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Myross Bush School

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What a fantastic day and a wonderful experience we had when Team Miro along with Totara and Kauri, visited the Wharenui at Anderson Park. We were looking further into the Maori health model - Te Whare Tapa Wha as part of this Terms Inquiry Self Improvement.

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MAR 14


Dear Parents
A special welcome to Seren Carr, Della and Stu's daughter, Finn Pierce and Mum and Dad, Natalia and Todd, Charlotte Dassen and Mum and Dad Marlene and John. It is always special when families join (or re-join!) our learning community and we look forward to sharing lots of happy memories with you all. Over the last week all of our classes have visited the whare at Anderson Park as part of the introduction to the major theme of our inquiry around the term 'Hauora' and what that represents. Basically the term encompasses the concept of 'well-being' and is comprised of the following dimensions:

Physical well-being (Taha tinana) - the physical body, its growth, development, and ability to move, and ways of caring for it Mental and emotional well-being (Taha hinengaro) coherent thinking processes, acknowledging and expressing thoughts and feelings and responding constructively. Social well-being (Taha whanau) family relationships, friendships, and other interpersonal relationships; feelings of belonging, compassion, and caring; and social support

Spiritual well-being (Taha warua) the values and beliefs that determine the way people live The 'whare' model compares hauora to the four walls of a whare, with each wall representing a different dimension. All four dimensions are necessary for strength and symmetry, or put simply to have a balanced life! Over the coming weeks the classes will be exploring what these mean and the responsibility we have for ourselves and others to help each otherhave a balanced and happy life! Regards

Tim Lovelock

Kia tu Pakari

From strong foundations we grow and stand tall together

Team Rimu loves to read. We can read anywhere, even lying on the ground!

Myross Bush Rugby Club: Following the registration afternoon last Friday, we are currently reviewing the numbers we have to field Myross Bush Rugby Club teams. We have enough for two (maybe three Rippa teams). If your child is interested in playing Rippa Rugby please let us know. This may help us to get enough players for three teams. Our registrations for the Tackle teams were less than expected. We currently have 10 players registered who could potentially make up a tackle team but we URGENTLY need more players. 10 players is not enough to field a team. We would like 12-13 players. If your child has expressed an interest in playing rugby for Myross Bush please contact either Mel Lemin or Richard Stodart 2304887 before Thursday night. We intend to make a decision regarding this team on Friday. Mel Lemin Myross Bush Rugby Club For Sale - Baby Things: Angelcare Recharageable double pad movement and sound baby monitor $150, Baby Wise 2 in 1 timber cot, white $150. Ph Laura 2177803 or 0211593580 ILT Holiday Sports Programme: Date: Monday 16 Friday 20 April Description: Fun filled, sport specific holiday programme for children aged 5-12 years old. Venue: Stadium Southland Sports subject to availability include: Aerobics, Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Cycling, Dodgeball, Football, Fun Skills, Get set go, Gym Sports, Hockey, Hip Hop, Karate, Mountain Biking, Netball, Orienteering, Rugby, Rugby League, Softball, Tee Ball, Tennis, Touch, Volleyball, Yoga Register at Sport Southland, 03 2112150, .nz For more information:

School News:
Thank You: Fortunately our school
often has people contributing either financially or time wise. We really do appreciate this generosity. Of special mention is Gus Johnston who donated over $600 worth of bark chips for the school gardens. Thank you Gus.

MB Green v St Theresa Lost 13-1 POD Olivia Horton

MB Magic Yr 5-6 beat Tokanui 6-5 POD Izak Kahukura

Friends of the School:

New Parent Meeting: Friends of School are having a New Parent Meeting on Friday 23rd March in the Library at 1.30pm for an informal cuppa and chat. All new families are welcome to come along and get to know other new families and perhaps familiarise yourselves with the schools routines and events. You are welcome to stay on for the School Assembly at 2.15pm. Feel free to ph Cristy 021 131 3359 for any further information. Easter Raffle: Keep those cards and grocery items rolling in, its not long to go now until we make up the hampers ready for the Easter draw.

Sports Notices:
Information: has been emailed and
sent home with children this week regarding SOUTHLAND ATHLETICS and SOUTHERN ZONE SWIMMING CHAMPS. If you have not received this, please contact Paula

Sports Teams: If you know you are not

going to make a game please contact the coach or email Paula at school. It makes it very hard for coaches to organise teams, especially when teams don't have big numbers.

