeIr vILuIILy Irom LIe eIemenLs oI seII, und Ie IIves
In consLunL joy und peuce, und LIIs wIIIe IIvIng In LIe very
mIdsL oI LIe compeLILIve sLrIIe oI LIe worId.
YeL, LIougI wuIkIng In LIe mIdsL oI HeII, ILs IIumes IuII buck
beIore und uround IIm, so LIuL noL one IuIr oI IIs Ieud cun
be sInged. TIougI Ie wuIks In LIe mIdsL oI LIe IIons oI
seIIIsI Iorce, Ior IIm LIeIr juws ure cIosed und LIeIr IerocILy
Is subdued. TIougI on every Iund men ure IuIIIng uround
IIm In LIe IIerce buLLIe oI IIIe, Ie IuIIs noL, neILIer Is Ie
dIsmuyed, Ior no deudIy buIIeL cun reucI IIm, no poIsoned
sIuIL cun pIerce LIe ImpeneLrubIe urmor oI IIs
rIgILeousness. HuvIng IosL LIe IILLIe, personuI, seII-seekIng
IIIe oI suIIerIng, unxIeLy, Ieur, und wunL, Ie Ius Iound LIe
IIIImILubIe, gIorIous, seII-perIecLIng IIIe oI joy und peuce
und pIenLy.
"TIereIore Luke no LIougIL, suyIng `WIuL sIuII we euL?` or,
`WIuL sIuII we drInk?` or, `WIerewILIuI sIuII we be
cIoLIed? . . .` or your IeuvenIy uLIer knoweLI ye Iuve
need oI uII LIese LIIngs. BuL seek ye IIrsL LIe KIngdom oI
God, und HIs RIgILeousness, und uII LIese LIIngs sIuII be
udded unLo you."
e still, m soul, cnd lnou thct pecce is uithin
e stecdjcst, hecrt, cnd lnou thct strenth ditine
elons to thee, cecse th turmoil, mind,
And thou the eterlcstin rest shcll jind.
HOW THEN SHA A MAN reucI LIe KIngdom? By wIuL
process sIuII Ie IInd LIe IIgIL wIIcI uIone cun dIsperse IIs
durkness? And In wIuL wuy cun Ie overcome LIe Inwurd
seIIIsIness wIIcI Is sLrong, und deepIy rooLed?
A mun wIII reucI LIe KIngdom by purIIyIng IImseII, und Ie
cun onIy do LIIs by pursuIng u process oI seII-exumInuLIon
und seII-unuIysIs. TIe seIIIsIness musL be dIscovered und
undersLood beIore IL cun be removed. L Is powerIess Lo
remove ILseII, neILIer wIII IL puss uwuy oI ILseII.
Durkness ceuses onIy wIen IIgIL Is InLroduced; so
Ignorunce cun onIy be dIspersed by KnowIedge; seIIIsIness
by ove. SeeIng LIuL In seIIIsIness LIere Is no securILy, no
sLubIIILy, no peuce, LIe wIoIe process oI seekIng LIe
KIngdom resoIves ILseII InLo u seurcI Ior u PrIncIpIe; u
dIvIne und permunenL PrIncIpIe on wIIcI u mun cun sLund
secure, Ireed Irom IImseII-LIuL Is, Irom LIe personuI
eIemenL, und Irom LIe Lyrunny und sIuvery wIIcI LIuL
personuI seII exucLs und demunds.
A mun musL IIrsL oI uII be wIIIIng Lo Iose IImseII (IIs seII-
seekIng seII) beIore Ie cun IInd IImseII (IIs DIvIne SeII). He
musL reuIIze LIuL seIIIsIness Is noL worLI cIIngIng Lo, LIuL IL
Is u musLer uILogeLIer unworLIy oI IIs servIce, und LIuL
dIvIne Goodness uIone Is worLIy Lo be enLIroned In IIs
IeurL us LIe supreme musLer oI IIs IIIe.
TIIs meuns LIuL Ie musL Iuve IuILI, Ior wILIouL LIIs
equIpmenL LIere cun be neILIer progress nor ucIIevemenL.
He musL beIIeve In LIe desIrubIIILy oI purILy, In LIe
supremucy oI rIgILeousness, In LIe susLuInIng power oI
InLegrILy; Ie musL ever IoId beIore IIm LIe deuI und
PerIecL Goodness, und sLrIve Ior ILs ucIIevemenL wILI
everrenewed eIIorL und unIIuggIng zeuI.
TIIs IuILI musL be nurLured und ILs deveIopmenL
encouruged. As u Iump, IL musL be cureIuIIy LrImmed und
Ied und kepL burnIng In LIe IeurL, Ior wILIouL ILs rudIuLIng
IIume no wuy wIII be seen In LIe durkness; Ie wIII IInd no
puLIwuy ouL oI seII. And us LIIs IIume Increuses und burns
wILI u sLeudIer IIgIL, energy, resoIuLIon, und seIIreIIunce
wIII come Lo IIs uId, und wILI eucI sLep, IIs progress wIII be
ucceIeruLed unLII uL IusL LIe IgIL oI KnowIedge wIII begIn
Lo Luke LIe pIuce oI LIe Iump oI IuILI, und LIe durkness wIII
commence Lo dIsuppeur beIore ILs seurcIIng spIendor.
nLo IIs spIrILuuI sIgIL wIII come LIe PrIncIpIes oI LIe dIvIne
IIe, und us Ie upproucIes LIem, LIeIr IncompurubIe
beuuLy und mujesLIc symmeLry wIII usLonIsI IIs vIsIon, und
gIudden IIs IeurL wILI u gIudness IILIerLo unknown.
AIong LIIs puLIwuy oI seII-conLroI und seII-purIIIcuLIon (Ior
sucI IL Is) every souI musL LruveI on ILs wuy Lo LIe KIngdom.
So nurrow Is LIIs wuy, und so overgrown wILI LIe weeds oI
seIIIsIness Is ILs enLrunce, LIuL IL Is dIIIIcuIL Lo IInd, und,
beIng Iound, cunnoL be reLuIned excepL by duIIy medILuLIon.
WILIouL LIIs LIe spIrILuuI energIes grow weuker, und LIe
mun Ioses LIe sLrengLI necessury Lo conLInue. As LIe body
Is susLuIned und InvIgoruLed by muLerIuI Iood, so LIe spIrIL
Is sLrengLIened und renewed by ILs own Iood-numeIy
medILuLIon upon spIrILuuI LIIngs.
He, LIen, wIo eurnesLIy resoIves Lo IInd LIe KIngdom wIII
commence Lo medILuLe, und Lo rIgIdIy exumIne IIs IeurL
und mInd und IIIe In LIe IIgIL oI LIuL Supreme PerIecLIon
wIIcI Is LIe gouI oI IIs uLLuInmenL.
On IIs wuy Lo LIuL gouI, Ie musL puss LIrougI three
Gcteucs oj Surrender. TIe IIrsL Is the Surrender oj
Desire; LIe second Is the Surrender oj Dpinion; LIe LIIrd Is
the Surrender oj Selj. EnLerIng InLo medILuLIon, Ie wIII
commence Lo exumIne IIs desIres, LrucIng LIem ouL In IIs
mInd, und IoIIowIng up LIeIr eIIecLs In IIs IIIe und upon IIs
cIurucLer; und Ie wIII quIckIy perceIve LIuL, wILIouL LIe
renuncIuLIon oI desIre, u mun remuIns u sIuve boLI Lo
IImseII und Lo IIs surroundIngs und cIrcumsLunces. HuvIng
dIscovered LIIs, LIe IIrsL GuLe, LIuL oI the Surrender oj
Desire, Is enLered. PussIng LIrougI LIIs GuLe, Ie udopLs u
process oI seII-dIscIpIIne wIIcI Is LIe IIrsL sLep In LIe
purIIIcuLIon oI LIe souI.
HILIerLo Ie Ius IIved us u sIuvIsI beusL; euLIng, drInkIng,
sIeepIng, und pursuIng enjoymenL uL LIe beck und cuII oI IIs
Iower ImpuIses; bIIndIy IoIIowIng und gruLIIyIng IIs
IncIInuLIons wILIouL meLIod, noL quesLIonIng IIs conducL,
und IuvIng no IIxed cenLer Irom wIIcI Lo reguIuLe IIs
cIurucLer und IIIe.
Now, Iowever, Ie begIns Lo IIve us u mun; Ie curbs IIs
IncIInuLIons, conLroIs IIs pussIons, und sLeudIes IIs mInd In
LIe prucLIce oI vIrLue. He ceuses Lo pursue enjoymenL, buL
IoIIows LIe dIcLuLes oI IIs reuson, und reguIuLes IIs conducL
In uccordunce wILI LIe demunds oI un IdeuI. WILI LIe
InLroducLIon oI LIIs reguIuLIng IucLor In IIs IIIe, Ie uL once
perceIves LIuL cerLuIn IubILs musL be ubundoned.
He begIns Lo seIecL IIs Iood, und Lo Iuve IIs meuIs uL sLuLed
perIods, no Ionger euLIng uL uny LIme wIen LIe sIgIL oI Iood
LempLs IIs IncIInuLIon. He reduces LIe number oI meuIs per
duy und uIso LIe quunLILy oI Iood euLen.
He no Ionger goes Lo bed, by duy or nIgIL, Lo InduIge In
pIeusurubIe IndoIence, buL Lo gIve IIs body LIe resL IL needs,
und Ie LIereIore reguIuLes IIs Iours oI sIeep, rIsIng eurIy,
und never encourugIng LIe unImuI desIre Lo InduIge In
dreumy IndoIence uILer wukIng.
AII LIose Ioods und drInks wIIcI ure purLIcuIurIy ussocIuLed
wILI gIuLLony, crueILy, und drunkenness Ie wIII dIspense
wILI uILogeLIer, seIecLIng LIe mIId und reIresIIng
susLenunce wIIcI NuLure provIdes In sucI rIcI proIusIon.
TIese preIImInury sLeps wIII be uL once udopLed; und us LIe
puLI oI seII-governmenL und seII-exumInuLIon Is pursued, u
cIeurer und ever cIeurer percepLIon oI LIe nuLure, meunIng,
und eIIecLs oI desIre wIII be deveIoped, unLII IL wIII be seen
LIuL LIe mere reguIuLIon oI one`s desIres Is uILogeLIer
InudequuLe und InsuIIIcIenL, und LIuL the desires
themseltes must be cbcndoned, musL be uIIowed Lo IuII ouL
oI LIe mInd und Lo Iuve no purL II LIe cIurucLer und IIIe.
L Is uL LIIs poInL wIere LIe souI oI LIe seeker wIII enLer LIe
durk VuIIey oI TempLuLIon, Ior LIese desIres wIII noL dIe
wILIouL u sLruggIe, und wILIouL muny u IIerce eIIorL Lo
reusserL LIe power und uuLIorILy wILI wIIcI LIey Iuve
IILIerLo been InvesLed. And Iere LIe Iump oI IuILI musL be
consLunLIy Ied und ussIduousIy LrImmed, Ior uII LIe IIgIL
LIuL IL cun LIrow ouL wIII be requIred Lo guIde und
encouruge LIe LruveIer In LIe dense gIoom oI LIIs durk
AL IIrsL IIs desIres, IIke so muny wIId beusLs, wIII cIumor
IoudIy Ior gruLIIIcuLIon. uIIIng In LIuL, LIey wIII LempL IIm
Lo sLruggIe wILI LIem LIuL LIey muy overLIrow IIm. And
LIIs IusL LempLuLIon Is greuLer und more dIIIIcuIL Lo
overcome LIun LIe IIrsL, Ior LIe desIres wIII noL be sLIIIed
unLII LIey ure uLLerIy Ignored; unLII LIey ure IeIL unIeeded,
uncondILIonuIIy ubundoned, und uIIowed Lo perIsI Ior wunL
oI Iood.
n pussIng LIrougI LIIs VuIIey, LIe seurcIer wIII deveIop
cerLuIn powers wIIcI ure necessury Lo IIs IurLIer
deveIopmenL, und LIese powers ure-selj-control,
seljrelicnce, jecrlessness, cnd independence oj thouht.
Here uIso Ie wIII Iuve Lo puss LIrougI rIdIcuIe und mockery
und IuIse uccusuLIon; so mucI so, LIuL some oI IIs besL
IrIends, yeu, even LIose wIom Ie mosL unseIIIsIIy Ioves,
wIII uccuse IIm oI IoIIy und InconsIsLency, und wIII do uII
LIey cun Lo urgue IIm buck Lo LIe IIIe oI unImuI InduIgence,
seII-seekIng, und peLLy personuI sLrIIe.
NeurIy everybody uround IIm wIII suddenIy dIscover LIuL
LIey know IIs duLy beLLer LIun Ie knows IL IImseII, und,
knowIng no oLIer und IIgIer IIIe LIun LIeIr own oI mIngIed
excILemenL und suIIerIng, LIey wIII Luke greuL puIns Lo wIn
IIm buck Lo IL, ImugInIng, In LIeIr Ignorunce, LIuL Ie Is
IosIng so mucI pIeusure und IuppIness, und Is guInIng
noLIIng In reLurn.
AL IIrsL LIIs uLLILude oI oLIers Lowurd IIm wIII urouse In IIm
ucuLe suIIerIng; buL Ie wIII rupIdIy dIscover LIuL LIIs
suIIerIng Is cuused by IIs own vunILy und seIIIsIness, und Is
LIe resuIL oI IIs own subLIe desIre Lo be upprecIuLed,
udmIred, und LIougIL weII oI; und ImmedIuLeIy LIIs
knowIedge Is urrIved uL, Ie wIII rIse InLo u IIgIer sLuLe oI
conscIousness, wIere LIese LIIngs cun no Ionger reucI IIm
und InIIIcL puIn. L Is Iere wIere Ie wIII begIn Lo sLund IIrm,
und Lo wIeId wILI eIIecL LIe powers oI mInd uIreudy
eL IIm LIereIore press on courugeousIy, IeedIng neILIer
LIe revIIIngs oI IIs IrIends wILIouL nor LIe cIumorIngs oI
IIs enemIes wILIIn; uspIrIng, seurcIIng, sLrIvIng; IookIng
ever Lowurd IIs deuI wILI eyes oI IoIy Iove; duy by duy
rIddIng IIs mInd oI seIIIsI moLIve, IIs IeurL oI Impure
desIre; sLumbIIng someLImes, someLImes IuIIIng, buL ever
LruveIIng onwurd und rIsIng IIgIer; und, recordIng eucI
nIgIL In LIe sIIence oI IIs own IeurL LIe journey oI LIe duy,
IeL IIm noL despuIr II buL eucI duy, In spILe oI uII ILs IuIIures
und IuIIs, record some IoIy buLLIe IougIL, LIougI IosL, some
sIIenL vIcLory uLLempLed, LIougI unucIIeved. TIe Ioss oI
Loduy wIII udd Lo LIe guIn oI Lomorrow Ior IIm wIose mInd
Is seL on LIe conquesL oI seII.
PussIng uIong LIe VuIIey, Ie wIII uL IusL come Lo LIe IeIds
oI Sorrow und oneIIness. HIs desIres, IuvIng receIved uL
IIs Iunds neILIer encourugemenL nor susLenunce, Iuve
grown weuk, und ure now IuIIIng uwuy und perIsIIng. He Is
cIImbIng ouL oI LIe VuIIey, und LIe durkness Is Iess dense;
buL now Ie reuIIzes Ior LIe IIrsL LIme Ie Is uIone. He Is IIke u
mun sLundIng upon LIe IowesL IeveI oI u greuL mounLuIn,
und IL Is nIgIL. Above IIm Lowers LIe IoILy peuk, beyond
wIIcI sIIne LIe everIusLIng sLurs; u sIorL dIsLunce beIow
IIm ure LIe gIurIng IIgILs oI LIe cILy wIIcI Ie Ius IeIL, und
Irom IL LIere come up Lo IIm LIe noIses oI ILs InIubILunLs-
u conIused mIngIIng oI sIouLs, screums, IuugILer,
rumbIIngs oI LruIIIc, und LIe sLruIns oI musIc. He LIInks oI
IIs IrIends, uII oI wIom ure In LIe cILy, pursuIng LIeIr own
purLIcuIur pIeusures, und Ie Is uIone upon LIe mounLuIn.
TIuL cILy Is LIe CILy oI DesIre und PIeusure, LIe mounLuIn Is
LIe MounLuIn oI RenuncIuLIon, und LIe cIImber now knows
LIuL Ie Ius IeIL LIe worId, LIuL IenceIorLI Ior IIm ILs
excILemenLs und sLrIIes ure IIIeIess LIIngs, und cun LempL
IIm no more. ResLIng uwIIIe In LIIs IoneIy pIuce, Ie wIII
LusLe oI sorrow und Ieurn ILs secreL; IursIness und IuLred
wIII puss Irom IIm; IIs IeurL wIII grow soIL, und LIe IIrsL
IuInL broodIngs oI LIuL dIvIne compussIon, wIIcI sIuII
uILerwurds ubsorb IIs wIoIe beIng, wIII oversIudow und
InspIre IIm. He wIII begIn Lo IeeI wILI every IIvIng LIIng In
ILs sLrIvIngs und suIIerIngs, und gruduuIIy, us LIIs Iesson Is
Ieurned, IIs own sorrow und IoneIIness wIII be IorgoLLen In
IIs greuL cuIm Iove Ior oLIers, und wIII puss uwuy.
Here, uIso, Ie wIII begIn Lo perceIve und undersLund LIe
workIngs oI LIose IIdden Iuws wIIcI govern LIe desLInIes
oI IndIvIduuIs und nuLIons. HuvIng rIsen ubove LIe Iower
regIon oI sLrIIe und seIIIsIness wILIIn IImseII, Ie cun now
Iook cuImIy down upon IL In oLIers und In LIe worId, und
unuIyze und compreIend IL, und Ie wIII see Iow seIIIsI
sLrIvIng Is uL LIe rooL oI uII LIe worId`s suIIerIng.
HIs wIoIe uLLILude Lowurd oLIers und LIe worId now
undergoes u compIeLe cIunge, und compussIon und Iove
begIn Lo Luke LIe pIuce oI seII-seekIng und seII-proLecLIon In
IIs mInd; und us u resuIL oI LIIs, LIe worId uILers In ILs
uLLILude Lowurd IIm.
AL LIIs juncLure Ie perceIves LIe IoIIy oI compeLILIon, und,
ceusIng Irom sLrIvIng Lo overLop und geL LIe beLLer oI
oLIers, Ie begIns Lo encouruge LIem, boLI wILI unseIIIsI
LIougILs, und, wIen necessury, wILI IovIng ucLs; und LIIs
Ie does even Lo LIose wIo seIIIsIIy compeLe wILI IIm, no
Ionger deIendIng IImseII uguInsL LIem.
As u dIrecL resuIL oI LIIs, IIs worIdIy uIIuIrs begIn Lo prosper
us never beIore; muny oI IIs IrIends wIo uL IIrsL mocked
IIm commence Lo respecL, und even Lo Iove IIm, und Ie
suddenIy wukes up Lo LIe IucL LIuL Ie Is comIng In conLucL
wILI peopIe oI u dIsLIncLIy unworIdIy und nobIe Lype, oI
wIose exIsLence Ie Iud no knowIedge wIIIe IIvIng In IIs
Iower seIIIsI nuLure. rom muny purLs und Irom Iong
dIsLunces LIese peopIe wIII come Lo IIm Lo mInIsLer Lo IIm
und LIuL Ie muy mInIsLer Lo LIem, spIrILuuI IeIIowsIIp und
IovIng broLIerIood wIII become poLenL In IIs IIIe, und so Ie
wIII puss beyond LIe IeIds oI Sorrow und oneIIness.
