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MiG-23· CAC Wirraway Fairey Albacore RAF Valley Hawks Hansa-Brandenburg CC Panavia Tornado F.3 Lavochkin La-7 RAAF Hawk

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4 10 12

by Jim Grant. The service history and details of this famous Australian aircraft.

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No. 79 Squadron (RAAF) Receives its First Hawks
by Jim Grant. Photographs of the latest arrival in the RAAF inventory.


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Valley of the Hawks
by Andy Evans. BAe Hawk operations at RAF Valley.

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Fairey Albacore
by Ian D. Huntley. Camouflage and markings information.

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Early 'Floggers' by przemyslaw Skulski
A detailed look at the history and operational use of the early MiG-23 variants with fold-out scale plans by Wojciech Rynkowski

SSN 1'753405

Photo Album - Panavia Tornado F.3
by John Wilkes & K. Baxter. Photos in and around the ADV version of the Tornado.

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Photoref - Hansa Bransenburg CC
by Harry Woodman. A miscellany of information on this German two-seater.

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Scale News
A list of all the latest aviation-related model kits, accessories and decals.


Fighting lavochkin
by Mike Hyrons. Building and detailing the Hobbycraft 1/48th scale La-7 kit.

JlMeJ AffClift M•• ,." IS,.lIlsJtd ••• Ully qSAM h.uc.ab.as alHll wiIIlte 1ttSl:r1"led t. ~e INS bade tr at! last SahlI", .1 eacll .alL lut tSUe lie 30UIIMart. 2002.

By Jim Grant
the first product of an Australian Australian Air Force. Two pattern aircraft, a undercarriage, undercarriage, production and a orth American A-I6-1 with fixed orth American NA-I6-2 with a retractahle


he Commonwealth development manufactured engine monoplane

Aircraft Corporation

\'(lirraway, a A-16 single

1942 this aircraft, flown by Flying Officer J.S. Archer with Sergeant J L Coul ton a observer gunner, hot down a for the Australians, did Mitsubishi Zero whose pilot, fortunately

of the North American in any real numbers Government

trainer, was the first aircraft deci ion to


in Australia. It was

not notice their approach. Archer wa awarded the United States Silver Star and the aircraft, after surviving the war and use as a trainer, was handed over to the Australian mainland \'(lar Memorial. prior to the Wirraways were also used by a number of units on the Australian for coastal patrols and as initial equipment aircraft. Force, the Royal Australian delivery of a proper operational British Commonwealth avy operated squadrons,

establish a factory specifically to produce aircraft for the Royal

were delivered late in 1937 and aircraft of the first line just before \'(lorld \'(lar II began.

In the post-war period one aircraft went to Japan with the Occupation 17 of the rype and four Citizens' Air Force

batch of 40 CAC CA-l Mk I \'(lirraways began

coming off the production

580 aircraft (CA-3, 5, 7 and 9) were built as Mark Ils, including 245 built against a British contract (serials HP581 to HP843). These remained production in Australia and never carried their British in June 1946. serials. The final batch of 150 CA-16 Mark Ills brought the total to 755 aircraft. The last was completed ran from A20-3 to A20-757. os 4 and 5, RAAF serial numbers

TO 22, 23, 24 and 25 used them until the late 1950s.

Today there are still about 20 aircraft round, which were saved from the smelter, and these are much prized by their owners.

The aircraft on public display some years ago

In December 1941, when war with Japan broke out, the Royal
Australian Air Force had 101 aircraft in service with 12,22,23,24 and 25 Squadrons and a further 108 with Nos 2, 5, with ew Zealand pilots

and 6 Service Flying Training Schools. Eighteen were used as light bombers in the Malayan campaign , 'ew Hebrides, interception

and Australian gunners. On January 201942, at Rabaul in the 24 Squadron made a near suicidal the airfield os on 50 Japanese aircraft attacking

around the tOWIl.Five Wirraways were shot down and (\VOcrash landed. The \X'irraway was out of the fighter business! Later 4 and 5 Squadrons carried out succes ful army co-operation duties including ground-attack, mi artillery observation and supply 26 ions in new Guinea. The mo t famous Wirraway was

A-20-103 which shot down an enemy fighter. On December

1. The front cockpit with control column and instrument panel --'':''''_ __ . The fixed rear portion of the canopy as frtted to aircraft "".\ without the rear gun installation 5. The sliding section of the canopy 3. The front windscreen with bulges covering the former position of the forward machine guns 2. The roll-over protection bar located between the two cockpits 4. The front cockpit with control column and instrument panel 6.

The Pratt and Whitney R-1340 Sl H1G nine-cylinder radial. The switch panel on the starboard side of the front cockpit 11.8. The forward fuselage . The rear cockpit. The air intake for the oil cooler 14. Fuselage section aft of rear cockpit 9. cowling and three-bladed variable-speed metal propeller 12. A close-up of the propeller hub 13. An exhaust port on the collector ring 15. Note the rudimentary flying controls beneath the canopy runners 10.

One of the port-side access panels with stencil markings 18. Starboard undercarriage leg 25. Port undercarriage leg and wheel 24. Navigation light on tail plane 21. radio aerial and tail unit 17. The rear fuselage. starboard side 23. Lifting bar. Port undercarriage wheel well 26. Tailplane with appropriate stencilling .WIRRAWAY . Rudder operating cable 20. Another port-side access panel with stencil markings and access step to the rear cockpit 19. Navigation light just forward of the tailplane 22.7 (If'I:N TII'I ST 16.

Fuselage side panels were fabric-covered. The major sub-assemblies of the complete wing could be removed from the fuselage in one piece. Flaps were attached 10 the wings by a continuous hinge. channel trailing edge and metal-covered leading edge. pressed flange ribs. ·3. sliding sections for entry and exit. none of these were fitted to aircraft with serial numbers AlO-623 and above. aft of tation number six. The covering was aluminium alloy sheet in varying thicknesses the upper skin between the spars being reinforced by a corrugated lining. all fabric covered. or individually. The rudder frame was constructed of aluminium alloy consisting of a torque tube. being pivoted on a bearing incorporated in the fuselage frame . While Mark I's and Mark II's carried two forward-firing . The rear seat was reversible. were filled to Mk III aircraft numbers A20-623 to 757.t_ Landing Gear. • The Royal Australian Air Force 1939-1942 by Douglas Gillison • Additional data held in the Aviation Heritage Museum of Western Australia The original NA-16-1 A in flight A20-688 being delivered to the Museum site. Pres ed ribs of aluminium alloy sheet. with a bottom section which. e . Boomerang and CA-15 by Stewart Wilson. ·6. Armaments. manually operated. ·5. Construction of the ailerons was similar 10 the flaps. ·2. mY Bibliography • CommonweaHh Aircraft Corporation Information Sheet: Wirraway. Both sections could be locked in several different positions. the forward and aft sections. An overturn pylon was incorporated behind the front cockpit for the protection of the crew in the event of a nose-over. interconnected with the landing flaps and operated by the same hydraulic jacks. was of serni-monocoque construction. stiffening intercostal and metal covering. These brakes opened upwards as the flaps went down. Trim tabs were fitted to the rudder and elevators. Flaps and Ailerons: Landing flaps of aluminium alloy. Dive bombing brakes. readily detachable. of welded chromemolybdenum steel tubing and fillings. the assembly consisting of a front and rear spar. Shows aspects of aircraft's construction . pressed flanged rib. The fin wa of aluminium alloy construction throughout. halffork. aluminium alloy frames. as well as bomb racks under the wings. which were secured to the fuselage with screws. Fuselage: The fuselage frame consisted of the engine mount.303 Vickers machine guns and a Vickers GO (Gas-operated) Mk I in the rear cockpit. fully cantilevered design. Tail unit. Each unit consisting of ingle leg.1. The tandem cockpits were under the one enclosure which incorporated individual.• Description . Main planes: Aluminium alloy construction employing a single spar with channel-section spar caps and sheet metal webs.

Aileron hinge 31. Tail wheel 28. Flap and dive brake assembly 32. Port wing navigation light 33. A general view of the aircraft . Port wing flap and aileron 29. the upper half blanked off to reduce glare 30. Tie-down strap 34.27. Port wing landing light.

No. 2000 four aircraft A27-0S. and everyone else who could find the time. Just after 1500 hours on December 7th. Twelve aircraft were built in the United Kingdom. The second aircraft followed on May 24th. Pilots coming off the Hawks will also go on to F-III The official ceremony marking the introduction of the Hawk to RAAF service was held at RAAF Base William town in the last week of ovember. the first. 06. As would be expected of an aircraft with a background of service wi th the Royal Air Force and others. The Hawks are expected to be in service for 2S years and maintenance has been planned on this basis. 70 minute. The Rolls-Royce Adour which powered the aircraft had been assembled by Qanras at Mascot Airport. OBand IB. however 0. 79 Squadron (RAAF) RECEIVES FIRST HAWKS ITS by Jim Grant ay 12th. while the remaining 21 are presently under assembly in Australia. swept over RAAF Base Pearce in Western Australia. that country's new lead-in fighter. The cockpit of the Australian Hawk has been made as compatible as possible with the F/A-IB to ensure a smooth transition for pilots selected for Australia's front line defence. they touched down and taxied in to begin M .76 Squadron had received a number of aircraft in the middle of October and had tarted conver ion training. Watched by personnel of o. 79 Squadron. flight proved very atisfactory. The aircraft was flown by BAe pilots Gordon McClymont and Garth Gardner. at RAAF Base William town. 2000 aw the first flight of an Australian a embled British Aero pace Systems Hawk 127. commanded by" g Cdr Campbell. and ferried out.

79 Squadron eagerly awaited the changeover which was completed by March 2001. This is an Australianassembled aircraft 6. 326Hs. Note the happy. 6 Squadron (F-ills) for an operational conversion course or No. On Wednesday 6 they transitted Wagga ew South Wales) and Edinburgh (South Australia) to night stop at Ayres Rock orthern Territory). 76 Squadron and four with o.326H . Amongst the assorted badges worn on flight suits was one describing the wearer as a 'Macchi M.' Pilots currently flying the Macchis of TO. On completion of a three-month course at No. smiling faces replacing the Macchi M. It is not yet known if this will be carried by the Hawks 7. 79's official ensignia.5. The Hawk is a considerable advance over the Macchi and tbe crewswho ferried tbem in were soon extolling their virtues to thosewbose turn is about to come. 79 Squadron pilots will go on to No. .B.NO 79 SQUADRON 11 1 .Dinosaur Driver. Apart from its primary role tbe Hawk will also provide air upport to the Army and Navy. The following day they refuelled once at Kalgoorlie (Western Australia) before reaching their destination. 79. No.2 Operational Conversion Unit (F/A-lSs).B. At the beginning of December the RAAF bad twelve pilots trained on Hawks. 79 Squadron eagerly checked out the aircraft with special emphasis on the cockpit. eight with No. The flight from Williamtown ew South Wales) to Pearce (Western Australia) was spread over two days. One of the aircraft was immediately brought into a hangar where personnel of o. 76 Squadron for an introductory fighter course before going to either o. Just delivered to No 79 Squadron.

In 1942. flying the Sea King Mk 3 helicopter in the Search and Rescue (SAR) role. 10. a Central Flying School Squadron was also establi hed to train instructors on the new aircraft.set on the west coast of the beautiful island f Anglesey in orth Wales. In 1958. 4 ITS arrived at RAP Valley to train fast-jet pilots . o. o. night fighters. and RAP Chivenor. The Hawk took over flying training duties in 1977 and. This unit is a permanent detachment of the Defence Helicopter Flying School. responsibility for providing all future aircrew to the RAPs fast-jet front line also passed to Valley.the Search and Rescue Training Unit. Located close to SARTU is the Air Guided Weapons Operational Evaluation Unit (AGWOEU). with the rationalisation of RAP a set in the late 1990s Valley now has just two enlarged units.208 (Reserve) Squadrons. including those of No. Initially flying Vampire. 22 Squadron. Valley has another helicopter unit on Base . Note the drooped flaps AFValley. and flies the new Griffin HT1 medium-lift helicopter. a role now undertaken by o. Valley's gate-guard o .Maith 2002 Valley of the Hawk: by Andy Evans Main Picture Forward three-quart! view. 19 (Re erve) and 0. and latterly. 19 Squadron. Valley i R one of the busiest flying stations in the RAP . 0. XV396. play a crucial and xclusive role in training the future fast-jet pilots and avigarors for the RAF The Station was opened in February 1941 and was first used as a base for day.a role the Station has maintained ever since.and this remains the Station's primary function. the base took on a training role and a year later detachments from the United States Air Force arrived to set up a trans-Atlantic reception facility for aircraft routing both to and from America. of XX189. or SARTU. No.if not the busiest .74 and No. Formed in 1955 as 1. With the clo ure of the Tactical Weapons Units at RAP Brawdy. the school re-equipped with Gnats in 1962 and these aircraft were upplemented by the arrival of Hunters in 1967. RAP Valley gained its motto> 'In Adversis Perfugium' (A Refuge in Adversity).92. From this role.and operates 71 Hawk TlfIlA aircraft. 208 Squadrons. The station also plays ho t to everallodger units. With the cuts in front-line forces the Hawk units at Valley were allocated former 'sharpend' numberplates. However. in the arne year. 19.Model Antral! Moo ~ . the longest serving of which is 'C' Flight.

