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MARCH 1, 2012

Trinity Youth News

Polar Bear Parish Penny War
A Pastor Popsicle Success!


MAY GARAGE SALE 17-19 As illustrated above you can see our faithful pastor high tailing it out of the frigid depths of Hoeppners ice rink. Yes folks he did get in the water on that beautifully sun lled February Sunday afternoon. A huge praise goes out to God for his faithful provision through his bride to the youth here at Trinity. A total of $1575 was provided in just 3 short weeks. Can not wait to see Gods humor next year! Ready session? Congrats Water Walkers as your parish both lost and won at the same time. You guys had the most change and yes the most paper money of any bucket, Thank You!

IGNITE STUDENT LEADER RETREAT - WHAT ARE SPIRITUAL GIFTS AND DO I HAVE ONE? Towards the very end of January the student The exhaus@on that was felt on Sunday a;ernoon was leadership team (ignite) got together for a short intense yet it was a relief as well. Please encourage retreat. The purpose for the retreat was these young people as they step out in centered around discussing spiritual gi;s faith to trust that the gi;s realized are and doing the best to discover the gi;s that from God and he will empower them for God has given each one of them. Soul good use for His glory! searching is always one of the most intense Students are: Buddy ODell, Carley things that we as Chris@ans o;en do. Porter, Naomi Lowen, Kurstyn Hoeppner, This retreat was absolutely no dierent. Kohl@n Hoeppner, Drew ODell and Angel Vanderford



MARCH 1, 2012

Winter Jam 2012 was truly an inferno of praise and worship. So many bands to see from Peter Furler to Dara Maclean to Group 1 Crew and of course my favorite of the night Skillet! The show was intense with classic pyrotechnics and lights and heavy metal guitar to banging beats. God brought the power this year and I was blessed by attending with they youth that chose to come out and one very faithful concert attending volunteer in Kevin Frankle as well as my beautiful wife Gina. Kids attending were, Angel Vanderford, Quinton Burnworth, Emily Franks, Naomi Lowen, Sarah Frankle, Anna (Sarah's Friend), Jenny Allard, Laura Doehrman and Jason Singleton.


IF YOU MISSED IT, SORRY ABOUT YOUR LUCK What a wonderful time at this sauce covered steak with sides of years Valentines Banquet. A roasted garlic red potatoes and beautiful time sharing in the love green beans. All topped o with of our Father with other believers cream or strawberry lled in Jesus Christ as we heard cupcakes. Hungry now? of course testimony of the Holy Spirit you are because nobody ate as well working in the lives of a couple as those that attended the dedicated to bringing Gods truth Valentines Banquet this year. to all ages. The meal was delicious with a wet your tongue appetizer of cheese and crackers with fresh fruit. Followed by a french bread and tossed salad. Enamored by the delicious and tender mustard Special thanks to the kids for working so hard and of course the additional adults that it took to get this think o. Gina Vanderford, Joan Western, Scott Drew and Eileen Smith. Thanks!



In todays world when you think you can get any answer to any question at the touch of a button you begin to realize that you do get an answer but how much absolute truth do you really get. The balance of this school year is dedicated to answering the hard questions teens ask from Do you choose to be gay? Are we born sin or? Where do demons come from. You can see they arent all easy, heck some are really hard Do all dogs go to heaven?



MARCH 1, 2012
God what is happening here. I am he had need. 46 Every day they so confused. Where is this going? con@nued to meet together in What am I going to do? the temple courts. They broke


Recently I was given the privilege of delivering the sermon portion of our service. Of course at rst I didnt really count this as a privilege because of the absolute fear and trepidation that overcame me when I rst read the text from Pastor Ross ODell that was as follows: Hey I know you r singing next Sunday but would you want to preach the message as well. When I pray your name keeps coming up. WHAT?!!!

bread in their homes and ate Ah ha!!!! Andy, you are writing together with glad and sincere this on your own power and not hearts, 47 praising God and the power of the Holy Spirit. Oh enjoying the favor of all the my what a sinner I am. As I came people. And the Lord added to to this realization I fell to my their number daily those who knees and prayed to God in asking were being saved.
him to forgive me and thanking him for his forgiveness and faithfulness to reveal to me what I had been doing.