TIe Iower compeLILIve Iuws Iuve now ceused Lo operuLe In
IIs IIIe, und LIeIr resuILs, wIIcI ure jcilure, discster,
exposure, cnd destitution, cun no Ionger enLer InLo und
Iorm purL oI IIs experIence; und LIIs noL mereIy becuuse Ie
Ius rIsen ubove LIe Iower Iorms oI seIIIsIness In IImseII,
buL becuuse uIso, In so rIsIng, Ie Ius deveIoped cerLuIn
power oI mInd by wIIcI Ie Is enubIed Lo dIrecL und govern
IIs uIIuIrs wILI u more powerIuI und musLerIy Iund.
He, Iowever, Ius noL yeL LruveIed Iur, und unIess Ie
exercIses consLunL wuLcIIuIness, muy uL uny LIme IuII buck
InLo LIe Iower worId oI durkness und sLrIIe, revIvIIyIng ILs
empLy pIeusures und guIvunIzIng buck Lo IIIe ILs deud
desIres. And especIuIIy Is LIere dunger wIen Ie reucIes LIe
greuLesL LempLuLIon LIrougI wIIcI mun Is cuIIed Lo puss-
the temptction oj doubt.
BeIore reucIIng, or even perceIvIng, LIe second GuLe, LIuL
oI Surrender oj Dpinion, LIe pIIgrIm wIII come upon u greuL
souI-deserL, LIe DeserL oI DoubL. And Iere Ior u LIme Ie wIII
wunder uround, und despondency, IndecIsIon, und
uncerLuInLy, u meIuncIoIy brood, wIII surround IIm IIke u
cIoud, IIdIng Irom IIs vIew LIe wuy ImmedIuLeIy In IronL oI
A new und sLrunge Ieur, Loo, wIII possIbIy overLuke IIm, und
Ie wIII begIn Lo quesLIon LIe wIsdom oI LIe course Ie Is
pursuIng. AguIn LIe uIIuremenLs oI LIe worId wIII be
presenLed Lo IIm, dressed In LIeIr mosL uLLrucLIve gurb, und
LIe drownIng dIn und sLImuIuLIng excILemenL oI worIdIy
buLLIe wIII once more ussume u desIrubIe uspecL.
"AILer uII, um rIgIL? WIuL guIn Is LIere In LIIs? Does noL
IIIe ILseII consIsL oI pIeusure und excILemenL und buLLIe, und
In gIvIng LIese up um noL gIvIng up uII? Am noL
sucrIIIcIng LIe very subsLunce oI IIIe Ior u meunIngIess
sIudow? Muy IL noL be LIuL, uILer uII, um u poor deIuded
IooI, und LIuL uII LIese uround me wIo IIve LIe IIIe oI LIe
senses und sLund upon ILs soIId, sure, und eusIIy procured
enjoymenLs ure wIser LIun ?"
By sucI durk doubIIngs und quesLIonIngs wIII Ie Iere be
LempLed und LroubIed, und LIese very doubLs wIII drIve IIm
Lo u deeper seurcIIng InLo LIe InLrIcucIes oI IIIe, und urouse
wILIIn IIm LIe IeeIIng oI necessILy Ior some permunenL
PrIncIpIe upon wIIcI Lo sLund und Luke reIuge.
He wIII LIereIore, wIIIe wunderIng ubouL In LIIs durk
DeserL, come InLo conLucL wILI LIe IIgIer und more subLIe
deIusIons oI IIs own mInd, LIe deIusIons oI LIe InLeIIecL;
und, by conLrusLIng LIese wILI IIs deuI, wIII Ieurn Lo
dIsLInguIsI beLween LIe reuI und LIe unreuI, LIe sIudow
und LIe subsLunce, beLween eIIecL und cuuse, beLween
IIeeLIng uppeurunces und permunenL PrIncIpIes.
n LIe DeserL oI DoubL u mun Is conIronLed wILI uII Iorms
oI IIIusIon, noL onIy LIe IIIusIons oI LIe senses, buL uIso
LIose oI ubsLrucL LIougIL und reIIgIous emoLIon. L Is In LIe
LesLIng oI, gruppIIng wILI, und uILImuLeIy desLroyIng, LIese
IIIusIons LIuL Ie deveIops sLIII IIgIer powers, LIose oI
discriminction, spiritucl perception, stecdjcstness oj
purpose, cnd cclmness oj mind, by LIe exercIse oI wIIcI Ie
Is enubIed Lo unerrIngIy dIsLInguIsI LIe Lrue Irom LIe IuIse,
boLI In LIe worId oI LIougIL und LIuL oI muLerIuI
HuvIng ucquIred LIese powers, und Ieurned Iow Lo use
LIem In IIs IoIy wurIure us weupons uguInsL IImseII, Ie
now emerges Irom LIe DeserL oI DoubL, LIe mIsLs und
mIruges oI deIusIon vunIsI Irom IIs puLIwuy, und LIere
Iooms beIore IIm LIe second GuLe, LIe Gcteuc oj the
Surrender oj Dpinion.
As Ie upproucIes LIIs GuLe, Ie sees beIore IIm LIe wIoIe
puLIwuy uIong wIIcI Ie Is LruveIIng, und, Ior u spuce,
obLuIns u gIImpse oI LIe gIorIous IeIgILs oI uLLuInmenL
Lowurd wIIcI Ie Is movIng; Ie sees LIe TempIe oI LIe
HIgIer IIe In uII ILs mujesLy, und uIreudy Ie IeeIs wILIIn
IIm LIe sLrengLI und joy und peuce oI conquesL. WILI SIr
GuIuIud Ie cun now excIuIm:
"I....scu the Grcil,
The Hol Grcil...
....And one uill croun me lin
Icr in the spiritucl cit."
Ior Ie knows LIuL IIs uILImuLe vIcLory Is ussured.
He now enLers upon u process oI seII-conquesL, wIIcI Is
uILogeLIer dIsLIncL Irom LIuL wIIcI Ie Ius IILIerLo
pursued. Up Lo LIe presenL Ie Ius been overcomIng,
LrunsmuLIng, und sImpIIIyIng IIs unImuI desIres; now Ie
commences Lo LrunsmuLe und sImpIIIy IIs InLeIIecL. He Ius,
so Iur, been udjusLIng IIs IeeIIngs Lo IIs deuIs; Ie now
begIns Lo udjusL IIs LIougILs Lo LIuL deuI, wIIcI uIso
ussumes uL LIIs poInL Iurger und more beuuLIIuI
proporLIons, und Ior LIe IIrsL LIme Ie perceIves wIuL reuIIy
consLILuLes u permunenL und ImperIsIubIe PrIncIpIe.
He sees LIuL LIe rIgILeousness Ior wIIcI Ie Ius been
seurcIIng Is IIxed und InvurIubIe; LIuL IL cunnoL be
uccommoduLed Lo mun, buL LIuL mun musL reucI up Lo, und
obey IL; LIuL IL consIsLs oI un undevIuLIng IIne oI conducL,
upurL Irom uII consIderuLIons oI Ioss or guIn, oI rewurd oI
punIsImenL; LIuL, In reuIILy, IL consIsLs In ubundonIng seII,
wILI uII LIe sIns oI desIre, opInIon, und seII-InLeresL oI
wIIcI LIuL seII Is composed, und In IIvIng LIe bIumeIess IIIe
oI perIecL Iove Lowurd uII men und creuLures. SucI u IIIe Is
IIxed und perIecL; IL Is wILIouL LurnIng, cIunge, or
quuIIIIcuLIon, und demunds u sInIess und perIecL conducL. L
Is, LIereIore, LIe dIrecL unLILIesIs oI LIe worIdIy IIIe oI seII.
PerceIvIng LIIs, LIe seeker sees LIuL, uILIougI Ie Ius Ireed
IImseII Irom LIe buser pussIons und desIres wIIcI ensIuve
munkInd, Ie Is sLIII In bonduge Lo LIe IeLLers oI opInIon;
LIuL uILIougI Ie Ius purIIIed IImseII wILI u purILy Lo wIIcI
Iew uspIre, und wIIcI LIe worId cunnoL undersLund, Ie Is
sLIII deIIIed wILI u deIIIemenL wIIcI Is dIIIIcuIL Lo wusI
uwuy-he lotes his oun opinions, und Ius uII uIong been
conIoundIng LIem wILI TruLI, wILI LIe PrIncIpIe Ior wIIcI
Ie Is seekIng.
He Is noL yeL Iree Irom sLrIIe, und Is sLIII InvoIved In LIe
compeLILIve Iuws us LIey occur In LIe IIgIer reuIm oI
LIougIL. He sLIII beIIeves LIuL Ie (In IIs opInIons) Is rIgIL,
und LIuL oLIers ure wrong; und In IIs egoLIsm, Ius even
IuIIen so Iow us Lo besLow u mock pILy on LIose wIo IoId
opInIons LIe reverse oI IIs own. BuL now, reuIIzIng LIIs
more subLIe Iorm oI seIIIsIness wILI wIIcI Ie Is ensIuved,
und perceIvIng uII LIe LruIn oI suIIerIngs wIIcI sprIng Irom
IL, IuvIng uIso ucquIred LIe prIceIess possessIon oI spIrILuuI
dIscernmenL, Ie reverenLIy bends IIs Ieud und pusses
LIrougI LIe second GuLewuy Lowurd IIs IInuI peuce.
And now, cIoLIIng IIs souI wILI LIe coIorIess GurmenL oI
HumIIILy, Ie bends uII IIs energIes Lo LIe uprooLIng oI
LIose opInIons wIIcI Ie Ius IILIerLo Ioved und cIerIsIed.
He now Ieurns Lo dIsLInguIsI beLween TruLI, wIIcI Is one
und uncIungeubIe, und IIs own und oLIers` opInIons ubouL
TruLI, wIIcI ure muny und cIungeubIe.
He sees LIuL IIs opInIons ubouL Goodness, PurILy,
CompussIon, und ove ure very dIsLIncL Irom LIose
quuIILIes LIemseIves, und LIuL Ie musL sLund upon LIose
dIvIne PrIncIpIes, und noL upon IIs opInIons. HILIerLo Ie
Ius regurded IIs own opInIons us oI greuL vuIue, und LIe
opInIons oI oLIers us worLIIess, buL now Ie ceuses Lo so
eIevuLe IIs own opInIons und Lo deIend LIem uguInsL LIose
oI oLIers, und comes Lo regurd LIem us uLLerIy worLIIess.
As u dIrecL resuIL oI LIIs uLLILude oI mInd, Ie Lukes reIuge In
LIe prucLIce oI pure Goodness, unuIIoyed wILI buse desIre
und subLIe seII-Iove, und Lukes IIs sLund upon LIe dIvIne
PrIncIpIes oI PurILy, WIsdom, CompussIon, und ove,
IncorporuLIng LIem InLo IIs mInd, und munIIesLIng LIem In
He Is now cIoLIed wILI LIe Rihteousness oj Christ (wIIcI
Is IncompreIensIbIe Lo LIe worId) und Is rupIdIy becomIng
dIvIne. He Ius noL onIy reuIIzed LIe durkness oI desIre; Ie
Ius uIso perceIved LIe vunILy oI specuIuLIve pIIIosopIy, und
so rIds IIs mInd oI uII LIose meLupIysIcuI subLIeLIes wIIcI
Iuve no reIuLIon Lo prucLIcuI IoIIness, und wIIcI IILIerLo
encumbered IIs progress und prevenLed IIm Irom seeIng
LIe endurIng reuIILIes In IIIe.
And now Ie cusLs Irom IIm, one uILer unoLIer, IIs opInIons
und specuIuLIons, und commences Lo IIve LIe IIIe oI perIecL
Iove Lowurd uII beIngs. WILI eucI opInIon overcome und
ubundoned us u burden, LIere Is un Increused IIgILness oI
spIrIL, und Ie now begIns Lo reuIIze LIe meunIng oI beIng
TIe dIvIne IIowers oI GIudness, Joy, und Peuce sprIng up
sponLuneousIy In IIs IeurL, und IIs IIIe becomes u bIIssIuI
song. And us LIe meIody In IIs IeurL expunds, und grows
more und more perIecL, IIs ouLwurd IIIe IurmonIzes ILseII
wILI LIe Inwurd musIc.
AII LIe eIIorL Ie puLs IorLI beIng now Iree Irom sLrIIe, Ie
obLuIns uII LIuL Is necessury Ior IIs weII-beIng, wILIouL
puIn, unxIeLy, or Ieur. He Ius uImosL enLIreIy Lrunscended
LIe compeLILIve Iuws, und LIe uw oI ove Is now LIe
governIng IucLor In IIs IIIe, udjusLIng uII IIs worIdIy uIIuIrs
IurmonIousIy, und wILIouL sLruggIe or dIIIIcuILy on IIs
ndeed, LIe compeLILIve Iuws us LIey occur In LIe
commercIuI worId, Iuve been Iong IeIL beIInd, und Iuve
ceused Lo LoucI IIm uL uny poInL In IIs muLerIuI uIIuIrs.
Here, uIso, Ie enLers InLo u wIder und more compreIensIve
conscIousness, und vIewIng LIe unIverse und IumunILy
Irom LIe IIgIer uILILudes oI purILy und knowIedge Lo wIIcI
Ie Ius uscended, perceIves LIe orderIy sequence oI Iuw In
uII Iumun uIIuIrs.
TIe pursuIL oI LIIs PuLI brIngs ubouL LIe deveIopmenL oI
sLIII IIgIer powers oI mInd, und LIese powers ure-dIvIne
puLIence, spIrILuuI equunImILy, non-resIsLunce, und
propIeLIc InsIgIL. By propIeLIc InsIgIL do noL meun, LIe
IoreLeIIIng oI evenLs, buL dIrecL percepLIon oI LIose IIdden
cuuses wIIcI operuLe In Iumun IIIe, und, Indeed, In uII IIIe,
und ouL oI wIIcI sprIng LIe muILIIurIous und unIversuI
eIIecLs und evenLs.
TIe mun Iere rIses ubove LIe compeLILIve Iuws us LIey
operuLe In LIe LIougIL worId, so LIuL LIeIr resuILs, wIIcI
ure vIoIence, IgnomIny, grIeI, IumIIIuLIon und dIsLress und
unxIeLy In uII LIeIr Iorms, no Ionger occur In IIs IIIe.
As Ie proceeds, LIe ImperIsIubIe PrIncIpIes wIIcI Iorm LIe
IounduLIon und IubrIc oI LIe unIverse Ioom beIore IIm, und
ussume more und more symmeLrIcuI proporLIons. or IIm
LIere Is no more unguIsI; no evII cun come neur IIs
dweIIIng; und LIere breuks upon IIm LIe duwnIng oI LIe
ubIdIng Peuce.
BuL Ie Is noL yeL Iree. He Ius noL yeL IInIsIed IIs journey.
He muy resL Iere, und LIuL us Iong us Ie cIooses; buL
sooner or IuLer Ie wIII rouse IImseII Lo LIe IusL eIIorL, und
wIII reucI LIe IInuI gouI oI ucIIevemenL-LIe seIIIess sLuLe,
LIe dIvIne IIIe.
He Is noL yeL Iree Irom seII, buL sLIII cIIngs, LIougI wILI Iess
LenucILy, Lo LIe Iove oI personuI exIsLence, und Lo LIe Ideu oI
excIusIve InLeresL In IIs personuI possessIons. And wIen Ie
uL IusL reuIIzes LIuL LIose seIIIsI eIemenLs musL uIso be
ubundoned, LIere uppeurs beIore IIm LIe LIIrd GuLe-the
Gcteuc oj Surrender oj Selj.
L Is no durk porLuI wIIcI Ie now upproucIes, buL one
IumInous wILI dIvIne gIory, one rudIunL wILI u rudIunce
wILI wIIcI no eurLIIy spIendor cun vIe, und Ie udvunces
Lowurd IL wILI no uncerLuIn sLep. TIe cIouds oI DoubL Iuve
Iong been dIspersed; LIe sounds oI LIe voIces oI
TempLuLIon ure IosL In LIe vuIIey beIow; und wILI IIrm guIL,
erecL currIuge, und u IeurL IIIIed wILI unspeukubIe joy, Ie
neurs LIe GuLe LIuL guurds LIe KIngdom oI God.
He Ius now gIven up uII buL seII-InLeresL In LIose LIIngs
wIIcI ure IIs by IeguI rIgIL, buL Ie now perceIves LIuL Ie
musL IoId noLIIng us IIs own; und us Ie puuses uL LIe GuLe,
Ie Ieurs LIe commund wIIcI cunnoL be evuded or denIed:
"YeL IuckesL LIou one LIIng; seII uII LIuL LIou IusL, und
dIsLrIbuLe unLo LIe poor, und LIou sIuII Iuve Lreusure In
And pussIng LIrougI LIe IusL greuL GuLe, Ie sLunds gIorIous,
rudIunL, Iree, deLucIed Irom LIe Lyrunny oI desIre, oI
opInIon, oI seII; u dIvIne mun-IurmIess, puLIenL, Lender,
pure; Ie Ius Iound LIuL Ior wIIcI Ie Iud been seurcIIng-
LIe KIngdom oI God und HIs RIgILeousness.
TIe journey Lo LIe KIngdom muy be u Iong und LedIous one,
or IL muy be sIorL und rupId. L muy occupy u mInuLe, or IL
muy Luke u LIousund uges. EveryLIIng depends on LIe IuILI
und beIIeI oI LIe seurcIer. TIe mujorILy cunnoL "enLer In
becuuse oI LIeIr unbeIIeI"; Ior Iow cun men reuIIze
rIgILeousness wIen LIey do noL beIIeve In IL nor In LIe
possIbIIILy oI ILs uccompIIsImenL?
NeILIer Is IL necessury Lo Ieuve LIe ouLer worId, und one`s
duLIes LIereIn. Nuy, IL cun onIy be Iound LIrougI LIe
unseIIIsI perIormunce oI one`s duLy. Some LIere ure wIose
IuILI Is so greuL LIuL, wIen LIIs LruLI Is presenLed Lo LIem,
LIey cun IeL uII LIe personuI eIemenLs drop uImosL
ImmedIuLeIy ouL oI LIeIr mInds, und enLer InLo LIeIr dIvIne
BuL uII wIo beIIeve und uspIre Lo ucIIeve wIII sooner or
IuLer urrIve uL vIcLory II, umId uII LIeIr worIdIy duLIes, LIey
IuInL noL, nor Iose sIgIL oI LIe deuI Goodness, und
conLInue, wILI unsIuken resoIve Lo "press on Lo PerIecLIon."
KIngdom oI ove resoIves ILseII InLo u process wIIcI muy
be summed up In LIe IoIIowIng words: The reulction cnd
purijicction oj conduct. SucI u process musL, II ussIduousIy
pursued, necessurIIy Ieud Lo perIecLIon. L wIII uIso be seen
LIuL us LIe mun obLuIns LIe musLery over cerLuIn Iorces
wILIIn IImseII, Ie urrIves uL u knowIedge oI uII LIe Iuws
wIIcI operuLe In LIe reuIm oI LIose Iorces, und by wuLcIIng
LIe ceuseIess workIng oI cuuse und eIIecL wILIIn IImseII,
unLII Ie undersLunds IL, Ie LIen undersLunds IL In ILs
unIversuI udjusLmenLs In LIe body oI IumunILy.
Moreover, seeIng LIuL uII LIe Iuws wIIcI govern Iumun
uIIuIrs ure LIe dIrecL ouLcome oI LIe necessILIes oI LIe
Iumun IeurL, Ie, IuvIng reIormed und LrunsmuLed LIose
necessILIes, Ius brougIL IImseII under LIe guIdunce oI
oLIer Iuws wIIcI operuLe In uccordunce wILI LIe uILered
condILIon, und LIuL, IuvIng musLered und overcome LIe
seIIIsI Iorces wILIIn IImseII, Ie cun no Ionger be subjecL Lo
LIe Iuws wIIcI exIsL Ior LIeIr governunce.
