America (Canada, United States, Mexico, South America) Treasury of American Folklore—J398 Botkin The Boy Who Could

Do Anything—J398 Brenner The Witches Ride—J398 De Osma Stories from the Americas—J398 Henius Folk Stories of the South—J398 Jagendorf Hawaiin Wonder Tales—J938 Wheeler Tales Our Abuelitas Told—J398.2 Ada Black Rainbow: Legends of the Incas and Myths of Ancient Peru—J398.2 Bierhorst Turtle Island: Tales of the Algonquin Nation—J398.2 Curry Fiesta Feminina—J398.2 Gerson American Tall Tales—J398.2 Gorham Jade and Iron: Latin American Tales from Two Cultures—J398.2 Jade American Indian Fairy Tales—J398.2 Larned American Indian Mythology—J398.2 Marriott The Legend of El Dorado: A Latin American Tale—J398.2 Van Laan Western Europe East of the Sun and West of the Moon—J398 Asbjornsen Celtic Fairy Tales—J398 Jacobs Irish Fairy Tales—J398 Stephens Old Italian Tales—J398 Vittorini Greek Fairy Tales—J398 Wilson British Folk Tales—J398.2 Crossley-Holland Stories from Spain—J398.2 Dolch 13 Danish Tales—J398.2 Hatch Welsh Legends and Folk Tales—J398.2 Jones Tales for the Telling: Irish Folk and Fairy Tales—J398.2 O’Brien Great Swedish Fairy Tales—J398.2 Olenius French Legends, Tales, and Fairy Stories—J398.2 Picard Fairy Tales from England—J398.2 Reaves Spanish Fairy Book—J398.2 Segovia Fairy Tales from Scotland—J398.2 Wilson Eastern Europe The Jolly Tailor—J398 Borski Cossack Fairy Tales and Folk Tales—J398.2 Bain The Enchanted Book—J398.2 Porazinska Asia (Middle East, Russia, East Asia, Pacific Island) Russian Fairy Tales—J398 Afanasev Turkish Fairy Tales—J398 Ekrem Fables of India—J398 Gaer

2 Bishop Djugurba : Tales from the Spirit Time—J398.2 Fire-Bird Tibetan Folk Tales—J398.2 Djugurba .2 Cheney Chinese Folk Tales—J398.2 Smith The Spring of Butterflies—J398.2 African The Golden Bird and Other Stories—J398. Fairytales.2 Hyde-Chambers Sun and Moon: Fairy Tales from Korea—J398. and True Tales—J398.2 Seros Japanese Fairy Tales—J398.2 Dawood The Fire Bird: Russian Fairy Tales—J398.2 Grobbelaar Her Stories: African American Folktales.2 Chinese Endless Treasure—J398.2 Gibson Famous South African Folk Tales—J398.Persian Folk and Fairy Tales—J398 Mehdevi Japanese Fairy Book—J398 Ozaki Eastern Stories and Legends—J398 Shedlock Tales from a Taiwan Kitchen—J398.2 Aardema African Folk Tales—J398.2 Hamilton Australia Written in the Sand—J398 Ewers Maui and the Sun—J398.2 Spring Africa Black Fairy Tales—J398 Berger Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters—J398 Steptoe Behind the Back of the Mountain—J398.

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