However. on the avigator Training Squadron. For the potential Air Defenders. Phase 2 includes training in rapid planning.208 have added their former blue and yellow arrowhead to the nose of their Hawks. typically the '[indivik' airframe. Phase 2 consi ts of formation work. The sortie lasts just under one hour.don t you just love these acronyms! AGWOEU has its own ramp next to the SAR helicopters and in the 'good old days' here would be found visiting squadrons of Lightnings. The unit's 'Dolphin' has been applied to their tails. to begin actually flying an aircraft. the student must plan brief and lead a pair of aircraft.19 Squadron . and Practice Bomb Dispensers as required. over the years. The students are then 'streamed' either towards Ground Attack (Tornado GR. Jaguars and Harrier GR.VALLEY OF THE HAWKS 13 2. and save the addition of the 'Sidewinder' capability have progressed little. includes skills such as instrument. The Valley Hawks have seen few material changes since their entry into service.3s Tornado GR. Valley Hawks As already mentioned. previously entirely taken up in flying the jet. Colourful Valley birds include XX I72. Camouflage & Markings· The Hawks are now. Here. and despite BAe Systems success with new variants of this prodigious trainer the RAF seem happy with their lot! The Hawks can therefore be seen carrying Sidewinder acquisition rounds on their outer wing pylons. The end of course standard is daunting . in either low-level simulated attack or aircraft interception training.74 Squadron's tail emblem . and formation flying at low level with the objective of hitting 'split' targets al an exact time. The students then move up to No.3).Athan. some of which have been retained from ex-air display performers. RAF Valley also trains ab-initio navigator students. with target drones flying from Llanbedr. This phase culminates with a 'Final Handling Test'. now it s Tornado F. some at an exact time. adorns the tailfin. intercept 'enemy' fighters with the help of ground-based radar station.the aircraft are rarely seen with wing tanks. the unit has. and i the mo t highly concentrated test of tactical awareness and flying ability in the RAF training system. avionics. Their characteristic Sphinx's head motif.IA variety. and formation procedure including Basic Fighter Manoeuvres. The Valley aircraft have undergone something of a metamorphosi as far as camouflage i concerned over the past few years. conducted on 0. and flying a demanding series of sorties in the Hawk simulator. in Cardigan Bay. \X7hiteand Grey Training Command scheme.ls. the aircraft are now to be found in a sleek glossy Black high conspicuity colour. in 'enemy' territory with the constant threat of attack by a staff pilot simulating a hostile fighter. on a low-level simulated attack profile.7s. through the 'Tactical Greys' of the 1990s. 208 Squadron. with a striking yellow arrow applied to it.like the pilot course. Airfix were the first to produce a kit in the mid-1970s. Thi includes detailed instruction and examination in a number of subjects. or Air Defence (Tornado F. where the students are taught how to fly the Hawk. is split into two parts. The flying course at Valley is split into two parts. without exception. Buccaneers and Phantoms. incorporating all of the above disciplines in one sortie. in both level and dive patterns. The unit's main task is to conduct Missile Practice Camps (MPC). and lead tactical formations at low level in order to 'hit' targets. must now be allocated to concentrating on how to use it to fight. When they first arrive. with their blue and yellow 'fighter bars' placed either side of the rear fuselage rounde!. students are instructed in how to operate an aircraft as a weapons platform. formation and aerobatic flying.flying solo. the Hawks at RAF Valley are of the T. to hit several targets. and Matchbox followed . On Phase 2. been renamed several times . which the student mu t pass before progressing to Phase 2 of the course. Because of the short-range sorties flown from Valley. ranging from the aircraft technical systems. splashes of colour can be found in their markings. to pilot navigation.most recently a STCAAME (Strike Command Air-to-Air Missile Establishment) . as well as current ones. 0. with a mention of Valley'S60th Anniversary on the tailfin. for the first time in their training.l and T. all students spend six weeks completing an intensive Ground School syllabus. ZD581/124.the Tactical Weapons Squadron.19 and 208 Squadrons have recently begun sporting their more traditional unit colours. The missiles are fired in a specially segregated piece of airspace. with a huge red Welsh Dragon along the fuselage and XX235. low-level navigation at 420 knots as a single aircraft. Gloss Black. formerly of RAF St. Some aircraft assigned to 0.19 Squadron stiLicarry No.l/4). using Fighter Controllers based at Ground-Controlled Intercept (CCn bases and those on board the RAFs AWACS aircraft. The course at Valley. strafe a target using the aircraft's cannon. For students destined for the Tornado GR. Both os. meteorology and aerodynamics. can trail flare packs. they do not get their hands on the 550mph Hawk jet straight away. one of ~a1ley'smany visitors o. missiles.but these will disappear as the aircraft go through servicing. an Aden cannon pack on the centre line. for heat-seeking missile to lock onto. Phase One. The second phase develops their skills appropriate to their designated front-line role. The first phase is called 'Hawk Common'. Here. fight other aircraft in air-to-air close combat. Build-a-Hawk The Hawk has been a popular subject amongst model manufacturers. the students learn high-speed. and tactical formation manoeuvring. For the students. a former display jet. low and medium-level navigation technique laydown targeting. or semi-active. this phase of training presents a very high workload . or radar-reflective packs that are used against active. From the colourful Red. The 2001 display jets XX309 and XX320 have a curious 'ribbon' pattern applied to them. Student pilots spend about 10 months at Valley. students are taught how to drop bombs. 6 Joint Services Trials Unit. However. but mostly in l/72nd scale. The drones. All other warning stencils and national insignia are in the 'usual places'.4.part of their effort. now in reduced size. to guide the students into making intercepts on other aircraft.

Something of a hybrid.208 Squadron 4. Close-up of NO. rudder and tailfins. XX158 of NO. Note the low-vis 208 markings 5. the superb 'Welsh Dragon' 6. A pairs landing. XX191.92 Squadron'S tail emblem .3. from the 'grey-days' at Valley. as performed by a duo from No. sporting a black canopy. XX172.92 Squadron with Sidewinder acquisition rounds 7.

Note the whITe insides. One of Valley's resident unITS. Details of the wing and undercarriage.No. A view of the access ladder for the Hawk 15.VALLEY OFTHE HAWKS 15 8. Close-in detail of the Aden gun pack. Note the high gloss paintwoi1< 9. but black interior of the door 1O. Close-up of the wing fence and the Sidewinder acquisition round . Pylon and lyre detail 11. who operate the Sea King 12.22 Squadron. Note the colour of the barrel 14. Looking into one of the mainwheel doors.

208 Squadron's markings 20.208 Squadron 19. A close-up view of the drooped flaps 18. one of the specially marked anniversary aircraft for 2001 .1 Hawks 16. XX320. No. A view of No. XX345 with its 'NSPCC' support symbol on the tail 22.19 Squadron's lined up awaiting 'work' 17. This shot shows the base of the tail to good effect 21. XX261 of No.

finely moulded parts These sheets also offer a selection Grey. superb allows for drooped car park allows you to look over at the Visiting Aircraft or VAS. flap and contains too square and the jet pipe However it does build into a undersize. The Hawk also made it Models. places that could hinder the crash gates. XX190 on 'finals' shortly afterwards. the nose is slightly too slim. XX250.unless of course so please don't cross it no matter you are for 'that photograph' you fancy a night in the guardroom! illR . new tail. Both the simplified offerings. so far . Italeri released a very neat I 1990's with superbly recessed panel detail. into 'quarter-scale' Fujimi were the first foreign kit company with the release of two kits from Premier 2nd scale Hawk in the early to 1987 display fuselage.all this in a kit that retails for around £2.55. No. Down in the 'Valley' If you want to get your details 'up close' then Valley is the place where you can be guaranteed 'ease' down a winding white Hunter country to see wall-to-wall Hawks. If accuracy combining and super detailing are your 'bag' then by AC740 Hawk The set has a cockpit a host of other Matchbox the Italeri kit with the PP Aerokits can be addressed. especially low perimeter protection how desperate fence around don't park in safety vehicles . and grey. white. It's not perfect. scheme can be found on and decals for three aircraft . as well as Tactical Grey/Green Decals for the 'Welsh Dragon' Fineline Models sheet 2003. only goes RAF Valley is a working the RAF Police are tolerant. detailed to a crash gate at the end of the runway there is the Airwaves detail set. airfield.50.and they carry guns! Most importantly. It should be stressed the many joys offered for the aerophile. and from there the aircraft will taxi right in front of Or they and the older Airfix kits al 0 build into a nice representation you.VALLEY OF THE HAWKS 17 24. are available are taking off from the 'other end' of the sheets 45. and 'before your very eyes' line up on the runway. then the plan is to head for Rhosneigr. To get to Valley follow the signs off the ASS trunk road and lane which takes you to the by the sight of a red and Stand of days gone by.86. machine with the Yellow stripe down the of Air Defence aircraft. the upper fuselage is a smidgen diameter is moderately nice replica. and the runway.99.91.it's there for safety and how tempting or . but these aircraft are as hard to find now as hen's teeth.64. vacuformed goodies. camouflaged issue a Hawk during the mid-1980s. again where there is a viewing area and a Cafe! The outlook for use on your Hawk. Alternatively canopy. If the aircraft end of the runway and take off above about 5 miles excellent view 23.93 scheme as well as 115 and 116 of red. as do the Fujimi benefit from the added details host of Hawk markings cover the original and each would sets.100 Squadron of the Hawk. An adjacent small road takes you is main gate where you are greeted T. and this gives you another from the opposite however that despite Although end of the runway. A right turn down another around excellent the airfield new resin nose. will taxi to the opposite you.80. still showing the markings of its former owners.a reminder detail set any imperfections interior. A Their of the PP and Airwaves from Modeldecal.don't block any of by the viewing area. not an entertainment that tolerance centre. push their Adours to full power and roll into the distance. There is also a the base .7 . from Valley by road.

. for the fabric covered wings however made reference to the fact 0 and control surfaces. B76559 Issue I' drawing. of the 'Aircraft Identification in September 1938. either Also whatever the 1940 -late FAA change is far from easy. from the start.. Prototype L7074 (non-tapered Taurus) fitted with experimental V. and Cellon 'Cerrux Grey enamel for all metal areas.A. of September was an overall 'silver' finish comprising cellulose (to DTD 83A). carrier units during waters operations the instruction. or similar information The Albacore Scheme Unlike the Hayes-built West Aerodrome camouflage Swordfish. L7111 on photo call flight 10th May. 1940 Fairey Albacore CAMOUFLAGE by Ian D. Like its predecessor the Albacore's first appearance titled 'G. were both so 'coloured' 1938.a wartime finish would be changed to that of overall Sky Grey. but tracing the actual progression several days later having been received via the Admiralty.. . and L7075 and marked.P. operational FAA units at sea were not always in point of view or a simple shortage the 'official' scheme. much belated? Here it must be pointed out that ALL changes to camouflage and markings were first approved and instigated Ministry who first transmitted by the Air details to RAF Units. Air Ministry. white and blue roundels in the six standard L7074 (F. called positions. 1. also prepared and prototypes for red. maybe due to the fact changes made by carrier units were more often than nor. In a similar way contractors such information In addition. a position with naval production contracts received well behind that for RAF contracts. pigmented B77780 Issue 1. Camouflaging. 1938' of the paint scheme drawing Cellon 'X'.3274) 12th December (F. General FAA camouflage schemes (like those of the RAF) were devised originally by the Directorate camouflage of Technical Development of FAA (DTD). An annotation that. 'Sea Scheme' colouring. all of which left the Great the Albacore was destined for the Swordfish. of the impending A similar first appearance mention was then made Marks.propeller could always produce came a second best receiving the same.3275) 14th April 1939. The FAA from a combat operations the correct materials. . Aluminium uncamouflaged.__ Iy~ Man:' 2002 2. Huntley AND MARKINGS FAA Paint Schemes. 1941 period of home slight 'variations' to of and markings schemes relative to 'official' dates of to make changes exactly at the time of order.'under a hostile situation' .

Prototype L7074 with tapered cowl. L7083 mid-March 1940 5 & 6. standard non-tapered cowl. DH propeller and production tail unit 4.FAIREY ALBACORE 21 o--~~- 3. Rnal form with production tail unit and tapered Taurus cowl 7 & 8. Prototype L7074.Ihe_1 . Prototype L7074.. L7083 (production machine) mid-March 1940 9.. Frtted with experimental upper and lower wing roots (CMphotos..

10. Taurus engine installation (port side) 16. L7088 rear fuselage. looking forward) . stem post and tailwheel unit 15. Undercarriage without wheels fitted 11. Prototype L7074 with experimental lower wing root fairing 12. Front view with wings folded 13. Parachute stowage on fuselage door (port side. Taurus engine installation 14.

Fuselage decking over fuel tank 22. Underside of lower. Upper mainplane. port underside 19. starboard mainplane 18.17. Decking over fuel tank (overhead view) . Upper wmg root. Twin machine gun mounting 20. port underside 21.