TIe process Is uIso one oI simplijicction oj the mind, u
sIILIng uwuy oI uII buL LIe essenLIuI goId In cIurucLer. And
us LIe mInd Is LIus sImpIIIIed, LIe uppurenLIy unIuLIomubIe
compIexILy oI LIe unIverse ussumes sImpIer und sImpIer
uspecLs, unLII LIe wIoIe Is seen Lo resoIve ILseII InLo, und
resL upon, u Iew unuILerubIe PrIncIpIes; und LIese
PrIncIpIes ure uILImuLeIy seen Lo be conLuIned In one,
numeIy OVE.
TIe mInd LIus sImpIIIIed, LIe mun urrIves uL peuce, und Ie
now reuIIy begIns Lo IIve. ookIng buck on LIe personuI IIIe
wIIcI Ie Ius Iorever ubundoned, Ie sees IL us u IorrIbIe
nIgILmure ouL oI wIIcI Ie Ius uwukened; buL IookIng ouL
und down wILI LIe eyes oI LIe spIrIL, Ie sees LIuL oLIers
conLInue Lo IIve IL. He sees men und women sLruggIIng,
IIgILIng, suIIerIng und perIsIIng Ior LIuL wIIcI Is
ubundunLIy gIven Lo LIem by LIe bounLIIuI Iund oI LIe
uLIer, II LIey wouId onIy ceuse Irom uII coveLousness, und
Luke IL wILIouL IurL or IIndrunce; und compussIon IIIIs IIs
IeurL, und uIso gIudness, Ior Ie knows LIuL IumunILy wIII
wuke uL IusL Irom ILs Iong und puInIuI dreum.
n LIe eurIy purL oI LIe journey Ie seemed Lo be IeuvIng
IumunILy Iur beIInd, und Ie sorrowed In IIs IoneIIness.
BuL now, IuvIng reucIed LIe IIgIesL, IuvIng uLLuIned LIe
gouI, Ie IInds IImseII neurer Lo IumunILy LIun ever
beIore-yeu, IIvIng In ILs very IeurL, sympuLIIzIng wILI uII
ILs sorrows, rejoIcIng In uII ILs joys; Ior, IuvIng no Ionger
uny personuI consIderuLIons Lo deIend, Ie IIves enLIreIy In
LIe IeurL oI IumunILy.
He IIves no Ionger Ior IImseII; Ie IIves Ior oLIers; und so
IIvIng, Ie enjoys LIe IIgIesL bIIss, LIe deepesL peuce.
or u LIme Ie seurcIed Ior CompussIon, ove, BIIss, TruLI;
buL now Ie Ius verIIy become CompussIon, ove, BIIss,
TruLI; und IL muy IILeruIIy be suId oI IIm LIuL Ie Ius ceused
Lo be u personuIILy, Ior uII LIe personuI eIemenLs Iuve been
exLInguIsIed, und LIere remuIn onIy LIose quuIILIes und
prIncIpIes wIIcI ure enLIreIy ImpersonuI. And LIose
quuIILIes ure now munIIesLed In LIe mun`s IIIe, und
IenceIorLI LIe mun`s cIurucLer.
And IuvIng ceused Irom LIe proLecLIon oI LIe seII, und
IIvIng consLunLIy In compussIon, wIsdom und Iove, Ie
comes under LIe proLecLIon oI LIe IIgIesL uw, LIe uw oI
ove; und Ie undersLunds LIuL uw, und conscIousIy co-
operuLes wILI IL; yeu, Is IImseII InsepurubIy IdenLIIIed wILI
LIe uw.
"orgoIng seII, LIe unIverse grows ": und Ie wIose nuLure
Is compussIon, wIsdom und Iove cunnoL possIbIy need uny
proLecLIon; Ior LIose PrIncIpIes LIemseIves consLILuLe LIe
IIgIesL proLecLIon, beIng LIe reuI, LIe dIvIne, LIe ImmorLuI
In uII men und women, und consLILuLIng LIe IndesLrucLIbIe
reuIILy In LIe cosmIc order.
NeILIer does Ie need Lo seek enjoymenL wIose very nuLure
Is BIIss, Joy, Peuce. As Ior compeLIng wILI oLIers, wILI
wIom sIouId Ie compeLe wIo Ius IovIngIy IdenLIIIed
IImseII wILI uII? WILI wIom sIouId Ie sLruggIe wIo Ius
sucrIIIced IImseII Ior uII? WIose bIInd, mIsguIded, und
IneIIecLuuI compeLILIon sIouId Ie Ieur wIo Ius reucIed LIe
source oI uII bIessedness, und wIo receIves uL LIe Iunds oI
LIe uLIer uII necessury LIIngs?
HuvIng IosL IImseII (IIs seIIIsI personuIILy), Ie Ius Iound
IImseII (IIs dIvIne nuLure, ove); und ove und uII LIe
eIIecLs oI ove now compose IIs IIIe. He cun now joyIuIIy
I hcte mcde the ccqucintcnce oj the Mcster oj Compcssion,
I hcte put on the Gcrment oj the Perject Lcu,
I hcte entered the reclm oj the Grect Reclit,
Wcnderin is ended, jor Rest is cccomplished,
Pcin cnd sorrou hcte cecsed, jor Pecce is entered into,
Conjusion is dissolted, jor Unit is mcde mcnijest,
Error is tcnquished, jor Truth is retecledl
TIe HurmonIzIng PrIncIpIe, RIgILeousness, or DIvIne ove,
beIng Iound, uII LIIngs ure seen us LIey ure, und noL
LIrougI LIe IIIusory medIums oI seIIIsIness und opInIon;
LIe unIverse Is One, und uII ILs munIIoId operuLIons ure LIe
munIIesLuLIon oI one Lcu.
HILIerLo In LIIs work Iuws Iuve been reIerred Lo, und uIso
spoken oI us hiher und louer, und LIIs dIsLIncLIon wus
necessury; buL now LIe KIngdom Is reucIed, we see LIuL uII
LIe Iorces operuLIve In Iumun IIIe ure LIe vurIed
munIIesLuLIons oI LIe One Supreme uw oI ove. L Is by
vIrLue oI LIIs uw LIuL HumunILy suIIers, LIuL, by LIe
InLensILy oI ILs suIIerIngs, IL sIuII become purIIIed und wIse,
und so reIInquIsI LIe source oI suIIerIng, wIIcI Is
TIe uw und IounduLIon oI LIe unIverse beIng ove, IL
IoIIows LIuL uII seII-seekIng Is opposed Lo LIuL uw, Is un
eIIorL Lo overcome or Ignore LIe uw, und us u resuIL, every
seII-seekIng ucL und LIougIL Is IoIIowed by un exucL quoLu
oI suIIerIng wIIcI Is requIred Lo unnuI ILs eIIecL, und so
muInLuIn LIe unIversuI Iurmony. AII suIIerIng Is, LIereIore,
LIe resLruInL wIIcI LIe uw oI ove puLs upon Ignorunce
und seIIIsIness, und ouL oI sucI puInIuI resLruInL WIsdom
uL IusL emerges.
TIere beIng no sLrIIe und no seIIIsIness In LIe KIngdom,
LIere Is LIereIore no suIIerIng, no resLruInL; LIere Is perIecL
Iurmony, equIpoIse, resL. TIose wIo Iuve enLered IL do noL
IoIIow uny unImuI IncIInuLIons (LIey Iuve none Lo IoIIow),
buL IIve In uccordunce wILI LIe IIgIesL WIsdom. TIeIr
nuLure Is ove, und LIey IIve In Iove Lowurd uII.
TIey ure never LroubIed ubouL "mukIng u IIvIng," us LIey
ure IIe ILseII, IIvIng In LIe very HeurL oI IIe; und sIouId
uny muLerIuI or oLIer need urIse, LIuL need Is ImmedIuLeIy
suppIIed wILIouL uny unxIeLy or sLruggIe on LIeIr purL.
SIouId LIey be cuIIed Lo underLuke uny work, LIe money
und IrIends needed Lo curry ouL LIuL work ure ImmedIuLeIy
IorLIcomIng. HuvIng ceused Lo vIoIuLe LIeIr prIncIpIes, uII
LIeIr needs ure suppIIed LIrougI IegILImuLe cIunneIs. Any
money or IeIp requIred uIwuys comes LIrougI LIe
InsLrumenLuIILy oI good peopIe wIo ure eILIer IIvIng In LIe
KIngdom LIemseIves, or ure workIng Ior ILs
TIose wIo IIve In LIe KIngdom oI ove Iuve uII LIeIr needs
suppIIed by LIe uw oI ove, wILI uII Ireedom Irom unresL,
jusL us LIose wIo IIve In LIe kIngdom oI seII onIy meeL LIeIr
needs by mucI sLrIIe und suIIerIng. HuvIng uILered LIe rooL
cuuse In LIeIr IeurL LIey Iuve uILered uII LIe eIIecLs In LIeIr
Inner und ouLer IIIe. As seII Is LIe rooL cuuse oI uII sLrIIe und
suIIerIng, so ove Is LIe rooL cuuse oI uII peuce und bIIss.
TIose wIo ure uL resL In LIe KIngdom do noL Iook Ior
IuppIness Lo uny ouLwurd possessIon. TIey see LIuL uII sucI
possessIons ure mere LrunsIenL eIIecLs LIuL come wIen LIey
ure requIred, und uILer LIeIr purpose Is served, puss uwuy.
TIey never LIInk oI LIese LIIngs (money, cIoLIIng, Iood,
eLc.) excepL us mere uccessorIes und eIIecLs oI LIe Lrue IIe.
TIey ure LIereIore Ireed Irom uII unxIeLy und LroubIe, und
resLIng In ove, LIey ure LIe embodImenL oI IuppIness.
SLundIng upon LIe ImperIsIubIe PrIncIpIes oI PurILy,
CompussIon, WIsdom und ove, LIey ure ImmorLuI, und
know LIey ure ImmorLuI; LIey ure one wILI God (LIe
Supreme Good), und know LIey ure one wILI God. SeeIng
LIe reuIILIes oI LIIngs, LIey cun IInd no room unywIere Ior
condemnuLIon. AII LIe operuLIons LIuL occur upon LIe eurLI
LIey see us InsLrumenLs oI LIe Good uw, even LIose cuIIed
AII men ure essenLIuIIy dIvIne, LIougI unuwure oI LIeIr
dIvIne nuLure, und uII LIeIr ucLs ure eIIorLs, even LIougI
muny oI LIem ure durk und ImpoLenL, Lo reuIIze some
IIgIer good. AII so-cuIIed evII Is seen Lo be rooLed In
Ignorunce, even LIose deeds LIuL ure cuIIed deIIberuLeIy
wIcked, so LIuL condemnuLIon ceuses, und ove und
CompussIon become uII In uII.
BuL IeL IL noL be supposed LIuL LIe cIIIdren oI LIe kIngdom
IIve In euse und IndoIence (LIese Lwo sIns ure LIe IIrsL LIuL
Iuve Lo be erudIcuLed wIen LIe seurcI Ior LIe KIngdom Is
enLered upon); LIey IIve In u peuceIuI ucLIvILy; In IucL, the
onl LruIy IIve, Ior LIe IIIe oI seII wILI ILs LruIn oI worrIes,
grIeIs, und Ieurs, Is noL recl IIIe.
TIey perIorm uII LIeIr duLIes wILI LIe mosL scrupuIous
dIIIgence, upurL Irom LIougILs oI seII, und empIoy uII LIeIr
meuns, us weII us powers und IucuILIes, wIIcI ure greuLIy
InLensIIIed, In buIIdIng up LIe KIngdom oI RIgILeousness In
LIe IeurLs oI oLIers und In LIe worId uround LIem. TIIs Is
LIeIr work-IIrsL by exumpIe, LIen by precepL.
HuvIng soId uII LIuL LIey Iuve (renounced uII seII-InLeresL
In LIeIr possessIons), LIey now gIve Lo LIe poor (gIve oI
LIeIr rIcI sLore oI wIsdom, Iove und peuce Lo LIe needy In
spIrIL, LIe weury und brokenIeurLed), und IoIIow LIe CIrIsL
wIose nume Is OVE.
And LIey Iuve sorrow no more, buL IIve In perpeLuuI
gIudness, Ior LIougI LIey see suIIerIng In LIe worId, LIey
uIso see LIe IInuI BIIss und LIe ELernuI ReIuge oI ove, Lo
wIIcI wIosoever Is reudy muy come now, und Lo wIIcI uII
wIII come uL IusL.
TIe cIIIdren oI LIe KIngdom cre lnoun b their lije. TIey
munIIesL LIe IruILs oI LIe SpIrIL-"Iove, joy, peuce, Iong-
suIIerIng, kIndness, goodness, IuILIIuIness, meekness,
Lemperunce, seII-conLroI"-under uII cIrcumsLunces und
vIcIssILudes. TIey ure enLIreIy Iree Irom unger, Ieur,
suspIcIon, jeuIousy, cuprIce, unxIeLy, und grIeI. IvIng In LIe
RIgILeousness oI God, LIey munIIesL quuIILIes wIIcI ure LIe
very reverse oI LIose wIIcI occur In LIe worId, und wIIcI
ure regurded by LIe worId us IooIIsIness.
TIey demund no rIgILs; LIey do noL deIend LIemseIves; do
noL reLuIIuLe; do good Lo LIose wIo uLLempL Lo Injure LIem;
munIIesL LIe sume genLIe spIrIL Lowurd LIose wIo oppose
und uLLuck LIem us Lowurd LIose wIo ugree wILI LIem; do
noL puss judgmenL on oLIers; condemn no person und no
sysLem, und IIve uL peuce wILI uII.
TIe KIngdom oI Heuven Is perIecL LrusL, perIecL knowIedge,
perIecL peuce. AII Is musIc, sweeLness, und LrunquIIIILy. No
IrrILuLIons, no bud Lempers, no IursI words, no suspIcIons,
no IusL, und no dIsLurbIng eIemenLs cun enLer LIere.
Ls cIIIdren IIve In perIecL sweeLness, IorgIvIng und
IorgIven, mInIsLerIng Lo oLIers wILI kIndIy LIougILs und
words, und deeds. And LIuL KIngdom Is In LIe IeurL oI
every mun und womun; IL Is LIeIr rIgILIuI IerILuge, LIeIr
own KIngdom; LIeIrs Lo enLer nou. BuL no sin ccn enter
therein; no seII-born LIougIL or deed cun puss ILs GoIden
GuLes; no Impure desIre cun deIIIe ILs rudIunL robes.
AII muy enLer IL wIo wIII, buL uII must pc the price, cnd
thct is-the unconditioncl cbcndonment oj selj.
"I LIou wIIL be perIecL, seII uII LIuL LIou IusL"; buL uL LIese
words LIe worId Lurns uwuy "sorrowIuI, Ior IL Is very rIcI";
rIcI In money wIIcI IL cunnoL keep; rIcI In Ieurs wIIcI IL
cunnoL IeL go; rIcI In seIIIsI Ioves Lo wIIcI IL greedIIy
cIIngs; rIcI In grIevous purLIngs wIIcI IL wouId IuIn escupe;
rIcI In seekIng enjoymenL; rIcI In puIn und sorrow; rIcI In
sLrIIe und suIIerIng; rIcI In excILemenL und woe; rIcI In uII
LIIngs wIIcI ure noL rIcIes, buL poor In rIcIes LIemseIves
wIIcI ure noL Lo be Iound ouLsIde LIe KIngdom; rIcI In uII
LIIngs LIuL perLuIn Lo durkness und deuLI, buL poor In LIose
LIIngs wIIcI ure IgIL und IIe.
He LIen, wIo wouId reuIIze LIe KIngdom, IeL IIm puy LIe
prIce und enLer. I Ie Iuve u greuL und IoIy IuILI Ie cun do
IL nou, und, IeLLIng IuII Irom IIm IIke u gurmenL LIe seII Lo
wIIcI Ie Ius been cIIngIng, sLund Iree. I Ie Iuve Iess IuILI,
Ie musL rIse ubove seII more sIowIy, und IInd LIe KIngdom
by duIIy eIIorL und puLIenL work. TIe TempIe oI
RIgILeousness Is buIIL und ILs Iour wuIIs ure LIe Iour
PrIncIpIes- PurILy, WIsdom, CompussIon, ove. Peuce Is
ILs rooI; ILs IIoor SLeudIusLness, ILs enLrunce-door Is SeIIIess
DuLy, ILs uLmospIere Is nspIruLIon, und ILs musIc Is LIe Joy
oI LIe perIecL.
L cunnoL be sIuken, und, beIng eLernuI und IndesLrucLIbIe,
LIere Is no more need Lo seek proLecLIon In LukIng LIougIL
Ior LIe LIIngs oI Lomorrow. And LIe KIngdom oI Heuven
beIng esLubIIsIed In LIe IeurL, LIe obLuInIng oI LIe muLerIuI
necessILIes oI IIIe Is no more consIdered, Ior, IuvIng Iound
LIe HIgIesL, uII LIese LIIngs ure udded us eIIecL Lo cuuse;
LIe sLruggIe Ior exIsLence Ius ceused, und LIe spIrILuuI,
menLuI, und muLerIuI needs ure duIIy suppIIed Irom LIe
unIversuI ubundunce.
Lon I souht thee, Spirit hol,
Mcster Spirit, meel cnd loul,
Souht thee uith c silent sorrou,
broodin oter the uoes oj men,
Vcinl souht th ole oj meelness
'Necth the ueiht oj uoe cnd ueclness,
Iindin not, et in m jcilin,
seelin oter cnd oter ccin.
In unrest cnd doubt cnd scdness
Duelt I, et I lneu th Glcdness
Wcited someuhere, someuhere
reeted torn cnd sorrouin hecrts lile mine,
Kneu thct somehou I should jind thee,
Lectin sin cnd uoe behind me,
And ct lcst th Lote uould bid me
enter into Rest ditine.
Hctred, mocler, cnd retilin
Scorched m seelin soul dejilin
Thct uhich should hcte been th Temple,
uherein thou shouldest mote cnd duell,
Prcin, stritin, hopin, ccllin,
Sujjerin, sorrouin in m jcllin,
Still I souht thee, ropin blindl in the
loom depths oj Hell.
And I souht thee till I jound thee,
And the dcrl pouers cll cround me
Iled, cnd lejt me silent, peccejul, broodin
oter th hol themes,
Irom uithin me cnd uithout me
Iled the uhen I cecsed to doubt thee,
And I jound thee in th Glor, miht Mcster
oj m drecmsl
Yes, I jound thee, Spirit hol,
ecutijul cnd pure cnd loul,
Iound th 1o cnd Pecce cnd Glcdness,
jound thee in th House oj Rest,
Iound th strenth in Lote cnd Meelness,
And m pcin cnd uoe cnd ueclness lejt me,
And I uclled the Pcthuc trodden onl b the blest.
Purt I I : The Heuvenl y Li I e
THE secreL oI IIIe, oI ubundunL IIIe, wILI ILs sLrengLI, ILs
IeIIcILy, und ILs unbroken peuce Is Lo IInd LIe DIvIne CenLer
wILIIn oneseII, und Lo IIve In und Irom LIuL, InsLeud oI In
LIuL ouLer cIrcumIerence oI dIsLurbunces - LIe cIumors,
cruvIngs, und urgumenLuLIons wIIcI muke up LIe unImuI
und InLeIIecLuuI mun. TIese seIIIsI eIemenLs consLILuLe LIe
mere Iusks oI IIIe, und musL be LIrown uwuy by IIm wIo
wouId peneLruLe Lo LIe CenLruI HeurL oI LIIngs - Lo IIe
NoL Lo know LIuL wILIIn you LIuL Is cIungeIess, und deIIunL
oI LIme und deuLI, Is noL Lo know unyLIIng, buL Is Lo pIuy
vuInIy wILI LIe unsubsLunLIuI reIIecLIons In LIe MIrror oI
TIme. NoL Lo IInd wILIIn you LIose pussIonIess PrIncIpIes
wIIcI ure noL moved by LIe sLrIIes und sIows und vunILIes
oI LIe worId, Is Lo IInd noLIIng buL IIIusIons wIIcI vunIsI us
LIey ure grusped.
