Small Talk
Start small talk conversations Choose appropriate small talk topics Understand and use tag questions

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Part A

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Part A

Emma has invited some friends to a party. She is talking to Jay.

Notice how they use the language.

Hey, how’s it going? = Hello. 14

Gradebook score

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1 Video clip 1 1 1 1

Meet the characters.


A question tag is a short question that is added (tagged on) to the end of a sentence. The tone goes down on the tag.

Hey, how’s it going?

Part B

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3 Strategy
Part A

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Part A Part B Part C
weather food music work travel sports beautiful day delicious food sounds good take care out for a walk on my way home have a good night check out a new place

• • •

2 Language zone

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Part B

Part C

Small talk is those short, friendly, everyday conversations we have with anybody—friends, as well as people we are meeting for the first time—about nothing very much at all. You can use questions like these to start a small talk conversation.

Busy today, isn’t it? Looking forward to the weekend? Beautiful day, isn’t it? Nice place, isn’t it?

Hot today, isn’t it?

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4 Role play
Part A

Part B

Do you want to be Rita or Sophie? Choose a role and interact with the other person online.




in class Listen and respond A Listen to Lisa making small talk throughout her day. B 04-07 Listen again. waiting for the train at the hair salon Ann travel neighbor at a party in a café 16 17 . 1 2 3 4 How about on a day like this? planned? ? . isn’t it? you? Are you It’s nice this how about wants . work sure . isn’t it? of you don’t C What can you make small talk about and who can you make small talk with? Interview three of your classmates and complete the table. the season the weather a busy day the weekend 04-07 01 Strategy in action Communication strategy Small talk conversation usually starts with questions or statements about a simple topic.. Use the words in the box to help you or come up with your own ideas. Number the events in the correct order and write down the topic for each conversation. year ? to the weekend? . doesn’t it? Nice place. It’s awesome! 3 Yeah. hair stylist neighbor sports shop clerk taxi driver fashion travel work free time Name What can you make small talk about? Who can you talk to about this topic? B Look at the situations below. Are you having fun? Do you live near here? Busy. it’s so crowded. Here is some language to help you.. mind Who busy today this weather to anything looking forward 2 Too long. Then practice starting a conversation with a partner.. isn’t it? The music sounds great. special time . isn’t it? This food is delicious. doesn’t it? A 1 08-11 Listen to each conversation... 4 I sure am.. isn’t it? How long have you been waiting? What do you think of the music? The food smells good. got . What questions does Lisa ask in each conversation? Fill in the blanks... Write the correct questions in the speech bubbles. Write a question or statement for each one to help you start a conversation.

isn’t it? Yeah. too. I talked to … We talked about … Kendra the weather 18 19 . Use the questions and replies below to make small talk. Write down the names of everyone you talk to and what you talk about. Do you live near here? Yes. Not right now. Pleased to meet you. Now repeat using the correct tone on the underlined word. Thanks. I’m Rita. Match the correct questions and comments to the people. travel food the place music Model Rita Sophie Rita Sophie Rita Sophie Rita Sophie Rita Nice place. Listen to the intonation of the questions and answers. By the way. I love it. isn’t it? Yeah. Listen to what’s happening at Kelly’s party. Make sure you change the names. C You and your classmates are guests at Kelly’s party. Me. how do you know Kelly? Wasn’t the food delicious? Do you live near here? The music is good. Check the small talk topics you hear. isn’t it? It’s really busy. too.in class Language in action A 12 01 Communication task A 14 Read and listen. Does Rita want something to drink? Check the correct answer. isn’t it? D Too bad it’s started raining. it is. This music is good. isn’t it? Yeah. Start conversations and make small talk with three people. 1 2 B 13 Are you having fun? I sure am! ➚ 3 4 Busy. Can I get you something to drink? Sure. Just around the corner. Are you having fun? I sure am! Busy. A B C B 14 Nice place. isn’t it? Are you having a good time? E F G H So. The food is delicious. isn’t it? It’s great. thanks. I’m Sophie. it is. the weather fashion Look at the picture of Kelly’s party and listen to the conversations again. Use the model to make new conversations. I wish we had a party every weekend. isn’t it? Yeah. ➘ ➘ ➘ C Now work in pairs.

how Actually. Yeah. I’m going to stay here and watch the band. I know. Look at the sentences in the boxes. I hope? B Write a video script for Jay and Emma. I hope it cools down by the weekend. I’m just going to take it easy and relax. Yeah. Decide which small talk topic each sentence belongs to and put the conversation in the correct order under the appropriate topic. Jay is telling Emma about himself. I can’t wait. too. it does. isn’t it? How about this weather? C Act out your script with a classmate. I’m a terrible dancer. Are you going to dance? Looking forward to the weekend? No.in class Activity zone Video extras A Watch the video. Yeah. doesn’t it? Weather Speaker A Music Speaker A Weekend Speaker A Quiz Extras Assigned Gradebook score Speaker B Speaker B Speaker B Speaker A Speaker A Speaker A Speaker B Speaker B Speaker B 20 2 ksat g ksat g ksat g ksat g ksat g ksat g ksat g ksat g ksat g ksat gnitirW ksat gnitirW ksat gnitirW ksat gnitirW ksat gnitirW ksat gnitirW 2 Writing task Assigned emaG emaG 3 Game 2 enoz oediV enoz oediV oediV oediV oediV oediV Part A Gradebook score 1 Video zone 1 Part B 5 (least) 1 (most) to nd useful? What did I fi e? What did I lik Completed ities Video activ ities Online activ es ning activiti In-class liste del In-class mo es ation activiti convers ation task Communic e Activity zon 21 . Practice with a partner. Dylan? with 01 Small talk Work with a partner. Jay Emma Jay Emma So. It’s a hot day. The music sounds great. Gabby. so you’re Kenta’s wife. I’ve about you! . Listen to what Emma and Jay say and complete the conversation. Me. Oh. See how long you can talk about one topic! ? Do you have anything special planned So do I. No.

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