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Introduction of the project (A UNIVERSITY PORTAL) is a web based application that provides a one stop shop for the existing as well as prospective students. Current students can find out various information such as schedules of examination and other various important events, their results etc. prospective students can find out list of colleges affiliated to the university, courses offered by them, admission procedure, Discussion forum etc. students can also download registration form for applying various courses, can also apply online using the portal. provides solution of all these problems in the form of easy to configure and use application by automating all these functionality. The major modules are: Login Management Registration Process Student Management Staff Management Fee Management Query Management Exam Management Result


PROJECT CATEGORY:- (A UNIVERSITY PORTAL) is being made as web-application.


Input of the project

Login page get the input of user id and password. Create the free new user id for register your self.

Post new questions. Setting of details.

View solution.

Change password Write Mail


Output of the project

View solutions and contacts.

Message Inbox. Help Home


Benefits of proposed System

Fully works as a online Reducing the time Dont Thinking Centralized maintain all information. Easy to Searching the information.
Easy to managing whole response, Mail


Modules & Process Logic of Project

Login Management: Basically Login module is developed for staff member as well as Institute staff (Institute must be affiliated to university).In login management section the user entered the login and password, if user is valid then user can enter the permissible section. First time user make it id than the user can use the functionality according his rites. The user can change own password. Registration Process: Registration Module is specially designed for students. The student fills the entry of registration form and submits to the university, threw this process the student registered in university. After submission the registration form the university allows to fill the exam form and student fill the exam form and university provides the roll number and enrollment number. Registration process is processes only one time when student take admission. Whenever in each semester student have to fill the exam form. Student Management: Registering in one course the student can transfer in other branch (for only B.Tech Ist year student).In second year there is no transfer schedule. University handles the records related to personal, your degree etc. And have all type of data of student which are registered in campus. Staff Management: This module is responsible for entering the details for University staff and all institute staff (institute must be affiliated to university). The record such as name, address, qualification, experience etc Fee Management: This module is responsible for entering fee details of the registered students into the system, generating due fee reports, collected fee reports. Student submit their exam fee, tuition fee, hostel fee travel fees etc. Query Management: In this module the student send the query to the university administrator and get the response. Query may be related to admit card, result awaited, so many problem can be. Exam Management: This module is responsible for scheduling the exam. There are many courses run in a university so that exam schedule is going to complex. This module solves this problem with few second.


Result Management: In this module the university process the result of every student and provides awarding degree certificates to those student who qualifying the university exam. Help: - Provide the functionality to get help.


Submit Follow up Remarks Details Enter Enquiry Details Query Status


View profile


Submit Query Criteria. Summit complain View Query Result View Follow up Reports Enter Registration Details


View Result, faculty profile, exam schedule, syllabus etc..

Submit request

Enter fee detail and Update it

Generates Reports

View Reports





Level-1 DFD

Enter login & pass

Get Response


Send Request, Get Response Send request for visit

If login true then Enter into process section Store Result


Retrieve Result

varification Send request

Fees deposit Fill entries of exam form Get fees process

Send complain

ExamFor m Complai n
Get response

Fees Registratio n
Fill entries of registration form Get response Send request for fees

Get response Fill entries of exam form



E-R Diagram


Passwor d User 1

Inquiry Answe r
Belon gs

HasA 1 1


Name 1

Type Campus OnlineCampus .com 1 Subject Courses Faculty 1

Affiliate d

HasA 1

M Department 1
Belon gs


University Record 1

Code Password


Book Name

Name Address Universit y

Library Institutes Issue Date Institute Code Courses No of Books

Writer Name


10 ~

1: User: This table is used to store the detail of login and password of the user. Field Name Username Password Data Type Text Text

2: StdRegistration: This table is used to store the detail of student that is going to take admission in university. Field Name RollNo EnrollmentNo FirstName LastName Paddress Caddress Course Semester HighSchoolMarks HighSchoolPer InterMarks InterPer GraduationMarks GraduationPer Other Data Type Number Number Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text