He wIo resoIves LIuL Ie wIII noL resL suLIsIIed wILI
uppeurunces, sIudows, IIIusIons sIuII, by LIe pIercIng IIgIL
oI LIuL resoIve, dIsperse every IIeeLIng pIunLusy, und sIuII
enLer InLo LIe subsLunce und reuIILy oI IIIe. He sIuII Ieurn
Iow Lo IIve, und Ie sIuII lite. He sIuII be LIe sIuve oI no
pussIon, LIe servunL oI no opInIon, LIe voLury oI no Iond
error. IndIng LIe DIvIne CenLer wILIIn IIs own IeurL, Ie
wIII be pure und cuIm und sLrong und wIse, und wIII
ceuseIessIy rudIuLe LIe HeuvenIy IIe In wIIcI Ie IIves -
uhich is himselj.
HuvIng beLuken IImseII Lo LIe DIvIne ReIuge wILIIn, und
remuInIng LIere, u mun Is Iree Irom sIn. AII IIs yesLerduys
ure us LIe LIde-wusIed und unLrodden sunds; no sIn sIuII
rIse up uguInsL IIm Lo LormenL und uccuse IIm und desLroy
IIs sucred peuce; LIe IIres oI remorse cunnoL scorcI IIm,
nor cun LIe sLorms oI regreL devusLuLe IIs dweIIIng-pIuce.
HIs Lo-morrows ure us seeds wIIcI sIuII germInuLe,
bursLIng InLo beuuLy und poLency oI IIIe, und no doubL sIuII
sIuke IIs LrusL, no uncerLuInLy rob IIm oI repose. The
Present Is IIs, onIy In LIe ImmorLuI PresenL does Ie IIve,
und IL Is us LIe eLernuI vuuIL oI bIue ubove wIIcI Iooks
down sIIenLIy und cuImIy, yeL rudIunL wILI purILy und IIgIL,
upon LIe upLurned und Leur-sLuIned Iuces oI LIe cenLurIes.
Men Iove LIeIr desIres, Ior gruLIIIcuLIon seems sweeL Lo
LIem, buL ILs end Is puIn und vucuILy; LIey Iove LIe
urgumenLuLIons oI LIe InLeIIecL, Ior egoLIsm seems mosL
desIrubIe Lo LIem, buL LIe IruILs LIereoI ure IumIIIuLIon
und sorrow. WIen LIe souI Ius reucIed LIe end oI
gruLIIIcuLIon und reuped LIe bILLer IruILs oI egoLIsm, IL Is
reudy Lo receIve LIe DIvIne WIsdom und Lo enLer InLo LIe
DIvIne IIe. OnIy LIe crucIIIed cun be LrunsIIgured; onIy by
LIe deuLI oI seII cun LIe ord oI LIe IeurL rIse uguIn InLo LIe
mmorLuI IIe, und sLund rudIunL upon LIe OIIveL oI
TIou IusL LIy LrIuIs? Every ouLwurd LrIuI Is LIe repIIcu oI un
Inwurd ImperIecLIon. TIou sIuIL grow wIse by knowIng
LIIs, und sIuIL LIereby LrunsmuLe LrIuI InLo ucLIve joy,
IIndIng LIe KIngdom wIere LrIuI cunnoL come. WIen wIIL
LIou Ieurn LIy Iessons, O cIIId oI eurLI! AII LIy sorrows cry
ouL uguInsL LIee; every puIn Is LIy jusL uccuser, und LIy
grIeIs ure buL LIe sIudows oI LIy unworLIy und perIsIubIe
seII. TIe KIngdom oI Heuven Is LIIne; Iow Iong wIIL LIou
rejecL IL, preIerrIng LIe IurId uLmospIere oI HeII - LIe IeII
oI LIy seII-seekIng seII?
WIere seII Is noL LIere Is LIe Gurden oI LIe HeuvenIy IIe,
"There sprin the heclin strecms
Quenchin cll thirstl there bloom the immortcl jlouers
Ccrpetin cll the uc uith jol there thron Suijtest cnd
sueetest hours l"
TIe redeemed sons oI God, LIe gIorIIIed In body und spIrIL,
ure"bougIL wILI u prIce," und LIuL prIce Is LIe crucIIIxIon oI
LIe personuIILy, LIe deuLI oI seII; und IuvIng puL uwuy LIuL
wILIIn wIIcI Is LIe source oI uII dIscord, LIey Iuve Iound
LIe unIversuI MusIc, LIe ubIdIng Joy.
IIe Is more LIun moLIon, IL Is MusIc; more LIun resL, IL Is
Peuce; more LIun work, IL Is DuLy; more LIun Iubor, IL Is
ove; more LIun enjoymenL, IL Is BIessedness; more LIun
ucquIrIng money und posILIon und repuLuLIon, IL Is
KnowIedge, Purpose, sLrong und IIgI ResoIve.
eL LIe Impure Lurn Lo PurILy, und LIey sIuII be pure; IeL
LIe weuk resorL Lo SLrengLI, und LIey sIuII be sLrong; IeL LIe
IgnorunL IIy Lo KnowIedge, und LIey sIuII be wIse. AII LIIngs
ure mun`s, und Ie cIooses LIuL wIIcI Ie wIII Iuve. To-duy
Ie cIooses In Ignorunce, Lo-morrow Ie sIuII cIoose In
WIsdom. He sIuII "work ouL IIs own suIvuLIon" wIeLIer Ie
beIIeve IL or noL, Ior Ie cunnoL escupe IImseII, nor LrunsIer
Lo unoLIer LIe eLernuI responsIbIIILy oI IIs own souI. By no
LIeoIogIcuI subLerIuge sIuII Ie LrIck LIe uw oI IIs beIng,
wIIcI sIuII sIuLLer uII IIs seIIIsI mukesIIILs und excuses
Ior rIgIL LIInkIng und rIgIL doIng. Nor sIuII God do Ior IIm
LIuL wIIcI IL Is desLIned IIs souI sIuII uccompIIsI Ior ILseII.
WIuL wouId you suy oI u mun wIo, wunLIng Lo possess u
munsIon In wIIcI Lo dweII peuceIuIIy, purcIused LIe sILe
und LIen kneIL down und usked God Lo buIId LIe Iouse Ior
IIm? WouId you noL suy LIuL sucI u mun wus IooIIsI? And
oI unoLIer mun wIo, IuvIng purcIused LIe Iund, seL LIe
urcIILecLs und buIIders und curpenLers uL work Lo erecL LIe
edIIIce, wouId you noL suy LIuL Ie wus wIse? And us IL Is In
LIe buIIdIng oI u muLerIuI Iouse, even so IL Is In LIe buIIdIng
oI u spIrILuuI munsIon. BrIck by brIck, pure LIougIL upon
pure LIougIL, good deed upon good deed, musL LIe
IubILuLIon oI u bIumeIess IIIe rIse Irom ILs sure IounduLIon
unLII uL IusL IL sLunds ouL In uII LIe mujesLy oI ILs IuuILIess
proporLIons. NoL by cuprIce, nor gIIL, nor Iuvor does u mun
obLuIn LIe spIrILuuI reuIILIes, buL by dIIIgence, wuLcIIuIness,
energy, und eIIorL.
"Stron is the soul, cnd uise cnd becutijul,
The seeds oj God-lile pouer cre in us still,
Gods cre ue, bcrds, scints, heroes, ij ue uill."
TIe spIrILuuI HeurL oI mun Is LIe HeurL oI LIe unIverse,
und, IIndIng LIuL HeurL, mun IInds LIe sLrengLI Lo
uccompIIsI uII LIIngs. He IInds LIere uIso LIe WIsdom Lo
see LIIngs us LIey ure. He IInds LIere LIe Peuce LIuL Is
dIvIne. AL LIe cenLer oI mun`s beIng Is LIe MusIc wIIcI
orders LIe sLurs - LIe ELernuI Hurmony. He wIo wouId
IInd BIessedness, IeL IIm IInd IImseII; IeL IIm ubundon
every dIscordunL desIre, every InIurmonIous LIougIL, every
unIoveIy IubIL und deed, und Ie wIII IInd LIuL Gruce und
BeuuLy und Hurmony wIIcI Iorm LIe IndesLrucLIbIe
essence oI IIs own beIng.
Men IIy Irom creed Lo creed, und IInd - unresL; LIey LruveI
In muny Iunds, und dIscover - dIsuppoInLmenL; LIey buIId
LIemseIves beuuLIIuI munsIons, und pIunL pIeusunL gurdens,
und reup - ennuI und dIscom-IorL. NoL unLII u mun IuIIs
buck upon LIe TruLI wILIIn IImseII does Ie IInd resL und
suLIsIucLIon; noL unLII Ie buIIds LIe Inwurd MunsIon oI
uuILIess ConducL does Ie IInd LIe endIess und
IncorrupLIbIe Joy, und, IuvIng obLuIned LIuL, Ie wIII InIuse
IL InLo uII IIs ouLwurd doIngs und possessIons.
I u mun wouId Iuve peuce, IeL IIm exercIse LIe spIrIL oI
Peuce; II Ie wouId IInd Iove, IeL IIm dweII In LIe spIrIL oI
ove; II Ie wouId escupe suIIerIng, IeL IIm ceuse Lo InIIIcL IL;
II Ie wouId do nobIe LIIngs Ior IumunILy, IeL IIm ceuse Lo
do IgnobIe LIIngs Ior IImseII. I Ie wIII buL quurry LIe mIne
oI IIs own souI, Ie sIuII IInd LIere uII LIe muLerIuIs Ior
buIIdIng wIuLsoever Ie wIII, und Ie sIuII IInd LIere uIso LIe
cenLruI Rock on wIIcI Lo buIId In suIeLy.
Howsoever u mun works Lo rIgIL LIe worId, IL wIII never be
rIgILed unLII Ie Ius puL IImseII rIgIL. TIIs muy be wrILLen
upon LIe IeurL us u muLIemuLIcuI uxIom. L Is noL enougI Lo
preucI PurILy, men musL ceuse Irom IusL; Lo exIorL Lo Iove,
LIey musL ubundon IuLred; Lo exLoI seII-sucrIIIce, LIey musL
yIeId up seII; Lo udorn wILI mere words LIe PerIecL IIe,
LIey musL be perIecL.
WIen u mun cun no Ionger curry LIe weIgIL oI IIs muny
sIns, IeL IIm IIy Lo LIe CIrIsL, wIose LIrone Is LIe cenLer oI
IIs own IeurL, und Ie sIuII become IIgIL-IeurLed, enLerIng
LIe gIud compuny oI LIe mmorLuIs.
WIen Ie cun no Ionger beur LIe burden oI IIs uccumuIuLed
IeurnIng, IeL u mun Ieuve IIs books, IIs scIence, IIs
pIIIosopIy, und come buck Lo IImseII, und Ie sIuII IInd
wILIIn, LIuL wIIcI Ie ouLwurdIy sougIL und Iound noL -
IIs own dIvInILy.
He ceuses Lo urgue ubouL God wIo Ius Iound God wILIIn.
ReIyIng upon LIuL cuIm sLrengLI wIIcI Is noL LIe sLrengLI
oI seII, Ie lites God, munIIesLIng In IIs duIIy IIIe LIe
HIgIesL Goodness, wIIcI Is ELernuI IIe.
NOW Is LIy reuIILy In wIIcI LIme Is conLuIned. L Is more
und greuLer LIun LIme; IL Is un ever-presenL reuIILy. L knows
neILIer pusL nor IuLure, und Is eLernuIIy poLenL und
subsLunLIuI. Every mInuLe, every duy, every yeur Is u dreum
us soon us IL Ius pussed, und exIsLs onIy us un ImperIecL und
unsubsLunLIuI pIcLure In LIe memory, II IL be noL enLIreIy
PusL und IuLure ure dreums; nou Is u reuIILy. AII LIIngs ure
now; uII power, uII possIbIIILy, uII ucLIon Is now. NoL Lo ucL
und uccompIIsI now Is noL Lo ucL und uccompIIsI uL uII. To
IIve In LIougILs oI wIuL you mIgIL Iuve done, or In dreums
oI wIuL you meun Lo do, LIIs Is IoIIy: buL Lo puL uwuy regreL,
Lo uncIor unLIcIpuLIon, und Lo do und Lo work nou, LIIs Is
WIIIsL u mun Is dweIIIng upon LIe pusL or IuLure Ie Is
mIssIng LIe presenL; Ie Is IorgeLLIng Lo IIve now. AII LIIngs
ure possIbIe now, und onl now. WILIouL wIsdom Lo guIde
IIm, und mIsLukIng LIe unreuI Ior LIe reuI, u mun suys, "I
Iud done so und so IusL week, IusL monLI, or IusL yeur, IL
wouId Iuve been beLLer wILI me Lo-duy"; or, " know wIuL
Is besL Lo be done, und wIII do IL Lo-morrow." TIe seIIIsI
cunnoL compreIend LIe vusL ImporLunce und vuIue oI LIe
presenL, und IuII Lo see IL us LIe subsLunLIuI reuIILy oI wIIcI
pusL und IuLure ure LIe empLy reIIecLIons. L muy LruIy be
suId LIuL pusL und IuLure do noL exIsL excepL us neguLIve
sIudows, und Lo IIve In LIem - LIuL Is, In LIe regreLIuI und
seIIIsI conLempIuLIon oI LIem- Is Lo mIss LIe reuIILy In IIIe.
"The Present, the Present is cll thou hcst
Ior th sure possessin,
Lile the pctricrch's cnel, hold it jcst,
Till it ites its blessin.
"All uhich is recl nou remcineth,
And jcdeth neter:
The hcnd uhich upholds it nou sustcineth
The soul jor eter.
"Then oj uhct is to be, cnd oj uhct is done,
Wh queriest thou?
The pcst cnd the time to be cre one,
And both cre NDW l"
Mun Ius uII power now; buL noL knowIng LIIs, Ie suys, "
wIII be perIecL nexL yeur, or In so muny yeurs, or In so muny
IIves." TIe dweIIers In LIe KIngdom oI God, wIo IIve onIy In
LIe now, suy, " um perIecL now," und reIruInIng Irom uII
sIn now, und ceuseIessIy guurdIng LIe porLuIs oI LIe mInd,
noL IookIng Lo LIe pusL nor Lo LIe IuLure, nor LurnIng Lo LIe
IeIL or rIgIL, LIey remuIn eLernuIIy IoIy und bIessed." Now
Is LIe uccepLed LIme; now Is LIe duy oI suIvuLIon."
Suy Lo yourseII, " wIII IIve In my deuI now; wIII munIIesL
my deuI now; wIII be my deuI now; und uII LIuL LempLs
me uwuy
Irom my deuI wIII noL IIsLen Lo; wIII IIsLen onIy Lo LIe
voIce oI my deuI." TIus resoIvIng, und LIus doIng, you
sIuII noL de-purL Irom LIe HIgIesL, und sIuII eLernuIIy
munIIesL LIe True.
"Ajoot cnd lihthecrted, I tcle to the open rocd.
Hencejorth I csl not ood jortune: I mselj cm ood
Hencejorth I uhimper no more, postpone no more, need
Done uith indoor complcints, librcries, querulous
Stron cnd content, I tcle to the open rocd."
Ceuse Lo Lreud every bywuy oI dependence, every wIndIng
sIde-wuy LIuL LempLs LIy souI InLo LIe sIudow-Iund oI LIe
pusL und LIe IuLure, und munIIesL LIy nuLIve und dIvIne
sLrengLI now. Come ouL InLo" LIe open roud. "TIuL wIIcI
you wouId be, und Iope Lo be you muy be now. Non-
uccompIIsImenL resIdes In your perpeLuuI posLponemenL,
und, IuvIng LIe power Lo posLpone, you uIso Iuve LIe power
Lo uccompIIsI - Lo perpeLuuIIy uccompIIsI: reuIIze LIIs
LruLI, und you sIuII be Lo-duy, und every duy, LIe IdeuI mun
oI wIom you dreumed.
VIrLue consIsLs In IIgILIng sIn duy uILer duy. buL IoIIness
consIsLs In IeuvIng sIn, UnnoLIced und Ignored, Lo dIe by LIe
wuysIde; und LIIs Is done, cun onIy be done, In LIe IIvIng
now. Suy noL unLo LIy souI, "TIou sIuII be purer Lo-
morrow"; buL ruLIer suy, "TIou sIuIL be pure now." To-
morrow Is Loo IuLe Ior unyLIIng, und Ie wIo sees IIs IeIp
und suIvuLIon In Lo-morrow sIuII conLInuuIIy IuII und IuII Lo-
TIou dIdsL IuII yesLerduy? DIdsL sIn grIevousIy? HuvIng
reuIIzed LIIs, Ieuve IL. InsLunLIy-und Iorever, und wuLcI LIuL
LIou sInnesL noL now. TIe wIIIe LIou urL bewuIIIng LIe
pusL, every guLe oI LIy souI remuIns unguurded uguInsL LIe
enLrunce oI sIn now. TIou sIuIL noL rIse by grIevIng over
LIe IrremedIubIe pusL, buL by remedyIng LIe presenL.
TIe IooIIsI mun, IovIng LIe boggy sIde-puLI oI
procrusLInuLIon ruLIer LIun LIe IIrm HIgIwuy oI PresenL
EIIorL, suys, " wIII rIse eurIy Lo-morrow; wIII geL ouL oI
debL Lo-morrow; wIII curry ouL my InLenLIons Lo-morrow."
BuL LIe wIse mun, reuIIzIng LIe momenLous ImporL oI LIe
ELernuI Now, rIses eurIy Lo-duy; keeps ouL oI debL Lo-duy;
currIes ouL IIs InLenLIons Lo-duy; und so never depurLs Irom
sLrengLI und peuce und rIpe uccompIIsImenL.
TIuL wIIcI Is done now remuIns; LIuL wIIcI Is Lo be done
Lo-morrow does noL uppeur. L Is wIsdom Lo Ieuve LIuL
wIIcI Ius noL urrIved, und Lo uLLend Lo LIuL wIIcI Is; und Lo
uLLend Lo IL wILI sucI u consecruLIon oI souI und
concenLruLIon oI eIIorL us sIuII Ieuve no possIbIe IoopIoIe
Ior regreL Lo creep In.
A mun`s spIrILuuI compreIensIon beIng cIouded by LIe
IIIusIons oI seII, Ie suys, " wus born on sucI u duy, so muny
yeurs ugo, und sIuII dIe uL my uIIoLLed LIme." BuL Ie wus noL
born, neILIer wIII Ie dIe, Ior Iow cun LIuL wIIcI Is
ImmorLuI, wIIcI eLernuIIy is, be subjecL Lo bIrLI und deuLI?
eL u mun LIrow oII IIs IIIusIons, und LIen Ie wIII see LIuL
LIe bIrLI und deuLI oI LIe bod ure LIe mere IncIdenLs oI u
journey, und noL ILs begInnIng und end.
ookIng buck Lo Iuppy begInnIngs, und Iorwurd Lo
mournIuI endIngs, u mun`s eyes ure bIInded, so LIuL Ie
beIoIds noL IIs own ImmorLuIILy; IIs eurs ure cIosed, so
LIuL Ie Ieurs noL LIe ever-presenL IurmonIes oI Joy; und
IIs IeurL Is Iurdened, so LIuL IL puIsuLes noL Lo LIe rIyLImIc
sounds oI Peuce.
TIe unIverse, wILI uII LIuL IL conLuIns, Is now. PuL ouL LIy
Iund, O mun, und recIeve LIe IruILs oI WIsdom! Ceuse Irom
LIy greedy sLrIvIng, LIy seIIIsI sorrowIng, LIy IooIIsI
regreLLIng, und Ie conLenL Lo lite.
AcL now, und, Io! uII LIIngs ure done; IIve now, und, beIoId!
LIou urL In LIe mIdsL oI PIenLy; be now, und lnou LIuL LIou
urL perIecL.
