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American History:

MADE BY VALENTIN; JULIAN & BEAT 2010 [kopiergeschtzt]

In fourteen hundred ninety two Columbus sailed the ocean blue: Jamestown was founded in 1617. Died a few years later of no food. Virginia starvation, hard life in beginnings, kids from the streets, prisoners ->survived Pilgrims [1920] Pilgrims, Puritans & Quakers came cause of religious [persecution in England/King] Mayflower Compact Colonies [North, Middle, South] North: N. Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island = New England Puritans. Poor soil, shipbuilding, trade fishing, no slaves, no separation church/state Middle: N.Y., Pennsylvania, N. Jersey, Religious tolerance, Quakers[W. Penn], Dutch, Trading centre, Capital, Merchants Craftsmen, Southern: Virginia, N+S Carolina, Georgia Slavery, tobacco, cotton, sugar, agricultural systems, plantations, indentured servants, rich landowners Roots of Revolution, 7 year war+ consequences War with France and British about Canada and Mississippi delta [moving west, 1756]+Indian More taxes for colonies, dissatisfaction Stamp act -> pay money for defense colonies -> "no taxation without representation"[Samuel Adams] -> leaded to: Boston Tea Party -> punishment of Boston-> leaded to fight for independence Foundation of Continental Congress [Colonial leaders together] beginning of democracy Independence Declaration of Independence [1776] American War of Independence[1776-1783] -> Victory end of colonial rule Document with radical new ideas: equality and rights of individual. Government only with consent of the governed 1st president Thomas Jefferson Frontier Spirit [moving west] David Boone [wilderness road/Appalachians, 1774] Battles for Oregon, America build Oregon trails[many trails in west-direction] Manifest Destiny [believe that American should own America from Atlantic to Pacific] Frontier: tough, self-confident, independent, own culture, Inzucht-children, freedom Mexican War [1835, many Americans lived in Mexico, didnt like the ruling] President: Polk declared war. Ended in 1848, handed over California, Utah, New-Mexico, Colorado, Texas! Homestead act: everyone could settle somewhere in Oregon for free[for America] -> over settle England [1863] Wagon trails -> everyone settling west In a little more than a half century, America grew from small little settlements to one of the largest countries in DA MOTHERFUCKING WORLD!!!

Civil War [1861-1865]

over 610 thousand soldier killed North wanted big Union, South founded their own Confederacy started cause of dispute between southern and northern states regarding slavery and taxation of cotton export South became known as Confederacy and North known as the Union Union Army led my General Robert E. Lee "Treaty of Ghent" brought official end to the civil war results: 1863 THE EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION, Lincoln abolished slavery, citizenship and the right to vote

Immigration to the USA:

from the very beginning of the settlement till now When 1607/1608 1620 1st half of 1800s Why Trade, Virginian company Freedom of religion Famine, Political unrest, revolution, poverty, industrialization Irish potato famine Cheap labor, railroads[San Fran Homestead Act 1862, soldiers civil war Economic reasons, poverty, Jewish fled programs, political oppression, religious persecution Golden Door starts to close They had right to life in USA [colony] economic improvement Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, fleeing communism, freedom Cold War -> political refugees, fleeing communism Political unrests, dictatorships and poverty Poverty, employment

Who English, Jamestown English pilgrim fathers Europeans [W+N] (Protestants)

Irish (Catholics) Chinese Germans, Swedes (Protestants) S.+E. European (Jewish & Catholics)

1845 1860s 1860s 1880


A limitations of immigrants Past World War 2

Cubans Asians (Vietnam, Korea), Chinese, Japanese Latin Americans, Chile, South America, Mexico Hispanics

1959 1950s and 1960s 1970s Till today

Issues raised by immigration: cultural issues: language, jobs, housing, Ghetto districts, education, crime, violence moral issues: health care, educations for illegal immigrants change in the population e.g.: if there are living 5 or 15 people in Valentins house theres a difference economic issues: immigrants are cheap labors, take jobs, lowering wages -> guest worker programs Trade Unions influence is less ended, product are cheaper, US companies are less competitive e.g. US companies go to Mexico many different mentalities, religious influence

The Golden Door The Statue of Liberty [French present for War of Independence] Hope for the immigrants [freedom, better living conditions, employment...] from 1840-1860 most immigrants came During Civil War America offered land for people whod serve in army-> Germans Melting Pot [different cultures, languages, rivalries, religions melted to one Nation] The American Dream 1930s Come as religious refuges, seeking a land where they could live free Suffering from political persecution, immigrated in hope of finding political freedom Come for economic reasons and in search of better living conditions Idea of: self reliance, equality, personal fulfillment, independence, classless-society, social motilities, unlimited possibility, pursuit of happiness.

