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Introduction - Marketing
Marketing as a business discipline has been around since the 1940s and many classic models have evolved in respect of how best to conceptualize it and to organize its activities. Pick up any standard textbook on marketing these days and you will undoubtedly find an overabundance of different definitions. Two of the more popular of these are as listed:

Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating, and satisfying customer requirements profitably. (Chartered Institute of Marketing)

Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals. (American Marketing Association)

Both these definitions make it clear that marketing actually comprises two distinct elements (Hoffman 54).

The first is the one that most people typically associate with marketing: that is, the notion of a functional department in an organization that is responsible for activities such as conducting research, designing products, and then promoting THJ© Page 1

Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack these products to consumers. These are some of the most visible aspects of marketing activity and might typically form part of the job descriptions of individuals working within a discrete marketing department

Marketing refers to promotion and can also involve pricing, product placement and distribution when relevant. Promotion can be limited to a specific target group, or it can be aimed at the general public. Marketing strategies differ depending on the product, target market and budget.

Marketing is an investment that, if done wisely, not only pays for itself but also allows a business to grow. When proper marketing gets the message to the right audience, delivered in the right context, at the right price, it can't go wrong.


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The Company’s products and Service Analysis THJ© Page 3 .Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack 1. Situation Analysis a.

For this reason we generate our product on the basis of kids needs. A stripped-down models.Product design. Our Tiffin pack featured by kids favorite chips.Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack Our New Product-“ Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack” 1.Good design contributes to products usefulness as well as to its look.A product can be offered with varying features. egg stick. Colorful pictures and funny cartoons are shown in our design. A Fu-Wang Tiffin pack is basically offered for kids. cake and juice. Product style. is the starting point. Features are competitive tools for differentiating the company’s products from competitors’ product. The company can create higher-level models by adding more features. Kids generally like tasty and lucrative items of food. one without any extras. THJ© Page 4 . 3.Product feature. Our packaging shows such sort of style that innovate something funny and enjoy for kids.Style simply describes the appearances of product. On the basis of kids mind we decorated our design in various way. Style will be eye-catching or yawn producing. 2.

easy to take out PERCEPTUAL BENEFITS -Quality/Premium price -Social standing/good-looking Seasonal (peak in school time). Market Analysis MAIN DIMENSIONS Geographic Segmentation VARIABLES Region Area size Density Climate Age Gender Income Occupation Education Race Home ownership Personality Lifestyle Benefits BREAKDOWNS Nationwide (all provinces and territories) with emphasis on urban / metropolitan areas. importance of school and social life COMMUNICATION BENEFITS -Nutritional information -Informational text on history of product FUNCTIONAL BENEFITS -Healthier than fast foods -Convenient. weekly basis Non-user. daily-basis.999 to 4. anchored in popular culture. and adapted strategies for all geographical groups 5000-19. active life.Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack b. inclined for differentiation and sophistication. regular user (current user through existing bar-shops) None.000. no major responsibilities. medium. strong Demographic Segmentation Psychographics Segmentation Behavioral Segmentation so u g ht Usage rate User status Loyalty status Market Needs THJ© Page 5 . highly influenced by peer groups.000+ Urban. suburban All 04-14 years old (Students) Male and Female None Students Primary and Secondary All Living with parents (Kids) Buyers (Parents): Brand conscious. quick maturation with modern products All of them dependent on parents.

c. a growing interest for healthier / beneficial products for the “mind and body” the trend towards the availability of on-the-go products for those with an active lifestyle. We can also say that distribution is a process by which a firm makes profit by delivering a certain product or service to target consumers. Place strategies include: THJ© Page 6 . through variety-seeking in a wide introduction of flavours). as well as the trend for personalization through customization (or for beverages. Without an effective distribution line no company can earn estimated profit. Market Growth Statistical reports anticipate a segment growth of 55. The product will cater to physiological needs (hydrating and nutritional value) Market Trends The current trends include a shift away from junk foods and carbonated drinks.Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack is to be established within the Functional food sector. Distribution Network Analysis Place includes company activities that make the product available to target consumers.26 % over the next 9 years (2015).