E Is sImpIe. BeIng Is sImpIe. TIe unIverse Is sImpIe.
CompIexILy urIses In Ignorunce und seII-deIusIon. TIe
"OrIgInuI SImpIIcILy" oI uo-Lze Is u Lerm expressIve oI LIe
unIverse us IL is, und noL us IL cppecrs. ookIng LIrougI LIe
woven neLwork oI IIs own IIIusIons, mun sees InLermInubIe
compIIcuLIon und unIuLIomubIe mysLery, und so Ioses
IImseII In LIe IubyrInLIs oI IIs own mukIng. eL u mun puL
uwuy egoLIsm, und Ie wIII see LIe unIverse In uII LIe beuuLy
oI ILs prIsLIne sImpIIcILy. eL IIm unnIIIIuLe LIe deIusIon oI
LIe personuI "," und Ie wIII desLroy uII LIe IIIusIons wIIcI
sprIng Irom LIuL "." He wIII LIus "re-become u IILLIe cIIId,"
und wIII "reverL Lo OrIgInuI SImpIIcILy."
WIen u mun succeeds In enLIreIy IorgeLLIng (unnIIIIuLIng)
IIs personuI seII, Ie be-comes u mIrror In wIIcI LIe
unIversuI ReuIILy Is IuuILIessIy reIIecLed. He Is uwukened,
und IenceIorwurd Ie IIves, noL In dreums, buL reuIILIes.
PyLIugorus suw LIe unIverse In LIe Len numbers, buL even
LIIs sImpIIcILy muy be IurLIer reduced, und LIe unIverse
uILImuLeIy be Iound Lo be conLuIned In LIe number ONE,
Ior uII LIe numeruIs und uII LIeIr InIInILe compIIcuLIons ure
buL uddILIons oI LIe Dne.
eL IIIe ceuse Lo be IIved us u IrugmenLury LIIng, und IeL IL
be IIved us u perIecL WIoIe; LIe sImpIIcILy oI LIe PerIecL wIII
LIen be reveuIed. How sIuII LIe IrugmenL compreIend LIe
WIoIe? YeL Iow sImpIe LIuL LIe WIoIe sIouId compreIend
LIe IrugmenL. How sIuII sIn perceIve HoIIness? YeL Iow
pIuIn LIuL HoIIness sIouId undersLund sIn. He wIo wouId
become LIe GreuLer IeL IIm ubundon LIe Iesser. n no Iorm
Is LIe cIrcIe conLuIned, buL In LIe cIrcIe uII Iorms ure
conLuIned. n no coIor Is LIe rudIunL IIgIL ImprIsoned, buL
In LIe rudIunL IIgIL uII coIors ure embodIed, eL u mun
desLroy uII LIe Iorms oI seII, und Ie sIuII uppreIend LIe
CIrcIe oI PerIecLIon; IeL IIm submerge, In LIe sIIenL depLIs
oI IIs beIng, LIe vuryIng coIors oI IIs LIougILs und desIres,
und Ie sIuII be IIIumInuLed wILI LIe WIILe IgIL oI DIvIne
KnowIedge. n LIe perIecL cIord oI musIc LIe sIngIe noLe,
LIougI IorgoLLen, Is IndIspensubIy conLuIned, und LIe drop
oI wuLer becomes oI supreme useIuIness by IosIng ILseII In
LIe oceun. SInk LIyseII compussIonuLeIy In LIe IeurL oI
IumunILy, und LIou sIuIL reproduce LIe IurmonIes oI
Heuven; Iose LIyseII In unIImILed Iove Lowurd uII, und LIou
sIuIL work endurIng works und sIuIL become one wILI LIe
eLernuI Oceun oI BIIss.
Mun evoIves ouLwurd Lo LIe perIpIery oI compIexILy, und
LIen InvoIves buckwurd Lo LIe CenLruI SImpIIcILy. WIen u
mun dIscovers LIuL IL Is muLIemuLIcuIIy ImpossIbIe Ior IIm
Lo know LIe unIverse beIore knowIng IImseII, Ie LIen sLurLs
upon LIe Wuy wIIcI Ieuds Lo LIe OrIgInuI SImpIIcILy. He
begIns Lo unIoId Irom wILIIn, und us Ie UnIoIds IImseII, Ie
enIoIds LIe unIverse.
Ceuse Lo specuIuLe ubouL God, und IInd LIe uII-embrucIng
Good wILIIn LIee, LIen sIuIL LIou see LIe empLIness und
vunILy oI specuIuLIon, knowIng LIyseII one wILI God.
He wIo wIII noL gIve up IIs secreL IusL, IIs coveLousness,
IIs unger, IIs opInIon ubouL LIIs or LIuL, cun see nor know
noLIIng; Ie wIII remuIn u duIIurd In LIe scIooI oI WIsdom,
LIougI Ie be uccounLed Ieurned In LIe coIIeges.
I u mun wouId IInd LIe Key oI KnowIedge, IeL IIm IInd
IImseII. TIy sIns ure noL LIyseII; LIey ure noL uny purL oI
LIyseII; LIey ure dIseuses wIIcI LIou IusL come Lo Iove.
Ceuse Lo cIIng Lo LIem, und LIey wIII no Ionger cIIng Lo LIee.
eL LIem IuII uwuy, und LIy seII sIuII sLund reveuIed. TIou
sIuIL LIen know LIyseII us CompreIensIve VIsIon,
nvIncIbIe PrIncIpIe, mmorLuI IIe, und ELernuI Good.
TIe Impure mun beIIeves ImpurILy Lo be IIs rIgILIuI
condILIon, buL LIe pure mun knows IImseII us pure beIng;
Ie uIso, peneLruLIng LIe VeIIs, sees uII oLIers us pure beIng.
PurILy Is exLremeIy sImpIe, und needs no urgumenL Lo
supporL IL; ImpurILy Is InLermInubIy compIex, und Is ever
InvoIved In deIensIve urgumenL. TruLI lites ILseII. A
bIumeIess IIIe Is LIe onIy wILness oI TruLI. Men cunnoL see,
und wIII noL uccepL LIe wILness unLII LIey IInd IL wILIIn
LIemseIves; und IuvIng Iound IL, u mun becomes sIIenL
beIore IIs IeIIows. TruLI Is so sImpIe LIuL IL cunnoL be
Iound In LIe regIon oI urgumenL und udverLIsemenL, und so
sIIenL LIuL IL Is onIy munIIesLed In ucLIons.
So exLremeIy sImpIe Is OrIgInuI SImpIIcILy, LIuL u mun musL
IeL go IIs IoId oI everyLIIng beIore Ie cun perceIve IL. TIe
greuL urcI Is sLrong by vIrLue oI LIe IoIIow-ness
underneuLI, und u wIse mun becomes sLrong und InvIncIbIe
by empLyIng IImseII.
Meekness, PuLIence, ove, CompussIon, und WIsdom -
LIese ure LIe domInunL quuIILIes oI OrIgInuI SImpIIcILy;
LIereIore LIe ImperIecL cunnoL undersLund IL. WIsdom onIy
cun uppreIend WIsdom, LIereIore LIe IooI suys, "No mun Is
wIse." TIe ImperIecL mun suys, "No mun cun be perIecL,"
und Ie LIereIore remuIns wIere Ie Is. TIougI Ie IIve wILI u
perIecL mun uII IIs IIIe, Ie sIuII noL beIoId IIs perIecLIon.
Meekness Ie wIII cuII cowurdIce; PuLIence, ove, und
CompussIon Ie wIII see us weukness; und WIsdom wIII
uppeur Lo IIm us IoIIy. uuILIess dIscrImInuLIon beIongs Lo
LIe PerIecL WIoIe, und resIdes noL In uny purL, LIereIore
men ure exIorLed Lo reIruIn Irom judgmenL unLII LIey Iuve
LIemseIves munIIesLed LIe PerIecL IIe.
ArrIvIng uL OrIgInuI SImpIIcILy, opucILy dIsuppeurs, und LIe
unIversuI Lrunspurency becomes uppurenL. He wIo Ius
Iound LIe IndweIIIng ReuIILy oI IIs own beIng Ius Iound LIe
orIgInuI und unIversuI ReuIILy. KnowIng LIe DIvIne HeurL
wILIIn, uII IeurLs ure known, und LIe LIougILs oI uII men
become IIs wIo Ius become LIe musLer oI IIs own
LIougILs; LIereIore LIe good mun does noL deIend IImseII,
buL moIds LIe mInds oI oLIers Lo IIs own IIkeness.
As LIe probIemuLIcuI Lrunscends crudILy, so Pure Goodness
Lrunscends LIe probIemuLIcuI. AII probIems vunIsI wIen
Pure Goodness Is reucIed; LIereIore LIe good mun Is cuIIed
"TIe sIuyer oI IIIusIons." WIuL probIem cun vex wIere sIn Is
noL? O LIou wIo sLrIvesL IoudIy und resLesL noL! reLIre InLo
LIe IoIy sIIence oI LIIne own beIng, und IIve LIereIrom. So
sIuIL LIou, IIndIng Pure Goodness, rend In LwuIn LIe VeII oI
LIe TempIe oI IIusIon, und sIuIL enLer InLo LIe PuLIence,
Peuce, und LrunscendenL GIory oI LIe PerIecL, Ior Pure
Goodness und OrIgInuI SImpIIcILy ure one.
A MAN sIouId be superIor Lo IIs possessIons, IIs body, IIs
cIrcumsLunces und surroundIngs, und LIe opInIons oI
oLIers, und LIeIr uLLILude Lowurds IIm. UnLII Ie Is LIIs, Ie Is
noL sLrong und sLeudIusL. He sIouId uIso rIse superIor Lo IIs
own desIres und opInIons; und unLII Ie Is LIIs, Ie Is noL
TIe mun wIo IdenLIIIes IImseII wILI IIs possessIons wIII
IeeI LIuL uII Is IosL wIen LIese ure IosL; Ie wIo regurds
IImseII us LIe ouLcome und LIe LooI oI cIrcumsLunces wIII
weukIy IIucLuuLe wILI every cIunge In IIs ouLwurd
condILIon; und greuL wIII be IIs unresL und puIn wIo seeks
Lo sLund upon LIe upprobuLIon oI oLIers.
To deLucI oneseII Irom every ouLwurd LIIng, und Lo resL
secureIy upon LIe Inwurd VIrLue, LIIs Is LIe UnIuIIIng
WIsdom. HuvIng LIIs WIsdom, u mun wIII be LIe sume
wIeLIer In rIcIes or poverLy. TIe one cunnoL udd Lo IIs
sLrengLI, nor LIe oLIer rob IIm oI IIs serenILy. NeILIer cun
rIcIes deIIIe IIm wIo Ius wusIed uwuy uII LIe Inwurd
deIIIemenL, nor LIe Iuck oI LIem degrude IIm wIo Ius
ceused Lo degrude LIe LempIe oI IIs souI.
To reIuse Lo be ensIuved by uny ouLwurd LIIng or
IuppenIng, regurdIng uII sucI LIIngs und IuppenIngs us Ior
your use, Ior your educuLIon, LIIs Is WIsdom. To LIe wIse uII
occurrences ure ood, und, IuvIng no eye Ior evII, LIey grow
wIser every duy. TIey uLIIIze uII LIIngs, und LIus puL uII
LIIngs under LIeIr IeeL. TIey see uII LIeIr mIsLukes us soon
us mude, und uccepL LIem us Iessons oI InLrInsIc vuIue,
knowIng LIuL ure no mIsLukes In LIe DIvIne Order. TIey
LIus rupIdIy upproucI LIe DIvIne PerIecLIon. TIey ure
moved by none, yeL Ieurn Irom uII. TIey cruve Iove Irom
none, yeL gIve Iove Lo uII. To Ieurn, und noL Lo be sIuken; Lo
Iove wIere one Is noL oved : IereIn IIes LIe sLrengLI wIIcI
sIuII never IuII u mun. TIe mun wIo suys In IIs IeurL, "
wIII LeucI uII men, und Ieurn Irom none," wIII neILIer LeucI
nor Ieurn wIIIsL Ie Is In LIuL Irume oI mInd, buL wIII remuIn
In IIs IoIIy.
AII sLrengLI und wIsdom und power und knowIedge u mun
wIII IInd wILIIn IImseII, buL. Ie wIII noL IInd IL In egoLIsm;
Ie wIII onIy IInd IL In obedIence, submIssIon, und
wIIIIngness Lo Ieurn. He musL obey LIe HIgIer, und noL
gIorIIy IImseII In LIe Iower. He wIo sLunds upon egoLIsm,
rejecLIng reprooI, InsLrucLIon, und LIe Iessons oI
experIence, wIII sureIy IuII; yeu, Ie Is uIreudy IuIIen. SuId u
greuL TeucIer Lo IIs dIscIpIes, "TIose wIo sIuII be u Iump
unLo LIem-seIves, reIyIng upon LIemseIves onIy, und noL
reIyIng upon uny exLernuI IeIp, buL IoIdIng IusL Lo LIe
TruLI us LIeIr Iump, und, seekIng LIeIr suIvuLIon In LIe
TruLI uIone, sIuII noL Iook Ior ussIsLunce Lo uny besIdes
LIemseIves, IL Is LIey umong my dIscIpIes wIo sIuII reucI
LIe very LopmosL IeIgIL! ut the must be uillin to
lecrn." TIe wIse mun Is uIwuys unxIous Lo Ieurn, buL never
unxIous Lo LeucI, Ior Ie knows LIuL LIe Lrue TeucIer Is In
LIe IeurL oI every mun, und musL uILImuLeIy be Iound LIere
by uII. TIe IooIIsI mun, beIng governed IurgeIy by vunILy, Is
very unxIous Lo LeucI, buL unwIIIIng Lo Ieurn, noL IuvIng
Iound LIe HoIy TeucIer wILIIn wIo speuks wIsdom Lo LIe
IumbIy IIsLenIng souI. Be seII-reIIunL, buL IeL LIy seII-
reIIunce be suInLIy und noL seIIIsI.
oIIy und wIsdom, weukness und sLrengLI ure wILIIn u mun,
und noL In uny exLernuI LIIng, neILIer do LIey sprIng Irom
uny exLernuI cuuse. A mun cunnoL be sLrong Ior unoLIer, Ie
cun onIy be sLrong Ior IImseII; Ie cunnoL overcome Ior
unoLIer, Ie cun onIy overcome oI IImseII. You muy Ieurn oI
unoLIer, buL you musL uccompIIsI Ior yourseII. PuL uwuy uII
exLernuI props, und reIy upon LIy TruLI wILIIn you. A creed
wIII noL beur u mun up In LIe Iour oI LempLuLIon; Ie musL
possess LIe Inwurd KnowIedge wIIcI sIuys LempLuLIon. A
specuIuLIve pIIIosopIy wIII prove u sIudowy LIIng In LIe
LIme oI cuIumILy; u mun musL Iuve LIe Inwurd WIsdom
wIIcI puLs un end Lo grIeI.
Goodness, wIIcI Is LIe uIm oI uII reIIgIons, Is dIsLIncL Irom
reIIgIons LIemseIves. WIsdom, wIIcI Is LIe uIm oI every
pIIIosopIy, Is dIsLIncL Irom uII pIIIosopIIes. TIe UnIuIIIng
WIsdom Is Iound onIy by consLunL prucLIce In pure LIInkIng
und weII-doIng; by IurmonIzIng one`s mInd und IeurL Lo
LIose LIIngs wIIcI ure beuuLIIuI, IovubIe, und Lrue.
n wIuLever condILIon u mun IInds IImseII, Ie cun uIwuys
IInd LIe True; und Ie cun IInd IL onIy by so uLIIIzIng IIs
presenL condILIon us Lo become sLrong und wIse. TIe
eIIemInuLe IunkerIng uILer rewurds, und LIe cruven Ieur oI
punIsImenL, IeL LIem be puL uwuy Iorever, und IeL u mun
joyIuIIy bend IImseII Lo LIe IuILIIuI perIormunce oI uII IIs
duLIes, IorgeLLIng IImseII und IIs worLIIess pIeusures, und
IIvIng sLrong und pure und seII-conLuIned; so sIuII Ie sureIy
IInd LIe UnIuIIIng WIsdom, LIe God-IIke PuLIence und
sLrengLI. "TIe sILuuLIon LIuL Ius noL ILs DuLy, ILs deuI, wus
never yeL occupIed by mun. . . . Here or nowIere Is LIy
deuI. Work IL ouL LIereIrom, und, workIng, beIIeve, IIve, be
Iree. TIe deuI Is In LIyseII, LIe ImpedImenL, Loo, Is In
LIyseII: LIy condILIon Is buL LIe sLuII LIou urL Lo sIupe LIuL
sume deuI ouL oI. WIuL muLLers wIeLIer sucI sLuII be oI
LIIs sorL or LIuL, so LIe Iorm LIou gIve IL be IeroIc, be
poeLIc? OI, LIou LIuL pInesL In LIe ImprIsonmenL oI LIe
AcLuuI, und crIesL bILLerIy Lo LIe gods Ior u kIngdom
wIereIn Lo ruIe und creuLe, know LIIs oI u LruLI: LIe LIIng
LIou seekesL Is uIreudy wILIIn LIee, Iere und now, couIdesL
LIou onIy see!"
AII LIuL Is beuuLIIuI und bIessed Is In LIyseII, noL In LIy
neIgIbor`s weuILI. TIou urL poor? TIou urL poor Indeed II
LIou urL noL sLronger LIun LIy poverLy! TIou IusL suIIered
cuIumILIes? WeII, wIIL LIou cure cuIumILy by uddIng unxIeLy
Lo IL? CunsL LIou mend u broken vuse by weepIng over IL. or
resLore u IosL deIIgIL by LIy IumenLuLIons? TIere Is no evII
buL wIII vunIsI II LIou wIIL wIseIy meeL IL. TIe God-IIke souI
does noL. grIeve over LIuL wIIcI Ius been, Is, or wIII be, IuL
perpeLuuIIy rInds LIe DIvIne Good, und guIns wIsdom by
every occurrence.
eur Is LIe sIudow oI seIIIsIness, und cunnoL IIve wIere
IovIng WIsdom Is. DoubL, unxIeLy, und worry ure
unsubsLunLIuI sIudes In LIe underworId oI seII, und sIuII no
more LroubIe IIm wIo wIII cIImb LIe serene uILILudes oI IIs
souI. GrIeI, uIso, wIII be Ior ever dIspeIIed by IIm wIo wIII
compreIend LIe uw oI IIs beIng. He wIo so compreIends
sIuII IInd LIe Supreme uw oI IIe, und Ie sIuII IInd LIuL IL
Is ove, LIuL IL Is ImperIsIubIe ove. He sIuII become one
wILI LIuL ove, und IovIng uII, wILI mInd Ireed Irom uII
IuLred und IoIIy, Ie sIuII receIve LIe InvIncIbIe proLecLIon
wIIcI ove uIIords. CIuImIng noLIIng, Ie sIuII suIIer no
Ioss; seekIng no pIeusure, Ie sIuII IInd no grIeI; und
empIoyIng uII IIs powers us InsLrumenLs oI servIce, Ie sIuII
evermore IIve In LIe IIgIesL sLuLe oI bIessedness und bIIss.
Know LIIs: - LIou mukesL und unmukesL LIyseII; LIou
sLundesL und IuIIesL by wIuL LIou urL. TIou urL u sIuve II
LIou preIer-resL Lo be; LIou urL u musLer II LIou wIIL muke
LIyseII one. BuIId upon LIy unImuI desIres und InLeIIecLuuI
opInIons, und LIou buIIdesL upon LIe sund; buIId upon
VIrLue und HoIIness, und no wInd nor LIde sIuII sIuke LIy
sLrong ubode. So sIuII LIe UnIuIIIng WIsdom upIoId LIee In
every emergency, und LIe EverIusLIng Arms guLIer LIee Lo
LIy peuce.
