Core Containment

Fukushima Daiichi Status Summary - 1430 EDT 03/2912011 - Update
400 fuel assemblies- damaged; RPV pressure: 5.5 atm (64.5 psig) (IAEA 3/29); RPV level: -1/2 TAF(JAIF); freshwater inject. 8.5cubic m/hr (37.4 gpm) via fire ext. line to FW line(NISA) pin to switch to temp. elect. Pps & DG on 3/29 (IAEA); Vessel temp: Btm Head 1390C, FW nozzle: 323.30C (IAEA 04:00 GMT 3/29), On external power (NISA). Some instr buses & CR Lighting for U-1, 2, & 3 are powered. (NRC site team) (IAEA 0400GMT 3/29 said instr pwr on for U-1, 2 & 4) Primary: functional. Drywell pressure: 26.6 psig(3/29 IAEA). Pumping water from turbine bldg basement to main condenser (IAEA 3/29). Secondary severe damage from H, explosion. 292 bundles (GEH); Temp & level: unconfirmed, White smoke emitting (IAEA 2130 GMT 3/28) Considering injecting water (JAIF 3/28) Plan to spray water into SFP using concrete pump truck starting 3/29 (IAEA 0400 GMT 3/29) 548 fuel assemblies - damaged; RPV pres: -3.1 psig (IAEA 3/29); RPV level: 2/3 TAF (NISA 3/27); freshwater injection into recirc line (IAEA 3/29); Injection via temp. electrical pump w/ diesel B/U (IAEA 3/28) Vessel 7cubic m/hr (31 gpm) 0 temp: Btm Head 77.7 C, FW nozzle 153.70C (IAEA 3/29),receiving external power (NISA) & power dist. panels connected. (IAEA 3/27) Primary: damage suspected. Drywell pressure 0.0 psig (IAEA 3/29). Pumping water from turbine bldg to main condenser (NEI 3/28) Secondary - blowout panels removed from side of reactor building to reduce H2 build-up. 587 bundles (GEH); Temp: 460C (NISA 3/27); Level: pool may be overflowing, based on observations of water in adjacent areas (NRC site team); Seawater injection via fuel pool cooling system continuing (JAIF 3/28). White smoke emitting as of 0800 3/26 (NISA) - confirmed (IAEA 3/28). 548 fuel assemblies - fuel damaged; RPV pressure: 1.4atm(abs) 5.9 psig (IAEA 3/29); RPV level: - 2/5 TAF (IAEA 3/28) Rad levels indicate fuel covered (site team); freshwater inj 12cubic m/hr (52.8gpm) via temp. elect pump) (IAEA 3/29) Vessel temp: Btm Head 120.90C; FW nozzle: 61.50C (IAEA-validity of temp ind. under review) rec. ext. power (NISA). Primary: Japanese report functional. RST suspects failure. Drywell pressure: 1.0psig (IAEA 3/29). Secondary - severe damage from H, explosion. 514 bundles (GEH) - damage suspected (JAIF 3/28); Temp: unconfirmed; Level: low - seawater spray continues (JAIF 3/27). White smoke emitting as of 0800 3/26 (NISA).



SF Pool *




SF Pool

Core 3 Containment



SF Pool* Core SF Pool


1331 bundles in SFP (GEH & NISA) Temp & Level: low level - seawater spray into pool via concrete pumper, Receiving external power & dist. panels connected. (IAEA 3/27). Secondary contain: severe damage from H2 explosion generated from damaged fuel. Planning to pump fresh water into SFP commencing 3/29 (IAEA 3/29). 548 fuel assemblies - no damage; RPV intact; temp 57.70C (IAEA 3/28); Cold shutdown at 1430 JDT 3/20 (NISA); offsite electrical power supplying house loads (IAEA 3/28) 946 bundles (JAIF); Temp: 34.50C (IAEA 3/28); Injection via normal makeup (IAEA 3/27) 764 fuel assemblies - no damage; RPV intact; Temp 21.90C (IAEA 3/28); Cooling using RHR; Cold shutdown at 1927 JDT 3/20 (NISA); offsite electrical power supplying house loads (IAEA 3/28)

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6 SF Pool Common SF Pool Notes


876 bundles (GEH); Temp 280C (JAIF 3/27); Injection via normal makeup (IAEA 3/27) 6,000 bundles (GEH) maintained at 390C (IAEA 3/28); normal cooling started 1805 JDT 3/24/2011 (NISA)


Surge Tank Level does not directly reflect SFP Level; Changes from last report are shown in red.


Summary Sheet Notes:
Basis for Assigned Priority to Units
PRIORITY 1 - Unit 1, maintaining containment is high priority PRIORITY 2 - Unit 2, containment damaged PRIORITY 3 - Unit 3, Primary containment may be intact. However, flooding in turbine building contains 1-131 PRIORITY 4 - Unit 4, due to the condition of its spent fuel pool PRIORITY 5 - Unit 5, Higher priority than Unit 6, spent fuel pool temperature is 43 C vs 30 C in Unit 6. Difference not significant. Cooling being maintained. PRIORITY 6 - Unit 6, SPF cooling being maintained Common SFP is low priority, adequately maintained.