. fW5ED QUIt. !lAME #rICO. tcXIC tAIL .AIIe .. CFW'TOL $(A 50 A'EAA 52 lB _ 51 N:X:llIoOJU<TORS.UJl. _ Cf'EJWOR. .OCKlNG INOCATOR.23.(__ 58 nxm 1JNDERCARAtAGf.. 2t ttClI. .AM( KAD(::=-":-'::") son MG.5 WINCH . 1ORP£OO MARkERS.. 0fJ1!:... • SJDMJ OIAJOll ... s co.t.. » F'OIItT »-315 f!UD Wl WHm. f\JEI. n.o. """ ~ • 0U1t._ tuMGAT10H SIIOOL. 24 w::KER5 GO... 55 WI«i l.. -a flRST NO 0U'1n't AMMUNITlON DIIIIUtr.. .. M~lO'15 15rUS<.AlOA lit 1r4NnGAlOR'$ c::cJMPAss.. 0 .. sg OIL COOLEII . f1A£ EXT»IGUISHER.GtJOAS FIWO<J1L(_) AIo4IER ... AEROPLANE Cil. f\OQ'5 ~ 22 REAR ClJhMR ..!!CIA IC)Q). FR:JHT TClfftDO CIWTCH. ..... 5IGH1' (JItTlllJllJ5J1'OO€ II H"fDIIWAJC .. LAw... II . 3CS DB:X AMISTlNG . f\....IS <lIN ~·s .-...MCfR"s AN: 5rD! . •• 32 MJDDEJl. 40 CAJNIIULJ SJ """'"""54 TORPEDO SUNG... 48 LOft q GlNIOIS 'TRAIUNG SEAT... GLN.. . WO<.... 2~AIIIINWC£..NG flLTERS.. ALBACORE I......... ...~ __ ) 2t 5f'lIIIIAf 3D ALDIOOI. Taurus engine in tapered cowl (front view) fJ ly .... . 5PM[ TRAI.ED IIIUJIIrIG UMP.L 25_ a_ 21 SItIO«...tW... •~ . 17 ~. _ CON'1'RCU.. AEJtIAL ) 51 57 f'OOT'ST[P.....oest:RY£R..czo ~"'S HCXlQ.. AIR INTNC!:. . Firewall (production machine) 24.WIROLS5 23. PlU€l.u 43 42 1OfWIUIO DfIAI CCNTJO..£'AW... 201l!I::TAICAl..t1...... Taurus engine on handling trolley (port side) 25.....n. • C-.1W<fl...11'CJWAn: SATS.... » ftRrM110N 34 fWlGAT1:IN L.

symbols. uppermost part of the decking with a very soft-edged.S. with Dark Sea Grey. by L7083 (F. machines. blue and yellow fuselage roundel. brought in a two-colour upper surface camouflage based upon DTD Circular Letter Amy 1939. B76559 Issue 8. slightly from the Sky Grey below. 'Trestle'. An amendment The same drawing called for a number of standard marking. also 'Jacking. Scheme until such time as which illustrated whilst having the above paint scheme they were much later running reaching as far as the rudder aero sa and a mirror image for those with continuing Colours The external matt colours were Extra Dark Sea Grey. looking aft 29. Identification panels and consoles in Red colours were Matt Identification Blue (Dull) and Yellow. fuselage camouflage straight had red and blue roundels applied. of Sky Grey with Sky Taupe'S' (Sky) introduced the replacement 1940 with twelve aircraft. and hardly had that taken effect Camouflage for the fuselage was applied only to the very . port side of cockprt 28. Issue 6 of 21st June 1940. serials and AID Inspection areas of the airframe. and Light Slate Grey for the upper surface of the lower main planes. and red. Overall view of cockprt area Further references added. and Dark Slate Grey. going to test The various Albacores subsequently fin striping covering the whole fin area. standard a red. The Albacore in Service Meantime the first FAA Albacore unit was 0. no doubt because of the Munich Crisis of August/September the four standard 1938. with instrument matt Night. but again with a slightly wavy to B75559 at Issue 6. to full fin height. including inch Night characters. as exampled 1940. Rear compartment. White and Blue roundels for photographic establishments purposes only.3283) which first flew on 21st February This scheme was to become the early production the obvious rear fuselage registration 'F' number in I inch size. though it was little seen until later in 1940. aircraft with even registrations. a more positive and lowered demarcation line. showed the fin stripes into narrow 5 inch wide colours against the rudder hinge line. white and blue be also marked with the peacetime Red. Mod 842 (later AD 2(01). (with the Munich Crisis long over) was expected after its first flight to lasting until B76559 Issue 7. Engine controls.26. of 2nd June 1940. Stowage'. But more importantly B77780. Rear gun mounting 27.3276) of 12th July 1939. half the depth of the fuselage. introduced a red. for the undersurfaces as soon as stocks of the new colour became available.826 Squadron and aft formed up during mid-March seen to have had unit extended and passing under the tailplane. but Issue 2 of 0. horizontal white and blue below wings for all production according to S. dated 30th a pattern for B77780 of 29th J uJy 1939. It seemed Sky was a requiremen t from March 1940 bu t was in too short a supply for application compressed at that time. and it was in this form that production Albacores began to leave the lines. odd registrations. All internal areas were in man Grey-green primer. 'Band Po ition'. portion of the rudder.4. stencilled in 8 upper and side surface position. 'Dinghy and paint finish/component to be applied on appropriate The third prototype L7076 (F. hinge line. indicated red and blue roundels in with red. or in a few case. White. 'W(f'. for Issue 3 of 9th to roughly through the issue of Air Diagram wavy demarcation B77780 drawing details were short-lived October 1939 introduced ADII72.I. which gave a provisional the issue of a proper Air Diagram. introducing white.627. white and blue fuselage roundel. First Aid'. Identification (DulJ). 20th July 1940.

. and rewere received by units in signal Z5W 1/96 Memos to FAA units meantime colours below the tail plane.'''.') 8 CIl" 1.. was evidently accepted as being essential by the Ministry.. 1 bi.N1I .''IT 1i'.jc. Issue 10 of B76559 of (?) January . r Pt I..re Hf (AJJoN fo' {r • (..''{" Ul.L.. The extension of colour was also to include the outer faces of the fixed undercarriage schemed instructions of 10th January 1941. A subsequent the colours out to 8 instructed This scheme was 'officially' 31st January 'Introduction of Camouflage to appear in B77780.~V~'1 l~f B:t'I.l.9. with the leading edge of the tail plane (dispelling the idea of This issue was notable in that only one diagram was shown due to the fact that was no longer a requirement had forbade the extension of on the production camouflage subsequently tail plane..1 23'... tl =f~. though it was noted that often rudders were observed to be 1941. Issue 8 of Scheme to DTD Technical in a less meeting up lesser Amendment 1941 as a result of receiving a circular letter headed that whilst the overall width was to remain the same. expanded inches each stripe..T.1....t1 v. Fir . .... (odd and even patterns) lines..q. gave details of a wholly camouflaged.tIb lUg· R<d"'Jul" 'f oj r:Afk"'l at" r~~I~~jl. - 91'i1.1> tU.tlZl""S (riAPE DE. 1. service units were tending to lower the fuselage camouflage unofficially mainplane further down the sides in a more wavy form.. l. 10 61110.!l\!. Following on from August 1940. the height of the stripes should be cut off square at the point where the rudder balance angled away from the hinge line..<11. I ..:q..EG Afa F't (. 31st October 1940.. and where the 'sweep' was blended acute way and with the aft end of the demarcation camouflage 'handing' passing under the tailplane)..u"" fOIlH\« . Towards the end of 1940 the side camouflage was lowered in a sweep down to meet the lower root and to include the vertical tail surfaces above the leg fairings. :'O"'8t ~.~ FII. This modification Circular No.--( r.~ 000".lIpoat 41S)" "11. ~~F sa:. !.~r "L~ I. a"H g I -! I when Issue 9.u~~ n:t.T.

.."~ \ Y..I~.uEI t lo~ol.!I 0' (ilil 1 F.r.. ~~ Slo(' w£~~1: 1000 14'"IUt.i<.. OWktlt) IlllO~ OGT"Wf: FAIREY ALBACORE' MKI B2 . ~. IWI!RI HA.~nl. CWfCH 1="'0 .(tail""".cr lu~lh~t'.t( (iE"(l..f).Ilt.-s"o~o· ch. fu~f1IW C(Jllb"U1) FlIlOlI.w~ :2$--..I q' .a" 6 (t(on) '0'-1''1>.P 6.-U_ CH'TGU T/' 'fl'.n~ "l ~'(hl. <"" I- .~..o..Ib"w uk. jI4". __ N. FUlA<!_ \ ~/ \ FOR WIN'1 lue POIl1:"s~ IDa! 1D PL"J I/In.0 N.S<o (.'11< _f.0 .FAIREY ALBACORE 27 .. C neE It. ___ MA~lt'lUI'1 lJNOn""1Ii4 e. t:..ff1i i ~~~~ Sri" .uc Pj...) ANO ALL FL'I'''6 (O)I1M.0' q."b 't 110 Ib i!>.(' (-r"T~L 2000 Ii» -.to"'.l ..cI "idtlJ . lrtVt-t \t1.r~ .r for w...l>{~l lOW 1'1 OG. HAPU"V«E a ~n~ 0< "" 2S"olb bm~ cu. rr~-S/H' upl '10 Itt' DU.n' ~.':: 1000. ...) ~.n: S1"olE 'OO~ .l(. ~..{.roT di(:(ftt.~ G.

were under the control of the Commander. B4L'). where largely blue schemes were in in Dull Blue. Hayes. in some cases in Dull Blue thinly in white wa used. Although codes appeared the practice of marking codes below the upper wingtips of Swordfish aircraft continued practice as far as is known was never carried out on the Albacore. in order to increase visibility. Marking of 20th May 1942 Theatre Colourings The Albacore soon found itself employed in largely shore-based operations in the Mediterranean Operations. or Sky Grey. Examination demarcation of many Albacore photographs shows a whole variety of permutations of the upper versus lower surface line. Here such FAA units aval Forces. but on closer it was no more than a cleaned up version of that 0. in white against a Tight square. Mediterranean East Command. Issue II of 14th March 1941. the codes were marked on the face of the (solid) root rib of the lower main plane. Overall view of cockpit (starboard side) 31. at sea the shore station lerter " etc. leaving a more the undersurfaces In the Mediterranean operation. Signal Zl6W 1/32 of 20th June 1942. was standard was dropped outlined but once operational leaving '4~. gave instructions 'FAA Camouflage examination given in TC introduction 'Royal inch and Identifications for the introduction Markings of an Scheme'. or Dull Red.123. of 'Royal avy Markings'. 'immediate and urgent change' to the new form roundel on all Torch' Allied landings in at a restricted height of 27 inches. B76559. '41\1'. Note earty fonm of fin and rudder standard form of fin 'flash' set at colour widths of 8 inches each. but as camouflage gradually enveloped more of the fuselage sides changes were made in which white. in a Memorandum calling for the introduction flash with restricted of the new style roundels and fin White and Yellow areas. came into use.. well into 1940. Mostly where were thinly outlined in white. most being contrary to the actual requirement. and the change as a whole was very slowly applied by FAA units. \Vhilst these codes were Signal Z6W 1/105 also of 10th March 1941 gave the avy' to be marked above the fuselage registration ight characters.e. At the same time it was It was during the mid pan of 1942. 1938. brought right down the sides to a 60 degree contact point with set against the ground line. Later during the 1943 'Operation North Africa the temporary employed on participating use of the U.S. thinly outlined in white. and any changes in colours and markings . in the form of the legend in 4 itself to be in a 4 Codes Whilst shore based. that a further change was made to the fuselage camouflage colourings (although no drawing issue was released). Aft of pilot's position (seat removed) 33. Prototype under construction at Hayes. But again in many cases the colour was taken across beneath the tailplane. This on aircraft so far 'Not Converted!'. the ight was used the characters inch size. White and Blue roundel was no initially marked in Night. 'star' marking was Albacore units. the use of 'letter. face value sounded like another different scheme. sharply curved upsweep to the tail plane leading edge. Full clarification noted that the underwing longer a requirement.30. also for the registration of drawing detail was made in Red. Theatre. Just to make matters somewhat confusing Signal Z6W 1/91 of lOth March 1941. usually just aft of the front spar end fining. A final change in the fuselage and fin Identification came to Fairey. Rear compartment looking aft 32. '4 letter' (i. numeral. Strangely Signal albeit as second to the C-in-C Middle Z29W 1/179 of 28th July 1942 sent to all Units required the RAF. However the practice was adopted that with wings folded.

.46& () . Pfl69C1C TIU'N II-L~OI{t ClfHClJfUT4t:~ ~LUS <l utJOae.N1WG VJ t!J( Jtt.t./J (8. I tv (01lJ IV hunr w 6 H ((). dI'J .r.fUlj-lS.uuJ ~ ~~~~~. ~ f.t N G I' AS.f..FAIREY ALBACORE 29 ~~~~ (4 aJ).1::Jl wrul '40 IltG 4LL ~.. Huntley March 1994 4 ircu ~f:. '3t{ fillTO ~dl:Y1. ro-c: { I f-4'-rvPtlf AJ>r cs« Cff(Jt(j ALL PuSl:'Z. oet.JJ'fT1 Albacore Sketch Page by Ian D..