d. Competitive Analysis The current market for Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack is fragmented. but soon other competitors may follow us. Another one includes no channel. Transportation: Strong transportation system will be ensured. since partnerships and channels are already in place. Channel: We will set two types of channel. direct competition from these local players is not anticipated. 2. e. since the distribution is restricted to Fu-Wang local outlets and nearby schools and small shops in scattered locations. Location: Fu-Wang Tiffin packs will be sold in schools areas and local community. 3. Current Financial Situation THJ© Page 7 . A strong distribution system already exists with Fu-Wang. retailers and consumers. One includes suppliers. This will facilitate the product’s reach into its target market.Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack 1. Product will be sold directly to the consumers. However.

healthy and testy for consumer. Its lifetime is not so long.Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack Fu-Wang is a renowned bakery food organization. Historical Result THJ© Page 8 . f. Its market segment is not so large but it has already gained much popularity. As it is a profitable organization.So why its thinks to expense its market segments. so we think that it will be able to capture market and may it more profitable. but because of it well organized manufacturing process it foods become fresh. Therefore its current financial situation is also satisfying .

They are always looking forward to safer & security of their regular product. eight numbers of branches & residential offices to serve their customers. COMPANY PROFILE: THJ© Page 9 . more than dozens of chain shops. Fu-Wang is much closed to the taste and food habit of generations. 24-hour supervision of foreign technician for producing quality. More than 200 products option to customers’ wide variety choice. Presently they are having 350 dealers. Now their product selection is in the term of quality rather than quantity & price. Every developed product from Fu-Wang foods is well accepted from each every valued customers group. hygienic & fresh product. Services and Price) for their each & every product.Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack In the emergence of 21st century. imported Taiwan. Very near future they are stepping in for beverage products. consumer consciousnesses are ameliorated day by day. good quality raw materials confirming customer satisfaction. Accordingly they are sincere to research and development of products from state of art laboratory. The Management of Fu-Wang Group is always followed QSP (Quality. Italian machinery. sufficient food values for your nutrition and taste. They are committed to customers’ better health providing. Considering above Fu-Wang engages in the field of food industry since August 1997.

2. SWOT ANALYSIS (Internal Strengths and weaknesses. Date of Incorporation:: 17 February 1997 Listed in Dhaka Stock Exchange : Director Listed in Chittagong Stock Exchange : July 2000 Commercial Production : August 1997 ISO Certification : ISO-9002 Certified on 04 November 1998 Business line : Food & Beverage Processing Industry Authorized Capital : TK. 500 Million Paid-up Capital : TK. Hotapara. Agrabad C/A. Borkan Monipur. Brparipara.Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack Company Name: FU-WANG Foods & Beverage Ltd. 184 Million Number of Employees : 762 Factories 412 Tejgaon-Gulshan link Road. Gazipur 348 Gulbagh. Dhaka. Outside Opportunities and threats) Strengths Brand strength Effective stride in new markets Healthy and nutritious Strong existing distribution channels Opportunities New product introductions Brand is attractive to global partners Weaknesses Reliant upon line extensions Entrance into difficult categories Threats Moderate competition Free trade non-core THJ© Page 10 . Tejgaon I/A. Gazi Sadar. Chitagong.

A double-digit growth rate for the first three years. THJ© Page 11 . So than we can take necessary steps.Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack 3. to establish a wide brand recognition through the capture of market shares in the functional food segment. c. So the critical issues are: 1. By regular research and increasing budget. b. Critical Issues As a start up business. Establish itself as a renowned Tiffin producer. we will try to increases our profit margin by 3. Marketing Objectives The objectives of the marketing plan are strategically centered around 3 criteria: to create a strong consumer awareness towards a completely new food package from Fu. 1. More focus on controlling system.5% per quarter. we will able to identify our lacking as well as profit gaining sectors. 2.Wang. Marketing Objectives & Issues a. As a result protecting recession will be much more easier. 2. Financial Objective: Through efficiency and economy of scale gains. which ensure that payroll expenses will never exceed revenue base. and to become the top market leader in that particular segment within the forecasted sales figures. Tiffin pack is still in the early stages.

