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K.N.U.R.O.O. Koninklijke Nationale Unie der Reserve Onderofficieren van België V.Z.W.

U.R.N.S.O.R. Union Royale Nationale des Sous-officiers de Réserve de Belgique A.S.B.L.

K.N.V.R.U.O. Königliche Nationale Vereinigung der Reserve-Unteroffiziere Belgiens G.o.E.
Date : 28th February 2012 Subject : Belgian Reserve Open Military Skills 2012

Dear Reservist, We have the great pleasure to invite you to our exercise “Belgian Reserve Open Military Skills 2012” which will be organised in collaboration with the Belgian Defence Department. The event will take place on 10th and 11th May 2012 with the support from CRC Glons and the Camp Elsenborn. Description of the exercise : A team of 4 reservists ( ALL RANKS ) will execute a patrol with several military, physical and survival skills. This exercise will contain: orientation run, map-reading, armament, identification material, mines, LOAC, NBC warfare, test of Air- Naval- and Medical component, obstacle, rope course, etc. It’s obvious that a team that knows to combine these qualities stands a good chance to walk away with all the honour. Draft program : Arrival from Wednesday 09 th May 2012 as from 15.00 Hrs. Administration and lodge allocation. Thursday 10th May Friday 11th May Saterday 12th May Cost price: 40,00 € per person, including the special closing-dinner. Registrations : Only by e-mail or fax with the enclosed forms, payment on Account n° 430-0366581-09 of KNUROO/URNSOR with mention : BROMS 2012. (IBAN: BE52 4300 3665 8109 - BIC: KREDBEBB) Fill in the application forms in double but only the original has to be sent of. Your copy with possible corrections is to be handed over upon your arrival. Please always mention the complete address of each participant in order to avoid problems in our mailing. For security reasons every participant is held to mention his rank and service number on the application form, to return the military certification form before the 21 March 2012, and to have his identity card (or passport) on him at any time. No military certification form = No access. Only one coach per team is admitted. Briefing followed by exercise – part one. Exercise – part two. Reception, prizes distribution and closing-dinner Departure after breakfast


The utmost date of registration for all foreign participants is the 27th March 2012 !!! Incomplete teams will be completed before the exercise. So if you’re too few or too many don’t hesitate to participate. Mixed international teams are allowed. Please let know us the following information: arrival date & time, by car - bus - train or airplane (specify airport, flight number AND arrival time). Specify the number of female participants (if applicable).

Please send your registration form to: URNSOR Maître principal-chef (R ) Yves VANDENBERGHE Rue des Petits Carmes, 24 boîte 2 B - 1000 BRUXELLES (BELGIUM) Fax : +32 2 501 23 36 e-mail: (select ‘reserve’ > ‘liens’ > URNSOR General info : Clothing : Equipment : during the exercise : regular battle dress ! On Friday, reception and closing-dinner: service dress Sleeping bag Spare clothing Waterproof clothing Cutlery mess-tin Canteen Compass flashlight Stationery

Once your subscription received, you will receive a confirmation and further information. Questions or problems ? Call us or send us a mail Organisation: LtCol (R ) Jean PLASSCHAERT Nat. Vz KNVRO – Prés.Nat. URNOR LtCol (R ) Jean-Pierre KEPPERS Director of the exercise WO1 Navy (R )Yves VANDENBERGHE Nat. Vz KNUROO – Prés.Nat. URNSOR Tf +32 476 878 593 WO1 (R) Patrick CHRISTIAENS Adj director of the exercise May the best team win !!!!!

WO1 (R) Alain DEFRAENE Secretary general KNUROO / URNSOR