Mainplane fabric being doped. L7111 during photo call. Main undercaniage less fairings 37. the HayesiGWA test machine . L7083 38. Observer's and gunner's seats 35. This is thought to be L7077. Earty form of vertical fin and rudder 39.34. Note X9038 and X9039 in background 40. Main instrument panel 36. The 10th production machine. 10th May 1940 41.

and the Ll-boat on the surface. In both the Mediterranean the Western Indian Ocean the 'Albacore' carried out antisubmarine patrols in the 'largely blue day scheme'. sufficient was gleaned for a series of paintings of Mediterranean then in operation one time were displayed colour schemes to be made by artist C. N4164 was delivered to YeoviIton on 26th September 1940 . and during which times Publicity Chief. of the Air and texts relating to undersurfaces repainting Blue below. was that of overpainting the One of the first adaptations 43. and Coastal Command control though in standard from Sea Scheme were colours and markings shipping. as well as R. of the Middle East Dark and Light Mediterranean An advance on that for 'mixed' day/night operations included converting the upper surfaces to Dark Earth/Middle Stone. These operations and orth Russia mo tly by night convoys. it was the use of and learned of such colour details? Thus whilst generally following different colours that much altered the original scheme. with ight Dark Mediterranean Blue for the lower surfaces. Turner. and mainly on the basis of reporting and attacking enemy coastal again mostly at night. Their 'kills' were displayed symbol form along the forward fuselage panelling. and whilst as seems to be the usual case that the general answer was . were not likely to appear on the list. BF759 of the last production batch and the last Albacore schemes and changes to thereof. were mostly in standard Equipped with Radar and with a standard though the machines finish but having finish with Sky undersurfaces Gathering Colour Information In subsequent post-war reunions ofFM aircrew (as publicity gatherings) held from time to time by Fairey Avistion. were purely the prerogative Command authorities. the Albacore appears to have commenced most of its Mediterranean raiding as well as all-night operations. from carriers involving both the mine-laying again from shore bases. Although had been employed for the lower surfaces it was found to present too dark an area and very easily seen particularly on semi-moonlit nights. Commander. and with non-standard coding. Convoy protection supply runs.'Colours? We only FLEW them!'. appeared to have quizzed crews as to what 'colours' they flew under. carned a large Yellow individual machine lener on the engine cowling.J. and which at in the Front Office corridors at Hayes.. London. Hurren.FAIREY ALBACORE 31 no longer came under the authority Ministry/Admiral ty. thus little was likely to be configuration. hore bases. with Azure Blue for certain day operations. For example MXM aircraft based at Worthy Down during 1942. and tltis type of operations was particularly true at the time of the being in in \Xlhite or Yellow ormany landings of June 1944. Convoy protection. Albacore Mainly on Night Operations Due to its daytime vulnerability the German High Command to enemy fighter anack. played a great role in flare dropping duties in dawn and dusk In these anacks the type not only for RAF bombers. Codes for these schemes were mostly in Dull Red. T. and East Atlantic shipping convoys up from South Africa were much more serious operations. were important operations. A few Albacores used by training units carried Yellow undersurfaces. adapted further for dawn/dusk operations This by was subsequently This meant that copies of illustrations general ministry UK circulation the original AD 1172 camouflage information the upper surfaces for certain specified units with Blue. codes and registration the Dull Red. if any. Such no longer came the way of the UK Contractor diagrams. but for its own bombing sorties. and as the Afrika Korps started supplying The Albacore At Home In home waters the Albacore served much under Fighter. and still retaining Azure 42. B. Night under and side surfaces the machines hunted for the enemy E-boat.E..

The engine was found to be for so heavy an aircraft. R-29-300 engine. in which many pilots lost their lives. The first machine was designed 23-01 (MiG-23PD NATO code 'Faithless') powered by a Tumansky R-27-300 engine and had a delta wing.M. This problem was so acute that new machines were sent to the . After comparative took place at Ramenskoye trials the 23-11 was chosen over problems the 23-10 as a future fighter. 23-11. early 'Floggers' was one of continual technology of this combat aircraft. The construction team of the OKB and was MiG prepared two different concepts. Fetotov. The second aircraft. but there were stillmany MiG-23S with the aircraft.50OdaN with afterburner). The initial production model was the MiG-23S. similar to that of the MiG-21. Any machines built with these new wings received the designation 1971. The machine systems including radar. The history of these struggle with the new fighter regiments with additional sets of wings! As a result of these problems there were a number of accidents. The fuselage and tail were the same as the 23-01and the aircraft was first flown on the lOth June 1967 by A. the ASP-23D fire control system and TP-23 infra-red sensor. but bigger. In spite of this series production Spring of 1969 under the designation started in the ATO code first step was to redesign and build the wings. often resulting in the wings deforming. especially received new electronic production MiG-23 Type by delays in the development the Saphir-23Sh the radar and the engine. Ostapienko. of +5G the construction the airframe cracked. It was obvious that the MiG-23S had been put into series production far too early. The MiG-23S . with a variable sweep wing. which during service. Further factory and air force tests AB.Big Problems! The prototypes of this new fighter with STOL characteristics were constructed in 1965-67. The export versions of this machine the MiG-23MF and MS. MiG-23M . The performance was not to the satisfaction During manoeuvres and of of the pilots or the became apparent underpowered manoeuvrability manufacturer. rated at 8135da These modifications were very Ex-East German MiG23MF in the aviation museum at Ber1inGatow 'Flogger A'). whose arrival had been of its systems. The reason for such a short production series was that there were serious faults. which was soon replaced by the MiG-23M.V.Early 'Floggers' Text and Drawings Photos by Przemyslaw by Wojciech Rynkowski Skulski were designated MiG-23MF preserved in the Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow. Only about 50 machines were built and all of these were used by the Soviet Air Force. A further modification the long-awaited hindered of 'Flogger' was the MiG-23M. This machine served with the 28th Fighter Regiment based at Siupsk T he first Soviet fighter aircraft with variable geometry was the MiG-23 'Flogger'. was built to test the second concept. The aircraft was first flown on the 3rd April 1967 by P. The new wing had an extended chord and a so-called 'dog tooth'. A total of about 80 machines of this type was manufactured.First Success Because of the problems experienced with the MiG-23S the OKB MiG started research into how they could overcome them. It was aircraft. This machine was powered by the Khachaturov (l2.

The front of the Flogger's fuselage (viewed from the right) 2. A view of the wing note the 'dog tooth' 6.1. The aft fuselage . Canopy 4. The front section of the fuselage (viewed from the left) 3. Details of the fuselage top 5.

The nose landing gear .left-side view .viewed from the front 13.8. Folding ventral fin 10.viewed from the rear 12. Underbelly centerline pylon 9. The nose landing gear . Open air brake housing 11. The nose landing gear .

MiG-23MF fe~r fuselage with ventral In In folded position Rear view Under surface .

MiG-23MF MiG-23MS .

1 :48th Scale MiG-23MF Rear view [ Forward fuselage with canopy open KM-1 M ejection seat .

MiG-23MF /'" -: J .

G·23M .

Under sunace .

Early Floggers 1/48TH SCALE PLANS MODELAmCRAFf IOIanIIIIy Volume 1 Issue 3 by V\'ojciech Rynkowski Rear fuselage with ventral fin in folded position l @o .

MiG-23MF Forward fuselage with canopy open o Upper view KM-1 M ejection seat o Front view .

Top view of the same model .14. The main landing gear 16. The main landing gear bay 17. This model of MiG-23MF (1/48th Esci) was built by Polish modeJler Tomasz Kolasa 18. The nose landing gear bay 15.

The Academy 'Flogger' with the wings folded 25.19. The Academy MiG-23MF (1/72nd) built by Krzysztof Dufrat 24. Details of the nose landing gear bay 23. The flaps and air brakes were made from scratch 20. Details of the aft fuselage 21. The open fuselage air brake of the 'Flogger' was made from scratch 22. So far there is no better miniature of the early 'Flogger' in 1/72nd scale . Another view of this simple model.

ground attack including quite good. and upgrades of these 'Flogger' kits are very hard. R-60. The MiG-23M was intended missions: interception. Many manufactures offered resin versions of the KM-IM ejector seat. Much better is the model produced The quality of the plastic components The oldest is the Airfix kit (later repackaged unfortunately by Hasegawa (#CTII). both' kits have a number of errors and the most important • Correction and tail • The cockpit and landing gear need to be detailed • Many of the panel lines need to be corrected The Esci kit was produced a number of years ago. Esci (#1591). He built his model ba ed on the old Esci kit. It and therefore only suitable for the more experienced is possible however. but has recessed panel lines. known in number of different ATO as 'Flogger B'. Type B. all of the raised panel lines were sanded away and then carefully rescribed. Other useful accessories include the 'Soviet Weapons Set' produced by ICM (#72101). naval targets. but there is no better plastic ki t . S-24. R-13M. thrust its engine delivered. The most useful i the resin set made by Pavia which includes cockpit details and an exhaust pipe. Academy and Hobbycraft. This variant was known in The MiG-23MF ATO as the'Flogger E'. B-8 or UB-32 rocket pods could also be carried in addition to the bombs. Both kits are very Esci in Italy before the moulds were bought by AiMT/Ertl in the USA. so it is therefore quite rare. As a result of this. Pavia and True Details). Under the fuselage was a large twin-barrel cannon. 1/72nd Scale In I 2nd scale there are at least three kits of the early 'Flogger'. The Hobbycraft corrections needed are as follows: is needed to the shape of the radome. which was used in MiG-23 (Aeroclub. and rubber wheels for the MiG-23 are produced by Equipage (#R713). wing de ign was similar to that mounted on the MiG-23 Type 1971. and on the four wing pylons the following missiles could be carried: R-23R. Other important MiG-23M included: • Four air brakes were installed aft of the fuselage • The airframe's • Additional construction was strengthened The final redesign of the wings was undertaken. flaps. The MiG-23M was flight tested in June 1972 by A. fuselage and stabilizers. This version. Libya and Syria. Angola. Production started in 1974 and this variant was exported mostly to the Middle East air forces like Algeria. This kit was finished in the three-tone Fighter Regiment. modeller. although it is very simple in its con truction and detail. Probably the only item available is the KM-IM eection seat. but it was produced (Bulgaria. A set of photo-etched parts is produced by Eduard (#72-102. One of the main problem for modellers in thi scale. and is kit is relatively new. prepared for the MiG-27. R-23T. Cuba and India. Czechoslovakia. Export 'Floggers' There were two export versions of the early 'Flogger': MF and MS. That said. Pavia or True Details. The MS version had the avionics and equipment of the MiG-23S along with the airframe of the MiG-23M. but in fact are a rather hybride version of the Sand MF As a result these kits feature wings that have a 'dog tooth' to the Details of the front section of the model's fuselage. Fedotov.yet! There are also a number of accessories that can be used when making these ki ts. In my opinion the best model of the'Flogger B' in I 2nd scale is the Academy model (#1621). The quality of all available models is nOl very good. Its weapon systems were varied. by Heller) which is is rather toy-like.EARLY FLOGGERS 37 important as the MiG-23S had suffered because of the lack of changes with the DML product. by DML The best is the leading edge. Externally the MiG-23M. MiG-23MF ill)! Polish marking of the 28th the sole Polish unit that used the . Iraq. while the later was produced imilar and have similar faults. Hungary. Take a look at the work of Polish modeller Tomasz Kolasa featured here. is that the number of accessories for it are very limited. Most of the details like lots. The kit is not without faults though and these can be identified as follows: • The fuselage is too short (4 mm) • The radome shape is poor • The cockpit interior is very sparse • The landing gear bays are too shallow and lack any detail • The stabilizers are the wrong shape • The air intakes are the wrong shape All these faults are very hard to correct. The first was initially made by in Canada. Both are offered as the MiG-23S. stabilizers still available at a reasonably low price. Egypt. He also corrected the shape of the radome. You can compare the model to the orginal 1/144lh Scale In I/I44th (MiG-23MF scale kits of the 'Flogger' were manufactured and MS). ('Flogger B') was another export version this version was identical to in two variants: Type A and based on the M variant. A + V. This kit is very similar to the Hasegawa. which is available from Aires.A. but many elements can be also used in the MiG-23). but accuracy isn't a trong point of this model and the panel lines are raised. Poland and for other Soviet allies like The Type B was intended 1/481h Scale In Model Form Early versions of the 'Flogger' are rare in kit form. KMC corrections RC. engine and open airbrakes were made from scratch. The Type A was for members of the Warsaw Pact East Germany. There are two kits of the early 'Flogger' (#4022) and Hobbycraft in scale 1/48th. but was fined with four-part leading edge flaps. was the most for a air combat and GSh-23L common of all variants. Most of the kits were designed a considerable time ago when information on this subject was very limited. Some of them were also used by units of the Soviet Air Force. Romania).

Overall view of the entire canopy in its open position 7. Overall view from the port side of the forward portion of the cockpit canopy 2. A look into the forward section of the canopy 4. View of the forward section of the cockpit canopy from the starboard side 3. Mid-section of the Cockpit . Note also the wear on the latter item starboard side of the canopy. Overall look at the ejection seat and bulkhead in the rear cockpit area Photo Album PANAVIA TORNADO F. grab handles and ventilation pipe. 8.K. Once again the ventilation pipe is prominent as are the manufacturer's plates and canopy locking arms 6. This is a view down the port side of the front cockpit position. Starboard side of the interior of the rear section of the cockpit canopy.3 by John Wilkes 6.Canopy 1. Note the Mod. Baxter 5. Overall view from the port side of the rear cockpit station 9. plates.

Early F.10. Overall view of the rear instrument panel. Overall view of the starboard side console and instrument panel 16. Overall view of the mid-section of the cockpit area . Note that this later F.3 has only two display units. A look down on the starboard side console of the front cockpit 15. A look forward from alongside the ejection seat 11. Overhead views of the rear ejection seat 14.2s usually have three 12 & 13.3s and F.

Overall view of the port rear fuselage. 21. Overall view of the . A look down at the instrument panel in the front cockpit rear.17. A look up into the starboard side engine access panel. This is the inside of the engine access door seen in Photo 23. Note that the access ladders are not equal 26. port side of the fuselage. A look at the port side console in the rear cockpit 18. A look from the front of the aircraft. Note the primer colour 25. lower. A look at the starboard side console in the rear cockpit 19. Note the position markings for the tailplane 27. Ground generator pick-up point under the mid-section of the lower fuselage Airframe 20. aft of the main undercarriage bay 24. Access door within the roundel marking on the starboard forward fuselage entire forward section of the fuselage with the IFR probe extended and the crew access ladders in position 23. Overall view of the 22.