4.” For new product to the market our Message is: THJ© Page 12 . A set of buyers who share common needs or characteristics that the company decides to serve is target market. As we are launching new product.Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack 3. providing products with high quality standard. For target marketing we follow undifferentiated (mass) marketing. and innovation at a reasonable price that offers best value for their money. The mission statement of this company is stated below: “We delight consumers. Examining the customer satisfaction regularly which ensures that the growth strategy will never compromise service and satisfaction level. characteristics or behavior who might require separate attributes. Mission Fu-Wang is a very popular bakery food chain in Bangladesh. we are selecting this strategy. excitement. Marketing Strategy Segment means dividing the market into distinct groups of buyer with different needs and wants. It has been relatively successful in gaining and capturing good percent of market share within a very small period.

Their strong emphasis is on saying “Tiffin is the power pack of energy”. It is for kids’ regular school Tiffin. refreshing.” a. For Tiffin the target group is the health conscious parents of children. That is why package is designed in that manner. cool. c. variety of flavors. TARGET MARKET Our product is for 4 years to 14 years old children who need healthy foods for their growth. b. healthier alternative to other healthy foods. Positioning strategy It is the only Tiffin pack available which saves time for the parents to prepare. unique experience. It is basically for the working parents who get little time to prepare Tiffin for their kids. Eye-catching package. new and unusual.Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack “Fu-Wang Tiffin is a healthy package for children to help them grow fast. aspects of play (oversized colored straw). Marketing strategy & Tactics THJ© Page 13 . sweet. reasonable-price.

etc. aspect of play. The actual product o o Packaging and labeling: figure will show Branding: colorful. prominent Fu-Waang logo written in modern font. catchphrases such as “Full Power pack of Fun and Energy” o o Trade name: Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack™. healthy. cool. THJ© Page 14 . a Fu-Wang product Brand personality: energy. flavor to capture every segment with low price. functional.Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack 1. 5. 2. square shaped. dealers are full with its products in the market all time 3. 4. d. They should think about taste & try to capture new segments. Fu-Wang should think of increasing Product line. original. It must see that the store. Fu-Wang can increase promotional activities & motivation. ready-to-eat format. Marketing Mix Product Strategies: Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack is pre-packed. They should reduce production cost for better profit margin.

items inside the package. Dealers are the persons who will deal with the customer. Health benefits. Customer demand THJ© Page 15 . To communicate with our customers we need to go for some advertisement (Promotion). And if we can convince the dealers then they will market our product on behalf of us. Augmented product o Nutritional information. The product lifecycle 3. ingredients. The following chart will show the distribution of budget for advertisement in different sectors. So convincing them is very important factor. If we can make lucrative commercial then surely we will get the awareness. consistent.Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack o Brand equity: Fu-Wang provides a quality. Television Newspaper Billboard Poster Dealers Gifts 35% 15% 12% 05% 25% 08% The most popular media. Features promoting the website. To us TV and Dealers should be our main target. innovative and accessible reputation. Plays a vital r ole An effective media to get to the customers People notice billboards. Customer demand 2. Also an effective mechanism Make people know what is available in the market Convince dealers so that they will market the product Attracts customers by cool gifts PRICE STRATEGY The price strategy that will be undertaken should consider the following aspects: 1. Potential substitutes 1.

the minimization of the non-monetary costs to customers should also be include along with awareness of the product (notably by advertising) and value (benefits). THJ© Page 16 . For a lot of consumers. To be able to implement higher pricing though. Consequently. 2. It ensures a high profit margin as the early adopters buy the product and the firm seeks to recoup development costs quickly and it also brings a certain prestige to the product. innovative and attractive Pure bundling product which gives it a certain control over price. value and price are highly related: ‘’the higher the price. Fu-Wang’s intention to position Fu-Wang Tiffin pack as a unique. the higher the value’’. Potential substitutes Fu-Wang is constrained by the monopolistic market in which it competes.Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack Customer demand is a crucial factor. 3. The main characteristic however is product differentiation. income and availability of others similar products at a different price (mentioned later in the potential substitutes section). which is driven by tastes.The product lifecycle The company should take advantage also to the fact that the newer the product and the earlier in its lifecycle the higher the price can usually be.

