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Federal Register / Vol. 65, No.

52 / Thursday, March 16, 2000 / Notices 14317

to others. Under Community Policing Reasonable relocation expenses and the All Federally Recognized Tribes with
Training and Technical Assistance cost of temporary housing also may be established police departments or
Fellowships, Fellows may pursue permitted in cases of relocation from a existing police efforts are eligible to
initiatives designed to: (1) improve Fellow’s permanent address. apply. Tribes that wish to establish
police-citizen cooperation and Under the VFP, the COPS Office may police departments and meet specific
communication; (2) enhance police award grants or enter into cooperative criteria are eligible to apply. Tribes or
relationships within the criminal justice agreements with individuals, public villages may also apply as a consortium
system, as well as at all levels of local agencies, colleges or universities, with a written partnership agreement
government; (3) increase police and nonprofit organizations, and profit- that names a lead agency and describes
citizens’ ability to innovatively solve making organizations willing to waive how requested resources will serve the
community problems; (4) facilitate the their fees. consortium’s population. In addition,
restructuring of agencies to allow the Receiving a grant or cooperative tribes that are currently served by
fullest use of departmental and agreement under the VFP will not affect Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) law
community resources; (5) promote the the eligibility of an agency to receive enforcement may request funding under
effective flow and use of information awards under other COPS programs. this grant program to supplement their
both within and outside of an agency; The selection process is expected to existing police services. Tribes whose
and/or (6) improve law enforcement be highly competitive. law enforcement services are provided
responsiveness to members of the The Catalog of Federal Domestic by local policing agencies through a
community. Assistance (CFDA) reference for this contract agreement are not eligible
PPSE Fellowships will offer police program is 16.710. under the COPS program, but may apply
practitioners, researchers, and policy Dated: March 6, 2000. to the COPS Universal Hiring Program
analysts the opportunity to support Thomas Frazier, for police officer positions only.
innovative community policing Director. DATES: Applications will be sent to all
programs, to engage in activities to
[FR Doc. 00–6533 Filed 3–15–00; 8:45 am] Federally Recognized Tribes with
assess the effectiveness of community
BILLING CODE 4410–AT–M existing law enforcement efforts by early
policing approaches, and to apply
March 2000. Tribes or villages that wish
policy analysis skills to support the
to apply as a start-up or consortium may
advancement of community policing
DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE request an application kit from the
nationwide. The experience is intended
to encourage the further development, COPS Office. The deadline for the
Office of Community Oriented Policing submission of applications is May 5,
enhancement, or renewed exploration of Services; FY 2000 Community Policing
program, policy, and evaluation issues 2000. Applications must be postmarked
Discretionary Grants by May 5, 2000, to be eligible.
that support community policing. This
work will be shared with policy makers AGENCY: Office of Community Oriented ADDRESSES: To obtain an application or
and practitioners through a variety of Policing Services, Department of Justice. for more information, call the U.S.
forums. Under PPSE Fellowships, ACTION: Notice of availability. Department of Justice Response Center
Fellows may pursue a wide variety of at 1–800–421–6770. A copy of the
initiatives. Topic areas of particular SUMMARY: The Department of Justice, application kit will be available in early
interest to the PPSE Division include, Office of Community Oriented Policing March on the COPS Office web site
but are not limited to, the following Services (‘‘COPS’’) announces the at:
goals: (1) improve the ability of policing availability of funds under the Tribal
Resources Grant Program, a program FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: The
agencies and community organizations U.S. Department of Justice Response
to collect different types of information designed to meet the most serious needs
of law enforcement in Indian Center, 1–800–421–6770 or your grant
that will aid in collaborative problem advisor.
solving efforts; (2) enhance current communities through a broadened,
knowledge of how policing agencies comprehensive hiring program that will SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
evolve while implementing community offer a ‘‘menu of options’’ from salary
and benefits for new police personnel to Overview
policing; (3) enhance current knowledge
about how various policing agencies funding for law enforcement training The Violent Crime Control and Law
utilize information technology to and equipment for new and existing Enforcement Act of 1994 (Pub. L. 103–
support crime reduction and officers. This program, which 322) authorizes the Department of
community policing efforts; and/or (4) complements the COPS Office’s efforts Justice to make grants to increase
enhance current knowledge of or to fund 100,000 additional community deployment of law enforcement officers
improve the ability of policing agencies policing officers and to support devoted to community policing on the
to implement community policing and innovative community policing, will streets and rural routes in this nation.
problem solving in other ways. enhance law enforcement As part of the Clinton Administration’s
Visiting Fellows will study a topic of infrastructures and community policing commitment to combat and prevent
mutual interest to the Fellow and the efforts in tribal communities which crime in America’s Tribal communities,
COPS Office for up to 12 months. have limited resources and are affected the Justice Department’s Office of
Residency in Washington, DC, is not by high rates of crime and violence. Community Oriented Policing Services
required, but visits to the COPS Office Applications should reflect the (COPS) has made funding available
are encouraged. department’s most serious law through the Tribal Resource Grant
Grants or cooperative agreements enforcement needs and must link these Program, a program developed to meet
under the VFP may support salary, needs to the implementation or the most serious needs of law
fringe benefits, travel essential to the enhancement of community policing. In enforcement in Indian communities
project, and miscellaneous supplies or addition, a written plan to retain COPS- through a broadened, comprehensive
equipment in support of the project. funded officer positions after federal hiring program that will offer a ‘‘menu
Reasonable costs for research assistants funding has ended must be submitted of options’’ from salary and benefits for
or support staff will also be considered. with the grant application. new police personnel to funding for law