PANAVIA TORNADO F 3 28. Looking directly into the rear area of the aircraft. Also of note is the fact that stains from the fastenings under the tail plane go down and back. The F. This is caused by the airflow under the moving tail 41 32. Note the 'brushes' in the wing sweep section 36. Here you can see all the gearing associated with the thrust reversers 29. as well as all the soot etc that covers the whole back end of the Tornado . A look down into the air intake. while those on the right open at lower speeds 31. Overall view of the crew access ladders in position 34. The access port below it is for the ground generator (there is another one on the opposite side) 33. In this shot of the rear fuselage you can see the chaff dispensers on the lower fuselage. The two doors open in this shot are the pressure recharging point and an inbuin test station 30. Note the mass of exhaust stains caused by the thrust reversers.3 has one internal cannon and this is its port. Overall view of the starboard side of the airframe with all RBF tags and covers in position 35. anhough you would not guess it from these shots! The strake in the centre is of note. The doors in the upper edge open at higher speeds. Overall view of the starboard side mid-section. not just back. Overall view of the tail area. The interior is white.

. Viewed from the back you can see the gearing for the thrust reversers between the engine exhausts and the chaff dispensers on the lower fuselage 38. This is a closer look at the port side 42. ft MonIhJy . Overall view from the rear port side of the airframe 41. This is the starboard side of the vertical fin area.. Overall look at the tailplane area. The port side of the rear fuselage and vertical fin with the air brakes open 44.MirdI 2002 37. This shot from the starboard side shows an aircraft undergoing ground running.. Nice overall shot of the vertical fin 45.. Note all the various panels that have been removed for this task . This shot also shows the air brakes in the open position 43..Model . Note that this machine has the chaff dispensers frtted 40. A closer look at the exhaust outlets and thrust reverser gearing 39..

This shot of the vertical fin shows the location of the ILS aerials as well as the intake on the leading 50. 53. edge 47. This shot under the fuselage shows the chaff dispensers and the tailhook. Here you can see the covers on the intakes as well as the RBF tags . With this closer (inboard) shot of the port wing you can see the fillets associated with the wing/fuselage join 46. This is a closer look at the intake on the leading edge of the fin 48. Overall view of the port side.~ri~~==~. Hanging from the pylon is a BOL 304 chaff dispenser 49. This view on top of the port wing clearly shows the leading edge slats and 'flaperon' spoilers in the wing surface. Nice shot of the starboard wing 51. This shot shows the twin UHF antennae and the two-colour anti-collision strobe 52.

54. In this shot of the forward port fuselage side you can see the ground earthing lead fitted as well as the IFF (above and below) and UHF (below only) antennae 55. Nice shot from the front of the airframe. Note the wing stance 56. Overall view of the starboard forward fuselage area 57. These two bays on the starboard side are the refuelling coupling panel and built-in test panel 58 In this view of the aft starboard side you can see the scratched paint below the tail plane and the RBF tags fitted into the chaff dispensers 59. This shot of the starboard wingtip shows the blank installed on the outer pylon position and the fuel vent at the extreme tip trailing edge

60. Overall view of the starboard main undercarriage leg. The headset and wire hung on the pylon are for use by the ground crew during ground running tests etc 61. Quick look up into the nose wheel well




62. The port main undercarriage leg 63. This shot of the starboard undercarriage clearly shows the door shape and the landing light 64. A closer look at the starboard main undercarriage 65. Overall look at the nose wheel 66. A closer look at the port undercarriage door and landing light The vents forward of the gear are for the environmental control system 67. This shot of the nose wheel area shows the ground generator pick-up point with an earthing lead clipped onto it 68. The massive casting that is the main undercarriage unit 69. This view along the starboard side shows the various access doors open as well as the sweep marks inboard of the pylon that indicate the movement of these pylons as the wing sweeps backwards

Model AmnII Monthly - Mart:I1201l2

70. The starboard pylon fitted with a BOL 304 chaff dispenser 71. This is the port pylon with the LAU 7 Sidewinder launcher rail and BOL 304 chaff dispenser installed 72. This is the rail associated with BOL 304 chaff dispenser 73. An AIM-9 Sidewinder fitted on the port pylon 74. This shot of a Sidewinder on the starboard pylon shows it with all the RBF tags and 'Noddy cap' fitted 75. A look at the back of the AIM-9 76. Front view of the AIM-9 and BOL 304 on their pylon 77. This look under the starboard pylon clearly shows the built-in sway braces and the connections for a fuel tank 78. This shot of the port side shows how the upper grey colour wraps around the leading edge of the wing.

O. laminated card Sopwith 8. Carromon.95 ISBN: 1-903223-15-6 Publisher:Classic Publications Format: 225mmx300mm. MardensHill.The Moonlight War of NSG 9 by ick Beale Price: £24.1 & T. Welwyn. Herts.M. laminated card cover • . Crowborough.American Volunteer Group by Jean Louis Couston Price: ITBA (185FF) ISB~: 3-912749-03-04 Publisher: Editions DTU Format: 215mmx280mm. 10 page. Middlesex. USA. 10.25 ISBN: 1-902207-41-6 Publisher: Albatros Productions Format: 21Omrmu97mm. TN6lXH Tel:01862610490 Fax: 01862 610842 P. Ber1dtampstead. please contact the publisher or UK importer tockist listed. hardback cover with seperate dust jacket F-15 Eagle Walk Around by Lou Drendel Price: £12. 1 Publisher: Peregrine Publi hing Format: BOOKS Boeing 377 Stratocruiser & Related Variants Price: £8. UB78EA Tel:01895 442123 Fax: 01895 421412 3 bis rue Casteres. Cockpits .' . HortonParade.1 Cuckoo by J. laminated card cover Ghost Bombers . Texas75011-5010. TeVFax: 01 4731 6953 33 Peregrine Publishing DTU POBox80.95 ISB1: fA Publisher: The Aviation Data Centre Ltd in associa tion with The Aviation Hobby hop Format: What follows is a list of some of the most recently publi hed aviation books available in the UK. laminated card >. NY 11545. TJ COCIOO i . j I I' I ADDRESSES Allatros Productions lid. laminated card cover 210mmx297mm.95 ISBN: 1-930432-08-9 Series: Peregrine Photo Essay Cockpits o. 32 page. The Aviation Hobby Shop 4. If you have any problems in obtaining them. 92110 Clichyla Garenne. GlenHead.99 ISB : 0-89747-433-3 Publi her: Squadron/Signal Publications Format: 210mmx280mm 80 page. 208 page. Bruce Price: £9. Tel:(516) 759 1089 Fax: (516) 7591034 . Herts. USA Tel:(214) 2421485 Fax: (214) 242 37 75 Pocketbond Ltd. HP41BY Tel: 1442875838 0 Fax: 01442876018 Classic Publica1ions FriarsGate Farm. East Sussex. AL6 OND Tel:01707 391509 Fax: 01707 327466 SquadrontSignal ubhcabons P 1115 CrowleyDrive. ~8 page. . France.~'< ~~ 290mmx210mm cover 129 page. West Drayton. HortonRoad.Early WWII FlyingTigers .LongView.Box343.-!~I -~ SOPWrrH BJ .--- IN PRINT 47 In Print RECE TLY PUBLISHED by Steve Muth Price: S9.

Uke other aircraft guns which were designed as water-cooled weapons. This boat with a 160 hp Austro-Daimler eventually arrived at Triest in October 1916. This pattern was common and was frtted to the CC and other boats.Photoref THE by Harry HANSA-BRANDENBURG Woodman CC The prototype HB CC (HB W. Note the characteristic 'wash out' at the upper wing tips.1 0) from a series of photographs taken on the Havel in 1916. the jacket has been drained and slotted. (CNp/JoIoslromlhe_s_J The Schwarzlose M7/12 gun mounted here on a two-seater. .

I "QSTERREIQ-lISC"Hf 'Ml:>U~"RIf'WeRKE WRRCHRLOWSKI. dark grey cylinders. EISSLER & Co RG.11503 of the 4th Squadriglia during a raid on May 4th 1918.12-A.:ra @.12. in the A. copper induction and carburettor piping and allbrass radiator. 6: A magazine advert dating from 1918 for Hiero engines manufactured by Warchalowski.25-48 series with an upper wing radiator and twin Schwarzlose.-~---THE HANSA-BRANDENBURG CC 49 1: Side profile of the HB CC of the A.-_.24. 4: Another shot taken on the same day shows another boat in the series A. Note the down-turned elevators and position of the ailerons whilst the Hiero is at full throttle.24 at Triest in the summer of 1917. with exception of A. Frhr. 5: All marine aircraft proved difficult to "unstick" especially when the water was as calm as seen here.12-A. had Hieros in the 160. of Vienna. 180 and 200 hp range.G. WIEM. von Banfield. dull silver-grey crankcase. o HW . A. The base is recognisable as that of the Seeflugstation at Kumbor (Cattaro). Note the colours. 2: HB CC serial A. . The boat is not identifiable but it has a Hiero engine. This is actually a later CC. Note the trolley and the guide tracks. 3: von Banfield photographed alongside A. and the advert celebrates the destruction of Caproni Ca.24 at Tries!.24 series. Eissler & Co. One of the boats flown by Lschlt. The stabilizer and elevators have red and white stripes painted spanwise. all of which. it was powered by a 200hp Hiero engine and entered service in February 1917 and was struck off in December being officially 'wom out'.

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The Pensnett Model Makers Society For more details contact John Boucker on 01384 834437. Bagington. Email: anders.yu to yasig@eunetyu. PMC Koeln e. Warks.za or visit our Website at www. Tel 01738 629555 (Sorry no under 16'$) . 17 Ouantock Close. Please contact David Morrice. NG5 90A or Tel: 0115 2696799 Greater Peterborough Model Club For • details ring Jim Sylvester on 01733 571728.za/ipmssa. Tel: 01259 722428.worfd War One SIG has a new website at http://www. 'Ashgrove'. wallingford (IPMS) For more details • contact Club Secretary Steve Lovelock on 01235 210277 or George Clark on 01491 201902. ThUrrOCk Scale Model Club For more • information please contact John Davies on 01375 406895 or Steve Moore on 0708 853139. Merseyside Scale Model Club (IPMS) • meet first Tuesday of the month at the Royal British Legion. II anyone is interested in joining please contact David Campbell.i-way. SE-129 39 Hagersten. Mertener Str. 27 Derwent Drive. 38 Ashgrove. Germany. Please contact: Peter • James. Stafford IPMS Model Club For information contact. The club is therefore now known as West Middlesex Scale Model Club.com SAFE. Perth. IPMS Wessex For more details contact • Karen Robins on 02380 582808. OToronto. Waterloo.co.server. For more information contact Michael Winkler.

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IPMS/Switzerland www.•......neVdfk!com/paragon/paragon.. . ..•...ch/ ....co.sht ....•.........•..com........com mail for IPMS/Singapore www.fVpp/vmhalme/ipms/home...co..neVdfk/com/experten/experten.js-net.. .shtml· MATLAN (Belgium) www..utoronto.......pipeltcom'!own/place/gfb78 www.•.•..- . Experten Decals Rightdecs Jaguar .aU/ Perth Military Modelling Society www..Leading Edge Models Lone Star Models MDC Neomega Paragon Designs Skylancer Decals Superscale Intemational Verlinden/Main Verlinden Productions VLS (SA) Badger Airbrush Bare-Metal Foil Dremel Rexi-Light Gryphon Models SNJ Model Products Cutting Edge/Meteor Productions ....ab.. ~-....ipmscanada..•.demon...html A-l Skyraider Site A-6 Intruder A-l0 Warthog B-24 Liberator Beaufighter Squadrons Be1l47 C-130 Hercules Ex FRADU Hunters home page J-4 Phantom Site Northrop F-5E/F & F-20 349 Squadron F-16 Site F-16 Israeli Website +-== ..... ...org/ ..net......buffnetneV-tonym/models..co.•.aoLcom/A6E/intruder.•....•..be/-svhasteV www...... Czech & Slovak SIG www.com/ . www.acm. www. cust2...lonestarmodels.revell...htrnl ....co.j-aircraft....rug.....com/asm... 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Archer Rne Transfers Aztec Decals Belcher Bits Cobra Company Daco Products Dekno Eduard M..testors.uk/-garys Aeroatic Display Teams SIG ourworld...cz www...com ..novamodeler/ . www.mpm.....mcmaiLcom/index.23......revell-monogram..... www....com'!own/estate/nr49/usnair/ US Naval Aircraft SIG www2......com/.•.htrn ... www...academyhobby..de www....dremel....lPMS/Canada personal......•. www3...htrnl www....com/bmf ..com/c130/index..cps...meteorprod.....•...•.be/ipms-belgium· IPMS/Belgium www.compuserve.•.•..jaguarmodels.lPMS/Rnland www..itline.dragon-models.......•...........com dspace.kimberley.ping..ping..flxlight......... www.aoshima·bk...lPMS/IIaly ping4.....•..remotecom. www..lPMS UK www.com www......•......stringbag.com/homepages/geoff trenholme ....