"Lc up ecch ecr Th hcrtest oj uell-doin, ueclth thct
Nor thietes ccn tcle cuc. When cll the thins
Thou ccllest thine, oods, plecsures, honors jcll,
Thou in th tirtue shclt surtite them cll."
THE mounLuIn bends noL Lo LIe IIercesL sLorm, buL IL
sIIeIds LIe IIedgIIng und LIe Iumb; und LIougI uII men
Lreud upon IL, yeL IL proLecLs LIem, und beurs LIem up upon
ILs deuLIIess bosom. Even so Is IL wILI LIe meek mun wIo,
LIougI sIuken und dIsLurbed by none, yeL compussIonuLeIy
bends Lo sIIeId LIe IowIIesL creuLure, und, LIougI Ie muy
be despIsed, IIILs uII men up. und IovIngIy proLecLs LIem.
As gIorIous us LIe mounLuIn In ILs sIIenL Is LIe dIvIne mun
In IIs sIIenL Meekness; IIke ILs Iorm, IIs IovIng compurIson
Is expunsIve und subIIme. TruIy IIs body, IIke LIe
mounLuIn`s buse, Is IIxed In LIe vuIIeys und LIe mIsLs; buL
LIe summIL oI IIs beIng Is eLernuIIy buLIed In cIoudIess
gIory, und IIves wILI LIe SIIences.
He wIo Ius Iound Meekness Ius Iound dIvInILy; Ie Ius
reuIIzed LIe dIvIne conscIous-ness, und knows IImseII us
dIvIne. He uIso knows uII oLIers us dIvIne, LIougI LIey
know IL noL LIenseIves, beIng usIeep und dreumIng.
Meekness Is u dIvIne quuIILy, und us sucI Is uII powerIuI.
TIe meek mun overcomes by noL resIsLIng, und by uIIowIng
IImseII Lo be deIeuLed Ie uLLuIns Lo LIe Supreme ConquesL.
TIe mun wIo conquers unoLIer by Iorce Is sLrong; LIe mun
wIo conquers IImseII by Meekness Is mIgILy. He wIo
conquers unoLIer by Iorce wIII IImseII IIkewIse be
conquered; Ie wIo conquers IImseII by Meekness wIII
never be overLIrown, Ior LIe Iumun cunnoL overcome LIe
dIvIne. TIe meek mun Is LrIumpIunL In deIeuL. SocruLes
IIves LIe more by beIng puL Lo deuLI; In LIe crucIIIed Jesus
LIe rIsen CIrIsL Is reveuIed, und SLepIen In receIvIng IIs
sLonIng deIIes LIe IurLIng power oI sLones. TIuL wIIcI Is
reuI cunnoL be desLroyed, buL onIy LIuL wIIcI Is unreuI.
WIen u mun IInds LIuL wILIIn IIm wIIcI Is reuI, wIIcI Is
consLunL, ubIdIng, cIungeIess, und eLernuI, Ie enLers InLo
LIuL ReuIILy, und becomes meek. AII LIe powers oI durkness
wIII come uguInsL IIm. buL LIey wIII do IIm no IurL, und
wIII uL IusL, depurL Irom IIm.
TIe meek mun Is Iound In LIe LIme oI LrIuI; wIen oLIer men
IuII Ie sLunds. HIs puLIence Is noL desLroyed by LIe IooIIsI
pussIons oI oLIers, und wIen LIey come uguInsL IIm Ie
does noL "sLrIve nor cry," He knows LIe uLLer powerIessness
oI uII evII, IuvIng overcome IL In IImseII, und IIves In LIe
cIungeIess sLrengLI und power oI dIvIne Good.
Meekness Is one uspecL oI LIe operuLIon oI LIuL cIungeIess
ove wIIcI Is uL LIe HeurL oI uII LIIngs, und Is LIereIore un
ImperIsIubIe quuIILy. He wIo IIves In IL Is wILIouL Ieur,
knowIng LIe HIgIesL, und IuvIng LIe IowesL under IIs IeeL.
TIe meek mun sIInes In durkness, und IIourIsIes In
obscurILy. Meekness cunnoL bousL, nor udverLIse ILseII, nor
LIrIve on popuIurILy. L Is prccticed, und Is seen or noL seen;
beIng u spIrILuuI quuIILy IL Is perceIved onIy by LIe eye oI LIe
spIrIL. TIose wIo ure noL spIrILuuIIy uwukened see IL noL,
nor do LIey Iove IL, beIng enumored oI, und bIInded by,
worIdIy sIows und uppeurunces. Nor does IIsLory Luke noLe
oI LIe meek mun. Ls gIory Is LIuL oI sLrIIe und seII-
uggrundIzemenL; IIs Is LIe gIory oI peuce und genLIeness.
HIsLory cIronIcIes LIe eurLIIy, noL LIe IeuvenIy ucLs. YeL
LIougI Ie IIves In obscurILy Ie cunnoL be IIdden (Iow cun
IIgIL be IId?) ; Ie conLInues Lo sIIne uILer Ie Ius
wILIdruwn IImseII Irom LIe worId, und Is worsIIpped by
LIe worId wIIcI knew IIm noL.
TIuL LIe meek mun sIouId be negIecLed, ubused, or
mIsundersLood Is reckoned by IIm us oI no uccounL, und
LIereIore noL Lo be consIdered, mucI Iess resIsLed. He
knows LIuL uII sucI weupons ure LIe IIImsIesL und mosL
IneIIecLuuI oI sIudows. To LIem, LIereIore, wIo gIve IIm
evII Ie gIves good. He resIsLs none, und LIereby conquers
He wIo ImugInes Ie cun be Injured by oLIers, und wIo
seeks Lo jusLIIy und deIend IImseII uguInsL LIem, does noL
undersLund Meekness, does noL compreIend LIe essence
und meunIng oI IIIe. "He ubused me, Ie beuL me, Ie
deIeuLed me, Ie robbed me.- n LIose wIo Iurbor sucI
LIougILs IuLred wIII never ceuse . . . Ior IuLred ceuses noL
by IuLred uL uny LIme; IuLred ceuses by Iove." WIuL suyesL
LIou, LIy neIgIbor Ius spoken LIee IuIseIy? WeII, wIuL oI
LIuL? Cun u IuIsILy IurL LIee? TIuL wIIcI Is IuIse Is IuIse,
und LIere Is un end oI IL. L Is wILIouL IIIe, und wILIouL
power Lo IurL uny buL IIm wIo seeks Lo IurL by IL. L Is
noLIIng Lo LIee LIuL LIy neIgIbor sIouId speuk IuIseIy oI
LIee, buL IL Is mucI Lo LIee LIuL LIou sIouIdsL resIsL IIm,
und seek Lo jusLIIy LIyseII, Ior, by so doIng, LIou gIvesL IIIe
und vILuIILy Lo LIy neIgIbor`s IuIseness, so LIuL LIou urL
Injured und dIsLressed. Tuke uII evII ouL oI LIIne own IeurL,
LIen sIuIL LIou see LIe IoIIy oI resIsLIng IL In unoLIer. TIou
wIIL be Lrodden on? TIou urL Lrodden on uIreudy II LIou
LIInkesL LIus. TIe Injury LIuL LIou seesL us comIng Irom
unoLIer comes onIy Irom LIyseII. TIe wrong LIougIL, or
word, or ucL oI unoLIer Ius no power Lo IurL LIee unIess
LIou guIvunIze IL InLo IIIe by LIy pussIonuLe resIsLunce, und
so receIvesL IL InLo LIyseII. I uny mun sIunder me, LIuL Is
IIs concern, noL mIne. Iuve Lo do wILI my own souI, noL
wILI my neIgIbor`s. TIougI uII LIe worId mIsjudge me, IL Is
no busIness oI mIne; buL LIuL sIouId possess my souI In
PurILy und ove, LIuL Is uII my busIness. TIere sIuII be no
end Lo sLrIIe unLII men ceuse Lo jusLIIy LIemseIves. He wIo
wouId Iuve wurs ceuse IeL IIm ceuse Lo deIend uny purLy -
IeL IIm ceuse Lo deIend IImseII. NoL by sLrIIe cun peuce
come, buL by ceusIng Irom sLrIIe. TIe gIory oI Csur resIdes
In LIe resIsLunce oI IIs enemIes. TIey resIsL und IuII. GIve Lo
Csur LIuL wIIcI Csur demunds, und Csur`s gIory und
power ure gone. TIus, by submIssIon does LIe meek mun
conquer LIe sLrong mun : buL IL Is noL LIuL ouLwurd sIow oI
submIssIon wIIcI Is sIuvery, IL Is LIuL Inwurd und spIrILuuI
submIssIon wIIcI Is jreedom.
CIuImIng no rihts, LIe meek mun Is noL LroubIed wILI seII-
deIense und seII-jusLIIIcuLIon; Ie IIves In Iove, und LIereIore
comes under LIe ImmedIuLe und vILuI proLecLIon oI LIe
GreuL ove wIIcI Is LIe ELernuI uw oI LIe unIverse. He
neILIer cIuIms nor seeks IIs own; LIus do uII LIIngs come Lo
IIm, und uII LIe unIverse sIIeIds und proLecLs IIm.
He wIo suys, " Iuve LrIed Meekness, und IL Ius IuIIed," Ius
noL LrIed Meekness. L cunnoL be LrIed us un experImenL. L
Is onIy urrIved uL by unreserved seII-sucrIIIce. Meekness
does noL consIsL mereIy In non-resIsLunce In ucLIon; IL
consIsLs preemInenLIy In non-resIsLunce In thouht, In
ceusIng Lo IoId or Lo Iuve uny seIIIsI, condemnuLory, or
reLuIIuLory LIougILs. TIe meek mun, LIereIore, cunnoL
"Luke oIIense" or Iuve IIs "IeeIIngs IurL," IIvIng ubove
IuLred, IoIIy, und vunILy. Meekness cun never IuII.
O LIou wIo seurcIesL Ior LIe HeuvenIy IIe! sLrIve uILer
Meekness; Increuse LIy puLIence und Iorbeurunce duy by
duy; bId LIy Longue ceuse Irom uII IursI words; wILIdruw
LIy mInd Irom seIIIsI urgumenLs, und reIuse Lo brood upon
LIy wrongs: so IIvIng, LIou sIuIL cureIuIIy Lend und cuILIvuLe
LIe pure und deIIcuLe IIower oI Meekness In LIy IeurL,
unLII uL IusL, ILs dIvIne sweeLness und purILy und beuuLeous
perIecLIon sIuII be reveuIed Lo LIee, und LIou sIuIL become
genLIe, joyIuI, und sLrong. RepIne noL LIuL LIou urL
surrounded by IrrILubIe und seIIIsI peopIe; buL ruLIer
rejoIce LIuL LIou urL so Iuvored us Lo Iuve LIIne own
ImperIecLIons reveuIed Lo LIee, und LIuL LIou urL so pIuced
us Lo necessILuLe wILIIn LIee u consLunL sLruggIe Ior seII-
musLery und LIe uLLuInmenL, oI perIecLIon. TIe more LIere
Is oI IursIness und seIIIsIness uround LIee LIe greuLer Is
LIe need oI LIy Meekness und Iove. I oLIers seek Lo wrong
LIee, uII LIe more Is IL needIuI LIuL LIou sIouIdsL ceuse
Irom uII wrong, und IIve In Iove; II oLIers preucI Meekness,
IumIIILy, und Iove, und do noL prucLIce LIese, LroubIe noL.
nor be unnoyed; buL do LIou, In LIe sIIence oI LIy IeurL,
und In LIy conLucL wILI oLIers, prcctice LIese LIIngs, und
LIey sIuII preucI LIemseIves. And LIougI LIou uLLer no
decIumuLory word, und sLund beIore no guLIered uudIence,
LIou sIuIL LeucI LIe wIoIe worId. As LIou becomesL meek,
LIou sIuIL Ieurn LIe deepesL secreLs oI LIe unIverse.
NoLIIng Is IIdden Irom IIm wIo overcomes IImseII. nLo
LIe cuuse oI cuuses sIuIL LIou peneLruLe, und IIILIng, one
uILer unoLIer, every veII oI IIIusIon, sIuIL reucI uL IusL LIe
InmosL HeurL oI BeIng. TIus becomIng one wILI IIe, LIou
sIuIL know LIII IIIe, und, seeIng InLo cuuses, und knowIng
reuIILIes, LIou sIuIL be no more unxIous ubouL LIyseII, und
oLIers, und LIe worId, buL sIuIL see LIuL uII LIIngs LIuL ure,
ure engInes oI LIe GreuL uw. CunopIed wILI genLIeness,
LIou sIuIL bIess wIere oLIers curse; Iove wIere oLIers IuLe;
IorgIve wIere oLIers condemn; yIeId wIere oLIers sLrIve;
gIve up wIere oLIers grusp: Iose wIere oLIers guIn, And In
LIeIr sLrengLI LIey sIuII be weuk ; und In LIy weukness LIou
sIuIL be sLrong; yeu, LIou sIuIL mIgILIIy prevuII. He LIuL
IuLI noL unbroken genLIeness IuLI noL TruLI:
"Therejore uhen Hecten uould scte c mcn, it enjolds him
uith entleness."
THE rIgILeous mun Is InvIncIbIe. No enemy cun possIbIy
overcome or conIound IIm; und Ie needs no oLIer
proLecLIon LIun LIuL oI IIs own InLegrILy und IoIIness.
As IL Is ImpossIbIe Ior evII Lo overcome Good, so LIe
rIgILeous mun cun never be brougIL Iow by LIe
unrIgILeous. SIunder, envy, IuLred, muIIce cun never reucI
IIm, nor cuuse IIm uny suIIerIng, und LIose wIo Lry Lo
Injure IIm onIy succeed uILImuLeIy In brIngIng IgnomIny
upon LIemseIves.
TIe rIgILeous mun, IuvIng noLIIng Lo IIde, commILLIng no
ucLs wIIcI requIre sLeuILI, und IurborIng no LIougILs und
desIres wIIcI Ie wouId noL IIke oLIers Lo know, Is IeurIess
und unusIumed. HIs sLep Is IIrm, IIs body uprIgIL, und IIs
speecI dIrecL und wILIouL umbIguILy. He Iooks everybody
In LIe Iuce. How cun Ie Ieur uny wIo wrongs none? How
cun Ie be usIumed beIore uny wIo deceIves none? And
ceusIng Irom uII wrong Ie cun never be wronged; ceusIng
Irom uII deceIL Ie cun never be deceIved.
TIe rIgILeous mun, perIormIng uII IIs duLIes wILI
scrupuIous dIIIgence, und IIvIng ubove sIn, Is InvuInerubIe
uL every poInL. He wIo Ius sIuIn LIe Inwurd enemIes oI
vIrLue cun never be brougIL Iow by uny ouLwurd enemy;
neILIer does Ie need Lo seek uny proLecLIon uguInsL LIem,
rIgILeousness beIng un uII-suIIIcIenL proLecLIon.
TIe unrIgILeous mun Is vuInerubIe uL uImosL every poInL;
IIvIng In IIs pussIons, LIe sIuve oI prejudIces, ImpuIses, und
III-Iormed opInIons, Ie Is conLInuuIIy suIIerIng (us Ie
ImugInes) uL LIe Iunds oI oLIers. TIe sIunders, uLLucks, und
uccusuLIons oI oLIers cuuse IIm greuL suIIerIng becuuse
LIey Iuve u busIs oI LruLI In IImseII; und noL IuvIng LIe
proLecLIon oI rIgILeousness, Ie endeuvors Lo jusLIIy und
proLecL IImseII by resorLIng Lo reLuIIuLIon und specIous
urgumenL, und even Lo subLerIuge und deceIL.
TIe purLIuIIy rIgILeous mun Is vuInerubIe uL uII LIose poInLs
wIere Ie IuIIs sIorL oI rIgILeousness, und sIouId LIe
rIgILeous mun IuII Irom IIs rIgILeousness, und gIve wuy Lo
one sIn, IIs InvIncIbIIILy Is gone, Ior Ie Ius LIereby pIuced
IImseII wIere uLLuck und uccusuLIon cun jusLIy reucI und
Injure IIm, becuuse Ie Ius IIrsL Injured IImseII.
I u mun suIIers or Is Injured LIrougI LIe InsLrumenLuIILy oI
oLIers, IeL IIm Iook Lo IImseII, und, puLLIng usIde seII-pILy
und seII-deIense, Ie wIII IInd In IIs own IeurL LIe source oI
uII IIs woe.
No evII cun Iuppen Lo LIe rIgILeous mun wIo Ius cuL oII
LIe source oI evII In IImseII; IIvIng In LIe AII-Good, und
ubsLuInIng Irom
sIn In LIougIL, word und deed, wIuLever Iuppens Lo IIm Is
good; neILIer cun uny person, evenL, or cIrcumsLunce cuuse
IIm suIIerIng, Ior LIe Lyrunny oI cIrcumsLunce Is uLLerIy
desLroyed Ior IIm wIo Ius broken LIe bonds oI sIn.
TIe suIIerIng, LIe sorrowIng, LIe weury, und broken-
IeurLed ever seek u sorrowIess reIuge, u Iuven oI perpeLuuI
peuce. eL sucI IIy Lo LIe reIuge oI LIe rIgILeous IIIe; IeL
LIem come now und enLer LIe Iuven oI LIe sInIess sLuLe, Ior
sorrow cunnoL overLuke LIe rIgILeous; suIIerIng cunnoL
reucI IIm wIo does noL wusLe In seII-seekIng IIs spIrILuuI
subsLunce; und Ie cunnoL be uIIIIcLed by weurIness und
unresL wIose IeurL Is uL peuce wILI uII.
THE CIIIdren oI IgIL, wIo ubIde In LIe KIngdom oI
Heuven, see LIe unIverse, und uII LIuL IL conLuIns, us LIe
munIIesLuLIon oI one uw - LIe uw oI ove. TIey see ove
us LIe moIdIng, susLuInIng, proLecLIng, und perIecLIng
Power ImmunenL In uII LIIngs unImuLe und InunImuLe. To
LIem ove Is noL mereIy und onIy u ruIe oI IIIe, IL Is LIe uw
oI IIe, IL Is IIe ILseII. KnowIng LIIs, LIey order LIeIr wIoIe
IIIe In uccordunce wILI ove, noL regurdIng LIeIr own
personuIILy. By LIus prucLIcIng obedIence Lo LIe HIgIesL, Lo
dIvIne ove, LIey become conscIous purLukers oI LIe power
oI ove, und so urrIve uL perIecL reedom us MusLers oI
TIe unIverse Is preserved becuuse ove Is uL LIe HeurL oI IL.
ove Is LIe onIy preservuLIve power. WIIIsL LIere Is IuLred
In LIe IeurL oI mun, Ie ImugInes LIe uw Lo be crueI, buL
wIen IIs IeurL Is meIIowed by CompussIon und ove, Ie
perceIves LIuL LIe uw Is nIInILe KIndness. So kInd Is LIe
uw LIuL IL proLecLs mun uguInsL IIs own Ignorunce, Mun,
In IIs puny eIIorLs Lo subverL LIe uw by uLLucIIng undue
ImporLunce Lo IIs own IILLIe personuIILy, brIngs upon
IImseII sucI LruIns oI suIIerIng LIuL Ie Is uL IusL compeIIed,
In LIe depLI oI IIs uIIIIcLIons, Lo seek Ior WIsdom; und
IIndIng WIsdom, Ie IInds ove, und knows IL us LIe uw oI
IIs beIng, LIe uw oI LIe unIverse. ove does noL punIsI;
mun punIsIes IImseII by IIs own IuLred; by sLrIvIng Lo
preserve evII wIIcI Ius no IIIe by wIIcI Lo preserve ILseII,
und by LryIng Lo subverL ove, wIIcI cun neILIer be
overcome nor desLroyed, beIng oI LIe subsLunce oI IIe.
WIen u mun burns IImseII, does Ie uccuse LIe IIre?