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14318 Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 52 / Thursday, March 16, 2000 / Notices

enforcement training and equipment for demonstrated fiscal hardship. Requests below with questions or suggestions for
new and existing officers. This program, for waivers must be submitted with the other topics of discussion.
which complements the COPS Office’s application. For further information, please
efforts to fund 100,000 additional Tribes whose law enforcement contact: Anne Wick, EPA Diesel Engine
community policing officers and services are provided by local policing Consent Decree Coordinator, U.S.
support innovative community policing, agencies through contract arrangements Environmental Protection Agency (Mail
will enhance law enforcement are not eligible under this COPS Code 2242A), EPA Headquarters,
infrastructures and community policing program. However, tribes that do not Washington, DC 20460, e-mail:
efforts in these Tribal communities, meet the eligibility requirements for this WICK.ANNE@EPA.GOV.
many of which have limited resources program may apply to the COPS Office Joel M. Gross,
and are affected by high rates of crime Universal Hiring Program for police
Chief, Environmental Enforcement Section
and violence., officer positions only. Environment and Natural Resources Division.
The Tribal Resources Grant Program Receiving an award under the Tribal
is part of a larger federal initiative [FR Doc. 00–6532 Filed 3–15–00; 8:45 am]
Resources Grant Program will not
which over the last three years, has preclude grantees from future
resulted in the Department of Interior consideration under other COPS grant
and Justice working in collaboration to programs for which they are eligible. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE
improve law enforcement in tribal The Catalog of Federal Domestic
communities. A total of $91.5 million Assistance (CFDA) reference for this program Notice of Lodging of Partial Consent
has been appropriated to several DOJ is 16,710. Decree Under the Comprehensive
agencies including the FBI, the Bureau Environmental Response,
of Justice Assistance (BJA), the Office of Dated: March 6, 2000. Compensation and Liability Act, 42
Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Thomas Frazier, U.S.C. 9601 et seq.
Prevention (OJJDP), the Corrections Director.
Program Office (CPO), and the COPS [FR Doc. 00–6534 Filed 3–15–00; 8:45 am]
Under 28 CFR 50.7, notice is hereby
Office. COPS is coordinating with these given that on March 2, 2000, a proposed
agencies as well as with the Office of partial consent decree (‘‘consent
Law Enforcement Services of the Bureau decree’’) in United States v. Excel Corp.,
of Indian Affairs to ensure that limited DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE Civil Action No. 3:93CV119RM, was
resources are not spent on duplicative lodged with the United States District
efforts. Notice of Public Meeting; Concerning Court for the Northern District of
The Tribal Resources Grant will Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Consent Indiana.
provide tribal communities with the Decrees In this action the United States sought
resources to: hire new police officers; recovery, under Section 107(a) of the
train new and existing officers in The Department of Justice and the Comprehensive Environmental
community policing, grants Environmental Protection Agency Response, Compensation and Liability
management and computer training as announce a public meeting to be held Act (‘‘CERCLA’’), 42 U.S.C. 9607(a), of
well as basic police training at a state on March 21, 2000 from 10:00 a.m. to response costs incurred in connection
academy or the Indian Police Academy 12:00 p.m. at 1425 New York Ave., with the Main Street Well Field Site in
in Artesia, NM; and provide basic N.W., 13th Floor Conference Room, Elkhart, Indiana (‘‘Site’’). The proposed
standard issue equipment, ranging from Washington, DC. The subject of the consent decree provides for the payment
bullet-proof vests and uniforms, to meeting will be implementation of the by American Electronic Components,
firearms and portable radios. provisions of seven consent decrees Inc., successor by statutory merger to
The Tribal Resources Grant Program signed by the United States and diesel defendant Durakool, Inc. (‘‘AEC/
emphasizes deployment of officers and engine manufacturers and entered by Durakool’’), of $2,700,000 of the United
resources into communities that are the United States District Court for the States’ unrecovered response costs at
affected by high rates of crime and District of Columbia on July 1, 1999. In the Site, plus interest.
violence. Applicants must submit a supporting entry by the Court of the The Department of Justice will receive
written plan to retain their COPS- decrees, the United States committed to for a period of thirty (30) days from the
funded officer positions after federal meet with states, industry groups, date of this publication comments
funding has ended. This plan must be environmental groups, and concerned relating to the proposed consent decree.
submitted to the COPS Office with the citizens to discuss consent decree Comments should be addressed to the
Tribal Resource Grant Program implementation issues. This will be the Assistant Attorney General of the
application. third of a series of public meetings to be Environmental and Natural Resources
A total of $40,000,000 in funding will held quarterly during the first year of Division, Department of Justice, P.O.
be available under the Tribal Resources implementation of the consent decrees Box 7611, Washington, DC 20044–7611,
Grant Program. The grant will cover a and at least annually thereafter. Future and should refer to United States v.
maximum federal Share of 75% of total meetings will be announced in the Excel Corp., D.J. Ref. No. 90–11–3–799.
project costs, including approved salary Federal Register and/or on EPA’s Diesel The proposed consent decree may be
and benefits of entry-level police Engine Settlement web page at: examined at the Office of the United
officers (up to a maximum of $75,000 States Attorney, 301 Federal Building,
per officer over three years), basic law Topics covered will likely include the 204 South Main Street, South Bend,
enforcement training and equipment, manufacturers’ progress toward meeting Indiana; and at the Region 5 Office of
vehicles, and technology. A local match the emission standards in the Consent EPA, 77 West Jackson Blvd., Illinois
requirement of 25% of the total project Decrees and EPA’s recent approval of 60604. A copy of the proposed consent
costs is included in this program. A the manufacturers’ Project proposals. decree may be obtained by mail from
waiver of the local match requirement Interested parties may contract the the Department of Justice Consent
may be requested but will be granted Environmental Protection Agency prior Decree Library, P.O. Box 7611,
only on the basis of documented to the meeting at the address listed Washington, DC 20044. In requesting a

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