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I/We, the following undersigned residents, strongly oppose the application by Frankice/Agora, to divide the premises situated at 48 Grand Parade into more than one unit as a multiple/split premises gaming centre. We believe that this is contrary to the Gambling Act (2005), as well as Haringey Council's Statement of Gambling Policy (2007) and the Guidance to Licensing Authorities (revised 2008) issued by the Gambling Commission. We are also concerned that the resulting increase in the number of B3 gaming machines (which offer £500 prizes and are widely regarded as highly addictive) will both intensify the risk to vulnerable persons and increase the likelihood of crime and disorder. Sincerely,

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Agora Petition hosted by at November 2008

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Agora Petition hosted by at November 2008

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Agora Petition hosted by at November 2008

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Agora Petition hosted by at November 2008

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