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DaBoyz GT 2011

Test Mission: Codename Firefly

Ancient alien artifacts from a long extinct race have been discovered and you have been tasked with recovering them. You have until dawn to retrieve these artifacts before a superior enemy force arrives and takes control of the planet!

Special Rules
Infiltrate, Deep Strike, Reserves, Outflank, Scouts, Night Fight
Objectives: Before first turn is determined or any units are deployed, place exactly 3 objective markers on the battlefield no closer than 12 to an edge or another objective. Each player turn, these objectives move as follows: Player turns 1: 4d6 + directional dice Player turns 2: 3d6 + directional dice Player turns 3: 2d6 + directional dice Player turns 4: 1d6 + directional dice The objectives will not move during turns 5 and after. The objectives ignore impassible terrain. If their movement would finish off the table or in impassible terrain, reduce the distance accordingly. They may not move up levels in ruins. If a hit is rolled, reroll the directional dice until an arrow result comes up. The Firefly effect: All units within 12 of any of the objectives are treated as if lit by a searchlight and can be fired on ignoring night fight rules by either army. Night Fight: The entire game is fought using night fight rules.

Line of Retreat
Units that fall back do so toward their own long table edge via the shortest route possible as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook (pg 45).

Game Length
Random game length at the end of turn 5 roll a die on a 3+ the 6th turn is played. At the end of turn 6 roll a die on a 4+ the 7th turn is played. The maximum game length is 7 turns or when time is called at 2 hours. Players should not begin a new turn if there is insufficient time remaining to complete the turn.

Deployment (Spearhead)
Please follow standard Dawn of War deployment rules as stated in the BRB.

Primary (Objective Markers): Control more objectives than your opponent. Scoring: Win = 15, Draw = 7, and Loss = 0. Secondary (Terrain Features): Control more terrain features than your opponent. Control for this mission is a unit in base-to-base contact with an impassible/non-area feature or with a majority of the unit or vehicle within area terrain. (These do not need not to be scoring units!) Craters from exploded vehicles or other terrain features created during the game do not count. Scoring: Win = 10, Draw = 5, Loss = 0.


Name: ____________________________________ Table: _____

DaBoyz Warhammer 40K GT Results for Scenario Codename Firefly
Win Loss

Your Primary Objective Battle Result: Objective Markers.

+15 points

+7 points

0 Points

Win Your Secondary Objective battle Result: (circle one) Note: Terrain Features Tactical Bonus Points Earned (+0, +1, +2, +3) Note: Add up Bonus Points



+ 10 Points

+ 5 Points

0 Points

Total Battle Points Earned (add up totals from previous 4 lines):

Have your Opponent double check your results above. Have them sign below and acknowledge that the results circled above are accurate and correct.

Opponents' Signature: _______________________________

Sportsmanship (fill in at judges table)
This was a typical game and I would not mind playing this person again. I did not have a good game and would not like to play this person again. Some of reasons I would not like to play this person again:
He/she did not share there army list before hand. He/she did not have all needed play materials (dice, templates, army list, rules for their army, rules for the game). He/she did not measure accurately for both model moves and shooting distances. He/she is not in good humor and amicable when not concentrating on strategy or planning out moves Was he/she not consistent about game procedures, such as re-rolling cocked dice or picking up failed dice? Did they have gamer etiquette: Did your opponent handle your dice or models with out your permission? Was he/she rolling dice very quickly so you could not see? Where they being rolled in areas you could not see (by standing up)?