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France National Air & Space Museum of Australia National Museum of Naval Aviation New Zealand Rghter Pilots' Museum RAF Museum.co.harringtonmuseum.nmstc...org/04/mteijen/mf1titre.suomenilmailumuseo...hurricanehunters.....con-vrhinebeck.WEB GUIDE ------- 53 .mygale..airbus.eracer.•..:.mindspring.•....miVmuseum www..com/westland 0 ••••••••••••••• 0 •••••• 0 •••••• 0 •••••• 0 •••••• 0 •• 0 ••••••••• 0 ••••• 0 0 ••••• 0 •• 0 ••••• 0 •• 0 ••••• 0 •••••••• 0 •• 0 ••••••• AirPower Reference Sites www.org..html www.neV-sluggo www.hbnl www.com 0 0 •• 0 •• 0 •• 0 •••••• •••••••••••••••• 0 •••••••• : •••• 0 ••••••••••••• 0 ••••••••••••• www..co.lmco.lmco.jackson . 0 •••••••••• 0 •••••••••• Aircraft Museums & Collections www..mod.hbnl www.uS/districtS/raiston/mS/sac.go..bae.com 0 0 •• 0 0 •• 0 •• 0 •• 0 •••••• 0 •• 0 0 ••••••••• 0 0 •••••••• ••••••••••• 0 0 •• 0 ••••• •••••• 0 ••••• •••••• 0 ••••• www.lmco...topedge.miVimageS/photoS/ 0 0 0 0 ••••• 0 0 •• 0 •••••••••••••• 0 •••••••••••••• 0 •••••• 0 0 0 •••••• 0 •• Airbus Industrie British Aerospace Boeing Company Dassaut Aviation Eurocopter Consortium Lockheed Martin Lockheed Martin Skunk Works Lockheed Martin Photo Archive Northrop-Grumman Raytheon Aircraft Sikorsky Westland Helicopters 0 ••••••• •••••••••• •••••••••• 0 ••••••• 0 ••••••• ••••••••••• 0 •••••••• 0 •••••••• British Army Brazilian Air Force Rnnish Air Force Guatemalan Air Hellenic Air Force Indian Air Force Israeli Defense Forces Japan Air SeH Defense Force ROC (Taiwan) Air Force Royal Air Force Royal Australian Air Force Royal Canadian Air Force Royal Netherlands Air Force Swedish Air Force Singapore Air Force Unijed States Air Force Unijed States Air Forces Europe US Coastguard Photographic Sites www..rafmuseum. www.hkkk. www.bharat-rakshak.naval-air.demon..!VfIrsqn21 Iacair-press.neVpub/royfC/ru_acft.achq.ca www.html" www. www.shbnl ..con-vmilhist www..uk/-paniC/ mypage.hbnl www. .org www.texaslink..vpnaVY..k12.dcc. 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Nor can the publisher accept responsibilijy for the bone fides of these sites..warplane.con-vwirmuseum www.hbn www.fV-y~ola/war/faf/faf.hellas.geocilies.org..• www.uk/brookiandS/indellhbnl web.hbn www.•.hbnl www.html www..con-vraaf.geocilies.aWOOD/RAAF www. While every care is taken in the compilation of this lis~ the publisher cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions.dnd.cae..mainstrearn.html ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 0 •••••• .ca www.iV-agretcIVRAP..dhc... Cosford American Airpower Heritage Museum Arbnsas Air Museum Brooklands Museum Canadian Museum of Right Canadian National Aviation Museum Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Air & Space Museum.html gramercy.uk 0 •••••••••••• RAF Museum.af...rafmuseum.sikorsky..com www.•. Le Bourget.extemal..conVlAF www..mil www._--=..fi ._-_--- \\11111\11' .J(ocd.mae..wpafb.se/%7Egriffon/aviation/ www.idirect.govt.hbnl www. www. www.hbnl www.con-vCapeCanaveraVLab/4596 www.con-vCapeCanaveraV8663/index.army.html www.

Etched Brass & Vac-formed Clear Plastic Manufacturer: AML Obtain in UK via: Hannants Scale: 1/72nd Kit No: 72 016 Price: £TBA Type: Limited-run Injection Moulded Plastic.: 72-372 Designed for: KP kit Price:£TBA • Subject: N. Ltd UK Importer: Amerang Ltd Scale: 1/72nd Kit No: 00261 Price: £9.Product No.Model AumlI Mot1!h1y .202 Folgore Scale: 1/72nd .: 48-101 Designed for: Monogram (AV-8B) kit Price: £TBA Pete's Hangar (Australia) Resin Accessories • Subject: Black Hawk Stabiliser [Australian) Scale: 1/35th .Product No.Product No. OTE: For full reviews of all of the items below.Product No..Product No.99 Origin: MRC (USA) Type: Injection Moulded Plastic Manufacturer: Academy Plastic Model Co.: SS 174 Designed for: Hasegawa kit Price: £TBA Subject: Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-3 Scale: 1/72nd . KITS Scale: 1/35th Kit No: 2196 Price: £19.. Ltd UK Importer: Amerang Ltd Scale: 1/72nd Kit No: 72 014 Price: £TBA Type: Limited-run Injection Moulded Plastic. Etched Brass & Vac-formed Clear Plastic Manufacturer: AML Obtain in UK via: Hannants Scale: 1/48th Kit No: 04542 Price: £29. accessories and decals.Product No.: RRD48126 Designed for: Any Hurricane kit Price: £TBA (AusS4.A Obtain in UK via: Hannants or LSA Models ACCESSORIES Eduard M.Product No.Product No. Ltd UK Importer: Amerang Ltd .Product No.: SS 176 Designed for: Tamiya kit Price: £TBA Subject: Mitsubishi T-4 Dolphin Scale: 1/48th .1 Scale: 1/72nd .: FE 154 Desiqned for: Hasegawa kit Price: £TBA DeSigned for: Any Hurricane kit Price: £TBA (AusS4..Product No.30) • Subject: Hawker Hurricane Tropical Riter [Vokes) Scale: 1/48th . Ltd UK Importer: Toyway Scale: 1/72nd Kit No: 00263 Price: £9.85) • Subject: Spitfire Mk Vc Scale: 1/48th .Product No.Product No. Scale Aviation Modeller International.Product No.: 72-371 Designed for: KP kit Price:£TBA • Subject: Mil Mi-8 Interior Scale: 1/72nd .95 Type: Resin & Vac-formed Clear Plastic Manufacturer: Gremlin Models by ZED Obtain in the UK via: Hannants Note: Decals available from A.: 72-369 Designed for: Hasegawa kit Price:£TBA • Subject: Mil Mi-8 Exterior Scale: 1/72nd .99 Type: Injection Moulded Plastic & Etched Brass Manufacturer: Eduard M.99 Type: Injection Moulded Plastic Manufacturer: Hasegawa Seisakusyo Co.99 Origin: Dragon (Hong Kong) Type: Injection Moulded Plastic Manufacturer: Revell AG UK Importer: Revell AG (UK Branch) Scale: 1/72nd Kit No: N/K Price: £23.: 72-360 Designed for: Hasegawa kit Price:£TBA Subject: H-19/S-55 Scale: 1/72nd .it) Scale: 1/48th Kit No: 8081 Price: £13..: 72-363 Designed for: Revell & Italeri kits Price: £TBA Subject: Macchi MC. UK prices have been included where known.A. Tagliati (tagliati@aol.: FE 151 Designed for: Hasegawa kit Price: £TBA Subject Lockheed P-38J Lightning Scale: 1/48th . please see Vol 7 Iss 11 and Vol 7 Iss 12 of our sister magazine. (Czech Republic) Etched Brass Accessoires Subject Lockheed F-104J Starfighter Scale: 1/72nd .: RRD48127 Designed for: Tamiya Mk Vb kit Price:£TBA AMRAAM Line (Italy) Resin Conversion • Subject: AV-8B Harrier Plus Scale: 1/48th ._ 2002 Scale News ALL THE LATEST STUFF What follows is a comprehensive list of all the latest aviation kits.: SS 169 Designed for: Italeri kit Price:£TBA Subject: Panavia Tornado GR.A.Product No.Product No.. F-100D Super Sabre • Scale: 1/72nd .: RRD72106 . Scale: 1/48th Kit No: PT23 Price: £24..99 Type: Injection Moulded Plastic Manufacturer: Hasegawa Seisakusyo Co.99 Type: Injection Moulded Plastic Manufacturer: Hasegawa Seisakusyo Co.: 35002 DeSigned for: Academy kit Price: £TBA • • • Red Roo Models (Australia) Resin Accesories & Conversions • Subject: Hawker Hurricane Tropical Filter [Vokes) Scale: 1/72nd .

G.: S72-176 Designed for: Roden kit Price: £TBA • Subject: N.: S48-097 Designed for: Revell kit Price:£TBA .Product No.: N/K Oesigned for: ICM kit Price: £TBA Aires (Czech Republic) Resin & Etched Brass Accessories & Conversions • Subject: Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Cockpit Set Scale: 1/72nd .Product No. F-86D Sabre Dog Scale: 1/48th .Product No.Product No. F.: F2002 Price:£TBA Part (Poland) Etched Brass ~ccessories • Subject: Fokker D.Product No.A. EJ & SKits Price:£TBA • Subject: German WWII Fighters JG 53 (1941) Scale: 1/32nd .-- -- SCALE NEWS 55 Scale: 1/48th A4801 Price: £T8A Type: Resin Manufacturer: Choroszy Modelbud Obtain in UK via: Aeroclub Scale: 1/72nd Kit No: A47 Price: £TBA Type: Resin Manufacturer: Choroszy Modelbud Obtain in UK via: Aeroclub Scale: 1/72nd Kit No: 41 Price: £TBA Type: Resin Manufacturer: Choroszy Modelbud Obtain in UK via: Aeroclub Albalros C.: 7065 Designed for: Hasegawa kit Price: £TBA • Subject: Republic F-84G Tbunderjet Detail Set Scale: 1/72nd . Mid) Scale: 1/72nd . Early) Scale: 1/72nd .: 4059 Designed for: Hasegawa kit Price: £TBA • Subject: MiG-21 MF Detail Set Scale: 1/48th .la Scale: 1/72nd Kit No: A50 Price:£TBA Type: Resin Manufacturer: Choroszy Modelbud Obtain in UK via: Aeroclub I I I Scale: 1/72nd Kit No: 42 Price: £TBA Type: Resin Manufacturer: Choroszy Modelbud Obtain in UK via: Aeroclub Scale: 1/72nd Kit No: A45 Price: £TBA Type: Resin Manufacturer: Choroszy Modelbud Obtain in UK via: Aeroclub Scale: 1/72nd Kit No: A49 Price: £TBA Type: Resin Manufacturer: Choroszy Modelbud Obtain in UK via: Aeroclub Scale: 1/72nd Kit No: A43 Price: £TBA Type: Resin Manufacturer: Choroszy Modelbud Obtain in UK via: Aeroclub Scale: 1/72nd Kit No: A42 Price: £TBA Type: Resin Manufacturer: Choroszy Modelbud Obtain in UK via: Aeroclub Nieuporl27 Scale: 1/72nd Kit No: A46 Price: £TBA Type: Resin Manufacturer: Choroszy Modelbud Obtain in UK via: Aeroclub Gremlin Models (Yugoslavia) Resin & Vac-Formed Clear Plastic Conversion • Subject: Yak-7 Scale: 1/48th .VII (OAW.Product No.Product No.Product No.Product No.: 7070 Designed for: Tamiya kit Price: £TBA • Subject: P-47D Razorback Cockpit Set Scale: 1/48th . J.: 4118 Designed for: Any F-4E.VII (OAW.Product No.: 4062 Designed for: Academy kit Price: £TBA • Subject: McDD F-4 Phantom Exhaust Nozzles Scale: 1/48th .: S72-175 Designed for: Roden kit Price: £TBA • Subject: Fokker D.

Nakajima J1 N1-S/Sa 48002 .A-4B/C Skyhawk 48-376 .Curtiss Hawk 75A-1 48004 .Royal Norwegian Air Force Spitfires InScale 72 (Finland) AC 02672 .Tupolev SB2-M100 & SB2-M103 AC 03048 . Gekko Model 11 Gekko Model 11 Part I Part II Techmod (Poland) 48011 .03 .Sikorsky SH-60F Seahawk NZ-72005 .Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Part 1 48-002 .Spitfire Mk IXc RRD4820 .Republic P-47 Thunderbolt Red Roo Models (Australia) RRD7223 .Vlb Scale: 1/24th Kit No: NIK Price: £TBA ($69.Boeing 777 (British Airways) X44-02 .Fiat G.I' Scale: 1/72nd 72-015 Price: £TBA Type: Resin Manufacturer: Ardpol Obtain in UK via: Aeroclub Scale: 1/72nd Kit No: 72-014 Price:£TBA Type: Resin Manufacturer: Ardpol Obtain in UK via: Aeroclub Scale: 1/144th Kit No: OM14403 Price: £TBA (Aus$13.Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 AC 03272 .05 .A-4B Skyhawk 48-737 . Resin & Etched Brass Manufacturer: Bluprint Models Scale: 1/48th Kit No: 48-005 Price: £TBA Type: Resin & Vac-formed Clear Plastic Manufacturer: Ardpol Obtain in UK via: Aeroclub DECALS SKY 48-039 .N.A-7E Corsair Norseman Decals (Norway) 72.75 + P&P) Type: Injection Moulded Plastic & Vac-formed Clear Manufacturer: OzMods Australian Models Scale: 1/72nd Kit No: A48 Price: £TBA Type: Resin Manufacturer: Choroszy Modelbud Obtain in UK via: Aeroclub Scale: 1/72nd Kit No: B40 Price:£TBA Type: Resin Manufacturer: Choroszy Modelbud Obtain in UK via: Aeroclub Scale: 1/72nd Kit No: A42 Price: £TBA Type: Resin Manufacturer: Choroszy Modelbud Obtain in UK via: Aeroclub Scale: 1/72nd Kit No: A51 Price: £TBA Type: Resin & Vac-formed Clear Plastic Manufacturer: Choroszy Modelbud Obtain in UK via: Aeroclub Roland D.Spitfire Mk XVle RRD4821 .A-7E Corsair 48-738 . Metal. P-51D Mustang 48-732 .Messerschmitt Bf 11 OC 48026 .Messerschmitt Bf 11 OC Model Alliance (Australia) DS-040 .0020 .Boeing 777 (British Airways) Superscale (USA) 48-731 . Scale Aviation Modeller International.0010 . NOTE For full reviews of all of the above items.N.Bristol Blenheim Lifelike Decals (Japan) 48-001 .II .Spitfire Mk XVle RRD4823 .Polikarpov 1-153 AC 02772 .BAe Harrier IVMcDD AV-8B .F-47D Thunderbolt Xtradecal (UK) X44-001 .P-47D Thunderbolt 48-375 .A-4K Skyhawk SkyModels (Italy) SKY 72-035 .95) Type: Vac-formed Plastic.42 Part I SKY 48-028 .Nakajima J1 N1-S/Sa 48003 . please see Vol 8 Iss 2 of our sister magazine.Spitfire Mk Vc Stencils RRD7224 .Curtiss Hawk 75A-1 SCALE The following prefixes within the item codes identify scale: 200 = 1/20Oth 144 = 1/144th 100 = 1/10Oth 72 = 1/72nd 48 = 1/48th 35 = 1/35th 32 = 1/32nd 24 = 1/24th No code means they are multi-scale.Spitfire Mk Vc Stencils Santa Cruz Decals (Portugal) SC72.Messerschmitt Bf 109 AC 03148 .CAC 'Speed bird' RRD4819 .Messerschmitt Bf 109 Part 1 AML (Czech Republic) 72008 .Fiat CR.Spitfire Mk XVle RRD4822 .A.Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 AC 02872 .91 SC72. P-51 0 Mustang 48-733 .A.Sukhoi Su-2 72012 .P-47D Thunderbolt 48-734 .Messerschmitt Bf 1100 48049 .Royal Norwegian Air Force Spitfires 48.