game contests). Concepts: • • “Energy in healthy body.” “For the extra-ordinary kids who will be future stars. Another important tactic to reach our target market is through “Viral” or “Buzz” marketing. which FuWang will heavily use in this campaign (schools. and direct sales. they can be reached through integrated programs. independent food stores. it is important to note that kids and their parents give partial attention to media. but rather uses continuous partial attention to scan the media. a behaviour that is often called “multitasking”. Marketers can still communicate with this group by using a variety of targeted promotional tools. • To win market shares. They are typically using more than one communication media at a time. This group of consumers doesn’t give its full attention to one single message. multiple grocers.Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack PLACE STRATEGY Fu-Wang Tiffin pack will be chooses selective distribution through these channels: supermarkets. THJ© Page 17 .” Media selection: Before choosing the appropriate Medias. convenience stores. PROMOTION STRATEGY Objectives: • To initiate strong awareness about the launch of Tiffin Pack throughout kids (04-14 years) as well as their parents. However.

3. Marketing Research It includes four functions 1. Developing the research plan. 2. 4. Action Item Marketing Organization THJ© Page 18 . Interpreting and reporting the findings.Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack Customer Service Fu-Wang believes that it will able to achieve higher level of customer satisfaction through offering better service with smiling face. 5. e. Defining the problem and research objectives. Implementing the research plan.

Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack Board of Directors Audit Committee Chairman Management of the Company Managing Director Chief Financial Officer Head of Internal Audit Company Directors &Board of Secretary Forecast Auditors of the Company Chartered Accountants Member Member 6. Budgets Break-Even Analysis Variable Cost per unit=30 Finance Fixed Cost=900000 Department Marketing Department Accounting Department Expected unit sales=300000 Budgeting Promotional Unit Cost= Variable Cost+ Fixed Cost/Unit Sales Activities = TK30+TK900000/300000 Controlling Budget = TK33 Generating Expenses Sales Forecast Annual Reports Want to get 35% markup on sales in three years. Financial.Even Volume= Fixed Cost/Price.Variable Cost THJ© Page 19 .35) = TK 50 Break. Markup Price= Unit cost/(1-Desired return on sales) = TK33/ (1-0.

Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack = 900000/ (50-30) = 45000 Total revenue 1500 1300 1000 900 Fixed cost Target profit Total cost 0 25 45 55 Break-Even Diagram b.67% 53. Sales Forecast Year 1 2 3 Expected Unit Sales 60000 80000 160000 Sales % 20% 26.5% 16% 30% c.33% Market Share % 5% 8% 20% Profit % 10. Marketing Budget Forecast Year Expected Unit Sales 1 60000 2 80000 3 160000 Research & Advertising Distribution Maintenance Others Development Cost Cost Cost Cost 330000 150000 20000 280000 220000 200000 250000 300000 300000 130000 200000 60000 50000 40000 20000 Total Costs 1040000 910000 600000 THJ© Page 20 .

fuwanggroup. So take from opinion customer.. For that we have to monitor the bottom line providers (retail sellers).com/yellowpages/des_data.asp?.com/.BOOK  www.html  www. Lastly we can hire a marketing survey organization to measure the market acceptance of our product and to know consumer preference and any change they want.. References  Philip Kotler & Kevin Lane Keller’s Marketing Management.bdtradeinfo.Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack 7.com/message. If it gets the target number sell in required time period that will assure good performance level.com/message.id=387 THJ© Page 21 . Performance Monitoring We can monitor performance by seeing the sale volume of Tiffin pack. Conclusion Our motto is customer satisfaction. We want to make people aware about health..html  www..alacrastore. we evaluate their opinion and we offer service according to their need and wants. not providing damp or expire date packs. Are they keeping boxes properly.fuwanggroup./Fu_Wang_Food_Industries_Ltd-4066801  www.Controls a.

/Food_Products/ - THJ© Page 22 ./fuwan-food-falling-may-stop-soon-t20...informe.com/..com/catalog/Food..php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id...Fu-Wang Tiffin Pack  nvest.html – Bangladesh  shuvecchadhaka.  www.bdyellowbook.com/index.

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