DAVID WHITE BUILDING Experienced Qualied Builder of: New Homes Residential Extensions and Renovations Farm Sheds etc... Phone 0274351490 or A/H 2304984

Our Zone athletics Champions. Well done Jack, (10 yr Champion) Katie (9 yr C hampion), Jaidene (10yr Champion) and Thomas (10yr Champion).

Week 7 Term 1
MANUKA (R6) - had a great visit to the whare at Andersons Park on Monday. The rain didn't stop us learning about the four strong walls of the whare and relating them to the four areas we need to keep healthy in our lives; caring for our bodies, expressing our thoughts and feelings, getting along together and living by our values and beliefs. Over the coming weeks we will be exploring what these mean and looking to set goals towards being a healthy person. A special thank you to the parents who came along and to Mr Murray and Miss vant Wout for taking the session. Certificates: Corban for getting all his spelling words right and to Makayla for working hard on her goal of checking the first letter of a word for a clue when she reads. KOWHAI (R2) have started our inquiry 'Growing from Within' with a visit to the whare at Andersons Park. Our wonderful student teacher Miss van't Wout did her mihi for us and talked about the harora concept. Our lives are like a house, which needs four strong walls to be healthy and at our best. Find out more about it on our blog. Yesterday we were so excited to open the mystery box that has been waiting in our class, and found our own whare to build! We are looking forward to exploring our ideas and decorating it to show what each of the four walls means to the Kowhai Kids! Certificate Abigail Bragg tomorrow and taken home the same day. Please email me if you have any questions. Our class challenge is to have as many of our families follow our class and individual blogs by the end of the term. The children have began posting on these and are excited to share these and read your comments. Have a great week. Kiri Certificates: Ethan White and Tarrah Shirley.

KAURI (R8) This week our learning words are, 'Learning Tools.' These are the coaches, resources and supporters who help us improve. We are thinking about who and what will help us get better at our skills projects. We've also been getting better at our adding and subtracting skills. I've posted some photos of the kinds of things we do In Kauri to get better at our maths. There is also a 'strategy cutout' in your student diary of what strategy their group is learning at the moment. Please have a look and ask your student to explain how it works. (We really appreciate having you involved in our learning!) Assembly Duty: Totara

RIMU (R3) Room Rimu are loving having a chrysalis in the classroom. We just missed watching one of butterflies emerge from its chrysalis and we hope catch the next one. I felt happy because it took so long to come out and then we got to see it Lachie I felt amazed because I didn't know it was going to come out at morning tea time Eilish I felt a little bit happy because I thought the butterfly was going to die in the chrysalis Sam I felt really happy because I thought it was going to come out at lunch time - Amelia Certificates Cody Stevens and Ava Allan RATA (R4) On Monday we visited the Whare at Anderson's Park. We really enjoyed learning about the four walls and how they relate to our wellbeing. This week we are focusing on feeling good about ourselves and are learning how to cope when we are out of our 'comfort zone'. Please visit the class blog to see more about this. MIRO (R5) have been brain-stormimg ideas for developing skills as part of our self improvement Inquiry. We have agreed that we will need stamina, stickability and perseverance in order to succeed. Equipment such as scooters can be brought to school

New Road rule change - 25 March at 5 am Have a go at the road rule change quiz as per link below, if you have not done so already! around-nz/new-rule-quiz.html Alternatively, you can download a PDF version of the quiz

from the classroom

TOTARA (R7) We are working on statistics in maths and are enjoying gathering, presenting and discussing data. Team Totara are taking assembly this Friday. We are working on developing our skills inquiry on self improvement. Certificates: Rose Ellendon and Ben Symon.

23rd Fri Friends of School New Parent Meeting in the Library at 1.30pm prior to assembly. All new families are most welcome. Ph Cristy 021 131 3359 or at the school office between 9-11am for any further information 25th Sun Right hand road rule change. Check out the quiz link in this newsletter

1st Sun Southland Primary School Swimming Champs Daylight Saving Ends

14 Mon Young Leaders Conference

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5th Thurs Term 1 ends

15th Tues Kids for Kids Concert

28th Wed Community Workshop Evening. All welcome. Further information on our website 31st Sat

23 Mon Term 2 begins


Southland Athletics at Surrey Park

Groce ry item s for th Easter e Raffle can be droppe d off a t the office a ny day. Thank you for your su pport.

Dont f orget.. .