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Procedures of Tournament

Round Robin For each level (A, BB, B, C and Youth/Women) of play, there will be one or more brackets consisting of 4 or 5 teams in each brackets. All teams will play one game against every other team in their brackets. The games will be played up to 25 points. First team to reach 25 points will be credited with a win. (You don't have to win by 2 points) Once the all teams have played the Round Robin, teams will be tiered by their win-loss record. First tiebreaker will be the point differential for all the games they played. Second tie-breaker will be win-loss record vs each other. EXAMPLE: Bracket 1 Team 11 Team 12 Team 13 Team 14 Bracket 2 Team 21 Team 22 Team 23 Team 24 Bracket 3 Team 31 Team 32 Team 33 Team 34 Team 35 Bracket 4 Team 41 Team 42 Team 43 Team 44 Team 45

Team 11 will have the best record of bracket 1 and Team 14 will have the worst record of Bracket 1. Similarly, each bracket will have team rankings based on their performance in Round Robin. Note: In this example, there were 5 teams in bracket 3 and 4. Only top two teams of each bracket will go to the playoffs. If there is only one bracket, as in for level A teams, all four teams will proceed to the playoffs. These four teams will be seeded using the above rules. All Times on the Schedule are approximate. Please show up 30 minutes prior to schedule time at your court. Teams not present with 6 players at 5 minutes past start of your games, will forfeit that game. If they are currently playing on another court, an exception will be granted. If a player on a team is injured, the team may play with fewer than 6 players. The injured player will not be permitted to join the team if they were not present at the start of the game. Players may only be subbed in for another player when there is a side-out, time-out or injury to a player. Playoffs Top 2 teams of each bracket will go to playoffs. Top 4 teams of A-level will go to playoffs. The playoffs will be single elimination. Each match will be a best of 3 games. All games will be played to 25 points. The winner must win by two points with a max cap at 30 points. If there is a third game, it will be played to 15 with a cap at 20 points. In Quarter-Finals, first team in Bracket 1 will play second team of Bracket 2 - winner will move on to SemiFinals. In our example above, Team32 vs Team11, Team12 vs Team31, Team22 vs Team41, and Team42 vs Team21. Winners of these will play each other until we have a champion. Some VB tournament rules - No touching of any part of the volleyball net or net system is permitted except for player's hair. - Double contact of a served ball or hard hit is permitted; however, lifts and carry will still be considered a fault. - No player may play on more than one team even a team of different level of play.