all of which are sealed in a 0. rivet detail and embossed interior detail. Federal Standard paint numbers are listed on the colour chart: FS 35180 Blue. IS and 16) were 31 and The fuselage halves (kit part formal mounting temporarily as opposed to being sunk 'square'. history. no details. 18th August 1945 and aged 25.99 Type: Injected moulded plastic Parts: Plastic 58 clear 1 Decal Option: 3 (USSR and Czech) Manufacturer: Hobbycraft UK Importer: Pocketbond Ltd The Project For this particular flown by Ivan project I decided to build the aircraft that was The Ukrainian pilot was the credited with . The front page lists kit numbers decals (48-087). fabric covered control surfaces are over-scaled and heavily exaggerated.95 starboard SSR) with the disruptive or horizontal camouflage scheme. As there were no points for the pilot's seat or control column. Humbrol The plan drawings in the colour scheme section are details. All major components plastic bag. are adequate instructions with thi are fairly basic and although not the best for the majority of modellers to follow. Kozhedub. features. colour chart and assembly symbols.Fighting Lavochkin By Mike Hyrons Fighting Lavochkin Technical Data Scale: 1/48th Price: £10. There is DO stabiliser camouflage technical data. consists of six A4 with a style that folds out to reveal two for colour schemes and and scale. supplies this kit in a A4 type box. kit for the third time the 'Hero of the Soviet Union' medal. or detailed painting kit. with engraved panel lines. AeroMaster various aftermarket assembly sections that are numbered. instructions ModelMaster FS numbers. highest scoring Russian and Allied Ace ofWWII. caution note and from approximately moulded instruction 34127 Green. This kit has only side views with upper-wing leave those modellers who intend building option three (aircraft details on how to obtain a Hobbycraft catalogue and free kit. To improve the attractiveness construction. FS 15200 Azure Blue. Kozhedub's presentation aircraft The Canadian standard Kozhedub's manufacturer. floor. The illustrations drawn. and an additional format. indentations 'rounded' The panel lines and rivet are a bit shallow and have a tendency to be sunk The metal-framed are contained on three sprues. and Testers matches to those equivalents and/or appropriate The colour chart lists Floquil. decal sheet. Ivan was awarded of this model I included modelling products: in the Instructions The in truction sheet. in multilingual American sized pages in pamphlet six exploded-view brief description decal placement. True Details weighted main wheels (48054) and Eduard cockpit interior and flap detail sets (48-012 and 48-014). 32) were held together with masking tape until the rub was inserted from the lower opening and marked with a soft pencil. Construction . Ivan claimed all his victories flying Lavochkin On Saturday 62 ('kills') aerial victories by the end of the Second World War. Squadron crystal clear canopy (9524). The kit is made up 58 Light grey injection parts and I clear plastic part. The box artwork of Ivan N. FS 33434 Tan and FS The Kit 1. Smaller parts are partially oversized and thickly moulded with some flash being evident. This will a lirtle vague with regard to side. with a poorly detailed painting ofIvan presentation aircraft on the lid. The ki t in general has fair moulded surface detail. The translucent cockpit canopy has fine raised panel lines but is thickly moulded.Cockpit and Fuselage Assembly Construction tarted with the cockpit tub. the (kit parts II. . front and rear bulkheads taped together. La-Ss and La-7s. In the colour and marking section of the it also includes FS 11136 Red and RLM 04 Yellow. Hobbycraft. sheet. upper and lower drawings.

.... .... 8....a.. Stage one 'CockpIT Assembly'. the blades were left off... The kit's contents.. I included in the construction various aftermarket modelling products 3.._ HCI530· 1:48· UFighting Lavochkin" --... Front page of the instructions lists kit number and scale.-_.~ ca... there were no formal mounting points for the pilot's seat or control column .... .... The etched brass parts fitted to the fuselage halves 11. ... _...........WI.. 58 light grey injection moulded parts on three sprue frames 6..... ..... kit features... Careful painting and dry-brushing brings the interior to life 12.... To improve the attractiveness of this model... • ...~ Q~9~Q~ og::e§o~ e~ Q~ O~\i):" ... Stage three 'Propeller Assembly'... ~ . .. ~ .... The contents of 48-012 etched brass detail set 10.. Stage two 'Fuselage Assembly'..... Eduard's comprehensive instruction sheet 9. .. "...* * *~*~* * 2.·r'IIIl8dlIWMUiN· 7... ---_ ~ -- . . the cockpIT tub was inserted into the fuselage 14 & 15.. -- -* . giving three aircraft options 4 & 5........ .... The kit decals. _ .. . ---..... The completed and life-like instrument panel 13.. colour chart and assembly symbols La-' ... as this would prevent them being aCCidentally knocked off during construction and would ease the painting and maSking process later on ~:8:==- -_ ....

I 16. Stage four 'Wing and Fuselage Assembly'. True Details replacement wheels and lyres (#46054) 26.. The hydraulic rams (kit part nos 29 & 30) were thickly moulded and were therefore replaced with steel and plastic tubing 26. rivet and indentation 29 & 30. Using superglue. thinned with cellulose thinners. another area that required additional wor!< 24. The wing root gaps are clearly evident in this photo 16 to 20. Test fitting the replacement rams 27. lf @ cS .-w. was run into each line. The gap was filled until a satisfactory wing dihedral was obtained 22. one of the main areas that gave me cause for concem were the upper wing roots and lower wing-to-fuselage assembly 17. After measuring the gaps with feeler gauges. Stage five 'Landing Gear Assembly'. To enhance the recessed panel lines and rivets a wash of gloss black paint (Humbrol #21). 7 ' I 12 @k-" ~ La-7 O~ .r D~ or ~=- . each of the Plasticard strips were glued to the wing components 21. Although the joint between the rear of the lower wing to fuselage was flush there was a slight recess. pieces of Plasticard were cut to be approximate profiles of the wing root and the front and rear of the lower wing. The recess was filled with Humbrol filler to reinstate the correct contours of the underside of the fuselage 23. The kit's camouflage and marking details 0 . The undercarriage doors were assembled and then trimmed to frt the apertures of the wheel wells 25.

The final process was finished with wet and dry rubbing paper (800 grit to 1200 grit) Great care should be taken during this procedure removal of the embossed framework. The nose. The cockpit tub was application. process later on. This time the lighter mix of H70 was applied. a spot of black with thinners. in scale. The whole assembly was then fitted to the for assembly and that etched bra In 1/48th scale etched and I the Wings and Fuselage The horizontal stabili ers and rudder were fitted to the fuselage. a cockpit instrument panel. of the set and or dry super-glue was run round the perimeter panel ensuring Humbrol's ides were now ready to receive the various throttle and mixture the film and etched panel were firmly joined.35 36 and 20 respectively). hould be taken when removing the smaller complex parts from their fret. The film representing in trurnen ts dial detail is pain ted whi te on the opposi te side and the etched panel should be painted to match the colour of the full sized version. Believe me. undercarriage to avoid the various cables and boxes levers. To avoid loss. Care etched brass it also hel ps characterise gauges and instruments. The of one wing tip. completed less the instrument painting.- FI-GHTING LAVOCHKIN 61 via the cockpit aperture. the tape was then secured on the opposite wing tip. boxes. etc. Humbrol's were lined up with their respective Once With the aid of a cocktail stick. springs. all will look The seat and upport bracket (kit parts 31 and 32) were held together with and the seat wa glued to correct once complete and fitted to the fuselage. The cockpit interiors of the fuselage sides were reworked to remove the embossed detail that was to be replaced with etched brass items. a wa h of thinned paint. throttle quadrant. As soon as this was dry the whole area was dry brushed using the original base colour H70. the wing dihedral was too much and therefore to close the gaps. Not the ea ie t of chores and one I don't prefer when no normal fixing mounts are provided. From the backrest of the seat I measured 20 scale inches (I0. for fitting. can be painted matt black or an appropriate The cockpit instrument panel was prepared painting. cockpit interior framing and tail band colours applied The etched panel was carefully placed over the acetate film en uring that the instruments apertures. The wing root gap was closed by the mean of rna king tape and elastic bands. It should be noted the La-7s had no artificial the aircraft when flying in poor weather panel and set aside ready for horizon. radio button box. The wings were temporarily held while the glue was setting the wings were removed from their sprue and prepared together with masking tape and then test fitted to the fuselage. The aluminium when you are working with it. 31. The frontal area of the nose (kit part 18) was painted RLM 02 Grey (H70) and then assembled Ie s the propeller blades and the segmental annular This knocked of engine cooling gills (kit part 34. I would put forward for consideration reproduce. FInally the interior switches. then pulled up tape was stuck to the underside and an acetate film is by far the best and easiest way to the in trurnent dial detail is very easily seen. a small drop of clear gloss varnish was run into each aperture. however with the aid of a solid cast propeller (from the pares box) a satisfactory result ca~ be achieved without too much difficulty. control boxes. frames. Gunze Propeller Assembly The propeller assembly comes with separate propeller blades that have to be cautiously positioned not only to be equidistant with each other but also at the correct and equal pitch angle.5mm) forward for the po itioning of the control column and rudder pedals respectively. The fuselage brass replacements. switches. Blu-Tack then aligned and positioned. with Schwarzgrau panel I would suggest that a dark grey and over the upper fuselage front and ten ioned until the wing root gaps were closed. would prevent any of the blades being accidentally during construction fuselage. To achieve a realistic finish with regard to scale shading on the instrument is used as opposed to black. remove the parts from the fret as you require them. Eduard' instrument panels in my view are particularly prominent consider them neces ary in this scale. seat. This resulted in large gaps at the wing roots and at the front and rear of the lower wing assembly (kit part BI). trim tab wheels and control boxes etc. knife blade should be used in your modelling angyo Aqueous Hobby Colours RLM 02 Grey (H70) was airbrushed onto the cockpit tub and fuselage halves. into and around H70.5mm) and a further 16 scale inches (8. Unfortunately. . The completed cockpit floor becomes a victim of the strange phenomenon that caling a measured distance does not nece arily mean it looks correct. brass. To create 'depth' in the cockpit area. etc. The moment this was dry a second application and would ease the painting and masking raised detail. was brushed all the comers. To obtain the and close the resulting gaps a second this method was unsuitable correct wing dihedral method would have to be adopted. I use a nine inch (225mm) square piece of aluminium approximately l/Sin (3mm) thick to work on when using etched will not leave marks or deform the bras For ease of removal a new knife. levers. fuselage sides as a guide. flap levers. the glass lense of the clear gloss varnish not only secures the acetate to the levers. was used on the trim tab colour. positions for seat I used the rear part of the cockpit canopy on the I then marked a centre line in the floor from front to rear cro ing the previously appli d pencil marks. The initial proce started by scrapping the raised detail with an X-Acto X217 chisel blade followed by filing wi th various Rilller files. The instrument panel dry-brushed bezels were painted satin black and the overall to give it a worn and weathered appearance. which hindered condi tions and darkness. the floor. The pilot's seat belt harness (etched parts 25 26 and 27) and the brake lever (etched part 12) for the control column were removed from their brass fret and attached using superglue. battery and seat belt harness etc. for the approximate and column. The main panel was painted Gunze Sangyo Aqueous Hobby Colours RLM 02 Grey with the central 'blind-flying' which was mounted on anti-vibration (RLM 66) I used Tamiya XF63 German Grey for this panel.