TIereIore, wIen u mun suIIers, IeL IIm Iook Ior some
Ignorunce or dIsobedIence wILIIn IImseII.
ove Is PerIecL Hurmony, pure BIIss, und conLuIns,
LIereIore, no eIemenL oI suIIerIng. eL u mun LIInk no
LIougIL und do no ucL wIIcI Is noL In uccordunce wILI pure
ove, und suIIerIng sIuII no more LroubIe IIm. I u mun
wouId know ove, und purLuke oI ILs undyIng bIIss, Ie musL
prucLIce IL In IIs IeurL; Ie musL become ove.
He wIo uIwuys ucLs Irom LIe spIrIL oI ove Is never
deserLed, Is never IeIL In u dIIemmu or dIIIIcuILy, Ior ove
(ImpersonuI ove) Is boLI KnowIedge und Power. He wIo
Ius Ieurned Iow Lo ove Ius Ieurned Iow Lo musLer every
dIIIIcuILy, Iow Lo LrunsmuLe every IuIIure InLo success, Iow
Lo cIoLIe every evenL und condILIon In gurmenLs oI
bIessedness und beuuLy.
TIe wuy Lo ove Is by seII-musLery, und, LruveIIng LIuL wuy,
u mun buIIds IImseII up In KnowIedge us Ie proceeds.
ArrIvIng uL ove, Ie enLers InLo IuII possessIon oI body und
mInd, by rIgIL oI LIe dIvIne Power wIIcI Ie Ius eurned.
"PerIecL ove cusLeLI ouL Ieur." To know ove Is Lo know
LIuL LIere Is no IurmIuI power In LIe wIoIe UnIverse. Even
sIn ILseII, wIIcI LIe worIdIy und unbeIIevIng ImugIne Is so
unconquerubIe, Is known us u very weuk und perIsIubIe
LIIng, LIuL sIrInks uwuy und dIsuppeurs beIore LIe
compeIIIng power oI Good. PerIecL ove Is perIecL
HurmIessness. And Ie wIo Ius desLroyed, In IImseII, uII
LIougILs oI Iurm, und uII desIre Lo Iurm, receIves LIe
unIversuI proLecLIon, und knows IImseII Lo be InvIncIbIe.
PerIecL ove Is perIecL PuLIence. Anger und IrrILubIIILy
cunnoL dweII wILI IL nor come neur IL. L sweeLens every
bILLer occusIon wILI LIe perIume oI IoIIness, und
LrunsmuLes LrIuI InLo dIvIne sLrengLI. CompIuInL, Is IoreIgn
Lo IL. He wIo Ioves bewuIIs noLIIng, buL uccepLs uII LIIngs
und condILIons us IeuvenIy guesLs; Ie Is LIereIore
consLunLIy bIessed, und sorrow does noL overLuke IIm.
PerIecL ove Is perIecL TrusL. He wIo Ius desLroyed LIe
desIre Lo grusp cun never be LroubIed wILI LIe Ieur oI Ioss.
oss und guIn ure uIIke IoreIgn Lo IIm. SLeudIusLIy
muInLuInIng u IovIng uLLILude oI mInd Lowurd uII, und
pursuIng, In LIe perIormunce oI IIs duLIes, u consLunL und
IovIng ucLIvILy, ove proLecLs IIm und evermore suppIIes
IIm In IuIIesL meusure wILI uII LIuL Ie needs.
PerIecL ove Is perIecL Power. TIe wIseIy IovIng IeurL
communds wILIouL exercIsIng uny uuLIorILy. AII LIIngs und
uII men obey IIm wIo obeys LIe HIgIesL. He LIInks, und Io!
Ie Ius uIreudy uccompIIsIed! He speuks, und beIoId! u
worId Iungs upon IIs sImpIe uLLerunces! He Ius
IurmonIzed IIs LIougILs wILI LIe mperIsIubIe und
UnconquerubIe orces, und Ior IIm weukness und
uncerLuInLy ure no more. HIs every LIougIL Is u purpose;
IIs every ucL un uccompIIsImenL; Ie moves wILI LIe GreuL
uw, noL seLLIng IIs puny personuI wIII uguInsL IL, und Ie
LIus becomes u cIunneI LIrougI wIIcI LIe DIvIne Power
cun IIow In unImpeded und beneIIcenL expressIon. He Ius
LIus become Power ILseII.
PerIecL ove Is perIecL WIsdom. TIe mun wIo Ioves uII Is
LIe mun wIo knows uII. HuvIng LIorougIIy Ieurned LIe
Iessons oI IIs own IeurL, Ie knows LIe Lusks und LrIuIs oI
oLIer IeurLs, und udupLs IImseII Lo LIem genLIy und
wILIouL osLenLuLIon. ove IIIumInuLes LIe InLeIIecL; wILIouL
IL LIe InLeIIecL Is bIInd und coId und IIIeIess. ove succeeds
wIere LIe InLeIIecL IuIIs; sees wIere LIe InLeIIecL Is bIInd ;
knows wIere LIe InLeIIecL Is IgnorunL, Reuson Is onIy
compIeLed In ove, und Is uILImuLeIy ubsorbed In IL. ove Is
LIe Supreme ReuIILy In LIe unIverse, und us sucI IL conLuIns
uII TruLI. nIInILe Tenderness enIoIds und cIerIsIes LIe
unIverse; LIereIore Is LIe wIse mun genLIe und cIIIdIIke und
Lender-IeurLed. He sees LIuL LIe one LIIng wIIcI uII
creuLures need Is ove, und Ie gIves unsLInLIngIy. He knows
LIuL uII occusIons requIre LIe udjusLIng power oI ove, und
Ie ceuses Irom IursIness.
To LIe eye oI ove uII LIIngs ure reveuIed, noL us un InIInILy
oI compIex eIIecLs, buL In LIe IIgIL oI ELernuI PrIncIpIes, ouL
oI wIIcI sprIng uII cuuses und eIIecLs, und buck InLo wIIcI
LIey reLurn. "God Is ove;" LIereIore LIun ove LIere Is
noLIIng more perIecL. He wIo wouId IInd pure KnowIedge
IeL IIm IInd pure ove.
PerIecL ove Is perIecL Peuce. He wIo dweIIs wILI IL Ius
compIeLed IIs pIIgrImuge In LIe underworId oI sorrow.
WILI mInd cuIm und IeurL uL resL, Ie Ius bunIsIed LIe
sIudows oI grIeI, und knows LIe deuLIIess IIe.
I LIou wouIdsL perIecL LIyseII In KnowIedge, perIecL LIyseII
In ove. I LIou wouIdsL reucI LIe HIgIesL, ceuseIessIy
cuILIvuLe u IovIng und compussIonuLe IeurL.
THERE Is no bonduge In LIe HeuvenIy IIe. TIere Is PerIecL
reedom. TIIs Is ILs greuL gIory. TIIs Supreme reedom Is
guIned onIy by obedIence. He wIo obeys LIe HIgIesL
cooperuLes wILI LIe HIgIesL, und so musLers every Iorce
wILIIn IImseII und every condILIon wILIouL. A mun muy
cIoose LIe Iower und negIecL LIe HIgIer, buL LIe HIgIer Is
never overcome by LIe Iower: IereIn IIes LIe reveIuLIon oI
reedom. eL u mun cIoose LIe HIgIer und ubundon LIe
Iower; Ie sIuII LIen esLubIIsI IImseII us un Overcomer, und
sIuII reuIIze PerIecL reedom.
To gIve LIe reIns Lo IncIInuLIon Is LIe onIy sIuvery; Lo
conquer oneseII Is LIe onIy Ireedom. TIe sIuve Lo seII Ioves
IIs cIuIns, und wIII noL Iuve one oI LIem broken Ior Ieur Ie
wouId be deprIvIng IImseII oI some cIerIsIed deIIgIL. He
cIIngs Lo IIs gruLIIIcuLIons und vunILIes, regurdIng Ireedom
Irom LIem us un empLy und undesIrubIe condILIon. He LIus
deIeuLs und ensIuves IImseII.
By seII-enIIgILenmenL Is PerIecL reedom Iound. WIIIsL u
mun remuIns IgnorunL oI IImseII, oI IIs desIres, oI IIs
emoLIons und LIougILs, und oI LIe Inwurd cuuses wIIcI
moId IIs IIIe und desLIny, IuvIng neILIer conLroI nor
undersLundIng oI IImseII, Ie wIII remuIn In bonduge Lo
pussIon, sorrow, suIIerIng, und IIucLuuLIng IorLune. TIe
und oI PerIecL reedom IIes LIrougI LIe GuLe oI
AII ouLwurd oppressIon Is buL LIe sIudow und eIIecL oI LIe
reuI oppressIon wILIIn. or uges LIe oppressed Iuve crIed
Ior IIberLy, und u LIousund mun-mude sLuLuLes Iuve IuIIed
Lo gIve IL Lo LIem. TIey cun gIve IL onIy Lo LIemseIves; LIey
sIuII IInd IL onIy In obedIence Lo LIe DIvIne SLuLuLes wIIcI
ure InscrIbed upon LIeIr IeurLs. eL LIem resorL Lo LIe
Inwurd reedom, und LIe sIudow oI oppressIon sIuII no
more durken LIe eurLI. eL men ceuse Lo oppress
LIemseIves, und no mun sIuII oppress IIs broLIer.
Men IegIsIuLe Ior un outucrd Ireedom, yeL conLInue Lo
render sucI Ireedom ImpossIbIe oI ucIIevemenL by
IosLerIng un Inwurd condILIon oI ensIuvemenL. TIey LIus
pursue u sIudow wILIouL, und Ignore LIe subsLunce wILIIn.
Mun wIII be Iree wIen Ie Is Ireed Irom seII. AII ouLwurd
Iorms oI bonduge und oppressIon wIII ceuse Lo be wIen
mun ceuses Lo be LIe wIIIIng bond-sIuve oI pussIon, error,
und Ignorunce. reedom Is Lo LIe Iree.
WIIIsL men cIIng Lo weukness LIey cunnoL Iuve sLrengLI;
wIIIsL LIey Iove durkness LIey cun receIve no IIgIL; und so
Iong us LIey preIer bonduge LIey cun enjoy no IIberLy.
SLrengLI, IIgIL, und Ireedom ure reudy now, und cun be Iud
by uII wIo Iove LIem, wIo uspIre Lo LIem. reedom does
noL resIde In coperuLIve uggressIon, Ior LIIs wIII uIwuys
produce, reucLIveIy, coperuLIve deIense - wurIure, IuLred,
purLy sLrIIe, und LIe desLrucLIon oI IIberLy. reedom resIdes
In IndIvIduuI seII-conquesL. TIe emuncIpuLIon oI HumunILy
Is IrusLruLed und wILIIeId by LIe seII-ensIuvemenL oI LIe
unIL. TIou wIo crIesL Lo mun und God Ior IIberLy, IIberuLe
TIe HeuvenIy reedom Is Ireedom Irom pussIon, Irom
cruvIngs, Irom opInIons, Irom LIe Lyrunny oI LIe IIesI, und
LIe Lyrunny oI LIe InLeIIecL - LIIs IIrsL, und LIen uII
ouLwurd Ireedom, us eIIecL Lo cuuse. TIe reedom LIuL
begIns wILIIn, und exLends ouLwurdIy unLII IL embruces LIe
wIoIe mun, Is un emuncIpuLIon so compIeLe, uII-embrucIng,
und perIecL us Lo Ieuve no guIIIng IeLLer unbroken. ree LIy
souI Irom uII sIn, und LIou sIuIL wuIk u Ireed und IeurIess
mun In LIe mIdsL oI u worId oI IeurIuI sIuves; und, seeIng
LIee, muny sIuves sIuII Luke IeurL und sIuII joIn LIee In LIy
gIorIous Ireedom.
He wIo suys, "My worIdIy duLIes ure Irksome Lo me: wIII
Ieuve LIem und go InLo soIILude, wIere sIuII be us Iree us
LIe uIr," und LIInks Lo guIn Ireedom LIus, wIII IInd onIy u
Iurder sIuvery. TIe Lree oI reedom Is rooLed In DuLy, und
Ie wIo wouId pIuck ILs sweeL IruILs musL dIscover joy In
GIud-IeurLed, cuIm, und reudy Ior uII Lusks Is Ie wIo Is
Ireed Irom seII. rksome-ness und weurIness cunnoL enLer
IIs IeurL, und IIs dIvIne sLrengLI IIgILens every burden so
LIuL ILs weIgIL Is noL IeIL. He does noL run uwuy Irom DuLy
wILI IIs cIuIns ubouL IIm, buL breuks LIem und sLunds Iree.
Muke LIyseII pure; muke LIyseII prooI uguInsL weukness,
LempLuLIon, und sIn; Ior onIy In LIIne own IeurL und mInd
sIuIL LIou IInd LIuL PerIecL reedom Ior wIIcI LIe wIoIe
worId sIgIs und seeks In vuIn.
GOODNESS, sImpIIcILy, greuLness - LIese LIree ure one,
und LIIs LrInILy oI perIecLIon cunnoL be sepuruLed. AII
greuLness sprIngs Irom goodness, und uII goodness Is
proIoundIy sImpIe, WILIouL goodness LIere Is no greuLness.
Some men puss LIrougI LIe worId us desLrucLIve Iorces,
IIke LIe Lornudo or LIe uvuIuncIe, buL LIey ure noL greuL;
LIey ure Lo greuLness us LIe uvuIuncIe Is Lo LIe mounLuIn.
TIe work oI greuLness Is endurIng und preservuLIve, und
noL vIoIenL und desLrucLIve. TIe greuLesL souIs ure LIe mosL
GreuLness Is never obLrusIve. L works In sIIence, seekIng no
recognILIon. TIIs Is wIy IL Is noL eusIIy perceIved und
recognIzed. Ike LIe mounLuIn, IL Lowers up In ILs vusL-ness,
so LIuL LIose In ILs ImmedIuLe vIcInILy, wIo receIve ILs
sIeILer und sIude, do noL see IL. Ls subIIme grundeur Is
onIy beIeId us LIey recede Irom IL. TIe greuL mun Is noL
seen by IIs conLemporurIes; LIe mujesLy oI IIs Iorm Is onIy
ouLIIned by ILs recessIon In LIme. TIIs Is LIe uwe und
encIunLmenL oI dIsLunce. Men occupy LIemseIves wILI LIe
smuII LIIngs; LIeIr Iouses, Lrees, Iunds. ew conLempIuLe
LIe mounLuIn uL wIose buse LIey IIve, und Iewer sLIII essuy
Lo expIore IL. BuL In LIe dIsLunce LIese smuII LIIng
dIsuppeur, und LIen LIe soIILury beuuLy oI LIe mounLuIn Is
perceIved. PopuIurILy, noIsy obLrusIveness, und sIuIIow
sIow, LIese superIIcIuIILIes rupIdIy dIsuppeur, und Ieuve
beIInd no endurIng murk: wIereus greuLness sIowIy
emerges Irom obscurILy, und endures Ior ever.
JewIsI RubbI und rubbIe uIIke suw noL LIe dIvIne beuuLy oI
Jesus; LIey suw onIy un unIeLLered curpenLer. To IIs
ucquuInLunces, Homer wus onIy u bIInd beggur, buL LIe
cenLurIes reveuI IIm us Homer LIe ImmorLuI poeL. Two
Iundred yeurs uILer LIe Iurmer oI SLruLIord (und uII LIuL Is
known oI IIm) Ius dIsuppeured, LIe recl SIukespeure Is
dIscerned. AII Lrue genIus Is ImpersonuI. L beIongs noL Lo
LIe mun LIrougI wIom IL Is munIIesLed; IL beIongs Lo uII. L
Is u dIIIusIon oI pure TruLI: LIe IgIL oI Heuven descendIng
on uII munkInd.
Every work oI genIus, In wIuLsoever depurLmenL oI urL, Is u
symboIIc munIIesLuLIon oI ImpersonuI TruLI. L Is unIversuI,
und IInds u response In every IeurL In every uge und ruce.
AnyLIIng sIorL oI LIIs Is noL genIus, Is noL greuLness. TIuL
work wIIcI deIends c reIIgIon perIsIes; IL Is reliion LIuL
IIves. TIeorIes ubouL ImmorLuIILy Iude uwuy; ImmorLuI mun
endures; commenLurIes upon TruLI come Lo LIe dusL; TruLI
uIone remuIns. TIuL onIy Is Lrue In urL wIIcI represenLs LIe
True; LIuL onIy Is greuL In IIIe wIIcI Is unIversuIIy und
eLernuIIy Lrue. And LIe True Is LIe Good; LIe Good Is LIe
Every ImmorLuI work sprIngs Irom LIe ELernuI Goodness In
LIe Iumun IeurL, und IL Is cIoLIed wILI LIe sweeL und
unuIIecLed sImpIIcILy oI goodness. TIe greuLesL urL Is, IIke
nuLure, crtless. L knows no LrIck, no pose, no sLudIed
eIIorL. TIere ure no sLuge-LrIcks In SIukespeure; und Ie Is
LIe greuLesL oI drumuLIsLs becuuse Ie Is LIe simplest. TIe
crILIcs, noL undersLundIng LIe wIse sImpIIcILy oI greuLness,
uIwuys condemn LIe IoILIesL work. TIey cunnoL
dIscrImInuLe beLween LIe childish und LIe childlile. TIe
True, LIe BeuuLIIuI, LIe GreuL, Is uIwuys cIIIdIIke, und Is
perennIuIIy IresI und young.
TIe greuL mun Is uIwuys LIe good mun; Ie Is uIwuys sImpIe.
He druws Irom, nuy, IIves In, LIe InexIuusLIbIe IounLuIn oI
dIvIne Goodness wILIIn; Ie InIubILs LIe HeuvenIy PIuces;
communes wILI LIe vunIsIed greuL ones; IIves wILI LIe
nvIsIbIe: Ie Is InspIred, und breuLIes LIe uIrs oI Heuven.
He wIo wouId be greuL IeL IIm Ieurn Lo be good. He wIII
LIereIore become greuL by noL seekIng greuLness. AImIng uL
greuLness u mun urrIves uL noLIIngness; uImIng uL
noLIIngness Ie urrIves uL greuLness. TIe desIre Lo be greuL
Is un IndIcuLIon oI IILLIeness, oI personuI vunILy und
obLrusIveness. TIe wIIIIngness Lo dIsuppeur Irom guze, LIe
uLLer ubsence oI seII-uggrundIzemenL Is LIe wILness oI
ILLIeness seeks und Ioves uuLIorILy. GreuLness Is never
uuLIorILuLIve, und IL LIereby becomes LIe uuLIorILy Lo
wIIcI LIe uILer uges uppeuI. He wIo seeks, Ioses; Ie wIo Is
wIIIIng Lo Iose, wIns uII men. Be LIy sImpIe seII, LIy beLLer
seII, LIy ImpersonuI seII, und Io! LIou urL greuL! He wIo
seIIIsIIy seeks uuLIorILy sIuII succeed onIy In becomIng u
LrembIIng upoIogIsL courLIng proLecLIon beIInd LIe buck oI
ucknowIedged greuLness. He wIo wIII become LIe servunL
oI uII men, desIrIng no personuI uuLIorILy, sIuII IIve us u
mun, und sIuII be cuIIed rect. "AbIde In LIe sImpIe und
nobIe regIons oI LIy IIIe, obey LIy IeurL, und LIou sIuIL
reproduce LIe IoreworId uguIn." orgeL LIIne own IILLIe seII,
und IuII buck upon LIe UnIversuI seII, und LIou sIuIL
reproduce, In IIvIng und endurIng Iorms, u LIousund
beuuLIIuI experIences; LIou sIuIL IInd wILIIn LIyseII LIuL
sImpIe goodness wIIcI Is greuLness.
