Initiated March 12, 2012


TO: The House of Commons under the Government of Canada In order to address the following issue of international importance in the House NAMELY: In order to seek remedy and avoid a GENERAL MAY DAY STRIKE
This petition requests, the House of Commons to take a chance on Love and embrace a notion to return to true Constitutional law, by holding a '1-day' open and frank debate on the floor of the House with Prime Minister Steven Harper and or his Justice Minister on this notion to offer GENERAL AMNESTY to everyone who has been sucked into a never ending pit of liability created by Sec 33 of the Charter of Rights - This offer is in order to fulfill the hope of the Lord's Prayer of creating a opportunity to have our trespasses forgiven as well as forgive our trespassers, in order to deliver us from an ever increasing and imminent threat of evil, as outlined in a 2Thes 2 scenario

We, the undersigned, who are citizens of Canada, and individuals in the jurisdiction of
Vancouver East, as constituents represented by M.P. Libby Davis seek this remedy in order to meet the requirements established by the rules and practices of the House, by holding our MP responsible to press our petition onto the Clerk of Petitions for certification, and solicit support so that such a debate occurs in Special Session of the House if need be, within the stipulated time-line of 45 calendar days, in order to avoid a general May Day strike. - We acknowledge and support any other group in any District in Canada to have their MP held accountable to any similar proposal that gives Peace a chance to conquer with Love Signatures on both sides of this form
(Sign your own name. - Do not print.)

Addresses (Give your full home address, or your city
and province, or province and postal code.)

In this space all you need is a minimum of 25 signatures and then submit the petition to your
MP and then they MUST enter it into Parliamentary record, and start due process. That means it's public information and the press can print, and as the last line of my PETTION points out anyone can tag onto this ORDER by petitioning their MP to be active in this cause

this is the link to the House of Commons fact sheet on drawing up a petition. As you can read, the restrictions about what you can and cannot do is impressive and there is nothing to force them to do anything [Sec 126(2) applies] – BUT at least it's a record, of who is accountable for doing nothing.

this link outlines what the Standing Orders that the government MUST follow once submitted I'll now make a brief explanation of my PETITION:. I'm not making a PETTION - the voice from the west is [Isaiah 59;15on] and that sounds exactly like a big solar storm after a massive solar flare The reason I ask for a 1-day Special Session is that the Bible makes lots of references to 'in that day' and a Special Session would happen on the Sabbath - I filed on May 14th so that the motion, under due process will have to be brought up in the House just before May 1st, [timing is everything] If they don't respond then it opens a door to Isaiah 59 which is all about God seeing how nobody would lift a finger to help, and that's consistent with 2Thes1 and 2's promise that Jesus Christ will not return until there is a rebellion. Without repenting, they see the grim reapers and then as to Mat 12 a rebellion occurs after a harvest of bad weeds to the glorious freedom of billions of people. - Personally I believe they will never repent, until after this harvest – there is no substitute for good first fruit, which can only happen if they repent [which is exactly what i'm trying but failing to accomplish] This pamphlet outlines my case weell [posted last month]

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