11 ~

3: StaffRegistration: This table is used to store the detail of staff member that is going to take admission in university. Field Name EmployeeId Fname Lname FatherName Paraddress Coaddress JoinDate ResignDate HighSchool Inter Graduation PostGraduation Other Hyear Iyear Gyear PGyear Sex Categories Experience SpacialSubject PhoneNumber Mobile Data Type Number Number Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Number Number

4: InstituteDetails: This table is used to store the detail about Institute. Field Name Code Name Address University Data Type Number Text Text Text Text Text ~

12 ~

5: IdInfo: This table is used to store the detail of student registration information that is going to take admission in university. Field Name Question Answer secMail Data Type Text Text Text

6: Result: This table is used to store the detail of student Result. Field Name Question Answer secMail Data Type Text Text Text

7: Marks: This table is used to store the detail of student Marks. Field Name Roll No Course Sem ResultType Subject Marks Data Type Number Text Text Text Text Number

8: Employeeid: This table is used to store the detail of Employee. ~

13 ~

Field Name Question Answer Secondmail

Data Type Text Text Text


Front End User friendly GUI

Java Server Pages

Separation of work (designing & coding) Written once run anywhere Middle-Tier Java Beans

Back End Security Performance Scalability Reliability Support RDMS concepts


14 ~



Pentium 4th 128MB 20GB/40GB.

RAM Hard Disk

Software: Operating System Front End Back End

Windows 98/2000/XP/7,UNIX Html/JSP. Ms Access

15 ~

In the software security there are two levels of security. The 1st level of security, which is provided by the FRONT END and 2nd level of security provided by the database which is being used.


We have implemented JavaScript for all the Client side validations. Client side JavaScript is designed to reside inside HTML document & ensure they run properly. It is object based, event driven, platform independent. These are important parts of any Web application to implement Client side Validations and the invalid data is not submitted. The form is not submitted until user fills in correct data. It is extremely useful to restrict mistakes by user. We have implemented Servlets in between which is fetching the data values given by the user and storing the input into database (into appropriate tables).Servlets use JDBC-ODBC drivers to make connection with database and store data. Servlets provides support to execute queries via creating objects of Statement and Connection Interfaces. Servlets are object byte codes that can be dynamically loaded off the Internet. Servlets are platform independent, dynamically loadable.

We have used Oracle/Access as the Back end. Oracle Server provides efficient/effective solution for major database tech. - Large database and space management. ~

16 ~

Many concurrent database users. High transaction processing requirement High Availability Industry accepted standards Manageable security Portability

FRONT END SECURITY:This security level is developed or designed by the s/w developer or designer. S/he provides her/his s/w the security for the system, by considering many factors regarding to the particular s/w. In this software following are used to provide security.

There are two logins are provided in this software one for employees and one for applicants. In order to avail the services of software employees have to provide a valid id and password and only after entering correct id and password employee will get entry otherwise they will be blocked from accessing any services of this site. Similarly a login check is provided for student applying for information. In order to enter univertisity Information zone user have to enter id and password which they got after registration, in this way security have been provided for both employee section and student section. There is also provision to change the password in case password is known by other.

BACK END SECURITY:In this particular software our back end used is SQL. So all the inbuilt security aspects provided by the SQL database is used as it is. It will provide the strong feature of security so that it will be difficult to change, modify any personal or university data. Information is vital to success, but when damaged or in the wrong hands, it can threaten success. SQL provides extensive security features to safe guard your information from both unauthorized viewing and intentional or inadvertent damage. This security is provided by granting or revoking privileges on a person- by- person and privilege-by-privilege basis.

17 ~


It doesnt matter how efficiently the application works, if the bandwidth is not sufficient the transaction will take more time then expected. Oracle and Oracle JDBC-ODBC drivers for connectivity. Java Web server is required for the application. Although this software is architecturally independent but following hardware resources are required. For i.e. any IBM compatible PC or any other workstation with mouse support and relevant software.

18 ~

- Presently the software is handling only three hierarchical levels. - Only able to handle limited no. of departments. - Student should be able to access more information

19 ~

- Java-2 Complete Reference - by Patrick Naughton - Java Servlet Programming - by O'Reilly - Pure JavaScript - by Jason Gilliam, Charlton Try, R.Allen Wyke - HTML completes - BPB publications. - Java Server Programming - by Apress publication.

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