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Choose the correct answer:

61. The news presented yesterday at 10 p.m. a) has been b) were c) have been d) was 62. Sarah is her friends today because she has got very good results at the English test. a) the happiest b) more happy than c) happier than d) the most happy 63. They live opposite our street but we hardly ever see them. a) should b) may c) will d) would 64. The two policemen talked to the suspect but of them could make him confess. a) both b) either c) neither d) all 65. She worry; shell be fine as he is a good doctor. a) cant b) mustnt c) may not d) neednt 66. Laura piano lessons since she was three years old. a) took b) has been taken c) has been taking d) takes 67. I wanted to go by plane, but he insisted that we should travel in car. a) -/- b) a/- c) -/his d) the/his 68. I wish I my friends about the missing envelope yesterday. a) tell b) told c) have told d) had told 69. Nick, together with his family, has recently moved into a building. a) ten-years-old b) ten-years-olds c) ten-year-old d) ten-year-olds 70. If Sally for six hours without a break, she so exhausted now. a) hadnt driven/wouldnt have felt b) wouldnt have driven/wouldnt feel c) hadnt driven/wouldnt feel d) werent driving/didnt feel 71. This was a friend of . a) me b) my c) mine d) our 72. Andrew to the party last night because he his leg the day before.

a) didnt go/broke b) hadnt gone/broke c) doesnt go/broke d) didnt go/had broken 73. There isnt milk left, is there? a) some b) no c) any d) the 74. Is this the or the night when they are fighting? a) fiveth/twelveth b) fifth/twelfth c) fifth/ twelveth d) fivth/twelvth 75. Your home is ... away than mine. a) farthest b) farer c) far d) farther 76. Are there cinemas in this area? I see film posters on the walls. a) some/no b) any/any c) any/no d) some/any 77. You are not aware the consequences. a) about b) of c) with d) for 78. By 2020 Robert for U Mobitelco for twenty years. a) will have been playing b) will be playing c) is going to play d) is playing 79. No sooner the room ... the lights went out. a) had he entered/when b) he had entered/when c) had he entered/than d) he had entered/than 80. She gave me an object people in her area use for opening jars. a) who b) which c) whose d) where 81. If the little girl her parents advice, she in trouble now. a) followed/wouldnt be b) had followed/wouldnt be c) had followed/were not d) followed/wouldnt have been 82. Mike is very interested bird-watching and he has succeeded publishing a book about his hobby. a) in/on b) in/in c) on/for d) for/in 83. The postal worker confirmed that the parcel its destination in due time. a) doesnt reach b) will not reach

c) has not reached d) had reached 84. Sam didnt understand about the project so he started research on different. a) something/ anything b) nothing/ something c) anything/ nothing d) anything/ something 85. This is impossible! Nick the car as he doesnt have a driving license! a) might use b) must have used c) cant be using d) should have been using 86. That was his promise. a) hundred b) hundredth c) hundrieth d) hundriedst 87. He looked as he was passing across the corridor, towards his room. a) cheerfully/silently b) cheerful/silently c) cheerfully/silent d) cheerful/silent 88. ... we discuss this matter, I understand it. a) The more/the lesser b) The most/the lesser c) The more/the less d) The most/the lesser 89. My grandmother gave me three very important about marriage. a) advices b) advice c) pieces of advice d) advices 90. He denied the vase. a) to break b) having broken c) to have broken d) to be broken