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Misson INSENSE is a festival which will enable the participants to rediscover their senses.

Applying them in our daily lives we tend to forget about the importance of our senses and the role they play in our perception. Furthermore, this experience should allow the participants to look beyond the horizon of their cultural context and expand their world-view. Using the senses in new and creative ways will raise awareness of our inner-selves and encourage people to be open to other cultures. The focus is on understanding the rich diversity of the world we live in. Coming from extremely diverse cultural backgrounds, the project team will try to make use of the different experiences by implementing them into various aspects of the festival, e.g. individual links to the art senses of the countries where the team members originate from (Austria, Russia, South Korea and Croatia). This includes inviting artists coming from different areas, be it music, visual arts, performances as well as professionals offering workshops. Vision INSENSE will include various activities such as experiencing food without seeing, listening to a movie, feeling music without hearing etc. It will also contribute to non-formal education in form of workshops focusing on exploring senses in a creative way. On the one hand, INSENSE will give the participants the opportunity to get in contact with their individual inner senses and on the other hand gain openness towards the diverse world we are confronted with.

openness interaction integration inclusion social cohesion flexibility education sustainability Why setting the values helps us to set our goals and to be coherent and professional.


Logo Slogan
Sense it.

P support from the government low cuts in cultural funding possibility for grants

E how much the population spends

S time per month type of activities

T highly developed possibilities for using high-tech

S international multylingual different knowledge background networking councilling W no experience O growing market schools volunteering university students T other kinds of entertainment

Target group
Target groups concerned by the project are the following: children those, attended to a kindergartens or primary schools teenagers, attended to secondary schools young creative people, striving for an inspiration students of creative industries and arts artists of any kind families

The project addresses the following potential target sectors: entertainment cultural activities

Age: 5-8 9-12 13-inf type: disabled non-disabled

Short-term goals Long-term goals

To ensure that each year the Festival grows in popularity To work with potential sponsors to maximise the advertising opportunities and increase festival funding To increase existing media coverage of the event To ensure that our programme of events reaches a wide and diverse audience To continue to maintain youth involvement in the festival events

How to reach them Establishing high quality of the performances by training staff and developing Marketing The advertising campaign have to start approximately 2 months before the festival. It will cover culture and entertainment-related websites and will use google adword. Also it will use public advertising spaces and information distribution via printed media and advertising on another venues and events happening in the same segment of market right time.