I looked in my spares box to see if! could find a rna tch or something PBP-IB (Prizel dlya Bombometaniya for dive bombing]) represent gunsight. earth coloured paint was air-brushed onto the lyre in several thin layers to enhance the overall look of the tyres' tread pattern. reason .020in/0. To remove the mould releasing agents the wheels were wa hed. Once completed the model was spot primed around the and prior to painting the jointed areas to check for imperfection. and and the front and Thin superglue Once set the cockpit aperture rear parts of the canopy were carefully masked. the wheel hub centres were masked with a template made from a compass cutter and using Tamiya tape. cured.Although more difficult. I prefer to difficult to mask and paint. round their centres and secondly. cutting and filing returned the wing components profile. XIS7 (Dark Grey MOD Eagle FS 16176) enamels and XI4 (SI-. Maskol masking fluid prior to being painted with Gunze Sangyo Aqueous Hobby Colours (kit parts 29 & 30) were thickly moulded and therefore replaced with steel and plastic tubing. 32. the final effect of the thin vac-form i vastly superior to that of the kit part. Squadron's use this manufacturer's canopies are supplied product because two vac-forrned in each set and although very fragile and clear canopy (9524) was used to replace the kit item. A close-up photograph of the realistic looking instrument panel mould. strips was glued to the wing components. These simple but ryres that weathered. The superglue will serve two purposes for this application: firstly it provides sufficient firmness to allow the canopy to be masked and secondly. bonded to their plastic ten minutes liquid cement was run round all the joints to ensure that each would be completely counterparts. This kit's translucent centre section. Firstly. wheels were painted RLN\ 02 Grey. and exce or over-spilled thinned with cellulose thinners. rivet and indentation the gaps with feeler gauges pieces of profile of the wing roots and each of the After about also reduce the preparation The replacement time. This will ensure the 'weighted' wheels have the intended effect and will aircraft with fine nylon wool. Using superglue. A whole aircraft was rubbed down using fine nylon wool to en ure paint was removed by rubbing the whole fine razor saw will be needed to remove the wheels from their cast resin blocks. the hood. This was achieved using a compa s cutter to make a circular template to ex-pose only the sidewalls.SOmm) thick were cut into the approximate plasticard the front and rear of the lower wing. followed by airbrushing darker shade. rivet and indentation. The gunsight was then fined to the panel. When the above methods are used you very seldom get two wheels the same! Although not the most realistic. When dry. a single piece and because the not slide over the rear portion and sit properly. and the hazards associated with hot steam irons and pans with boiling water in them when trying to create your own weighted wheels. when separated because it is thickly moulded. After measuring plasticard panel. The process described above was repeated to their original until the gap Cockpit Canopy There is no gun ight supplied with this kit. Care should be taken when removing these parts to make certain they are cut at right angles. was then run around the whole canopy allowing the capillary The white glue was used first to prevent the superglue fumes Undercarriage Assembly The undercarriage the apertures undercarriage tubes remained strut doors were assembled and then trimmed to fit of the undercarriage wheel well cavities. they were left Curved Careful to ensure the glue had thoroughly scissors were used to trim away the excess plasticard. action of the glue to fill any unwanted gaps. the cheapest and easiest way to produce weighted wheels i to file a flat pot on the ryres. prefer to use these aftermarket have seam lines running modelling prod ucts for various tic and tend to Painting Xtracolor enamels and Tamiya acrylic colours were used: XI33 eutral Grey FS 16270). The front and rear portions of the canopy were glued to the fuselage with white glue. the kit parts look very unreali probably the most importantly. imilar to the [Bombsight S Pikirouaniya Once I had found a suitable match it was modified with a knurled knob and leather crash pad to the PBP-IB. natural with the plastic ones being painted Gunze Sangyo RLM 02 Grey. To complete the wing and fu elage assembly and to enhance the urface detail each of the panel lines was scribed and the rivets drilled. ubtle processes give the the 10 thou and 20 thou (0. dipped in warm water.Blue FS 15187) acrylic. For a few dollars more True Details weighted main wheels (48054) replaced the kit parts. The liding portion of the cockpit canopy was carefully using a panel scriber whilst still on the vac-form the other portions were removed from separated were closed and a atisfactory wing dihedral was obtained. with a mild detergent warm water then rinsed in cold water and left overnight to dry. The tyre were then painted Tyre Black (AeroMaster). worn and faded look. a good bond between surface and paint. canopy was rejected from the canopy would crystal project I wanted to display the aircraft with cockpit above the instrument For thi particular an open canopy. I tend to use this method as opposed to using loads of filler because it is quicker and most importantly helps protects the surrounding detail. To enhance the recessed panel lines and rivets etc a wa h of Gloss Black paint (HumbroI21). The recess was filled with Hurnbrol filler to reinstate the correct contours of the underside of the fuselage. Although the joint between the rear of the lower wing to fuselage was flu h there wa some recess.010 & 0. the glue also act as clear ftller. Sterets alcohol wipes were used to remove any finger marks . and once separated the mould in the normal fashion. Once dry any wa run into each line.). any excess glue being removed with a paintbrush left overnight. The aircraft was finally prepared for painting by rubbing lightly the whole surface with 1SOOgrade 'wet and dry'.2S & O. Once dry. The The steel from frosting the inside of the canopy. The cockpit canopies were masked using Tamiya's yellow tape and Humbrols RLM 02 Grey (H70). overnight Prior to working each sub-assembly. The wing assembly was fitted to the fuselage. using an old toothbrush. The ryre sidewalls were shaded darker than the basic tyre black to give a realistic effect to the tyre.

_ .. ~ __ ._..O/te. was used for the under surface colour._._ .. The AeroMaster decals applied to the aircraft.-. which dry with a super glos finish. This area was then airbrushed Hurnbrols Glos Red (H19). The dark grey was airbrushed lines between colours.--_.. areas were completely masked off u ing Tamiya's yellow tape prior to applying the main camouflage can take anything between 3 and 7 days to dry. decals being applied. Once the decals were dry a light wash of AeroMasters acrylic Tire Black was run over the decals and into the panel lines etc..••• . with the excess being wiped off with a soft tissue moistened with distilled water __ =-:::::.--- •• ____ .-=:~~=_. . In the case of ventilation should be worn to avoid breathing outstanding airbrushed demarcation I find that the e gloss reduced enamel paints are very easy to work with. It's important to strike a balance between applying sufficient paint for the colour to obtain its correct tin t or hue.. The edge of the masking tape was run and stuck between the two points. De-Go" . Kozhedub's aircraft was kept to a However because it is generally accepted that his groundcrew this aircraft in good all-round condition.._10'\. The engine cowl bands and the panels aft of the exhaust manifolds were masked off and airbrushed natural metal colour.. equivalent and protected the prepainted area behind the spinner and inside the engine cowl .-. D~c-o"_ 37. manufacturer with Blu-Tack to the tail and rudder. The onJy curing time seems to be excessive. The undercarriage cavities were masked and filed with damp Masko!. whilst not wi ping out the black. Gloss Cote match I could find to FS 15200. equipment but paints were thinned insufficient beware this product is for profes ional use only..-. The complete under surface was blanked off with Tamiya masking tape as the upper surface colours were applied. _a.:_=_... The point of the star were marked with a soft pencil.. The isoproponol helps with the gloss heen and reduces the drying and curing time.. :::==..::Et~=--= .) _ krollOJ'll't D~col/. a mixture of Humbrol's Polished Aluminium varnish was airbrushed ratio of 3 to I wa used.._. Grey..~=. The rear part of the tail and rudder were airbrushed using Humbrols kit's decal sheet and temporarily free-hand Gloss White (H22). The Medium Grey wa first then followed about an hour later with the Dark freehand to obtain soft The aircraft was set-aside for a day or two to allow the paint to fully cure and harden. rna king tape was carefully stuck behind the propeller spinner.... The AeroMaster their decal setting solutions. the states the paints are "fast drying"! These glo using Lesonal's 'Multi Fast Thinners' suitable respiratory the toxic vapour. I 33 to 35.1&\ .. The AeroMaster decal and instruction sheet 36. to FS 15187 and the closest and applied in ti ue paper and then sealed with Humbrols Tamiya's Xl4 Sk'YBlue.. This wa necessary to en ure the correct angle of the whi te tail band was obtained. A 'star' was cut from the stuck in the correct po ition (Dark Grey MOD Eagle FS 16176) were used for the upper surface camouflage pattern. Once dry. Masking tape was run round the inside outer lip of the nose cone and behind the metal engine cowl band..".O. the sticky side towards the nose cone and engine cowls. a Metalcore Colours. t. As a precaution.. Despite this.". The spray qualities are with the drying time being sufficiently when thinned with Multi Fa t Thinners. repre entation of the paints is the drying and Some modellers state that it Xtracolor Enamels are "Decal Ready" model paints and are renowned for their accurate authentic disadvantage with these gloss-drying original colours. Xtracolor enamel X1333 i Weathering Weathering minimum maintained on Ivan .G. This ensured that onJy the spinner was exposed to painting The e pre-painted colours.•. The effectiveness when using etched brass replacements the pilot's seat be~ harness and oily residues and any du t that may have been left in the panel lines etc. eutral Grey FS 16270) and XIS7 . .. This paint was thinned with isoproponol light mist coat gradually rivets and indentations covering the black of the panel lines (H27002) and Polished Steel (H27003) at a Humbrol onto the overall surface prior to the decals were applied using until it subtly showed through.

These measurements scale out to 9. Accuracy The fini hed model measured approximately 202mm. The cowl and spinner are red with the upper rear part of the tail and rudder white.as the saying goes. For this particular project I selected the combat aircraft that was flown by Ivan N. I believe this article will fill you with enthusiasm and hopefully form a different opinion of older kits because with a little corrective work. This kit is not to the standards as we would expect from Tarniya and Hasegawa. I am fairly impressed with the overall quality of this kit and was very pleased with the end result. With the aid of a solid cast propeller.nbty/TralnD'~Io~ o The sliding portion of the cockpit canopy was fitted using Microscale's Kristal K1ear. A stipple airbrush was used to apply the paint chipping around the wing roots using silver-grey coloured paint. This is not a kit that can be built 'straight from the box' and therefore I would like to recommend it to the experienced modeller. Unfortunately this kit requires a lot of work to make the major pans fit well. with all sub-assemblies completed all that's left to conclude and complete this project was to fit them to the completed airframe 6 Landin. the latter being a solid resin cast airframe.64m (28 ft 10 I '4in). upper wing root and lower wing to fuselage joints. one from the spares box. wing span and 180mm. This aircraft has a disruptive camouflage pattern on the upper surface of Dark Grey (FS 36176) over Medium Grey (FS 36270) with the lower surfaces in Light Blue (FS 15200). The completed model Completion.a.80m (32 ft I 3/olin)and a length of 8. Puri ts may argue differently.Finally the antenna was fitted using fine elastic thread. length.69m and 8. The same coloured paint was dry-brushed to enhance the fabriccovered rudder and give it a weathered and dirty appearance.64m respectively.. Stage six 'Landing Gear and Cover Assembly'. The cowl bands and the panels aft of the exhaust manifolds are natural metal. 'size is not everything. The aircraft was turned upside-down in a cardboard box lid then the undercarriage units and doors were fined. I would additionally recommend thus kit to the uper-detailing modeller because of the unusual modelling subject and the aftermarket modelling products that are available for this kit. momentarily aligned to the propeller spinner. although credit must to go Hobbycraft for producing an excellent scale reproduction of this very unusual modelling subject.r&Cov"Au.paint chipping around the cockpit and access panels. This concluded the weathering and a second coat of gloss varnish was applied and then when dry a coat of Man Cote was airbrushed over the whole model to provide it with a flat finish. Conclusion The Lavochkin La-7 project proved to be thoroughly sati fying. despite the time taken to complete.50m (27 ft 10 3/4in).erting uperglue was applied to each of the undercarriage strut's stub axles. A final check over the completed model and a rub down with a piece of Gramos's TAKrag to remove any particles of du t and it was time to take some photographs for the magazine. Despite this criticism. the addition of new decals. with the excess being wiped with a soft tissue moistened with distilled water. and then weighted wheels were fined and adjusted to ensure that the flat spots of the ryres were in complete contact with the level surface. Janes Encyclopedia of Aviation lists the Lavochkin La-SF with a wingspan of9. A small drop of low. Landing Gear & Cover Assembly With all the sub-assemblies completed all that's left to conclude and complete this project was to fit them to the completed airframe. AeroMaster decal sheet 'Fighting Lavochkins II' (48-087) supplied the appropriate details and decals. Squadron/Signal's In Action series lists the Lavochkin La-7 with a wing span of9. notwithstanding the everyday combat use of this aircraft it was still subject to paint fading and normal wear and tear . less the weighted wheels. The reworking of these parts turned out to be a long and tedious task. Colour Options The kit offers three marking choices of two Russian and one post-war Czechoslovakian aircraft.. Kozhedub during the ummer of 194-. Although the wingspan falls short by just a few millimetre I would suggest that the overall measurements are well within the acceptable limits for a scale model of this size. The main areas that gave me cause for concern were the wheel covers. the separate propeller blades were fitted using the spare to ensure that each was equidistant from each other but also at the correct and equal pitch angle." 38. a very popular massproduced WWII Russian fighter aircraft. Hobbycraft and CzechMaster. The exhaust cordite staining from the engine and cannon respectively was applied subtly with a HB pencil. or to those modellers that have the ability to identify problems and rectify them.80m (32 ft I 3/4in) and a length of 8. the type that is used for rigging sailboats and ships. Remember time and patience make all the difference between a standard model and a great-looking one. photo-etched and or resin part they can often be finished to imilar or higher standards than most recently released kits. As far as I am aware only two kit manufacturers supply this kit in 1!48th scale. crew members chipping of paint with their boot around the wing roots etc. looks are important too'. )illl . 39. Once the decals were dry a light wash of AeroMasters acrylic Tyre Black was run over the decals and into the panel lines etc. but for me this model certainly has the heavy and brutish look of the original .

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