Then as I read that the pages of the sermon God was writing seemed to y by. What a gift, to know you are in the will of God! The best part is what happened when I laid down to bed. As I my head hit the pillow this sudden anxiousness overwhelmed me. I began to question some of what was in the pages written. My thoughts turned to I will remove this and change that and add these statements. All of a sudden I had a vision overwhelm me that from the middle of the right side of the sanctuary a man stood up and yells with his nger pointed BLASPHEMER! This scared the heck out of me. My cries went out to God to bring me peace about the words he had written and to not allow me to change them.

So now what God? As the Lord revealed to me that I needed to scrap the almost two pages worth of sermon I had written I was disturbed but at peace with Yes, that was honestly my hitting the delete button. As I reaction. It started with opened a new page and typed the WHAT?! Followed by Is this title, Going Beyond Religion I dude serious? Moved on to I felt this sense of protection and think I am going to be sick. revelation come over me. God Finished o with Ok Lord you called me to open my bible to Acts are going to have speak to me because I dont do this. So now it 2:42-47. WOW! I have read that passage many times and was all about prayer. understand it but had not gone to it in the nearly 3 hours of my As I continually prayed over previous typing. this text message sent to me by Acts 2:42-47 our pastor constantly I was overwhelmed with the truth that I (NIV1984) The Fellowship of the Believers was to preach and that I am to preach on the topic of Going Beyond Religion. Lord I think I 42 They devoted themselves to know what that means but really? the apostles teaching and to the How do I teach that? All righty fellowship, to the breaking of then, here goes. Notes, notes, notes, notes.... As I continually tried to put down my thoughts on what I believe Going Beyond Religion I became overwhelmed with all that I had written and all the dierent verses that were not blending. Oh

Within seconds a pressure overcame my chest and spread to bread and to prayer. 43 my whole body. It was as God was Everyone was lled with awe, literally pushing my sin, and many wonders and anxiousness and doubt, out of my miraculous signs were done by the apostles. 44 All the believers body. At that moment all those feelings left me. So...

were together and had everything in common. 45 Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as

Give it all to God and he will deliver you from it!



MARCH 1, 2012

Calendar Highlights
March 9th Boys and Girls Overnighters March 16 & 17

approximately 300 Cedarville University students working alongside CU's Event Services staff. March 16-17, 2012 CedarMania is a popular overnight event for junior high students. CedarMania is planned and staffed by On average, around 1,000 junior high students and their leaders enjoy an incredible night of spiritual challenge and fun at CedarMania.

Cedar Mania (Jr. High Only) March 30 Trinity NiteLife @ The Center April 1-8 1
Palm Sunday Maundy Thursday Easter

April 27 & 29 Acquire The Fire (Sr. High Only

What Jesus did on the cross wasnt normal...neither are His followers! The normal life says, take the path of least resistance its easier that way. But the truth is that the path of least resistance makes crooked rivers and crooked men Normals Not Enough! Todays Normal culture creates a suoca@ng vacuum; a lifestyle of powerlessness, paralyzing its vic@ms with apathy and boredom. People want their life to be a constant rush, but they cant nd a way to stay in that zone. A;er playing every level of every video game known to man, the zombie gamer realizes he is bored and that a computer manufactured the high. A;er every TV show and movie the media addict realizes he has been watching other people live life and not living his own. Many others have agempted to break out of the clutches of the normal life by partying, gehng involved in sports, music, or fashion but again only to realize they are empty inside wondering what to try next. None of these normal distrac@ons will ever produce the rush we want because Normals Not Enough! You were made for so much more than merely NORMAL.