"L Is us eusy Lo be greuL us Lo be smuII," suys Emerson; und
Ie uLLers u proIound LruLI. orgeL IuIness oI seII Is LIe
wIoIe oI greuLness, us IL Is LIe wIoIe oI goodness und
IuppIness. n u IIeeLIng momenL oI seII-IorgeLIuIness LIe
smuIIesL souI becomes greuL; exLend LIuL momenL
IndeIInILeIy, und LIere Is u greuL souI, u greuL IIIe. CusL uwuy
LIy personuIILy (LIy peLLy cruvIngs, vunILIes, und umbILIons)
us u worLIIess gurmenL, und dweII In LIe IovIng,
compussIonuLe, seIIIess regIons oI LIy souI, und LIou urL no
Ionger smuII-LIou urL greuL.
CIuImIng personuI uuLIorILy, u mun descends InLo
IILLIeness; prucLIcIng goodness, u mun uscends InLo
greuLness. TIe presump-Luousness oI LIe smuII muy, Ior u
LIme, obscure LIe IumIIILy oI LIe greuL, buL IL Is uL IusL
swuIIowed up by IL, us LIe noIsy rIver Is IosL In LIe cuIm
TIe vuIgurILy oI Ignorunce und LIe prIde oI IeurnIng musL
dIsuppeur. TIeIr worLI-Iessness Is equuI. TIey Iuve no purL
In LIe SouI oI Goodness. I LIou wouIdsL do, LIou musL be.
TIou sIuIL noL mIsLuke InIormuLIon Ior KnowIedge; LIou
musL know LIyseII us pure KnowIedge. TIou sIuIL noL
conIuse IeurnIng wILI WIsdom; LIou musL uppreIend
LIyseII us undeIIIed WIsdom.
WouIdsL LIou wrILe u IIvIng book? TIou musL IIrsL lite;
LIou sIuIL druw uround LIee LIe mysLIc gurmenL oI u
munIIoId experIence, und sIuIL Ieurn, In enjoymenL und
suIIerIng, gIudness und sorrow, conquesL und deIeuL, LIuL
wIIcI no book und no LeucIer cun LeucI LIee. TIou sIuIL
Ieurn oI IIIe, oI LIy souI; LIou sIuIL Lreud LIe oneIy Roud,
und sIuIL become; LIou sIuIL be. TIou sIuIL LIen wrILe LIy
book, und IL sIuII IIve; IL sIuII be more LIun u book. eL LIy
book IIrsL IIve In LIee, LIen sIuIL LIou IIve In LIy book.
WouIdsL LIou curve u sLuLue LIuL sIuII cupLIvuLe LIe uges, or
puInL u pIcLure LIuL sIuII endure? TIou sIuIL ucquuInL
LIyseII wILI LIe dIvIne BeuuLy wILIIn LIee. TIou sIuIL
compreIend und udore LIe nvIsIbIe BeuuLy ; LIou sIuIL
know LIe PrIncIpIes wIIcI ure LIe souI oI orm; LIou sIuIL
perceIve LIe muLcIIess symmeLry und IuuILIess proporLIons
oI IIe, oI BeIng, oI LIe UnIverse; LIus knowIng LIe
eLernuIIy True LIou sIuIL curve or puInL LIe IndescrIbubIy
WouIdsL LIou produce un ImperIsIubIe poem? TIou sIuIL
IIrsL IIve LIy poem; LIou sIuIL LIInk und ucL rIyLImIcuIIy;
LIou sIuIL IInd LIe never-IuIIIng source oI InspIruLIon In LIe
IovIng pIuces oI LIy IeurL. TIen sIuII ImmorLuI IInes IIow
Irom LIee wILIouL eIIorL, und. us LIe IIowers oI wood und
IIeId sponLuneousIy sprIng, so sIuII beuuLIIuI LIougILs grow
up In LIIne IeurL und, ensIrIned In words us moIds Lo LIeIr
beuuLy, sIuII subdue LIe IeurLs oI men.
WouIdsL LIou compose sucI musIc us sIuII gIudden und
upIIIL LIe worId? TIou sIuIL udjusL LIy souI Lo LIe HeuvenIy
HurmonIes. TIou sIuIL know LIuL LIyseII, LIuL IIIe und LIe
unIverse Is MusIc. TIou sIuIL LoucI LIe cIords oI IIe.
TIou sIuIL know LIuL MusIc Is everywIere; LIuL IL Is LIe
HeurL oI BeIng; LIen sIuIL LIou Ieur wILI LIy spIrILuuI eur
LIe DeuLIIess SympIonIes.
WouIdsL LIou preucI LIe IIvIng word? TIou sIuIL Iorego
LIyseII, und become LIuL Word. TIou sIuIL know one
LIIng-thct the humcn hecrt is ood, is ditine, LIou sIuIL
IIve on one LIIng-Lote. TIou sIuIL Iove uII, seeIng no evII,
LIInkIng no evII, beIIevIng no evII; LIen, LIougI LIou speuk
buL IILLIe, LIy every ucL sIuII be u power, LIy every word u
precepL. By LIy pure LIougIL, LIy seIIIess deed, LIougI IL
uppeur IIdden, LIou sIuIL preucI, down LIe uges, Lo unLoId
muILILudes oI uspIrIng souIs.
To IIm wIo cIooses Goodness, sucrIIIcIng uII, Is gIven LIuL
wIIcI Is more LIun und IncIudes uII. He becomes LIe
possessor oI LIe BesL, communes wILI LIe HIgIesL, und
enLers LIe compuny oI LIe GreuL.
TIe greuLness LIuL Is IIuwIess, rounded, und compIeLe Is
ubove und beyond uII urL. L Is PerIecL Goodness In
munIIesLuLIon; LIereIore LIe greuLesL souIs ure uIwuys
THE LoII oI IIIe ceuses wIen LIe IeurL Is pure. WIen LIe
mInd Is IurmonIzed wILI LIe DIvIne uw LIe wIeeI oI
drudgery ceuses Lo Lurn, und uII work Is LrunsmuLed InLo
joyIuI ucLIvILy. TIe pure-IeurLed ure us LIe IIIIes oI LIe IIeId,
wIIcI LoII noL, yeL ure Ied und cIoLIed Irom LIe ubundunL
sLoreIouse oI LIe AII-Good. BuL LIe IIIy Is noL IeLIurgIc; IL Is
ceuseIessIy ucLIve, druwIng nourIsImenL Irom eurLI und uIr
und sun. By LIe DIvIne Power ImmunenL wILIIn IL, IL buIIds
ILseII up, ceII by ceII, openIng ILseII Lo LIe IIgIL, growIng und
expundIng Lowurds LIe perIecL IIower. So Is IL wILI LIose
wIo, IuvIng yIeIded up seII-wIII, Iuve Ieurned Lo coperuLe
wILI LIe DIvIne WIII. TIey grow In gruce, goodness, und
beuuLy, Ireed Irom unxIeLy, und wILIouL IrIcLIon und LoII.
And LIey never work In vuIn; LIere Is no wusLe ucLIon.
Every LIougIL, ucL, und LIIng done subserves LIe DIvIne
Purpose, und udds Lo LIe sum-LoLuI oI LIe worId`s
Heuven Is In LIe IeurL. TIey wIII Iook Ior IL In vuIn wIo Iook
eIsewIere. n no ouLwurd pIuce wIII LIe souI IInd Heuven
unLII IL IInds IL wILIIn ILseII; Ior, wIerever LIe souI goes, ILs
LIougILs und desIres wIII go wILI IL; und, Iowsoever
beuuLIIuI muy be ILs ouLwurd dweIIIng-pIuce, II LIere Is sIn
wILIIn, LIere wIII be durkness und gIoom wILIouL, Ior sIn
uIwuys cusLs u durk sIudow over LIe puLIwuy oI LIe souI-
LIe sIudow oI sorrow.
TIIs worId Is beuuLIIuI, LrunscendenLIy und wonderIuIIy
beuuLIIuI. Ls beuuLIes und InspIrIng wonders cunnoL be
numbered; yeL, Lo LIe sIn-sodden mInd, IL uppeurs us u durk
und joyIess pIuce. WIere pussIon und seII ure, LIere Is IeII,
und LIere ure uII LIe puIns oI IeII; wIere HoIIness und ove
ure, LIere Is Heuven, und LIere ure uII LIe joys oI Heuven.
Heuven Is Iere. L Is uIso everywIere. L Is wIerever LIere Is
u pure IeurL. TIe wIoIe unIverse Is uboundIng wILI joy, buL
LIe sIn-bound IeurL cun neILIer see, Ieur, nor purLuke oI IL.
No one Is, or cun be, urbILrurIIy sIuL ouL Irom Heuven; eucI
sIuLs IImseII ouL. Ls GoIden GuLes ure eLernuIIy ujur, buL
LIe seIIIsI cunnoL IInd LIem; LIey mourn, yeL see noL; LIey
cry, buL Ieur noL. OnIy Lo LIose wIo Lurn LIeIr eyes Lo
IeuvenIy LIIngs, LIeIr curs Lo IeuvenIy sounds, ure LIe
Iuppy PorLuIs oI LIe KIngdom reveuIed, und LIey enLer und
ure gIud.
AII IIIe Is gIudness wIen LIe IeurL Is rIgIL, wIen IL Is
uLLuned Lo LIe sweeL cIords oI IoIy ove. IIe Is ReIIgIon,
ReIIgIon Is IIIe und uII Is Joy und GIudness. TIe jurrIng
noLes oI creeds und purLIes, LIe bIuck sIudows oI sIn, IeL
LIem puss uwuy Ior ever; LIey cunnoL enLer LIe Door oI
IIe; LIey Iorm no purL oI ReIIgIon. Joy, MusIc, BeuuLy-
LIese beIong Lo LIe True Order oI LIIngs; LIey ure oI LIe
LexLure oI LIe unIverse; oI LIese Is LIe dIvIne GurmenL oI
IIe woven. Pure ReIIgIon Is gIud, noL gIoomy. L Is IgIL
wILIouL durkness or sIudow.
Despondency, dIsuppoInLmenL, grIeI - LIese ure LIe reIIex
uspecLs oI pIeusurubIe excILemenL, seII-seekIng, und desIre.
GIve up LIe IuLLer, und LIe Iormer wIII Ior ever dIsuppeur;
LIen LIere remuIns LIe perIecL BIIss oI Heuven.
AboundIng und unuIIoyed HuppIness Is mun`s Lrue IIIe;
perIecL BIessedness Is IIs rIgILIuI porLIon ; und wIen Ie
Ioses IIs IuIse IIIe und IInds LIe Lrue Ie enLers InLo LIe IuII
possessIon oI IIs KIngdom. TIe KIngdom oI Heuven Is
mun`s Home; und IL Is Iere und now, IL Is In IIs own IeurL,
und Ie Is noL IeIL wILIouL GuIdes, II Ie wIIIs Lo IInd IL. AII
mun`s sorrows und suIIerIngs ure LIe resuIL oI IIs own seII-
eIecLed esLrungemenL Irom LIe DIvIne Source, LIe AII-Good,
LIe uLIer, LIe
HeurL oI ove. eL IIm reLurn Lo IIs Home; IIs peuce uwuILs
TIe HeuvenIy-IeurLed ure wILIouL sorrow und suIIerIng,
becuuse LIey ure wILIouL sIn. WIuL LIe worIdIy-mInded cuII
troubles LIey regurd us pIeusunL Lusks oI ove und WIsdom.
TroubIes beIong Lo IeII; LIey do noL enLer Heuven. TIIs Is
so sImpIe IL sIouId noL uppeur sLrunge. I you Iuve u
LroubIe IL. Is In your own mInd, und nowIere eIse; you
muke IL, IL Is noL mude Ior you; IL Is noL In your Lusk; IL Is
noL In LIuL ouLwurd LIIng. You ure ILs creuLor, und IL derIves
ILs IIIe Irom you onIy. ook upon uII your dIIIIcuILIes us
Iessons Lo be Ieurned, us` uIds Lo spIrILuuI growLI, und Io!
LIey ure dIIIIcuILIes no Ionger! TIIs Is one oI LIe PuLIwuys
up Lo Heuven.
To LrunsmuLe everyLIIng InLo HuppIness und Joy, LIIs Is
supremeIy LIe work und duLy oI LIe HeuvenIy-mInded mun.
To reduce everyLIIng Lo wreLcIedness und deprIvuLIon Is
LIe process wIIcI LIe worIdIy-mInded unconscIousIy
pursue. To IIve In ove Is Lo work In Joy. ove Is LIe mugIc
LIuL LrunsIorms uII LIIngs InLo power und beuuLy. L brIngs
pIenLy ouL oI poverLy, power ouL oI weukness, IoveIIness ouL
oI deIormILy, sweeLness ouL oI bILLerness, IIgIL ouL oI
durkness, und produces uII bIIssIuI condILIons ouL oI ILs own
subsLunLIuI buL IndeIInubIe essence.
He wIo Ioves cun never wunL. TIe unIverse beIongs Lo
Goodness, und IL LIereIore beIongs Lo LIe good mun. L cun
be possessed by uII wILIouL sLInL or sIrInkIng, Ior
Goodness, und LIe ubundunce oI Goodness (muLerIuI,
menLuI, und spIrILuuI ubundunce), Is InexIuusLIbIe. TIInk
IovIngIy, speuk IovIngIy, ucL IovIngIy, und your every need
sIuII be suppIIed; you sIuII noL wuIk In deserL pIuces, und
no dunger sIuII overLuke you.
ove sees wILI IuuILIess vIsIon, judges Lrue judgmenL, ucLs
In wIsdom. ook LIrougI LIe eyes oI ove, und you sIuII
see everywIere LIe BeuuLIIuI und True; judge wILI LIe mInd
oI ove, und you sIuII err noL. sIuII wuke no wuII oI sorrow;
ucL In LIe spIrIL oI ove, und you sIuII sLrIke undyIng
IurmonIes upon LIe Hurp oI IIe.
Muke no compromIse wILI seII. Ceuse noL Lo sLrIve unLII
your wIoIe beIng Is swuIIowed up In ove. To Iove uII und
uIwuys-LIIs Is LIe Heuven oI Ieuvens. "eL LIere be
noLIIng wILIIn LIee LIuL Is noL very beuuLIIuI und very
genLIe, und LIen wIII LIere be noLIIng wILIouL LIee LIuL Is
noL beuuLIIIed und soILened by LIe speII oI LIy presence."
AII LIuL you do, IeL IL be done In cuIm wIsdom, und noL Irom
desIre, ImpuIse, or opInIon; LIIs Is LIe HeuvenIy wuy oI
PurIIy your LIougIL-worId unLII no sLuIn Is IeIL, und you wIII
uscend InLo Heuven wIIIe IIvIng In LIe body. You wIII LIen
see LIe LIIngs oI LIe ouLwurd worId cIoLIed In uII beuuLIIuI
Iorms. HuvIng Iound LIe DIvIne BeuuLy wILIIn ourseIves, IL
sprIngs Lo IIIe In every ouLwurd LIIng. To LIe beuuLIIIed souI
LIe worId Is beuuLIIuI.
UndeveIoped souIs ure mereIy unopened IIowers. TIe
perIecL BeuuLy IIes conceuIed wILIIn, und wIII one duy
reveuI ILseII Lo LIe IuII-orbed IIgIL oI Heuven. SeeIng men
LIus, we sLund wIere evII Is noL, und wIere LIe eye beIoIds
onIy good. HereIn IIes LIe peuce und puLIence und beuuLy oI
ove-it sees no etil. He wIo Ioves LIus becomes LIe
proLecLor oI uII men. TIougI In LIeIr Ignorunce LIey sIouId
IuLe IIm, Ie sIIeIds und Ioves LIem.
WIuL gurdener Is so IooIIsI us Lo condemn IIs IIowers
becuuse LIey do noL deveIop In u duy? eurn Lo Iove, und
you sIuII see In uII souIs, even LIose cuIIed "degruded," LIe
DIvIne BeuuLy, und sIuII know LIuL IL wIII noL IuII Lo come
IorLI In ILs own seuson. TIIs Is one oI LIe HeuvenIy VIsIons;
IL Is ouL oI LIIs LIuL GIudness comes.
SIn, sorrow, suIIerIng - LIese ure LIe durk gropIngs oI LIe
unopened souI Ior IgIL. Open LIe peLuIs oI your souI und
IeL LIe gIorIous IgIL sLreum In.
Every sInIuI souI Is un unresoIved Iurmony. L sIuII uL IusL
sLrIke LIe PerIecL CIord, und sweII LIe joyIuI meIodIes oI
HeII Is LIe prepuruLIon Ior Heuven; und ouL oI LIe debrIs oI
ILs ruIned IoveIs ure buIIL pIeusunL munsIons wIereIn LIe
perIecLed souI muy dweII.
NIgIL Is onIy u IIeeLIng sIudow wIIcI LIe worId cusLs, und
sorrow Is buL u LrunsIenL sIude cusL by LIe seII. "Come ouL
InLo LIe SunIIgIL." Know LIIs, O reuder! LIuL you ure dIvIne.
You ure noL cuL oII Irom LIe DIvIne excepL In your own
unbeIIeI. RIse up, O Son oI God! und sIuke oII LIe
nIgILmure oI sIn wIIcI bInds you; uccepL your IerILuge-
LIe KIngdom oI Heuven! Drug your souI no Ionger wILI LIe
poIsons oI IuIse beIIeIs. You ure noL "u worm oI LIe dusL"
unIess you cIoose Lo muke yourseII one. You ure u dIvIne,
ImmorLuI, God-born beIng, und LIIs you muy know II you
wIII Lo seek und IInd. CIIng no Ionger Lo your Impure und
groveIIng LIougILs, und you sIuII know LIuL you ure u
rudIunL und ceIesLIuI spIrIL, IIIIed wILI uII pure und IovubIe
LIougILs. WreLcIedness und sIn und sorrow ure noL your
porLIon Iere unIess you uccepL LIem us sucI; und II you do
LIIs, LIey wIII be your porLIon IereuILer, Ior LIese LIIngs ure
noL upurL Irom your souI-condILIon: LIey wIII go wIerever
you go; LIey ure onIy wILIIn you.
Heuven, noL IeII, Is your porLIon Iere und uIwuys. L onIy
requIres you Lo Luke LIuL wIIcI beIongs Lo you. You ure LIe
musLer, und you cIoose wIom you wIII serve. You ure LIe
muker oI your sLuLe, und your cIoIce deLermInes your
condILIon. WIuL you pruy und usk Ior (wILI your mInd und
IeurL, noL wILI your IIps mereIy), LIIs you receIve. You ure
served us you serve. You ure condILIoned us you condILIon.
You gurner In your own.
Heuven Is yours; you Iuve buL Lo enLer In und Luke
possessIon; und Heuven meuns Supreme HuppIness,
PerIecL BIessedness; IL Ieuves noLIIng Lo be desIred;
noLIIng Lo be grIeved over. L Is compIeLe suLIsIucLIon nou
cnd in this uorld. L Is wILIIn you ; und II you do noL know
LIIs, IL Is becuuse you persIsL In LurnIng LIe buck oI your
souI upon IL. Turn round und you sIuII beIoId IL.
Come und IIve In LIe sunsIIne oI your beIng. Come ouL oI
LIe sIudows und LIe durk pIuces. You ure Irumed Ior
HuppIness. You ure u cIIId oI Heuven. PurILy, WIsdom,
ove, PIenLy, Joy, und Peuce-LIese ure LIe eLernuI
ReuIILIes oI LIe KIngdom, und LIey ure yours, buL you
cunnoL possess LIem In sIn; LIey Iuve no purL In LIe ReuIm
oI Durkness. TIey beIong Lo "LIe IgIL wIIcI IIgILeLI every
mun LIuL comeLI InLo LIe worId," LIe IgIL oI spoLIess
ove. TIey ure LIe IerILuge oI LIe IoIy CIrIsL-CIIId wIo
sIuII come Lo bIrLI In your souI wIen you ure reudy Lo
dIvesL yourseII oI uII your ImpurILIes. TIey ure your reuI
BuL Ie wIose souI Ius been suIeIy deIIvered oI LIe
WonderIuI Joy-CIIId does noL IorgeL LIe LruvuII oI LIe

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