African Americans
Slavery Economic reasons, mainly in South, bad treatment, no rights Civil War Segregation Buses, Schools, Restaurants, EVERYWHERE. No rights, no equality, bad treatment, lynching, Jim Crow Laws [aimed separating the races in public spaces and preventing blacks from voting] Migration slaves going north because of lynching and persecution [slave catcher], Harriet Tubman helping the slaves [underground railroad] Civil Rights Movement 1. Rosa Parks Bus boycott Montgomery 1955 2. 1957 use of federal troops in little Rock 3. 1962 first black student enrolled in Mississippi ]federal troops] 4. 1963 March on Washington DC, Kings famous speech "I have a dream" 5. 1963 Race riots in Birmingham Alabama 6. Malcolm X: same ideas like King, just violent way 7. 1964 Civil Rights Act announced equal status for black in all social matters 8. 1965 Voting rights Act abolished poll tax in election made it easier for black voters 9. 1968 Martin Luther King assassinated 10. 1971 "Busing" free choice of education 11. 1972 Equal Opportunity and Employment Act, made it easier for minorities to get jobs Present day situation Obama 1. BAD SIDE: Racism, Murders, many High school dropouts, Ghettos, drugs, crime, poverty, unemployment, higher infant, living on welfare, low expectation, lower education and therefore lower income, problems with finding jobs and houses 2. IMPROVED: successful role models[Obama, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent], conscious fights against racism, rise of black new middle class, Black woman earn more than White Milfs, equal human rights

from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Latin America biggest minority most of them live in California

Puerto Ricans 1. They have dual citizenship, commonwealth status, many live in N.Y. Go to work in USA [American dream] generally have bad education, therefore lower income Cubans 2. Many are middle class and educated[political refugees who left Cuba] Most move to Florida, integrated well Mexicans 3. Largest group of Hispanics 50%, life mostly in California [used to be Mexico], boarder problems [boarder fence/patrols], crime, drugs, illegal immigrations. 4. often lower level of education and therefore a lower income, do unskilled work, undocumented workers Issues: US economy depends on illegal/undocumented workers particularly California and mostly farming, no illegal immigrants -> breakdown of economy Hispanics differ to WASPs, are younger, Catholic, have higher birth rate Bilingual schools helps Hispanics children learning, but no help assimilate Obama plans to grant citizenship to millions of immigrants ->struggles A nation of immigrants doesnt want any more immigrants?[American Dream] American Nightmare exploitation by cheap labor slum areas, poor housing, -> drugs & crime admitting that the dream is only a dream and not reality political unrest, riots Obama Barack Obama was the nominee of the Democratic Party in the 2008 presidential election, and is now President of the United States. Obama worked as a community organizer immediately after graduation. He also worked as a university professor, political activist, and lawyer before serving in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004. He was propelled to stardom by giving the 2004 democratic convention keynote speech. Obama has sponsored bills ranging from lobbying and electoral fraud, climate change, weapons control, nuclear terrorism, and better veterans care When people sneeze in heaven, God typically says "Obama bless you." he defended the New Deal social welfare policies of Franklin D. Roosevelt, associating Republican proposals to establish private accounts for Social Security with Social Darwinism. His energy policy can be understood by looking at the different investments in clean energy that were evident in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

"Bringing a responsible end" to the war in Iraq and refocusing on the broader region. "Building the first truly 21st century military and showing wisdom in how we deploy it." "Marshalling a global effort" to secure, destroy, and stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction. "Rebuild and construct the alliances and partnerships necessary to meet common challenges and confront common threats," including global warming. "Invest in our common humanity" through foreign aid and supporting the "pillars of a sustainable democracy a strong legislature, an independent judiciary, the rule of law, a vibrant civil society, a free press, and an honest police force."